Australia’s PM Loses Job Due To Imposing CO2 Taxes And US Cuts Military At Home While Expanding Abroad

The US continues to hammer citizens while expanding imperial power and spending abroad so Pentagon cuts are not going to reduce troops in Asia, Europe, Africa or close any bases whatsoever overseas…but slashing bases and troops at home?  Of course!  Also, Obama announced his global warming plans while the deep South and Midwest howl in rage, liberals worry about the South going underwater and the Midwest having droughts and worse, think this is the End of Humanity rather than something somewhat funny.  Gold continues to fall in value, screwing up the heads of gold bugs who thought it would rise forever and Israel greatly expands plans for ethnic cleansing with kisses from our Congress.


We have no money…for bases at home, protecting America:  Army to cut brigades at 10 US bases –


In a massive restructuring, Army leaders said Tuesday that they will slash the number of active duty combat brigades from 45 to 33, as the service moves forward with a longtime plan to cut the size of the service by 80,000. And they warned that more cuts — of as many as 100,000 more active duty, National Guard and Reserve soldiers — could be coming if Congress allows billions of dollars in automatic budget cuts to continue next year.


If our budget is in such distress, why not cut troops protecting imperialist Japan or trade rival South Korea?  And why are troops in Germany?  Who on earth is planning to invade Germany?  We have Cold War troops all over the planet and these are hideously expensive and they protect international corporations who are systematically destroying our industrial base at home and putting Americans out of work and reducing our wages…so why protect world shipping for free?  That is pure insanity.


And if our trade rivals want us to patrol the Seven Seas, we can tax them for this service.  Then, shipping will show the true cost of this protection.  Shipping to the US would be hugely expensive, no?  As it must be!  Instead, we put the costs for protecting world shipping on our collective IOU and ran up an immense deficit which now is eating up the remains of our economic system as our craven, corrupt Congress howls for more imperialism, more troops overseas, more wars.


Obama announced he is scared of global warming…er…climate change…so he is going to start taxing CO2 (better warn the trees of this war on their substance they eat!).  So, we have the hysterics on the left aping the ones on the right who are howling about Muslims, the leftists are just as deadly, ‘End of Times’  believers so we have this article in a ‘liberal’ online publication that shows clearly how insane this issue makes people:  Scientist: ‘Miami, As We Know It Today, Is Doomed. It’s Not A Question Of If. It’s A Question Of When.’ | ThinkProgress which used to be semi-sane, here is a typical comment at this liberal site:


My reading of the climate models (adjusted for real-world effects), and the projections for continued intensive fossil fuel use made by all the major governmental, inter-governmental, and industrial organizations, leads me to conclude we will go extinct as a species somewhere between end of century and perhaps two generations before!


These same End of Time liberals then whine about how people in the deep south ignore this terrifying future.  I keep saying, people love hot, dry weather.  A great, great deal.  We lived, some of us, in cold, gloomy places like Europe since the last Ice Age and evolved to have very pale skin which burns in the hot sun, but this comes at a great cost. Cold is very uncomfortable and ice cold kills swiftly.  We had to learn how to build shelters, make clothing that is warm, etc. to deal with very cold conditions.


But the migrations tend to be from cold to warm, not the reverse.  North America’s colder parts of Canada and the Northern tier of the US was settled by northern Europeans who were accustomed to extreme cold.  The Spanish stuck to the much warmer parts of the New World.  Humans evolved in jungles and hot plains and we tend to prefer this to ice conditions.


The global warming people want to tax heavily energy used by cold climate people so that the warm, dry parts are kept at ‘Little Ice Age’ condition.  That is, cooler than during warm cycles.  By making the graphs showing ‘warming’ start with the end of the Little Ice Age, it looks as if heating is rising rapidly.  It was!  For a short while.  Now that the sun is showing signs of going back into the few-sun spots, Little Ice Age cycle, the only thing saving us from having the Thames River freeze each winter is CO2 higher than 200 years ago.


The childish pretense that we had ‘climate stability’ at any time in the past leads to hysteria when things happen.  But we know from research that great droughts hit the Southwest a mere 500 years ago when the Pacific air flows shifted during the beginning of the Little Ice Age.  Then there are the hurricanes in the Atlantic:  Air Pollution May Have Suppressed Storms, Research Suggests


As many people will recall, the North Atlantic was quiescent in the 1970s and 1980s, especially for major hurricanes, creating a false sense of security and encouraging coastal development. But starting in the 1990s, storminess increased sharply, and the new study says that may be because clean air laws had started to take effect.


I am sure that is a contributing factor.  But the #1 cause was simpler: the sun.  In the 1970’s to early 1980’s we  had a cooler sun and there was talk about another Little Ice Age.  We are nearing the end of our lovely Interglacial Event because history shows us these last only 20,000 years, more or less, before the refrigerator turns back on.  The sun then became quite active again during the Reagan years and reached a zenith from 1995-2005.  Now, it is growing ominously quiet again.  This heavily effects storm activation.  


The complex interaction of the upwelling waters in oceans coupled with tectonic activity is a huge force at work in the weather patterns but again, the output of the sun is the ‘make or break’ issue.  The sun heats or cools the oceans and the atmosphere.  The cutting down of rain forests definitely effects rain patterns much more than CO2 rises and this is a huge force at work warping weather when it comes to rainfall.  Moisture rising from oceans that don’t rain on jungles ends up expending its energy elsewhere!


The news from Australia should give the Democrats pause:  Australian government dumps PM Gillard for former leader Rudd | Reuters


Voters have also remained angry that her government, which holds a one-seat majority with support from the Greens and a clutch of independents, introduced a controversial carbon tax in a backflip from her 2010 election promise not to do so.


Gillard is also unpopular due to her letting Mossad kidnap and then torture in a secret prison an Australian citizen who ran afoul of their assassination plans which involved stealing Australian passports.  Reuters won’t mention this little tidbit, of course.  Gillard was a very heavy duty Zionist tool.  Now Australia is ‘hot’.  Very hot!  And has big, big storms.   So the people there should hate global warming….NOT!


HAHAHA.  Nope.  They love the heat!  Many are Europeans who get very badly sunburned and get melanoma yet they love the sun and fewer and fewer white people in America, Europe or Australia wear any hats at all so everyone is looking less and less ‘pale face’ and more and more ‘steamed lobster red’.  We can’t have a global ‘end of times’ head hysteria when people absolutely, even fatally, love, love, love not only hot, hot, hot but also oceans galore.


The fact is, the vast bulk of humans, despite the screams from global warming people that the ocean will drown them all, are moving towards, not away, from the coastlines.  This is nearly universal.  In some places like Japan, the mountains and hinterlands are being nearly totally depopulated at this point with around 80% of the people living within a few miles of the dangerous ocean which has a violent tendency to have tsunamis.


The Deep South in the US is the same.  The more likely a place is a hurricane danger zone, the higher the population movement towards the ocean’s outer edges.  Planting oneself right smack dab on the very edge of the high tide mark is extremely popular and the most expensive properties are in this very location.  Telling people living in cold places, they must pay a carbon tax to stay warm so that the armies of sun lovers moving to beaches can maintain the present beach status quo is not a good political move.


I find Rubin, a Zionist at the Washington Post to be quite repulsive but on rare occasions we agree:  Obama’s climate gift to Republicans


The reason even Democrats balked on climate change regulations in the first term (it stalled in the Senate) is because it is economically debilitating, especially in energy producing states; politically unpopular in red states and among the vast majority of all conservatives nationwide; and useless (so long as China, India, etc. don’t follow suit it does virtually nothing for the planet as a whole – even if one buys the global warming hysteria).


I predicted this five years ago.  Taxing people for consuming energy to keep warm is insane.  Tax people for using non-solar power energy to air condition their homes makes perfect sense but what is most sensible of all is to install solar panels on all US homes!  Duh!  I have advocated this for the last 40 years.  I also advocated having a tax on oil to subsidize 0% loans to buy solar panels which pay for themselves in less than 10 years and then becomes the property of the homeowners.  This simple plan coupled with having the solar panel plants in the US thus creating jobs, was first proposed by myself way, way back in 1978.


And nearly totally ignored!  When ABC ran an interview of me talking about this in a story called ‘Power FOR the People’ (they used my suggested headline!)  the reporter and editor contacted me the very next day and yelled at me saying, ‘We made a mistake, no one wants to listen to you!’ which was mainly due to them breaking the rule ‘Elaine is not allowed on TV…ever’ that is imposed on anyone rocking the imperialist/Zionist/Bilderberg boat.


Naturally, Obama makes no mention of my proposal nor does he offer to implement anything resembling it.  He wants a tax on energy which hits the very same people in the North who would vote for his party while the Southern GOP racist party jumps for joy since they love global warming and want more of this.  


And they want slavery, too:  GOP Senator: Minimum Wage Should Be Abolished while  McCain: We’ll make border with Mexico look like ‘the Berlin Wall’ which is funny since importation of illegal aliens suppress wages for citizens!  Of course, the US pays for Israel’s wall building while not guarding our own borders and back to the top of my story, we are planning to reduce troops in the US…while aliens pour over our borders!  And workers who can’t get factory jobs will now lose their military welfare jobs which is highly unpopular and scary as hell for the people using the military as a means of escaping from poverty.


Totally protected by the US and using our Congress to pay for everything, Zionists are now unleashing total hell on the captive natives of Palestine:  Lieberman: Israel Must ‘Conquer and Cleanse’ Gaza is bellowed in public while Kerry runs about, pathetically trying to shush him and his neo-Nazi ilk in Israel.  The moving of native Bedouin into concentration camps is accelerating, too: Roi Tov—Israel Approves Prawer Law Expelling Bedouins

Jewish plans to lock Bedouin into concentration camps 

The tribes roam all over the desert there.  The little red patches are the future ‘reservations’ being set up to pen in these people.  The blue parts are places the Bedouin now ‘control’ while living outside these blue areas, too.  These blue areas are five times bigger than the tiny red patchers.  Note how the Jews plan to isolate all of these communities and keep them from each other just like they did to the Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Ghetto and the enclaves on the West Bank.  The US pays for all this, supports this secretly and now, openly.  


Then there are the bankers who are Zionists and move from the US to Israel and back again, wrecking everything:  Roi Tov—AIG-Collapse Player Appointed Bank of Israel Governor

Jacob resume is not less worrying, but for different reasons. Since 2009, he was Chairman of JPMorgan Chase International and Chairman and CEO of the abovementioned Group of Thirty. Between 2004 and 2009, he had been Vice Chairman of American International Group (AIG), role that he filled during the company’s collapse. From 2000 to 2004, he was Chairman of Merrill Lynch International, and Chairman of Merrill Lynch’s Sovereign Advisory and Global Financial Institutions Groups. As mentioned, before that he had been Governor of the Bank of Israel.

So, instead of putting this clown in prison, he destroys not only AIG but Merrill Lynch and then gets to be head of the Bank of Israel!  This is what fuels antisemitism.  And Jewish people think banking schemes to wreck entire nations don’t affect themselves collectively?  By evading punishment for smashing things up, they run off to Israel to continue onwards while pulling strings here in our Congress via AIPAC: this is treason, treachery and very, very, very dangerous to US citizens who are Jewish and not rich, not powerful but rather, ordinary citizens.  By not demanding their fellow tribesmen be punished, they increase antisemitism poison.


Using Israel as a pirate hideout for rich Jews looting whole nations is stupid in the extreme.  But then, America harbors many, many looters who are busy little bees destroying our own nation and it isn’t a CO2 problem that is wrecking America, it is racism…look at the Supreme Court right wing judges killing Civil Rights voting laws!…out of control borders, free trade ravaging jobs, bank schemes that are frauds, the destruction of real capital in favor of fake paper products like CDOs and OTC deals.


Last of all, Gold hits 3-year low, soothing central bank talk steadies bond markets and stocks.  Gold, like anything else, never ever goes  up and up and up and the fact that gold bug hoarders want this eternal wealth machine to roll onwards effortlessly makes them as foolish as bankers who think they can lend to infinity with zero real capital.  The divorce between modern banking and any limiting system except for total financial collapse is due to the free trade/floating fiat currency regime.  And hoarding gold won’t fix this thing, either.


Reforming systems to reflect the true value of saving is very important.  Going back hundreds of years, the holding of capital in banks so they can lend is key to capitalism and modern societies and we threw this all away.  Hoarding gold feeds no capitalist ventures, it is a dead weight and usually ends up doing next to nothing except paying ransoms to Viking raiders!

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20 responses to “Australia’s PM Loses Job Due To Imposing CO2 Taxes And US Cuts Military At Home While Expanding Abroad

  1. Being There

    Oh, indeed, Elaine

    Our global military is all about keeping the globalism going–moving ever closer to US Military and Financial dominance, while making the little people pay!—Global inverted communism.

    Keep that right left bickering going while the US becomes a colony of the corporations and banks through the fast tracking of the TPP.
    Everyone should google this little beauty of a free trade agreement.
    That, of course is never mentioned on the TV. Only Dylan Ratigan had the guts to expose it and he’s been gone off MSNBC for over a year, now.

    That’s what happens when you speak about the important issues we face.

  2. You write, As it must be! Instead, we put the costs for protecting world shipping on our collective IOU and ran up an immense deficit which now is eating up the remains of our economic system as our craven, corrupt Congress howls for more imperialism, more troops overseas, more wars.

    Please consider that there be a God, that is a singular God, who reigns and rules the universe. The New Testament reveals that He has appointed His Son, Jesus Christ, as sovereign over all. God’s Apostle, Paul communicates that God has placed Him at the helm of the Economy of God, Ephesians 1:10, where he has made him the administrator of all things political and economic, for the completion and fulfillment of every age, era, epoch and time period, much like a ship’s captain assures that the ship’s manifest is in place before setting sale. With the rise in the Interest Rate on the Ten Year US Government Bond, ^TNX, to 2.01% on May 24, 2013, fiat money literally died, and liberalism perished, and authoritarianism came to life. A new money is being established, that being diktat money, I write on this all the time.

    God’s will for mankind is to experience Empire. God promised a succession of empires which is seen in the Statue of Empire dream given to King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2:25-45, where two kingdoms of iron rule will fall from preeminence, and a ten toed kingdom of regional governance will form to rule mankind, with toes of iron diktat and clay democracy.

    This global system of regionalism has replace the interventionism of the two iron legs seen in the Statue, where the first iron leg was the British Empire, and the second iron leg is/was the US Dollar Hegemonic Empire, that commenced with the establishment of the US Fed in 1910 to 1913.

    The very linchpin in the Economy of God, Ephesians, 1:10, is the nation of Greece, GREK, as the sovereign Lord God, has designed it and a collection of Mediterranean Sea states, known as the PIGS, for their profligacy, to be the beachhead for the rise of the Beast Regime of Revelation 13:1-4.

    The National Bank of Greece, NBG, continued strongly lower, taking Greece, GREK, strongly lower as Zero Hedge reports Greek bonds plunge as ruling coalition partner pulls out, withdrawing ministers.

    AP reports Greece vows faster reforms after political crisis. Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras promised Tuesday to speed up austerity reforms a day after being forced to reshuffle his cabinet due to a political crisis triggered by the closure of state broadcaster ERT. Samaras’ year-old coalition government narrowly avoided collapse after he ordered the sudden closure of ERT on June 11, firing all 2,656 employees.

    New ministers were also appointed for the posts of justice, administrative reform, transport and defense, among others, while Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras remained in the position.

    Credit was a way of life under Liberalism, but now as is seen in the above AP report, under Authoritarianism, debt servitude is the way of life.

    According to God’s Providence, Greece is rapidly leading the way forward in regionalization, where a EU Federal Superstate will be the example and standard for regional governance, totalitarian collectivism, and debt servitude.

    As opposed to the previous rounds of central bank actions featuring Global ZIRP, the next round of central bank actions will be something entirely new. Look for things such as capital controls, and central banks working together in un-dollar regional currency initiatives, such as regional commerce trading platforms, like that of the Hangzhou-based company Alibaba Group. Thor’s Hammer writes in Naked Capitalism “China is forming alliances, engaging in non-dollar denominated energy trade arrangements, and actively working to replace the US dollar as the world reserve currency.” And Thor’s Hammer goes on to relate “When the US loses its reserve currency status that will signal the end of its reign as the world’s only great power. The USA is dependent upon its ability to print dollars to sustain its worldwide imperial military system.”

    I add that as the Bretton Woods system, synomous with the Milton Friedman Free To Choose floating currency system, really gives way, that the US Dollar Hegemonic Empire, and its globe-spanning archipelago of military bases, will collapse, and the Ten Toed Kingdom of Regional Governance of Daniel 2:25-45, will emerge, where ten regional zones of increasing iron diktat will emerge out of today’s clay democracy. The additional bible prophecy of Revelation 13:1-4 presents the ten zones of regional governance, as ten horns on a beast, that also has seven heads, suggesting totalitarian collectivism. The seven heads symbolize mankind’s seven institutions: 1) Education, 2) Finance, Commerce and Trade, 3) Body Politic, 4) Military, 5) Religion, 6) Media, 7) Science and Technology.

  3. Peter C.

    Only problem with your theories theyenguy is that they are all based on the bible which is just a bunch of writings from bronze age hill tribes .
    One of many books on this planet that claim the ultimate truth.
    Sorry it ain’t that easy.
    On another note,people around the world have always lived by the water for many reasons,transportation was a big by water was easier in most cases.Water was available for drinking and meant lots of food sources around.
    Previous civilizations built on the coast which is why the end of the ice age 12000 years ago was a game changer with sea levels rising 400 feet.
    This flooded vast coastal areas .That’s why you see agriculture,towns popping up in Turkey 8500 years ago,refugees from the great flooding at the end of the ice age.

  4. emsnews

    Indeed, Peter! The Black Sea, for example, suddenly flooded, laying to waste all the agricultural communities that grew up there 10,000 years ago!

    And yes, burned by that experience, they did move to the highlands and the Turkish civilizations, the first towns, reflected this phobia of lowlands.

  5. Jim R

    If they’re going to tax CO2, they should be sending the money to owners of trees. As it is, it’s just another excuse to rip off the middle class.

    I don’t suppose you’ve received your tree dividend, yet?

  6. Paul S

    I love reading these “God is on my side”-type arguments a la theyenguy. I was educated in a Protestant school. We did ALOT of Bible verse memorization. I seem to recall this exchange between Jesus and his persecutors. Jesus was accused of being an enemy of the state (the Soviets liked to use this term). So Jesus said, “Bring me a Roman coin.” They did. Jesus said, “Whose picture is on the coin?” The Roman Emperor’s they told Jesus. Jesus’ response: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Render unto me that which is mine.” Imho, Jesus was not a very economy-based thinker. Just sayin’…

  7. Jim R

    As for gold, it has over-corrected to the downside, evidenced by the companies that mine the stuff closing up shop. It costs them more to mine than they can ever get for it.

    Bitcoin seems to have settled at about $100, for the time being. And Beanie Babies … saw an article the other day, apparently they are still being traded among some collectors. Some of ’em are still worth a couple hundred bucks, while others have drifted back down to the $5 that they cost when new.

  8. Christian W

    OT: More outrageous lying by the Zionists. Talk about cognitive dissonance and propaganda used to inflate it.

  9. ziff house

    Re global warming; i’ve been noticing what seems like a slowing of the jet stream especially in summer. This is what one would expect from a warmer arctic, as the arctic/temperate differential drives the thing. What happens when a stream slows down? it meanders, which explains the cold over elaine and warm somewhere else at the same latitude. Also the recent floods in Calgary, we have had weeks of reverse or stagnate weather flow.

  10. emsnews

    That doesn’t explain why we have cold wet summers in the north which happen to coincide much more closely with lower solar output periods. Why have complex explanations when there are simpler one?

  11. Jim R

    ziff house,
    Yes, I have seen the jet stream mentioned in other forums. The northern jet stream has moved closer to the pole, and its meanders have gotten more extreme. This year, there was a cyclone stuck over the North Pole for a few months, which delayed the summer melting. It has now moved off.

    The larger meanders have been a pattern for a few years now.

    And it’s worth noting that the global climate is not the same thing as the weather over Berlin, NY. Global Warming is global.

    With that said, the politicians’ CO2 taxes have not stopped the Indonesians from burning up their forests to plant “renewable” palm oil plantations. Imperial-strength stupidity is in play here.

  12. ziff house

    Elaine, last year for the first time i can remember we had 3 months of solid sun summer as the jet stream got stuck. Dare say somebody else got stuck in the rain.

  13. Paul S

    It’s interestng to watch the US MIC continue with its warmongering. From a position of their own self-interest, the US warmongers really have no choice but to continue with their “bomb and missle” foreign policy; any backpedaling would signal weakness. And many countries are chomping at the bit to see that day. Talk about blowback. The entire world knows (except for those who only watch Fox “News”) that the US is near financial insolvency. The end is nigh for the US Empire and it isn’t ANYTHING like what those wacky End Times/Rapture believers think. They are going to be forced to deal with reality just like the rest of us. (I wonder how their leaders are going to spin that one.)

  14. z house

    today we have summer [wind, warm, sunny extended forecast including i’m guessing a repeat of last year] arriving from the east, this is very unusual as weather is naturally driven west to east.

  15. emsnews

    Record rains this month! And again, MANY things feed into weather systems and I know from personal experience, when the solar output shoots upwards or falls suddenly, we get this exact sort of weather.

    Pinning cause and effect on just one element is foolish. If we had a CO2 level around the level it was in 1750, you can bet we would be shivering cold every winter! This being due to the sun’s output dropping.

    So we are going into a similar situation these days. The jet streams are fed by the sun’s effect on the planet as it turns and the atmosphere interacts to act as a counterweight causing temperatures to moderate unlike in Mars where day is warm and night is bitterly cold due to a very low level of atmospheric gases.

    Whenever the sun shifts gears, we get a degree of weather chaos. The bizarre thing here may be, the higher the CO2 the LESS the chaos.

    Since people seldom remember the past, I like to peer into it constantly. Arizona is having a heat wave right now, very, very hot.

    But it is nothing compared to a 50 year span, 700 years ago when it didn’t rain hardly at all! Nada!!! The land was heavily populated with agricultural Indian tribes most of whom fled or died. The Tucson valley was littered with broken pottery from the collapse of that farming civilization.

    The lesson: climate change is constant. Hot, dry periods are punctuated by 150,000 year super cold sessions. NONE of this has squat to do with CO2 levels.

  16. emsnews

    One of the saddest thing I remember about the terrible long drought’s effects was how there were literally thousands of corn grinding stones literally all lying about the landscape. Abandoned by the unfortunate women who starved or fled and couldn’t take their precious stones with them.

    People put these on their mantles and doorstops as decor and this included my own family. It was easy to find these all over the place 60 years ago.

  17. Christian W

    650 million years ago the planet was basically one big snowball covered in ice according to one thesis. Apparently Earth has had several snowball episodes.

  18. Jim R

    There’s one big difference between the current spike in CO2, and consequent warming and ocean acidification, from previous events in earth’s history. While this spike may well be followed by an ice age as various negative feedbacks kick in, it *will* be hotter for the next several decades. The polar melting we have seen in recent years was long predicted, and will continue. The infrared spectrum of CO2 has not changed.

    The big difference this time, as opposed to say the P-Tr event, is that in previous eras the Earth did not have some animal deliberately digging up every buried scrap of fixed carbon and burning it. Predictably, we have done, and will continue to do, that activity until Nature forces us to stop.

    And the cool, rainy/snowy spring in the Adirondacks this year is no more of a global thermometer than the 2011 drought in Texas was.

    Temperatures were in the hundreds every day and nary a drop of rain or dew appeared for at least eight months. It was a “50-year” event. The Al Gore jokes around the coffee machine at the office vanished just as surely as they pop up if Texas gets a dusting of snow. But it had little or nothing to do with the *global climate*.

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