Pro-nuclear Power Movie, ‘Pandora’s Promise’ Lies Blatantly About The Dangers Of Nuclear War And Accidents

All my long life I have struggled with End Of Times believers.  They come in all types, ideologies and sciences.  The horror that things end is the curse of being a human.  We know we are not eternal.  We know Death stares at us with hooded eyes.  We know we will all be fated to vanish forever eventually.  So we worry about this all the time. The most bizarre ‘We Are Doomed!’ believers happen to be ‘global warming’ fear mongering environmentalists who ignore the sun and three million years of mainly Ice Age Events that were real pushers of evolution.


For example, there were no polar bears before the most recent Ice Age.  And there were no homo sapiens, either.  We evolved into our present form relatively recently, like the polar bears and the last Ice Age is the titanic force that forged us humans.  The push is now on with a level of hysteria that is scary to see, to lure us all into building many, many nuclear power plants.  Our media seldom reports about Fukushima, for example.  The people who were given less than a few hours to evacuate their homes forever, are never mentioned by our media.


They are still kept far from home and a huge part of agricultural Japan is useless and the oceans off of Fukushima are highly dangerous for consuming sea creatures.  Which may benefit them by eliminating human predation!  But the environmentalists pushing nuclear power don’t talk about eliminating humans via periodic huge, destructive nuclear disaster events.  I suspect, they want us all dead, frankly.  And this is pretty scary.


The fake environmentalists who want to use nuclear power to save us from ‘warming’ are alarming.  They get lots and lots of money directly or indirectly and are heralded as ‘truth seekers’ who ‘think outside of the box’ and are ‘rational, not like those crazy people shouting about Fukushima’.  Here is the article:  Are environmentalists rethinking nuclear power? –


Faced with the near-term catastrophe of climate change and the planet-poisoning effects of fossil fuels, is the environmental movement changing its tune on nuclear energy? It’s not a new question, and let’s be clear that the short answer is still no – or mostly no. You can’t find one major environmental organization, from activist groups like Greenpeace to mainstream conservation groups like the Nature Conservancy or the National Audubon Society, that has come out publicly in favor of nuclear power.


I was stunned when Fukushima happened and environmentalists (sic) attacked me ferociously for even daring to say, the same morning the video of the plant blowing up, that this was a full-blown nuclear explosion.  Now that everyone knows my analysis was correct, the plan B is to pretend no one died from this explosion.  Ignoring the hundreds of suicides and the ongoing health problems proliferating in Japan, the pretense we should only worry about deaths shows how evil these apologists for nuclear disasters really are.


When I was a child, our military would march soldiers onto nuclear bomb test desert areas to prove it was ‘harmless’.  Then, when many died of cancers years later and had deformed children, we had, after polluting the entire planet with nuclear bomb wastes, an autism epidemic, a cancer epidemic and many other mutations and distresses.  To this day, the military pretends they didn’t harm hardly anyone!


Natives removed from islands like Bikini were told this was only for a few days and half a century later, no one can live on the shattered remains.  The bitterness from this deception still irritates the natives who were defrauded by our military.  Nuclear disasters are basically ‘forever’ as far as our species is concerned.


Meanwhile, the frantic howls of doom continue from ‘climate change’ (sic) fear mongers.  The idea that the climate is NEVER set in cement in some sort of ideal condition is concealed carefully.  Even so, any perusal of the history of the planet shows clearly that the climate is extremely prone to changing sometimes spectacularly swiftly.  Furthermore, history is crystal clear that the trend for the last several million years has been heading towards a cooler, not hotter planet.


The fear mongering has gone totally out of hand.  From this year:  It’s Too Late: Fight Against Climate Change Has Failed –  Odd, isn’t it?  Popular support of the idea we are heating to hell has collapsed in recent years mainly due to being cold.  The ‘global warming’ game changed its name due to this fact.  Concealing the fact that probably during the Minoan Empire period, for example, the Arctic probably had little summer ice, is typical of this fear mongering.  Anyone reading the data coming in before the 20th century would conclude, things are getting colder, not warmer.


When the Ice Age was first discovered in the early 19th century, it was viewed as a one time event.  Only after serious research showed it was a repeat event, did worries about future Ice Ages rise up.  When it was unusually cold in the recent past, the ‘Little Ice Age’, worries about future Ice Ages rose higher and higher…until something was needed to push nuclear power on us all.  Suddenly, when popularity for nuclear power plants collapsed in the mid 1970’s, the ‘global warming’ game began in all seriousness.


Here is an earlier headline from 2009:  Has the battle against climate change been lost? – Telegraph.  Yes, this came right before England began having really, really cold winters.  We had a major blizzard here in NY state in the mountains during Memorial Day weekend with nearly three feet of ice and very heavy snow.  It finally got warmer than 65 degrees, yesterday.  I burned firewood last week because it was quite cold.
The ‘we are doomed’ headlines are nothing new.  From 2000:  BBC News | TALKING POINT | Global warming: Is the fight being lost?  This is a continuously lost battle. I hear it over and over again and can’t provide the hundreds of times this has been said.  Over and over, they say we are past the point of ‘no return’ and thus, will all die.  I can’t understand how these guys live.  I would commit suicide if I had their beliefs but for some odd reason (HAHAHA) they are not suicidal, they want me to be suicidal.  That is, ignore real present dangers and I think nuclear power plants are a huge danger.


But the #1 danger to our survival on this planet is nuclear warfare between rival empires.  THIS will kill us with only a few minute’s notice!  And our diplomacy has gotten entirely out of hand and is pushing us into endless wars and is working itself up to confronting Russia and China in a nuclear war venue in the not-so-distant future.  This insanity is highly dangerous to our collective survival and why are ‘environmentalists’ all hot and bothered about the climate getting warmer or cooler when we could all be burned to cinders by nuclear bombs???  That is the real question.


And the second horror is this: all nuclear powers using these dangerous bombs will bomb each other’s nuclear power plants knowing very well this will destroy the ability to live in these nations for thousands of years!  Duh!  And it is the #1 battle plan of these guys plotting WWIII and environmentalists should be in total, screaming hysteria about these plans.  Not happily building even more nuke plants!

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6 responses to “Pro-nuclear Power Movie, ‘Pandora’s Promise’ Lies Blatantly About The Dangers Of Nuclear War And Accidents

  1. JimmyJ

    Meanwhile, over in the Washington State Desert, notorious Hanford tank AY-102 leakage worries the technical staff.

    “On Thursday, June 20, 2013, workers detected an increased level of contamination during a routine removal of water and survey of (AY-102′s) leak detection pit…The source of contamination is not yet verified, but may be an indication of a leak from the AY-102 tank’s secondary containment.” – excerpt of DOE email.

    “According to technician Mike Geffre, who works for contractor Washington River Protection Solutions, an inspection was made of a pit under the tank. Its water samples had an 800,000-count of radioactivity and a high dose rate, which means that workers must reduce time spent in the area.

    “Anything above a 500 count is considered contaminated and would have to be disposed of as nuclear waste,” Geffre explained. “Plus, the amount of material we’ve seen from the leak is very small, which means it’s a very strong radioactive isotope.”

    “This is really, really bad. They are going to pollute the ground and the groundwater with some of the nastiest stuff, and they don’t have a solution for it,” Tom Carpenter, executive director of the Seattle-based advocacy group Hanford Challenge, a watchdog group that conducts environmental sampling to monitor for radioactive and chemical contamination, told AP.

  2. e sutton

    Well, Elaine, I think you already know that the ruling hierarchy are a bunch of degenerates who think Jesus will save them and kill the rest of us. (those not chosen by Zionists and Bilderbergers). For them, the landscape (and the freeways) will be much less crowded if (we) are exterminated. The fact that this makes no sense doesn’t seem to be in the equation for them.

  3. tio

    In May the FT ran an article titled “Larry Summers has an edge in the race to head the Federal Reserve”, it is behind a paywall but contained the lines “Charm is overrated. The most important quality for the role is intellectual leadership”.

    I can’t mention Summers without remembering what he had to say about the logic of international free trade .When Summers was Chief economist of the World Bank (1990-93) he wrote a now notorious memo which was intended for six of his senior World Bank colleagues. It was leaked.

    In a section dealing with “Dirty Industries”, Summers wrote,

    Just between you and me shouldn’t the World bank be encouraging more migration of the dirty industries to the LDCs (Less Developed Countries)?

    He went on to say he could think of three reasons in favour. The first was,

    The measurement of the costs of health impairing pollution depends on the foregone earnings from increased morbidity and mortality. From this point of view a given amount of health impairing pollution should be done in the country with the lowest cost, which will be the country with the lowest wages. I think the logic behind dumping a load of toxic waste in the lowest wage country is impeccable and we should face up to that. ( P. 98 of “Faith and Credit – The world bank’s secular empire” by Susan George and Fabrizio Sabelli)

    “The ideology of the Zionists infects everything.”

    “We are all Palestinians now.”

    Zombie Ants …

  4. emsnews

    Yes, Hannaford continues to pollute heavily and thus, is rarely mentioned and when stupid propaganda films are made supporting nuclear power, these things are not brought up or are written this way, ‘NO ONE has died because of this…’ which is a blatant, horrid lie.

    Yes, thanks to modern medicine, cancer patients generally live much longer than before the nuclear bombs/nuclear power plants but the rate of cancer shot upwards and treatments are hideously painful and pitiful.

    Making light of all this by saying flippantly, ‘No one is dying’ is not only heartless but a total lie because people ARE dying!

    Summers: HAHAHA…yes, the Fed has to be run by wolves seeking to eat the sheep.

  5. Jim R

    I thought this one was worth repeating so I copied it here. Extinction is here now. The elements to watch in any containment / remediation effort are Strontium and Cesium. Those are the ones produced in quantity by fission and most inimical to life.

    The Atlantic species I know is Thais lapillus. It adds a nice sprinkle of color to rocky intertidal zones tbere. The Japanese species must be similar. Here is the copied remark:

    The Sr-90 story reminds me of a little news blurb I saw a while back. Also not in the US news …Thais clavigera, a small marine snail (I know this genus from Woods Hole; it is a predatory snail that drills into the shells of other mollusks and extracts their contents), has disappeared from a 30 Km radius around the plant.

    This is, in fact, a big deal.

  6. Jim R

    Just looked it up on Wikipedia and find that Thais lapillus has been a victim of taxonomic churn and assigned to another genus. Anyway it’s the lowly dog whelk. A small littoral gastropod. Of maybe thirty species, the one that lived on the eastern coast of Japan has gone missing.

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