US Media and AIPAC Lobbyists Chose Chemical Weapons Charge Due To Polls, Not Real Evidence

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Polls Show Chemical Weapons Affect Public’s View on Syria – by Nate Silver, a Zionist in the Democratic side of our AIPAC government.  In general, people have little support for warmongering in Syria and these polls, taken in the past show if they do the ‘chemical warfare’ propaganda, then it may cause enough to push gullible people who still believe Pentagon/AIPAC lies into more endless wars.  I wonder how many fake casus belli hysteria we will fall for before half the nation wakes up to reality? NBC/WSJ Poll: Most Americans Oppose Intervention in Syria countermines Nate’s suggestion that the US public supports spending $50 million a day due to ‘chemical weapons’ used on the other side of the planet.


The Clintons left the White House with virtually no money and little popular support yet are now powerful multimillionaires due to giving speeches to warmongering entities for millions of dollars and for chumming it up with AIPAC and of course, participating in Bilderberg meetings, etc.  So, these whores now are on the rampage:   Clinton on Syria: Obama risks looking like a “fool” and a “wuss”.  Yup, being antiwar is wussy while being a warmongering chickenhawk is brave and good!


This idiotic system of bully boys who skip out on military service on war fronts infests our warmongering media and Congress.  The American public votes for wusses who run away from battle and votes for fools who want endless wars so long as they can con some Americans into putting themselves into danger on behalf of Zionists, the Saudi Royals, the Japanese militarists who are also chickenhawks, etc.  So many people want us to die for them while they profit!  So many across the globe and why are Americans falling for all this?  A pertinent question indeed.


And here is a stupid article from the Zionist Bilderberg gang who work at the NYT and who go to secret meetings and who hide AIPAC lobbying activities from the public:  Heavy Pressure Led to Decision by Obama on Syrian Arms.  No kidding.  NO mention of AIPAC in the article. Mysteries abound!  And deliberately so.  As our rulers spy on us they hide important information from us and the media owners are hiding this information deliberately because most people here would be furious if they had the faintest idea what is really going on.


The Assassination Nation runs NATO.  And NATO is used to murder civilians left and right while the rulers running NATO claim they are saving lives when they are really murdering civilians and of course, many children just like during the Vietnam War when the US used WMD and chemical weapons against civilians:  NATO Denies UN Report Strike Killed Children.  Right!  I remember the Vietnam war and we demonstrated in front of Dow Chemical’s headquarters and the cops came and were merciless and the media didn’t report why we were doing this.


Besides the stupid polls, Decision to arm Syrian rebels was reached weeks ago, U.S. officials say – The Washington Post: U.S. officials say Assad’s use of chemical weapons provided fresh justification for a decision made in late April, when Syrian government forces began to turn the tide.  They decided, due to these polls, to pull out the stupid accusations about chemicals not due to any information at all or god forfend, proof, they did it because it was seen as the best propaganda point to use to egg foolish Americans into doing something the Zionists didn’t want to do, themselves.


Not to mention the Saudi vicious dictators who fear non-Sunni Muslims who they persecute mercilessly.  What an alliance made in hell!  And it is causing chaos to spread.  Syria no-fly zone would violate law – Russia: this news story isn’t appearing in the US.  Our propaganda gang won’t let it.  We are told the world wants us to ‘save’ the children of Syria–by arming violent religious Sunni fanatics!  But note the US isn’t even bothering to go to the UN this time like last time when we lied about Libya and said we were not going to attack Libya from the air…and then did exactly that.


Meanwhile, our NATO ally is militarily suppressing not only Kurds but its own people and the US and AIPAC are silent:  Erdogan: ‘Final Warning’ to Istanbul Protesters –while the CIA is preparing to deliver rebels arms through Turkey and Jordan because we bring peace via infiltration and arming of violent rebels who want to overthrow governments.  Except rebels on the West Bank or Turkey!


Protesters in Turkey Vow to Continue Fight but we know they will get nothing since NATO wants to keep Turkey intact and suppressed.  Despite this, Turkey protesters refuse to leave Gezi Park  Turkey’s upheaval Descent into confrontation because Turkey’s protests are fuelled by leader’s quest to restore Islam.  So, we arm violent fundamentalist Sunni while not supporting liberals in Turkey.


AIPAC’s war (and the Bilderbergers want more secrecy of course!) against Americans continues as the army of tools working for the Bilderberg owners of the WP and NYT continue their cowardly attacks on a whistleblower:  Anne Applebaum: Edward Snowden, the impulsive ‘martyr’ – The Washington Post.  So, not only has he had sex with sexy chicks in the past, he is ‘impulsive’ and has this silly thing about dying for beliefs!  Right-o.


Brave citizens who reveal the noxious, anti-constitutional activities of our masters in DC are ‘silly’ and ‘dangerous’ and ‘revealing nothing new’ but are ‘traitors’ and should be ‘punished’ but are ‘impulsive martyrs’ except they are plotters who carefully take the data and then carefully expose it but are ‘accidental’ and of course, ‘meaningless’ and above all, ‘stupid’.


And dear Anne is a brave foot soldier earning her keep from her masters and owners.  Thank you, dear Anne, for your bravery under fire from us pro-constitutionalists.  You obviously are a martyr to your cause which is for more wars, more spying and more assassinations.  We thank you in advance.  Hahaha.sunset borger


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sunset borger

HK protest supports Snowden

From European news U.S. security agencies ‘swap data with thousands of tech, finance and manufacturing firms under secret agreements’


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13 responses to “US Media and AIPAC Lobbyists Chose Chemical Weapons Charge Due To Polls, Not Real Evidence

  1. IAmSpartacus

    We are all Turks now (or will be, shortly!)

  2. IAmSpartacus

    Well, you know, a video game jockey in Nevada killing dozens of innocent Pakistani villagers with a couple of Hellfires fired from an unmanned drone, just to kill one terrorist, is so much more humane than the Syrian military killing terrorists with chemical weapons (even if it really were happening). How anyone can think that the US occupies any kind of moral high ground, anymore (and it never did to begin with; just ask any Native American!) is beyond me.


    ELAINE: I often remark that the US and UK leaders should all be put on trial at the war crimes courts run by the EU rulers. But no, never do any NATO countries get charged, only loser nations who can’t fight back.

  3. Being There

    We should be all Turks now, but most likely you won’t hear a peep. The surveillance threat is enough to keep people quiet.
    That said, they’re only fooling themselves if they think the people believe their BS—-just more not to believe in.
    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

  4. JT

    Didn’t they find them from the rebel side first?
    I bet that was an inside FSB joke, they did it before US could release the same fake news.

  5. Christian W

    Wolfowitz admitted they came up with the WMD lie to invade Iraq because it was the most efficient talking point to get people to support the invasion.

  6. Ziff house

    Islam is tearing those countries apart.


    ELAINE: This is all about ethnic/religious warfare which our Founding Fathers warned us not to do.

  7. IAmSpartacus

    @ Ziff: Yes, it is, with a lot of help from Uncle Sam. As bad as the dictators may have been, at least they were secular Arab nationalists who kept order at home and peace with their neighbors (well, maybe not Saddam, but we’re largly responsable for the Iran-Iraq war). The Shia-Sunni religious war that we’ve ginned up, with a lot of help from the KSA and the gulf Sheikdoms will eventually have unintended consequences in the KSA, Bahrain, and Qutar, and blowback upon us in a big way.


    ELAINE: The evilest dictators on earth are the Saudi royals and they are bankrolling these ethnic religious wars in tandem with Israel.

  8. Christian W

    Amusing, More revelations of how the UK and US spy on others.

    It’s noteworthy to see that Blackberry provided their ‘secret’ encryption codes directly to the NSA. No major corporation can be trusted with your privacy, especially no major US/UK/Canadian/Australian corporation.


    ELAINE: We can trust no one.

  9. lucky13

    Off topic, for Elaine [who delights in ‘closet cases in the catholic church]:


    ELAINE: The desert god that hates women’s rights is big on porn and rape. Read the Bible to see how this creature operates!

  10. ziff house

    IamSp; i think the more educated classes create the tension, or vise versa of course. Thats the way things evolve, with or without the US.

  11. lucky13

    Off topic, but noteworthy:
    When a herd of cattle suddenly died in Central Texas investigators were dispatched to the scene to investigate and now preliminary test results are blaming the animals deaths on the genetically modified grass the cows were consuming.

    The cows which were grazing on an 80-acre patch owned by Jerry Abel in Elgin, Texas died several weeks ago.

    Abel tells CBS Station KEYE that the grass should have been perfect since it had “a lot of leaf, it’s good grass, tested high for protein – it should have been perfect.”

    The grass was a form of Bermuda known as Tifton 85 and it has been around for 15 years on the Abel farm. Unfortunately something went horribly wrong several weeks ago and according to Abel:

    “When our trainer first heard the bellowing, he thought our pregnant heifer may be having a calf or something. But when he got down here, virtually all of the steers and heifers were on the ground. Some were already dead, and the others were already in convulsions.”

    It turns out that the grass for some unknown reason began producing cyanide gas which is poisonous to cattle.

    Other farms quickly began testing their fields and while no other cattle deaths have been reported at least several farmers found toxic cyanide in their Tifton 85 grass.

    According to the Examiner the grass which has suffered from drought conditions for the last several years is now being dissected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to see if some type of strange mutation may have occurred.

  12. emsnews

    About the cows and the grass: A hybrid bermuda grass, not GM grass, caused this. Bermuda grass is bad for cows along with other noxious weeds (it is a weed here in the NE).

    I used to have cattle. The goats and sheep ate the weeds and then, after the grass grew to be at least 6 inches, we would turn the cows into the pastures previously cleaned out by the sheep.

    In Texas, they are lazy farmers and have virtually no barns for the cattle and the grazing is over-grazed and so they planted novel plants and now are learning it bad. Duh.

    I am a farming traditionalist. I prefer Mother Nature. And I hate the big corporations and refuse to use Round up, I used grazing animals of the right sort to keep weeds at bay.

  13. larry, dfh

    The first time I heard the phrase “weapons of mass destruction” roll off Bill Clinton’s tongue in his easy Ozark drawl, I knew we were in for a boatload of shit.
    When I lived in TX, my girl-friend’s mother, who was 1st. generation Czech, her whole life with an accent, told me:
    You need to get one of dem bruush eatin’ goats. I think goats would do a much better job with Multi-flora Rose and Kudzu than round-up. A lady in the Wooster area has a goat herd she rents to clear lots of vegetation; she says the goats prefer the thorny bushes.

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