Zionist NYT Editorial: Dangerous Divisions In Arab World

The Bilderberg/AIPAC NYT is in hysterics this week.  Even as ethnic cleansing in Israel accelerates and as the remaining natives of the Holy Land are driven violently into smaller and smaller ghettoes, as the US arms insurrectionists all over the place except where the governments are vicious kleptocratic operations working hand in glove with EU/US energy corporations…we have this bizarre and hilarious editorial decrying religious repression and ethnic warfare in the Middle East!  Dangerous Divisions in the Arab World – NYTimes.com


The incident illustrates a pernicious sectarianism that was largely repressed by pre-Arab Spring dictators but that now threatens Egypt and much of the Arab world. If left unchecked by newly elected leaders who either exploit simmering historical animosities or refuse to address them constructively, divisions will worsen between Sunnis and Shiites or between Muslims and other minorities, like Christians, ensuring prolonged regional turmoil.


And here is my comment to that stupefying, noxious editorial from the Bilderberg/AIPAC editor of the NYT:


Good grief!


Israel has open, blatant religious warfare, repression of the natives, religious fanaticism, a desire for national socialism for just one religion, the Jews, and the NYT supports and encourages this and assists by not reporting the news when Jews do horrible things to Muslims and Christian natives.


Then, the NYT supports invasions, wars, arming of religious fanatic rebels all over the Middle East and these things then cause mass murder and internal hatreds and then the same supporters of this mayhem then go ‘Tut-tut, look at all the horrid things these native Muslims do!’


And then joins AIPAC in demanding the US arm religious fanatics tearing apart Syria. And Iraq has been a huge mess from day one when we illegally invaded on false charges that Saddam was hiding WMD. And has the NYT editors called for the arrest of all the right wing neo-cons and Bush and Cheney for war crimes?




Hours before the clueless Kerry is to visit the most noxious religious warfare state in the Middle East, Israel, Palestinian Criticizes Israel Over Construction of yet more Jews Only housing in Jerusalem.  The building permit was granted during the night, hahaha, says the Jewish interlopers.  Ain’t we all so very clever!  The image of the clever Jew who cheats, bribes and steals has been cemented by the Zionists who do all that and more.  This negative image is very bad for ordinary Jews who are honest, civil and law abiding.


Uighurs Knife Attack on China Police Station Leaves 36 Dead and the official response of our pro-ethnic cleansing diplomats is, China better treat the Uighurs better, how dare Chinese citizens move into this region or into Tibet which should close its borders to ‘aliens’ who are citizens of China.  Yup.  That, in a nutshell, is the official US position. Russia and China should split up into ethnic enclaves while Israel should eject natives and seize land while disarming and abusing the natives outrageously and openly while sneering that they are sub-human and violent.


If the natives resist, say, if an angry Muslim were to knife a bunch of IDF soldiers, this is an evil attack showing that Muslims are irrationally violent.  If Muslims fight Russian or Chinese or Syrian or Libyan governments, then arming the uprising is noble and good and then when ethnic cleansing follows in the wake of all this, our government and media returns to the ‘Muslims are evil and irrational and dangerous’ story line.


300 Killed in Another Bloody Week in Iraq while the US arms and protects some of the most noxious kleptocratic dictatorships in the world by our endorsement of the Gulf and Saudi royal families.


Radical religious demands are making Jewish fanatics unpopular even in NYC which has one of the world’s biggest concentration of these sorts of people:  Touro College files suit over ‘anti-Semitic’ elevator in upper West Side building – NY Daily News.  A rich Jewish man, Touro, founded this religious fanatic school in NYC and then bought a building with a lot of tenants who have some rights to occupancy and then he filled half of the building relentlessly with students who are trying to turn it into an hyper-Orthodox Jews Only building.


Part of this scheme is to make life as miserable as possible for the others living there.  The plan is to harass these condo owners until they sell cheap to Touro.  They, in turn, have banded together and go to court over everything.  The latest round in this battle is funny in many ways.  See, the Jews want to be ‘devout’ but also CHEAT GOD.  Yes, fool the jerk.


That is, their god has these various rules.  But the believers hate these rules because it is bothersome so they create elaborate ruses to fool their supposedly all-seeing entity.  So, they say they dare not put on make up or turn on and off lights from Friday to Saturday nor touch switches, etc.  Then, they set up things so they can do all these things via proxy!  Instead of climbing the stairs in the condo building, for example, they demand all elevators open all the time on all floors during the critical period when they are supposed to shun modern technology!  HAHAHA.


This is very inconvenient for people living the the multi story building but the Jews imposing this don’t care.  They MUST fool their supposedly all-powerful god!  This makes them feel smug and in control of things instead of obedient to this spooky entity they worship.  They can have their spiritual cake while eating every crumb.  Religious fanaticism is all about cheating the gods. Mythology is all about humans failing to do this but in every day life since the dawn of religion, humans have cooked up all sorts of tricks to fool these same gods they fear.  This is quite human. But also shows us how useless and weak these ‘gods’ really are.  Fooled by tricks even a child can see through proves my point, these gods are a fraud.

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7 responses to “Zionist NYT Editorial: Dangerous Divisions In Arab World

  1. Seraphim

    Jews are not fooling God. They fool only themselves (and an incredible number of Goys around).

  2. e sutton

    Interesting and worthy of note. Apparently the U.S. Army has filtered news from The Guardian website to Army personnel. Seems that the website featured a little too much detail that made the MIC a bit uncomfortable. Now I must ask myself (in jest) why didn’t the Army filter news items from any MSM on line sites. Historically I have been skeptical of conspiracy theories. I’m swiftly changing my mind.

  3. Christian W

    The Pentagon owns the US MSM. You cannot separate the Pentagon/MIC from the corporations running the MSM. They are one and the same. Practically any US corporation that is anything has a finger or two in the Pentagon pie.

  4. emsnews


    The very rich own the Pentagon and bought up all the media and they are AIPAC, too.

  5. Christian W

    Of course. I didn’t mean that Pentagon runs the whole operation, they are part of the neat system where Wall Street and the corporations (controlled by the rich kleptocrats) run Washington DC (the politicians and supreme court) and Pentagon (muscle) and Pentagon runs the media on many matters just like Wall Street and Politicians and their handlers run the media in other matters. Money, Muscle, Megaphones, all on behalf of the kleptocrats.

    But Pentagon is part of the system that lubricates the wheels of corporations and media and media pretty much is a direct spokesperson for the Pentagon and the White House, ie Pentagon ranks above the media in importance. The Pentagon spends tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars each year on propaganda campaigns.

  6. larry, dfh

    Of course, Seraph, one could continue to look at it as a Coincidence. That lends plausibility to the “nobody could have known” excuse.

  7. larry, dfh

    Sorry, I meant comment #2!

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