Bolivia President Plane Forced Down As US Muscles World, Seeking Snowden

NSA spying data from Snowden

Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  The day we celebrate our revolutionaries who wrote a Constitution that forbade government spying on the People.  And trumpeted the joys of liberty and freedom while this same Constitution encrypted slavery and oppression if one is from Africa or a native American Indian.  Not to mention women.  The Snowden affair illustrates how our nation is not all about freedom from spying by governments but has become warped into a desire to spy on absolutely everyone except the elites who treat us all as if we are Native Americans or Africans.  The oppression of this trio, Africans, Natives and Women, is the flagpole which ‘conservatives’ gather around while within the conservative community, some are still troubled by spying on everyone.  While a majority of Americans think spying on everyone is making us safe, it really is just another tool in the Imperialist Ruler box of domination equipment.


Our rich elites  own our media.  Thus, we get their elitist 1% view of the world today crystal clear.  And they are at war with billions of people including us all here at home.  keeping us at each other over issues about gays, women, various native tribes, Africans, holding out the offer of civil rights to these groups while simultaneously justifying the suppression of these same rights, this keeps everyone at each other’s throats and off of the elites.  Here is yesterday’s Washington Post editorial about the latest renegade of the ruling elite’s army of spies:  How to keep Edward Snowden from leaking more NSA secrets – The Washington Post:


(Editorials represent the views of The Washington Post as an institution, as determined through debate among members of the editorial board. News reporters and editors never contribute to editorial board discussions, and editorial board members don’t have any role in news coverage.)


Note how the Post’s owner and top guys love to pretend they have no sway over reporters and army of Zionist editorial writers!  HAHAHA.  They HIRE the staff and the staff knows if they step on any toes, they are in trouble.  The staff did reveal some of the data put out by Snowden but this was due entirely to Greenwald and the Guardian preparing to publish this that same day.  Here is the owner of the Post addressing the nation:


The administration appears to be making little headway in its efforts to gain custody of the fugitive contractor. However, rulers ranging from Russia’s Vladi­mir Putin to the Chavista socialists of Latin America appear to be holding Mr. Snowden at arm’s length, lest his unpredictable behavior and mounting toxicity contaminate their relations with Washington.


Venezuela and Cuba recently have been trying to reach out to the Obama administration, while Ecuador must consider the hundreds of thousands of workers whose jobs are linked to U.S. trade preferences. Though declaring that “Russia never gives up anyone to anybody,” Mr. Putin said Monday that Mr. Snowden must choose between asylum in Moscow and “work aimed at inflicting damage to our American partners.”


In fact, the first U.S. priority should be to prevent Mr. Snowden from leaking information that harms efforts to fight terrorism and conduct legitimate intelligence operations.


HAHAHA.  Very funny indeed!  And was all this spying ‘legitimate’?  Obviously, no.  Germany thinks it isn’t.  Many Americans are certain it is not legitimate at all.  China thinks it is illegitimate, too especially since the US has been bellowing about China supposedly doing this to us.  The entire reason we feel Snowden is a whistleblower is simple: he revealed lies told by the spymasters who lied to Congress, lied to the American people and lied to all our allies.  These lies are now being swept under the rug as the media owners, nearly all of whom are Israeli Zionists, are desperate to make this look like legitimate spying to protect Americans when it actually is spying on ALLIES and AMERICANS so they can blackmail, circumvent, control and destroy, if necessary, anyone who defies the rule of the Bilderberg gang and other elitists.


Here is an example how the power of the US people is used to terrorize other countries:  Bolivian president’s plane leaves Vienna after it was diverted amid Snowden rumours –while Bolivia angered by search of president’s plane, no sign of Snowden.  This astonishing seizure of a foreign leader’s plane is brushed off as ‘voluntary’.  Yes, the President of Bolivia thought it was a neat idea to divert his flight over Europe and have goons search his plane!  Right.  Back to the US editorial about how we should be happy to be spied upon illegally:


The best solution for both Mr. Snowden and the Obama administration would be his surrender to U.S. authorities, followed by a plea negotiation. It’s hard to believe that the results would leave the 30-year-old contractor worse off than living in permanent exile in an unfree country. Sadly, the supposed friends of this naive hacker are likely advising him otherwise.


And this is the claw of the hand of Mordor!  HAHAHA.  Yes, Snowden is ‘unfree’ in Russia but this is due entirely to the US machine exerting extreme pressure on Russia and offering bribes and goodies if only they turn him over to our rulers who hate whistleblowers.  And I assume Snowden knows about Mannings!  Here is one commentator to the WP editorial who is spot on:


7/2/2013 8:25 PM EDT
For the Washington Post, from the Guardian:
“The UN special rapporteur on torture has formally accused the US government of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment towards Bradley Manning, the US soldier who was held in solitary confinement for almost a year on suspicion of being the WikiLeaks source.”…And you want Snowden to get the same. How stupid do you think your readers are?


And here is a snippet from the Guardian editorial:


Mendez told the Guardian that he could not reach a definitive conclusion on whether Manning had been tortured because he has consistently been denied permission by the US military to interview the prisoner under acceptable circumstances.


The Pentagon has refused to allow Mendez to see Manning in private, insisting that all conversations must be monitored. “You should have no expectation of privacy in your communications with Private Manning,” the Pentagon wrote.


The lack of privacy is a violation of human rights procedures, the UN says, and considered unacceptable by the UN special rapporteur.


Ah!  The UN asks to have a PRIVATE chat with our other whistleblower who has been abused viciously and the US elites say in no uncertain terms, no, there is no right for even human rights lawyers to meet with any prisoners held by the claws of Mordor who rule the US with an iron fist!  Oh, I recall vividly years of US propaganda about Russia and China in that both tortured prisoners and oh, dear, wouldn’t let the Red Cross or UN interview them or see the torture!  This supposedly set these ‘regimes’ apart from the ‘free’ US.


Well, the WP editorial loves to call elected governments ‘regimes’ while pretending the US which has the goofiest, least representative elections on earth, a ‘free nation’.  Our elections are riddled with corruption the biggest being, the flood of rich people’s money into the process, the open bribery, the fake ‘speeches’ given by politicians who are paid many millions for saying virtually nothing, the corruption here is vast and the Supreme Court’s right wing GOP judges made this ten times worse with ‘Citizen’s United’ and the united citizens happen to all be the top 1%.


Tucked away in the news aside from the arming of Taliban in Syria is this stupid story:  Suspected US Drone Strike Kills 17 in Pakistan.  Our secret assassination program rolls relentlessly onwards and is part and parcel of the kertuffle over Snowden.  We all know if Snowden can’t be captured and tortured mercilessly as a warning to all geeks who think they have a right to reveal state lies and secret spying, he will be assassinated.  The Mossad are experts in kidnapping people and are probably already preparing to do this.


One of their big spies, Pollard, is in prison here and Netanyahu and others regularly demand he be released but the US won’t do this even if owned by Zionists because this would be too open a declaration of war on the American people.  So they keep him, while coddling him, behind bars, unlike other ‘spies’ who are really whistleblowers, not espionage agents working for a foreign power.  Those are tortured.


So…Mossad kidnaps Snowden and then trades him for Pollard.  I see this coming.  It might not happen but I am betting Mossad is trying its best to make this happen.  Problem is, Putin doesn’t like Mossad so they have quite a challenge penetrating the security apparatus in Russia.  Which reminds me of the recent story of a US ‘diplomat’ who was really a CIA agent going around Moscow in a wig and disguise trying to bribe Russian security agents into betraying Putin and Russia.  Hmmm….and the US didn’t bat an eye and only asked to have this wayward spy returned, no questions asked.


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10 responses to “Bolivia President Plane Forced Down As US Muscles World, Seeking Snowden

  1. Eso

    It wil turn out that the “terrorists” are but ‘”heretics”, and that the word ‘Catholic’ in Catholic Inquisition must be struck and replaced by the word ‘Zionist’. Some progress over Muslims said to be stuck in Medieval times.

  2. Ed Hoarse

    Mixture of 1984 and the Matrix in real time. It’s no longer about the 4 laptops with not so secret information, it’s Snowden exposure of the global control system of the cabal and how unjust laws only apply to the peasants. Lots of political capital expended and cover up to try and silence one man’s ideas.

    “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth – nothing more.” – Morpheus

  3. emsnews

    Yes, the hysteria shows the true face of our ‘democracy’.

  4. IAmSpartacus

    And in the meanwhile…Egypt in revolution…AGAIN, and…(crickets chirping) nothing from Obama; no “Morsi’s regime has lost it’s legitimacy” or “Morsi must go”…NOTHING, except for “Um, ah, um, we, um, don’t decide Egypt’s, um, government”. WHAT?!? I’m begining to agree with the “conspiracy” theorists; maybe Obama IS Muslim; maybe he is a Sunni, how else can you explain his support of the Mo Bros EVERY SINGLE TIME?!?

  5. emsnews

    Are you crazy?

    The government of Egypt was elected. If, after less than a week’s demonstrations, the military throws out the government, arrests the politicians who won the election a year earlier and also SUSPEND THE CONSTITUTION and ARREST MEDIA PEOPLE…excuse me????

    You are a prime example why I expect military coups here in the US. People don’t want ‘democracy’, they want hamfisted power to do what they wish, not what is good.

    And our military sponsors many coups! And we train military from abroad in how to do coups in schools run by our military who know very well how to seize power and will eventually do this. Sadly for this ALWAYS ends very, very badly.

    Review the ‘Roman Empire’ for a few minutes to see what goes wrong with this process.

  6. JT

    maybe they should stop O’boys plane everywhere too?
    US had those illegal prison flights to Guantanamo?
    Obama could have some prisoners of war in his plane? On the way to be tortured and in violation of all international treaties.

    Air force one should always be checked in every airspace it enters.

    Seems like FSB has the CIA and the west running in circles over Snowden, Morales plane was another perfect win for Putin/Hu.
    FSB-NSA 6-0.

  7. hans

    Morales plane was another perfect win for Putin/Hu.

    Not for Putin, the question on the streets in South America is why has Putin not condemned this action. After all Evo plane flew off from Russia, he was the state guest of Russia. The only reason Putin has taken a strong stand with Syria is the Orthodox church has demanded Russia stand by the Syrians, not Putin but rather the people demands. I think the USA has some hold over Putin and his Zionist nasties.

  8. emsnews

    Both Putin and China are silent.

    Many odd things are happening surrounding Snowden. Many things. He may be the biggest spy vs spy event since the Powell plane shooting down over Russia back when I was a kid (my dad was involved in that business, by the way!)

  9. JT
    Russia chides France, Portugal and Spain….
    “The actions of the French, Spanish and Portuguese authorities could hardly be seen as friendly towards Bolivia and towards Russia, from which the Bolivian President Evo Morales was leaving upon completion of his Moscow visit. The refusal to grant the aircraft the right to overfly could create a threat to the security of its passengers, including the head of a sovereign state,””

    Where will FSB divert NSA next?

    Sovetskoye Shampanskoye popped in FSB headquarters…
    no god damn subtlety in anything the US does anymore….

  10. JT

    hoody, sunglasses and a baseball cap?
    and an agent the appox height of Snowden?

    or is it enough just to make a fake pone call and text message?

    I bet they are laughing their asses off at FSB.

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