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Bond Markets Rocked By Panic As China Restricts Credit And Afghanistan Rocks US Spooks

Taliban attack CIA headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan

Taliban attack CIA headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan

BBC News – Afghanistan presidential palace attacked in Kabul

Far from being stable, world markets continue to broil away.  The complex nature of free trade with all of its cheating, evading responsibility, exploitation of labor, destruction of entire cities, all of this is stirred up by currency games due to the nature of floating fiat currency regimes that leads to uncertainty, cheating, manipulations and of course, exploitation of capital by destroying savings via inflation or destroying economies due to currency valuation changes.  Far from being secure, as the machinery set into motion with the free trade/floating fiat currency is fine-tuned, it gets increasingly destabilized and destructive to societies.  So the news isn’t good, as far as bond markets and stock exchanges this month. Continue reading


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Snowden Creates Huge Diplomatic Disasters For The US As World Taunts US Spies

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 6.09.56 PM

Reading the cumulative Guardian headlines is rather amusing.  The US is having one huge hissy fit over ‘spying’ while the news that GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world’s communications  and Snowden spy row grows as US is accused of hacking China by the millions.  It never ends, it is like kicking a rotting log and a zillion cockroaches scurry forth along with assorted rattle snakes and some toads.  The US diplomatic swamplands is full of these rotting hulks hiding ugly messes. Continue reading


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Massive Coronal Hole Covers Quarter Of Sun: The Sun Is Colder

Cold sun: massive coronal hole June 2013

NASA – Massive Coronal Hole on the Sun: I grew up watching the sun.  My grandfather and father were solar experts.  I witnessed the founding and building of the Kitt Peak National Observatory when I was a child.  Next to that observatory is this peculiar large rock which we children called ‘Turtle Rock’.  I played on and under that rock formation which is now fenced off like most of Kitt Peak.  Anyone who has this many years watching the sun (family discussions with people who have over 100 years of observations to draw upon) knows the sun is not a steady state entity. Continue reading


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Pro-nuclear Power Movie, ‘Pandora’s Promise’ Lies Blatantly About The Dangers Of Nuclear War And Accidents

All my long life I have struggled with End Of Times believers.  They come in all types, ideologies and sciences.  The horror that things end is the curse of being a human.  We know we are not eternal.  We know Death stares at us with hooded eyes.  We know we will all be fated to vanish forever eventually.  So we worry about this all the time. The most bizarre ‘We Are Doomed!’ believers happen to be ‘global warming’ fear mongering environmentalists who ignore the sun and three million years of mainly Ice Age Events that were real pushers of evolution. Continue reading


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Food Stamps Failure Kills Ag Bill Dead While NSA Spying Scandal Shows More Fed Lies

We have a big government system.  It runs mainly on debt due to no one showing much interest in funding it properly.  This government runs wars, usually against weak entities who are most often, disarmed by the UN first.  Occasionally, the imperial rulers are tempted to make war with rivals who are growing stronger.  This usually ends badly.  Right now, the imperial ‘bread for peace in the streets’ system is being deliberately ended by one faction in Congress.  This will have interesting side effects as Marie Antoinette learned the hard way.  Before her home regime collapsed, her husband Louis XVI and he fellow nobles ran a huge spy machine to keep track of revolutionaries and trouble makers.  This was a spectacular failure when economic conditions intervened. Continue reading


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Mega Labor Exploiter Nation, US, Cherry Picks ‘Labor Exploiting’ Nations: The Usual ‘Bad Guys’

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 4.42.17 PM

The silly  map above shows all the nations that are mean to labor and who ‘exploit’ workers.  HAHAHA.  Most are either our ‘communist’ (sic) rival imperial powers who are nuclear bomb nations and as per usual, Iran, of all things.  And Uzbekistan where ‘terrorists’ come from.  The insanity of this map is instantly obvious.  Across the capitalist powers, workers are losing pensions, wages are dropping like rocks, to gain jobs, young people have to go very deep into debt for ‘schools’ and floods of aliens are allowed to cross borders to keep citizens from organizing into unions and in the US millions and millions of lower class peons are put in prisons for ‘drug dealing’ and are then treated as slave labor.

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Global Commodity, Stock And Bond Markets All Fall As Debt Buying By Big Central Banks Falters

Global markets plunge as Fed pulls plug on QE -Global stock, bond and commodities markets slump as investors take flight as Fed signals end to QE3 and China’s cash crisis deepens.  This news doesn’t surprise me all that much.  The Chinese said last year they would limit the growth of credit and they did.  Japan greatly expanded credit but mainly only for export international corporate purposes.  The Fed Reserve announced they, too, were going to reduce lending to rich bankers who, in turn, must take into account real inflation, something they don’t want to do right now.  So, the value of gold hoards is also falling.  Commodities of all sorts are falling.  Ditto, stocks.  Etc.   Continue reading


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