Pirate Party Claims Snowden In Norway Going To Iceland



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Pirate Party Norway: – Snowden to Pass Through Norway to Iceland – The Nordic Page – Panorama

I got this news from a commentator at the Edward Snowden never crossed border into Russia, says foreign minister  guardian.co.uk online paper.  That is, one of the many people talking about Russia’s denial of smuggling Snowden had this new information.  The ‘Where’s Waldo’ spy versus renegade spy is increasingly hilarious with a raging monster Statsi/KGB/Mossad out of control spy system unable to find someone even though they spy on everyone.

So, the most powerful nation on Earth, with the largest most comprehensive intelligence apparatus the World has ever seen, is being misdirected and sent on a wild goose chase because it’s following stories planted in the mainstream media.  Here are some other comments from the Guardian:

You couldn’t make it up.


25 June 2013 11:34am


All that spying power and resources yet they can’t even track the world #1 fugitive and people are being lead to believe this bunch of morons spouts off that they are thwarting terrorist attacks as a poor excuse to mass survey everyone’s communications.
It’s time to stand up and take action against all these tyrannical governments who think they can do anything they want without any accountability to the public.


25 June 2013 11:41am


Organization Pirate Party Norway claims that spy accused Edward Snowden landed at Oslo Gardermon airport last night.
The party leader Øystein Jakobsen would meet with Snowden when he landed on Sunday evening, according to the party’s twitter account.
– We have received information from our international umbrella party, the Pirate Parties International (PPI), that he will stop in Norway. The reason is that this is probably the quickest and easiest way to fly to Iceland, says Tale Østrådal from the Pirate Party to TV2 Norway
Øsrådal also said that Pirate Party in Iceland confirmed Snowden’s stay in the country. Iceland has become a haven for people like him, almost a “Pirate Island,” says Østrådal.
The paty leader Jakobsen, on the other hand, thanked the former agent. He has sacrificed his whole life for something he felt wrong. What he has done is exemplary. He has sacrificed a life of freedom to inform the public about a serious infringement, says Jakobsen to TV 2


25 June 2013 12:10pm

Boy! this is like a 007 movie…Ian Fleming, eat your heart out!
The American press of course makes all kinds of false assumptions and gets itself in trouble by following their corporate and government masters. The spectacle of Gregory v. Greenwald should be clear proof of the lapdog status of the Washington press and in general of the American media (exceptions exist but like Democracy now, are few and far between). Amazing that Americans have to rely on a British newspaper to get a glimpse of what is going on with the chase.
As always, the US government underestimates its adversaries and goes into panic blaming everyone for its own failures. The Great Bully chases its target all around Russia where the target wants it to chase him while he’s scurrying out of their reach and getting to a safe place where eventually he’ll surface to the chagrin of all involved. The Wikileaks mice are smarter than you think, BO the cat…Do you think Wikileaks people are so stupid as to publicize the fugitive’s itinerary?

Manning WikiLeaks Case in Recess Until June 25: Manning is an innocent sort of guy, he thought he could leak State Department cables clearly showing the US is a conniving, duplicitous entity that lies about nearly everything and cannot be trusted. He thought nothing bad would happen to him. He was shocked when the government tried to crush him utterly and he found himself in a classic KGB-style torture regime. The State thought, by making a martyr of him, no one would dare expose the truth about anything, ever again.


Instead, this backfired. Snowden was even more motivated after Manning was tortured. He also planned his escape better whereas Manning didn’t even try to evade the State. And the longer Snowden evades the world’s biggest and nastiest totalitarian spy system, the greater his hero status. Like Geronimo, he is taking on a much more powerful entity. The desperate thrashing about by the CIA and NSA and Congress and the President and our disgusting, inept State Department which is run by AIPAC, the antics of this wayward spy is humiliating a gang which wants us all to be scared to death.

This is why we are scared to talk openly about ethnic cleansing by Jews, for example. Just writing those few words invited attacks of ‘anti-semitism’ and the writer is banned for life from the mainstream media as many media giants found out when they were abruptly removed and became non-persons. We are scared of talking about the NSA, too, Homeland Security doesn’t secure our nation which erupts with violence monthly if not daily as Americans kill each other over every imaginable thing including simply, insanely gunning down children for no reason.


Whipped from post to post by the jockeys riding on our backs, they howl that we must live like slaves to be free and hidden watchers spying on us are protecting us even as danger rears its ugly head every step of the race. If there was no terror in the US, we wouldn’t want the spies. So we have more and more terror and more and more spies and it is our diplomacy that is creating all of this and our diplomacy is totally useless when it comes to protecting Americans. Luckily for Snowden, it is set so that it doesn’t work well so that terrorists can attack us so he can slip through the nets easily as do the terrorists who never seem to have the slightest problem with slipping through the Assassination Nation’s tricks and barriers.

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17 responses to “Pirate Party Claims Snowden In Norway Going To Iceland

  1. melponeme_k

    I swear this young man give me so much hope. I want to run into the middle of Times Square, wave a flag and scream his name.

  2. emsnews

    Ack, the coding here sucks…Wordpress keeps changing things and every incarnation is worse than the one before. They eliminated a number of things I used to do like use color, they screwed up my ability to post videos, gah!!!! I hate this.

    Today, it won’t do spaces properly.

  3. Jim R

    … melponeme, ❤ …
    Best case for Snowden would be to have 4 or 5 guys head for various parts of the planet under the 'Snowden' trademark. That would drive the spooks crazy(ier).

  4. e sutton

    This just in: a “heads up” to our NSA and fine surveillance folks: Eric Snowden recently booked on flight from Moscow to Miami Beach, Florida. En route with Snowden are, according to sources, a rubber duckie and sand bucket with attached shovel.

  5. Espen

    Putin pokes the American eagle in the eyes BIG TIME: Putin: Snowden still in Moscow airport, won’t be extradited, free to go anywhere


    Oh my… 🙂

  6. melponeme_k

    Update to Snowden’s whereabouts.

    Just came back from Times Square. Snowden is there, incognito and dressed in a Sesame Street Cookie Monster outfit. Last seen taking pictures with tourists.

  7. emsnews

    He is the new ELVIS PRESLEY!

    Or maybe Howard Hughes. Or as some people in England have suggested, he is Santa Claus and travels across the planet at night, leaving data bits in stockings on fire mantles for good little boys and girls!

  8. Peter C.

    They seek him here,they seek him there,those NSA seek him everywhere.
    Is he in heaven or is he in hell ,that damn elusive Snowden fell!

  9. Paul S

    Every day Eric Snowden is above ground is a win for civil liberties. Snowden should get his dirt out on the spooks as quickly as he can. Let the world know why the US elites want him dead. Let world opinion decide. It is a source of some small comfort to me to know that the folks pursuing Snowden are the very same folks who had to find out the Berlin Wall had fallen by watching CNN. Supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. Strip these ruling elites of every advantage they have and you get homeless people dumpster diving in order to eat.

  10. JT

    Putin was here in Finland.
    He said 5 hours ago that Snowden is still in Russia.

  11. ziff house

    keep em guessing, thats good

  12. JT

    Hopefully anonymous, wikileaks, lulzsec and everyone else keeps CIA and the media running around in circles until Snowden gets to safety.

    There was a poll here in one of the biggest newspapers “Should Russia extradite Snowden to US?”
    91% no 9% yes.
    US is not winning any hearts and minds with this spy scandal.

  13. e sutton

    The U.S. government is headed for the worst P.R. nightmare in the world if they ever are unlucky enough to gain extradition for Snowden. Not so much from the Americans, but those “revolting” Europeans overseas, who don’t mind taking to the streets to express their outrage. Can’t lay it all on the Americans, though, You see, here we have no “streets”. It’s all asphalt, concrete, highways and interstates. Sort of a “drive by” kind of place, not one in which you actually go about on foot, talking with people or debating things. More like a half hour long car drive to the local Wallymart, whilst sipping on that Diet Coke and munching on those marvey, bright orange-colored Cheese Doodles. Kunstler calls it a land where people have stopped caring about “public places”, and therefore we have virtually none, save the tiny little hamlets that dot the older, Industrial towns of the 1800s.

  14. Christian W


    The biggest joke of the day has to be when the Russians sent an Aeroflot plane full of foreign ‘journalists’ (ie assorted agents) to Cuba on a 10 hour one way trip by claiming Snowden would be onboard (which he of course wasn’t!). The plane was a ‘dry’ plane meaning they serve no alcohol onboard… hilarous!

  15. JT


    I watched Putin’s full interview.
    He had fun with it.
    He said talking about Snowden was like shearing a pig, a lot of noise and very little wool.

    He doesn’t need Snowdens information. We do.

    Medjedev was the only one they could not listen in the British G8 slummit.
    Russians knew what they were doing beforehand.

  16. Richard


  17. ppi

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