Vatican Banker And Friends Caught Smuggling Money From Switzerland As Catholic Scandals Pop Up Everywhere

The new pope hopes to clean the stygian mess in the Vatican

The Holy See has been slogging through a sea of excrement as all the corruption and financial finagling and child rape continues to heave into the news.  The new Pope has his hands full following the despicable Ratzinger.  The news from Italy today is a very convoluted, involved tale of this Vatican priest trying to cheat everyone in sight while working at the Vatican’s bank, the IOR.  You have to read the story below to get a vague idea of all the schemes and tricks Scarano played is right out of a 17th century  Commedia dell’arte performance.


A plane owned by the Italian government was caught being used to bring a huge stash of cash from Switzerland to Italy and this was in the hands of Vatican operatives who were arrested….the cast of characters in this banking charade are a priest, an Italian secret service agent and a broker:  Vatican accountant arrested over plot to smuggle 20 million Euros into Italy | Mail Online


The investigation concerns transactions Scarano, then an official at the Administration for the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, made in 2009 in which he took 560,000 euros ($729,000) in cash out of his personal IOR bank account and carried it out of the Vatican and into Italy to help pay off a mortgage on his Salerno home.


The high profile arrests come just 48 hours after Pope Francis announced the line up for his commission into the Vatican Bank


To deposit the money into an Italian bank account – and to prevent family members from finding out he had such a large chunk of cash – he asked 56 close friends to accept 10,000 euros apiece in cash in exchange for a check or money transfer in the same amount, Sica said earlier this week. Scarano was then able to deposit the amounts in his Italian account.


The original money came into Scarano’s IOR account from donors who gave it to the prelate thinking they were funding a home for the terminally ill in Salerno, Sica said. He said the donors had ‘enormous’ wealth and could offer such donations for his charitable efforts.


Scarano is a priest who used to work for Deutsche Bank in Italy.  He became Ratzinger’s accountant.  The new Pope has promised to start a commission to look into the murky, often Mafioso-style banking by the Institute for the Works of Religion which seems more for other much more secular purposes.  The Vatican Bank: The Most Secret Bank In the World and due to this murk, often trips up in public like today.


Founded by Pope Pius XII in June 1942, its assets are not considered property of the Holy See, nor it is overseen by thePrefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See,[2] and it is listed in the Annuario Pontificio not under “Holy See” or “Vatican City State”, but after the pages on religious institutes,[3] and cultural institutes,[4] and placed with charitable foundations[5][6]


News: Vatican priest arrested for $26 million smuggling plot shows that this story has reached America at least, NYC.  Ernst von Freyberg is a German who now runs the IOC.  Ior, il presidente è Ernst von Freyberg, avvocato d’affari francofortese …IOR : Il Nuovo Presidente è Ernest Von Freyberg … Il legame tra il nuovo Presidente eletto della Banca Vaticana ed il Bilderberg Group.


The stories of criminal priests raping children continues its awful, ugly course:  Newark Monsignor Loses Job for Failing to Stop Priest’s Work With Children while another story this month, Bishop says priest in Indiana admits child abuse allegation raping children in Africa and the Catholic Church reveals names of 29 priests it acknowledges are guilty of child sex abuse all of these cases being covered up by Ratzinger, of course.


One thing is crystal clear here: at virtually no time or place has the Church followed this guy, Jesus.  The entire history of ‘Christianity’ has been one long slog whereby people do everything in their power to NOT follow, imitate or emulate Jesus.  Generally speaking, the tendency is to do the exact opposite of Jesus in nearly every possible way which makes this entire religious system kind of bizarre, to be blunt.  Why do so many people, when they get religious responsibilities, immediately try as hard as possible to be devils?


Why do they hate Jesus so much?  Well, power corrupts and money corrupts and they know this and don’t care.  There are good religious people who follow Jesus and they are not rich nor do they control political power or live in a lavish, huge palace with many guards and a private piggy bank.  Philip Berrigan the anti-nuclear war priest, for example, follows Jesus and goes to prison.  Nuns Sentenced to Prison for Colorado Nuclear Protest with the Vatican attacking the nuns, not the other way around.


There are many sweet, honest, poor, loving Christians but..they never end up in the Vatican but rather, are murdered by death squads or put in prison or left to die as the Church spends money on bribing governments to stop going after criminal priests who rape and loot.  sunset borger

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6 responses to “Vatican Banker And Friends Caught Smuggling Money From Switzerland As Catholic Scandals Pop Up Everywhere

  1. Eso

    Do surreal events, though actual, provide historical context or aid to orient those of us caught up in our time?

    Maybe Elaine ought to start from the start, from the days when the French created a Christianity from Near Eastern egalitarian doctrines to a doctrine one that was to the liking of French, English, and other European Princes. While the European rape project of our planet was designed to be completed in a thousand years, the American project is finished in about two hundred, while the Chinese are doing it in a ‘one score’.

    The Tibetan project of resistance to being incarcerated in ‘socialist villages’ by self-immolation seems quite sensible to me.

  2. Seraphim

    Yes, maybe Elaine would know something about that. The “French” who “created a Christianity” are, I guess, the Carolingians and the Northmans in cahoots with the Jewish money-lenders and slave traders (slaves from the Eastern Europe – the Slavs, whence the very name of slaves). And with a generous helping hand of the Mooslims who at that time were not at all averse to Jewish money.


    ELAINE: The family emblem was a bloody mailed fist for the Steeles.

    We converted people and enforced things via killing people. And yes, crusades were viewed as nearly a recreational enterprise with loot. But the Muslims were fierce fighter and much more adapted to hot climes so it was a failure so the Normans in England started the 100 Years War with France…HAHAHA. Why go small when you can fight for a century? And there was lots and lots of loot but the Normans in England lost everything they owned in France after 100 years of brutal fighting.

    Thank Joan of Arc for that.

  3. lucky13

    ‘a priest, an Italian secret service agent and a broker’…gee no surprise.
    Folks do not like paying taxes. Banksters in cahoots with the Church.

    Elaine, you are too old to be naive. You know how corrupt the Italian government is. Oddly, [on a side note] I glanced at Amanda Knoxes book a few days ago. If you do not know about ‘corruption in Italy’, it is a good place to start.

  4. emsnews

    I actually should have made up a joke: A priest, an Italian secret service agent and a broker all went to this bar….

  5. lucky13

    At the bistro they paid in Lira? Swiss francs? Euros? vatican coin? Bit koinz?

  6. emsnews

    They traded teen sex partners.

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