Oil Train Blows Up Lac-Megnatic Quebec

oil train derails in Quebec

A train with lots of oil cars was heading to the US from energy export power, Canada when it exploded in the center of a small city, killing probably over 100 people:  60 reported missing as runaway Canada oil train explosion forces town evacuation (VIDEO) — RT News

The train “somehow got released,” and had no conductor on board, according to the rail company. The convoy of crude oil left the station of its own accord during a shift change in Nantes, west of the affected region.


“We’re not sure what happened, but the engineer did everything by the book. He had parked the train and was waiting for his relief,” Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway, Inc Vice President Joseph McGonigle said on Saturday.


Most train systems were built when they were transportation for humans so they nearly all go through the center of cities and towns.  Train derailments are a constant danger just like flying huge jets of all sorts over cities can lead to tragedies.  Airports were built outside of cities, for example, but due to being a human-transportation hub, cities grew around them which is the reverse of what happened with trains.  


Seconds From Disaster – S02E03 – Freeway Plane Crash – YouTube and Seconds From Disaster – S01E05 – Derailment At Eschede – YouTube are examples of documentaries about investigations of these sort of crashes.  In the present case, Canada will probably find that human error is at fault here unless this is sabotage.  And there is a potential likelihood this could have been the case.  Not big, but possible.  Anyone watching the Deutschebann ICE wreck can see how multiple errors can cause a chain reaction event.  


Which is why having strong systems analyst double review methods are so important.  To save money, railroad corporations have cut back on ‘excess’ staff and since unions are now virtually nonexistent, there is no overlapping work, all is run on a shoestring.  This works just fine until something very bad happens.  Like the Texas fertilizer plant run with little oversight or safety, margins and corners are cut and cut some more until these sorts of horrible disasters happen.


This is not an accident in the nature of some unforeseen event.  It is most likely due to human error, humans who have no backup to prevent lack of oversight.


There is a lot of other news, of course such as this one which confirms what I said earlier about Saudi Arabia paying the military in Egypt to overthrow the government in a coup:  Head of Egypt’s armed forces tells Saudi king that the country is ‘stable’.  Reporting to the Big Boss!  We see the results:African Union Suspends Egypt Over Coup because even the US and EU have charged Africans for doing these coups and these are ‘illegal’ except when the US, EU and Saudi Arabia want a coup of course.


30 dead, over 1,000 injured in clashes between Egyptian protesters while when Morsi was president, there were mainly people in the streets doing the killing, in this case, it is the military coup killing people.  Demonstrations are OK if the imperial powers want a government removed.  When a fascist government which is supported by the imperialists seizes power violently, the imperial powers claim, disorders in the street forced them to kill demonstrators.  Here in the US, this is used all the time when leftists demonstrate peacefully, for example.


The US imperialists muscled all of Europe to prevent Snowden, a major whistleblower, asylum.  But due to fury over the abuse of sovereign rights of Bolivia, Snowden Is Offered Asylum by Venezuela. The Pirate Party in Iceland tried to get him asylum but the main Parliament refused it.  


The coup in Egypt imitates the Allende overthrow nearly exactly.  In both cases, the police refused to patrol the streets thus giving an excuse for the military to do this very violently.  I have pointed out in the past that all uprisings are usually demands for more social aid, more money for the lower classes and this is happening today in Chile!  Chile: Fishermen protesting lack of government aid  and this will be ruthlessly repressed.


When coups happen, people do not get more socialism, they usually get put down and the old regime status quo is imposed violently.  Opposition parties are eliminated.  Fake elections happen as will happen in Egypt once half of the political spectrum is removed.  The Saudis think this will save them from the fury of the mobs who hate them.  Instead, it will cement the hatred.  As the average Egyptian, unhappy with IMF rules, discovers the military and Elbaradei appointed as Egypt’s interim PM (the loser in the previous election who is put in power today!) the IMF and others praise this claiming ‘technocrats’ (1984 double speak for ruthless enforcers of banker’s whims) will take over.


The people will be put on a Gaza Starvation Diet.  They won’t have subsidized fuels or food.  Like in the US, the demand the poor and lower workers pay 100% of the costs of running a country will prevail.  Think the ‘47% moochers’ business is what Elbaradei believes?  Of course!  


Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal, reporting from Nasr City, said the reaction from the Morsi’s camp to the appointment of Elbaradei was one of complete rejection and anger.


“One of the protesters here said that the appointment of ElBaradei is a move directed at appeasing the United States and that he served them well, allowing for the invasion of Iraq when he was in the IAEA and will now be their puppet again – we all know he is a puppet.


Elbaradei called for Bush to be charged with war crimes over the illicit Iraq invasion, for example, so he isn’t a total ‘US puppet’.  The military don’t want him to lead them, they are using him as a front so they can cement power again as the generals, as per usual in the past, work out who is going to be the New Big Boss.  He will be disposed eventually but only after he is blamed for IMF programs just like Morsi.  The effects of the IMF ‘starve the poor’ actions will make anyone unpopular.   The poor UN nuclear inspector is a puppet but not the way the people in the streets know it.  He won’t last long if he defies the bankers.


The coup in Egypt just raised world fuel prices which is OK with Russia but this is causing Egypt-style demonstrations and rage in Europe like here: Bulgaria anti-govt protest high fuel bills.


Authorities: Armed man arrested in Seattle was planning action in support of Brazil protesters : like all teeming countries with lots of poor people and an attempt at a popular government, when the banks demand punishment for running in the red, this is inflicted on the poor.  So Brazil, trying to get ready for the obscene Olympic ‘sports’ which are mainly pros thanks to changes in the rules, we have the government ‘cleaning up’ the cities which means removal of poor people.


This, in turn, causes demonstrations and riots.  The US which was so very supportive of using the military to overthrow a government in Africa due to some demonstrations over IMF rules will do the same to Brazil.  The US has done this repeatedly to Brazil in the past.  The most recent was the 1964 Brazilian coup d’état.  The US CIA has huge reasons for another coup there.  Greenwald, the Guardian reporter who broke the Snowden whistleblower case lives there and is protected there.  They are very anxious to get their paws on him and to Gitmo him.

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22 responses to “Oil Train Blows Up Lac-Megnatic Quebec

  1. Graywolf

    Train was heading thru Maine to St. John, NB.
    NOT crude oil, as crude is not combustible. Burnable yes, combustible no.
    Probably ethanol.

  2. z house

    that what i was going to post, exploding oil?

  3. DK

    What type of idiots park a train like this inside a town instead of outside the town while waiting for a crew change? What kind of fools allow them to do this?

  4. I live in Bellingham, WA and John Stark of the Bellingham Herald reports Whatcom refineries gear up for crude oil via rail. BP Cherry Point refinery is building a huge rail loop south of Grandview Road to handle crude oil shipments from North Dakota, and the Phillips 66 Ferndale refinery hopes to start building its own crude oil rail terminal later this year.


    Kelly Pugh, a Lynden High School graduate, made a living on local construction projects before the real estate boom collapsed. Now he lives in Williston, N.D., making good money working for Baker Hughes Inc., a major oilfield services company. Pugh said he knows a number of Whatcom Countians willing to put up with the long winters and hot, sometimes stormy summers in exchange for a steady income. “I don’t honestly know that anybody wants to be here,” he said. “We’d all rather be home, but we can’t say no to the money.”

  5. kenogami

    “What type of idiots park a train like this inside a town instead of outside the town while waiting for a crew change?”

    The train was parked 11 km outside the town where it exploded. The driver said he put the brakes on and then went to his hotel. The train was left without oversight. We don’t know yet if the man lied, or if the brakes were defective, or somebody release them as a joke while nobody was there. Since they privatized the trains in Canada some years ago, there are train accidents very often, most of them without loss of life but sometimes with a big mess with dangerous materials. But not to worry: the scum CEO will still get their $10 millions bonus at the end of the year, while they cut cost and the number of employees.

    The criminal morons here are the big bosses, who left such a dangerous train with no oversight for a many hours stop in the middle of the night: it is too expensive to hire a night guard.

  6. lucky13

    Intentionally released? Time may tell.

  7. JT

    Now they say 100 missing in Canada accident.
    In a town of 6000 people. Awful.

    “Place where the fish are held.” is the Indian name of the place.
    – sigh –

  8. IAmSpartacus

    They’ve already walked back the ElBaradei appointment; evidently, the appointment of a man well known to Egyptians as a US/Zionist/globalist/IMF puppet, with even less popular support than the despised, deposed US supported Morsi Mo Bro regime was just too much for the Egyptian people to swallow. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a puppet won’t be appointed, anyway; they may just need to chooes someone else who’s strings aren’t quite so obviously being pulled by Washington and Tel Aviv.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, the train was parked outside and rolled downhill picking up speed until it derailed.

    And leaving lines of oil-filled cars on tracks is COMMON. It is done here in upstate NY right next to highway 787 in Albany! Hundreds of oil tankers.

  10. Peter C.

    Crude oil can explode when the tank is heated and the vapours do a flash explosion.See Watts Up With That website for details

  11. Jim R

    Meanwhile, Guess-Who has further escalated the war in Syria..

    “A massive explosion last Thursday at a major Syrian weapons depot in Latakia, not far from the main port of Tartous, completely destroyed the facility and munitions stored there. Tartous is Syria’s main port. It is largely controlled by the Russian military, and the route by which all weapons transported by sea would enter Syria. As such, any advanced Russian weaponry would enter via Tartous and might be stored in the Latakia depot.”

  12. ziff house

    Peter. so how did it get heated , if i throw a barrel of oil off a cliff it will not explode. train was filled with gasoline more like.


    ELAINE: It was oil and oil can explode when SPILLED and meets say, sustained electrical feed from wires of downed power poles for example.

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  14. ziff house

    oil will burn, but for an explosion you need air and fuel in a confined space. this is like after the texas fertilzer explosion the press had elaborate expose on exploding anhydrous ammonia , when it was obviously ammmonium nitrate. this was an event that covered a wide area, very odd.

  15. ziff house

    ok , saw a clear picture of remains, press must be using term losely , tanks did not explode just burned and lots of.

  16. You can watch the explosions here. https://t.co/MO0A5DZEQV
    The crude oil, not ethanol (which would burn clear) can be seen in the lake now too. It was also headed for an Irving refinery. You should really update your blog post.

  17. Jim R

    From the video, it didn’t just all explode at once. A fire got started in some of the spilled oil, and then the fire ruptured some of the other cars that had not yet spilled their contents. So they “exploded” … and crude oil has everything in it, from natural gas to heavy tar. The gas portion can burn pretty quickly, or it can make enough pressure to rupture a sealed tank car when it’s heated.

    As for the brakes on the train, the story I read is that the engineer left the engine idling to supply compressed air for the brakes, and notified the dispatcher, and turned in for the night. Some sort of fire/safety crew who didn’t know what they were doing turned off the engine later in the night, and when the air leaked out of the brake reservoirs, the brakes were released. Apparently train brakes, unlike truck brakes, require air pressure to keep the brake set.

  18. emsnews

    Truck brakes that use air pressure need to have the emergency brake set to stop it from rolling and if you then also leave it in gear (low gear or reverse) this holds a load…but on a slope, even that can give way.

    This accident was due to human failures. There were no secondary systems to prevent this. And the #1 secondary system is someone taking note of what was going on and who understood how the system works.

    This has created disasters all over the place at any conceivable level. Human disregard creates lots of accidents.

  19. Jim R

    This is a story of the financial weenies and freemarketers and deregulators and greedbugs wrecking things that have worked for more than a century.

    Another account I read had another detail or two — turns out that there was a _small_ fire in one of the engines on that train. The fire brigade was called, but they are not railroad engineers. They extinguished the fire, and noticed the engines running. (there must be an easy to find ‘off’ switch) So the fire crew turned off the engines.

    The transport company does not want to pay a full crew to watch the train around the clock. So the one and only engineer, who had checked out for the night, was not present to secure the train after the fire crew left. If they were planning to park the train there for a long time, the cars have manual brakes that are set car-by-car. There is also a wedge device they would put on the tracks to kick the cars off the track (gently, leaving them rightside up) if it starts rolling. But these additional braking devices were not used, because the one-and-only engineer was planning to get back in and drive it in the morning.

    ELAINE: Your speculations sound correct. Yes, this is how they operate all systems now with minimum staff. It is an overall catastrophe.

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  21. kenogami

    What I read recently is that the firefighters on the train site were in constant phone contact with the dispatchers of MMA; 2 employees of the train company were also on site; they were supposed to know what to do. The firefighters were heroes; not sure if the MMA employees were incompetent cheap labors on minimum wages.

  22. Jim R

    The engineer would have known what to do. But they did not go and get him out of bed, for whatever reason.

    Now the boss man at the transport company is blaming the engineer for sleeping when he clocked out. Typical. I don’t suppose this will affect the boss man’s bonus.

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