Gays Win Basic Civil Rights While Women In GOP States Lose Basic Reproductive Rights

Congratulations, all gay members of our nation, you finally are getting some basic civil rights.  The Supreme Court ruling had just one right wing GOP judge side with basic civil rights for gay people and this tipped the scales.  The Chief Justice hinted that he was going to do this previous to the ruling.  The War on Women, on the other hand, rages onwards with Texas in the forefront but across the board, wherever the GOP rules a state house, they are reducing basic civil rights of women via putting up roadblocks on contraception and twisting the definition of rape.


Texas abortion bill fails to pass after epic filibuster due mainly to just one person, the Democrat from Fort Worth, Wendy Davis: After epic Lone Star filibuster, Gov. Perry calls for new special session – U.S. News


At age 19, Davis was divorced and a single mother, raising her daughter in a trailer park in Tarrant County. She took two years of community college courses before transferring to Texas Christian University, according to her state legislature profile. She became the first person in her family to graduate from college, and went on to Harvard Law School.


The GOP is determined to end birth control civil rights women worked hard for knowing full well, a woman who controls when she has children has power and if she can’t stop pregnancies, she is hamstrung, crippled, basically sidelined.  This also is mainly due to fears white middle class and upper class women don’t want 10 children each while in the slums mainly due to little access to birth control and often a cynical move to gain welfare grants, children of minorities proliferate.


The fact is, the ethnic/religious balance of power in a democracy shouldn’t hinge on wild, out of control population expansion.  This is highly destructive in the real world. But it is a very powerful force with countries that eliminate birth controls seeing populations double each decade like India, most of Africa, the Middle East, etc.  Religious bigotry goes hand in glove with denial of women’s rights and hatred of gays is the running horse next to enslavement of women via enforced pregnancies.


All the states in the US removing women’s access to contraception are also the same states that refuses to recognize the basic civil rights of gays.  It is an oddball matter for the Supreme Court to give way in that issue.  I hope the Feds legalize all gay marriages and the following financial rights this entails.


Unfortunately, the major part of the planet seeing seething religious and sexual warfare is the Middle East, home of the homophobic/Misogynous God of the Koran, Bible and Torah.  The raging hatreds there are astonishing and far from diminishing, the US is pushing to have it worsen:  Abbas Scraps Demands as US Threatens to Blame Him for Peace Talks Failure which is what happens when a US politician tries very hard to please AIPAC.

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23 responses to “Gays Win Basic Civil Rights While Women In GOP States Lose Basic Reproductive Rights

  1. Dana & Jason Hegna

    A toast to gay love and marriage and inalienable human rights! Skoal.

    But, “no rest for the weary,” eh, Elaine?

    Regarding women’s (lack of) rights:

    My brain, although right-hemisphere-dominant, can reason somewhat with the left-hemisphere, and one of the many ‘loose-associations’ (albeit, logical) that came to mind, related to the former practice in China of foot-binding.

    From Wiki-ped:
    “Another supposed attribute of a woman with bound feet was the limitations of her mobility, and therefore, her inability to take part in politics, social life and the world. Bound feet rendered women dependent on their families, particularly their men, and became an alluring symbol of chastity and male ownership, since a woman was largely restricted to her home and could not venture far without an escort or the help of watchful servants.” Just trying to keep ‘em from running away…

    Observe, interpret, assemble and compound knowledge…and share.

    Goooooooo, Yubie!

  2. Being There

    I’ve said for decades now that the idea of working for a woman is as anathema to some conservatives as having a man of color in the White House. I’ve always seen this as the right-winger answer to unemployment. Get the ladies out of the workforce and give bubbas their jobs.

    Yes, the Regressives, and revanchists want to take the ladies by the hair and send them back to the 1600’s. Oh, and child labor and slave labor is all the rage.

  3. Being There

    Oh, and not to worry the Conservatives want to counter yesterday’s SCOTUS verdict. So interesting how they couldn’t care less about Citizen’s United that gives all power to corporations. They’ve got no beef with that.

  4. IAmSparticus

    I’m of two minds about this gay marriage ruling; OTOH, I think that the USSC was outside of their constitutional authority to rule on this case, and should’ve thrown it back to the California courts; there’s nothing in the US Constitution that gives any branch of the fed gov any authority to regulate marriage; in fact, the 10th amendment clearly leaves the matter up to the states to deal with as they see fit. In fact, the California courts were never the proper place to decide the issue, either. California voters already said “no”, TWICE, to gay marriage, and their will should’ve been respected; it’s deeply disturbing that a small group of unelected, unaccountable judges can override the will of the voters. OTOH, gay marriage neither injures me, nor steals from me, so I don’t think it’s any of my business if someone else’s marriage is between one man, one woman, two men, two women, a group, siblings, pets, or inanimate objects, whatever floats your boat; it doesn’t impact my life at any level. cont.

  5. IAmSpartacus

    I do think that the SC ruling could end up being a Pyrrhic victory for the gay community, though; the push will now be on for a US Constitutional amendment to defind marriage as one man and one woman, which, based on the number of states that ban gay marriage, would easily pass with the required 2/3 majority.

  6. emsnews

    How bizarre.

    Look, if it depended on the states to stop Jim Crow, Jim Crow segregation would still continue to this day. Same with ALL civil rights. Basic human/civil rights are not a local issue but rather, a universal directive.

    This makes us better, by the way. Imagine if Utah decided that marrying 12 year old girls, multiple wives was OK? This is why they moved there 150 years ago!

    But that would violate the civil rights of young girls who are dependents and can’t have their own way in the world. We have many, many MANY rights that supersede state rules. Go look at the Constitution!

    As for a Constitutional amendment on such frivolous grounds, this means we can have a 2/3rds state declaration that say, ‘No ethnic groups can intermarry, no Jews can marry Christians, no Christians can marry Muslims, etc.’

    I grew up in the deep south under Jim Crow and such marriage rules EXISTED BACK THEN!!!

    And when I married a Jewish guy, his entire clan shunned him as ‘dirty’, for example and they would have loved to have a law forbidding Jews marrying non Jews. Indeed, there is such a law…IN ISRAEL which is a fascist racist hell hole.

  7. Christian W

    Communities that have a strong thriving gay community have stronger and more diverse economies. The gay community tends to bring open mindedness and creativity to the local businesses, and thus economic success, so much so that it is a measure of strategic success if communities can attract a sufficiently large gay community.

    I guess none of that is very priced in the backward striving states though..

  8. tfoth

    Actually, there is something in the Constitution that gives the Supreme Court the authority to regulate marriage, it’s called equal protection; and it is the only legal concept that is unique to American jurisprudence.

    Not that much really changed in 1776, except that maybe it was easier to marry in to an elite family in the New World, and independence meant that the yanks were now in business for themselves.

    A somewhat more drastic change occurred as a result of the Civil War. Before that, there were no “federal rights” to supersede state rules.

    The Constitution can be amended through the legislative process for any reason, frivolous or not. I can’t think of a reason why the recent decision wouldn’t fuel the push to do it. But it’s not so easy to do it in practice.

    It will take a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and that is probably what we should be working on.

    BTW, there is profane connotation to Citizens United. It is an anti-Hillary Clinton outfit and the full name is


  9. rps

    Patriarchal civilizations are a failed experiment

  10. JimmyJ

    Here’s a good article by secular, Canadian Muslim and “anti-Islamist activist” Tarek Fatah about the risk a nuclear armed Pakistan poses to Israel and the complete lack of comprehension on the part of Israel and US specialists.

    “In meeting with leading Jewish intellectuals and academia in North America and some in Israel itself, I am struck by the lack of knowledge they have about Pakistan, let alone its nuclear program. Few write about the internal dynamics of Pakistan that has emerged as the world’s number one source of jihadi suicide bombers and ground zero for the training of Islamic terrorists.”

    Huff Post June 28/13:


    ELAINE: There is no oil in Pakistan. There is oil even in Syria.

  11. e sutton


    Not only are gay communities strong, but the neighborhoods that are “gay” tend to be very high end, expensive, uppwardly mobile, etc. Some neighbors of mine moved away to an old mill village a few years back. I asked them how they liked it and they replied that it was a good community, only most of the homeowners actively hated gays and harassed them if they moved into the area. I thought to myself, “Okay, that’s not a good sign.” Living amongst a lot of self-important rednecks is not a hallmark of a high standard of living.

  12. Seraphim

    A step closer to Sodom and Gomorrah. We all know how that finished. Remember not to look back!

  13. emsnews

    Yes, the murderous anti-gay, anti-women’s rights Desert Death God will butcher everyone if women or gays succeed in wrestling civil rights from the hands of the madcap believers in this horrid god.

  14. Being There

    What the Sodom and Gomorrah referencer doesn’t grasp is that in each age there is a different set of “sins” of self-indulgences that bring down societies.

    In our case it’s an economic system based on an unlimited growth paradigm on a limited planet. Don’t think of anything but quarterly gains and manipulate the global monetary system so the same people win.

    Now that’s what I call immoral and deadly for many. The fanatical religious right who use religion to rationalize their hatreds never seem to care about how military and financial domination of the world is a bad thing.

    Let’s bring out the usual scapegoats…and don’t let them vote.

  15. emsnews

    They wish to ape the Roman Empire. Sad, isn’t it? And more than one person has noticed that if Jesus were to come to life today, the ones who would torment and then murder him would be these same people who claim Jesus loves them.

    Jesus was, after all, an anti-Wall Street Occupy the Temple hippie.

  16. tfoth

    Well, obviously equal protection is no longer unique to American jurisprudence. I should have said “originating” with American jurisprudence.

    OK actually it takes ¾ of the states to ratify an amendment, 38 states. 13 states currently recognize gay marriage. So if we are using that as our predictor, and that seems reasonable, passage of a one woman/one man marriage amendment seems unlikely.

    This is not made up: I know a female who is married to another female, and the marriage is recognized in all fifty states. Yes, she lives in San Francisco.

    Well, if you can solve that riddle, maybe you can get this: how can a baseball player get credit for an unassisted double play without touching the ball?

  17. lucky13

    ‘ Imagine if Utah decided that marrying 12 year old girls, multiple wives was OK?’ I can see it now or soon in Eurabia. The polygamy is financed by Euro welfare state now.

  18. e sutton

    Once again you ignorantly equate adults choosing to commit to each other in marriage with either a) children and adults marrying, or b) multiple marriage partners between adults, or c) adults choosing to marry sheep or someother farm animal. Your arguments are so tired, weak, and stupid. Perhaps you should join the, oh, I don’t know, KKK via time travel, say, circa 1951? You know, when black men and white women couldn’t marry? Better yet, why not climb into a time capsule and dial back the clock to 1951, when black men could and were!!!! lynched for flirting with a white woman? You stupid rube!

  19. Seraphim

    @Being There,

    You are nearly there. Sodomy was always paired with usury as some of the gravest sins, since Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. Dante put the sodomites and the usurers in the same circle of the Inferno (the 7th). These are the people who would kill Jesus if he comes again (the same as in His time).

  20. lucky13

    e sutton, who are you addressing in yr post [#18]?

  21. lucky13

    “when I married a Jewish guy, his entire clan shunned him as ‘dirty’, for example and they would have loved to have a law forbidding Jews marrying non Jews. Indeed, there is such a law…IN ISRAEL which is a fascist racist hell hole.”
    Long ago I saw an article somewhere [Time?] on a Jewish couple in Israel that could not marry or ‘get citizenship’ or something. Perhaps because one was immigrant and one not? Different classes of jews?

  22. emsnews

    Israel has Nazi style laws about who is a citizen and who isn’t. Anyone ‘Jewish’ is a citizen no matter what and everyone else is not. This is done via ‘blood relations’ and marriage isn’t allowed.

  23. lucky13

    Are Orthodox or those born w/i Israel given preferential status?

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