Snowden Outwits Entire CIA And US Rulers While The Same Clowns Lose Billions In War Zones

Free Syrian Army commander killed by rivals shows us how violent and manic the insurrection in Syria has become.  Meanwhile, the Bilderberg head editor of the Washington Post demands more warmongering in Syria: Obama’s feckless Syria policy is likely to fail the failure is Obama’s refusal to invade Syria, of course.

There are a trillion excellent reasons for not invading yet another Muslim country:  Military dumps $34m into a lavish headquarters on an Afghan base that will NEVER BE USED as U.S. troops are sent home | Mail Online


A two-story facility was built on Camp Leatherneck in southern Afghanistan in spite of official warnings that it was unnecessary
Now a special inspector general is looking into why the building process went ahead anyway, and what will come of it now
Building is too costly for the Afghan army to maintain, and the outlets won’t even work for their equipment because they are American plugs.
Just one of a handful of similar expensive projects that were laid to waste

Who built the stupid thing in the first place?  Here is a website boasting about building a very expensive communication system in this abandoned camp:  Internet in Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan, for Soldiers, Defense, DOD and Government Contractors.  Naval mobile construction battalion provided the overall labor for this boondoggle.  The corporations that exploited this enterprise are hidden from view.  I wish someone would leak all the data about our beloved military/industrial complex business.


Of course, many who are in Congress in both the GOP and DNC leadership own shares in corporations that profit from all these wars.  This obvious conflict of interest is, like all corrupt aspects of Congress, totally allowed by our leaders all of whom profit from all these things.  The way the Presidents profit is via ‘speeches’ given to people leeching off the government.  Note that the main body of the ‘cut spending’ GOP is part of this conspiracy to profit off of wars.


The US mass media attacked Snowden for leaking the truth about spying.  Early polls showed the average TV viewer fell for the most part to these stupid stories.  But after time rolled onwards and Snowden still free, the leaks continue, the global outrage has risen higher and higher.  So now, even here in the Empire’s heart, the proles are siding with the whistleblower, not the military/industrial complex rulers:  Poll: Americans say Snowden isn’t a traitor! Despite this being highly unpopular, Obama’s  Justice Dept. defends secret rulings in new spy court filing  and has ordered government employees to SPY ON EACH OTHER.  HAHAHA. Meanwhile, another government hits the wall due to all this spying:  Entire government of Luxembourg resigns after spying and corruption scandal forces its prime minister to quit | Mail Online


Mille told Juncker he had reliable reports that Grand Duke Henri was in constant contact with Britain’s secret services, according to one newspaper. The Grand Duke’s office has denied the allegation.


Note to everyone: all the EU royals are up to their eyeballs in the Bilderberg gang.  The Brit royals don’t attend meetings anymore but note that they do host these in their homebase such as the latest meeting where Syria was discussed and which is why the Washington Post editor/owners who are Zionists are resuming repeated demands the US invade.


Then there is the horror show of the US murder of bin Laden:  Osama Bin Laden files deleted by Pentagon after being transferred to CIA .  Both Obama and Bush Jr. as well as their craven VPs should be put on trial about this business.  It was a crime and I was probably the first to accuse them of this back the same day the raid happened.  The dumping of the body in the sea, which I claim never happened at least, not the head of bin Laden, proved to me there was a crime going on here.


As various lawyer groups demand information about this raid which has a video the President, Ms. Clinton and the usual gang of goofs watched exists.  And like with the Nixon tapes, it will be conveniently ‘erased’ by Rosemary Wood’s ghost so we can’t see the final murder.  And this naked elimination of vital information is illegal as hell.  The International Courts should arrest these guys who are in hot pursuit of Snowden who is a leaker of their stupid secrets.


And ‘Where On Earth Is Carmen Snowden?’ continues its high comedy.  New development in Europe: High Court in Ireland Refuses Provisional Arrest Warrant for Edward Snowden: What Next? while the wily Russians played more mind fuck games with the CIA and Obama:  Moscow-Cuba plane detour sparks Snowden speculation — RT News.  HAHAHA.


Runaway spy Edward Snowden to meet with Russia’s head of Amnesty International as he accuses U.S. of waging campaign to stop him taking up offers of asylum which is all certainly true.  The longer he remains outside of Gitmo and the US secret prison system, the greater his power and status and nothing eats up the rulers more than some geeky upstart outwitting them all.  Is Snowden worth the risk? Latin America weighs pros and cons as they weigh US economic threats against them if they do the right thing.


South American leftist leaders rally to Bolivia’s side in Snowden saga and do note, libertarians, the left fights for your own civil rights and this favor should be returned by libertarian support of women’s and gay civil rights.  These are one and the same!


The horror of Fukushima is now back in the news and about time:  Radioactive water likely leaking into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima – NY Daily News which is a right wing Murdoch paper.  Wow.  I guess he is scared of planetary pollution!  About time.  Meanwhile, the far right wing LDP regime in Japan is extremely unpopular with neighbors:  Chasm grows between Japan, neighbors: study ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


The survey by the US-based Pew Research Center found overwhelming sentiment in South Korea and China that Japan has not shown enough contrition, with a mere one percent of South Koreans saying Tokyo has apologized sufficiently.


Perceptions have worsened in recent years, with the percentage of South Koreans who see Japan favorably slipping by 25 points since 2008 and the same figure sliding by 17 percentage points in China.


Only 22 percent of South Koreans and four percent of Chinese said they saw Japan in a positive light, according to the survey, which polled adults in eight nations by telephone or in person in March or early April.


The comments by Japan news readers to this horrifying situation is to basically make racist and nationalist threats against these neighbors and to append sneers about how Japan will again commit war crimes is horrifying yet hilarious since the 2 Koreas and China can squash Japan totally annihilating everyone if they so chose.  This, even with US support for Japan’s stupidity.


And that would be a huge part of WWIII.  And this is why I oppose the things the Japanese imperialists are doing!  They are provoking this by making unilateral seizures of hotly contested islands.  And US plans for expanding our military there are hitting some very big rocks.

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43 responses to “Snowden Outwits Entire CIA And US Rulers While The Same Clowns Lose Billions In War Zones

  1. emsnews

    Reuters now reports Snowden wants asylum in Russia before attempting to fly to South America. I am assuming this is to protect him when he flies out since the US has been playing dirty tricks with air travel. I am also assuming that the Cuba flight was a test to see if it is possible as a route.

  2. Jim R

    The news, of course, has devolved into a 24/7 account of the “flight” of the “spy” Snowden, and a complete blackout on the orwellian surveillance state.

    And, I have now seen hints that the “mysterious black substance” found in various corners of Japan is in fact Plutonium and things of that ilk. Sort of a modern pitchblende. But mostly a mystery. How could it have ever escaped with the reactors in cold shutdown?

  3. IAmSpartacus

    Perhaps a bit off topic: Janet Napolitano resigning as head of Homeland Security; rats deserting a sinking ship? Good riddance to her!

  4. “Where on Earth is Carmen Snowden?” Actually, he’s Waldo, and Anna Chapman wants to be his Carmen Sandiego.

  5. “Cold shutdown??hahahahahahahahaha. I assume Jim R you are being sarcastic.
    Only applies when the reactors are undamaged and all the fuel assemblies and control rods are in place.The fuel from 1,2,3 ex reactors are now in corium blobs 150 tons each somewhere under the wreckage that used to be reactors.Some speculate the corium blobs have ended up under the seabed due to the local geology.

  6. Christian W

    M$ (and Skype) prove to be little more than NSA proxies.

    M$ current advertising campaign claims that ‘Your Privacy is our Priority’.

    With these satanists in charge where everything means the opposite your ‘privacy’ is indeed their ‘priority’.

  7. Jim R

    Peter C.
    Yeah, forgot to add a /sarc tag.

    Tepco was reporting temperatures for months, even when it was not clear whether there was a sensor at the end of the wire or just sputtering frayed ends, while the contents of the reactors were long gone. And in unit 4, the reactor part was shut down, so the explosion and fire there was clearly in the SFP.

    For me, the most infuriating aspect of all this was Tepco’s ongoing effort to spray WATER on the ruined reactors and fuel pools. It’s like throwing water on a grease fire. It just scatters the corium as steam and smoke and whatnot.

    They should have been making every effort to dump sand and borax on the corium blobs, like the Russians did at Chernobyl. Let it turn into glass. Boron to stop unwanted fission. Nothing is a clean solution to this, but the glass could possibly be extracted from the wreckage eventually.

  8. JT

    @chrisian w

    Jobs held out for quite long.
    He was a mule they did not dare to touch.

    I guess the days of the great american entrepreneurs are over too.
    That Facebook douchebag wanted to make the world a worse place from day one, he is a good poster boy for current state of affairs.
    Scam everyone, take the money, lie, cheat and steal your customers data.

  9. JT

    “The White House said Friday that Russia granting political asylum to Edward Snowden would be on par with providing the National Security Agency leaker with a “propaganda platform” to further harm the United States.”

    Snowden is a one man propaganda machine?
    You guys really start to sound a lot like the former Sovjet Union.
    It’s no even funny anymore.

  10. JT

    “Carney said Snowden is not a human rights activist or a dissident.

    Carney also urged the Russian government to “afford human rights organizations the ability to do their work in Russia throughout Russia, not just at the Moscow transit lounge.”

    How come US in such a panic over Snowden?
    FSB is milking this so well and you play along.
    Forcing diplomatic planes down, making totally absurd press conferences…
    FSB-NSA 12-0 .

    Can’t they photoshop some new underwear photos of Snowden or something?

  11. emsnews

    They already tried the sex thing with Snowden. They did do it to Greenwald who has ‘GAY SEX!!!’ to be flung at him.

    Yes, the head of Homeland Horrors is going to my old school, Berkeley!!!

    Which is dead in the water these days unlike when I was there and it was super hot.

  12. Melponeme_k

    “Can’t they photoshop some new underwear photos of Snowden or something?”

    When they tried that internet photos from way back, everyone just giggled and said “Oh little boys will be boys”. Not the reaction they wanted. And when they tried the scandalous girlfriend angle, she was too beautiful to even cause outrage. The reaction to that is “Oh Eddie is a playa! And the NSA playa haters!”

    Which they are…. I bet out of everything going down, it is Snowden’s extremely beautiful girlfriend that they resent the most.

  13. JT


    Google is supressing his latest press conference, it was hard to find.

    Snowden is very articulate and calm in his interviews.
    And he is telling the truth. Everyone and everything is spied on all the time.

    They are in panic over him?

  14. JT

    I really hope Ed gets to safety.
    And meets many more beautiful girls in south america.
    Writes a book and keeps fighting for decades to come.

  15. Being There

    Yes, well we know that the US biggest export is war for the profit of privatized contractors at the expense of the tax-payers. (and the military equipment and weaponry) Same with their precious new Stasi regime via surveillance corporations built underground so the people can’t see them.

    We also can’t know how much of govt money they are making ‘cuz it’s National security, you see. They have no regulation and everyone’s in the dark including Congress.

    On FaceBook someone posted a story about a photographer/reporter getting arrested for taking pictures for National Geographic of feedlots on farms in the mid-west. Yes, of course that must be kept secret as well, because the fascist farm system says it’s proprietary company secrets.

    This is the face of fascism and inverted communism where globally the money comes to a few monopolies who operate in the dark. We are not to know what’s in our food and what type of GMO agriculture is being used to produce the food we eat. Then they’ll extoll free market fundamentalism.

    Absolute freedom from regulations and the law for a few, but boy do they come down hard on everyone else. BUT they know how to keep people apart, don’t they?

    Snowden didn’t say anything new. Dana Priest did it through the Washington Post and Frontine called “Top Secret America”. The most important issue is that this is being done for corporations and then the govt also takes advantage of the info when they need it.

    NOTE TO CONGRESS: WAKE UP! someone sticks a wad of dough in the front of their pants and swishes it around and they just refuse to think!

  16. Espen

    Shocking statement from Shinzo Abe: “Rice from Fukushima keeps me energetic”! How stupid does he think his own people are?

    What a f***ing moroon!

    And as for Washington to accuse others of “propaganda”.. that is just plain stupid. Take a look in the mirror!

    ELAINE: HAHAHA. We should encourage the entire LDP in Japan to eat only radioactive food. 🙂

  17. charlottemom

    Snowden has revealed to the sleeping worldthe extent of the nsa and western spying massive programs. However there is something that does not compute for me…ie whoare his handlers? What is his motivation. I think this goes beyond wikileaks folks (who underwrites them) and a benevolence to inform the american public who largely do not claer!!!
    if “they” wanted him dead he would be … a la michael hastings!

    Just because he speaks the truth doesn’t make him a friend.

  18. Being There

    Interesting questions especially because he ran to both China and Russia, not known for their freedom.

    An interesting idea that has been pointed out by a few internet sources is something like a triple agent otherwise known as a CIA Limited Hangout Operation.

    It could be used to find out Russia’s reaction. ie Russia is looking for typewriters to keep most important info off computer systems. Or they could be putting pressure on Obama to go to war with Syria by hurting his standing here.

    It’s anyone’s guess…..

  19. Christian W


    Their favorite tactics… Bullshit Baffles Brains

    Just throw enough bullshit at a problem until it either sticks or drowns the problem. Eventually normal people give up, or get numbed out, in the face of such enormous idiocy, stupidity and sheer evilness and the elites succeed in turning the truth upside down and inside out.

  20. Christian W

    Snowden is genuine. He is simply that random factor that in the end always will take down the machinations of the ‘mad geniuses’. There are people who will act on moral principles even if it costs them greatly, history is full of them and in hindsight they are the people seen as ‘real’.

  21. Christian W

    Snowden ran to China and Russia because they are the only relatively sane nations that the US cannot outright bully (they also happen to have nukes and plenty of them).

    Europe is out of the question, it’s almost completely under the thumb of the US. The Commonwealth is for sure. The ME and Africa would be madness. Latin America would just be asking for a black rendition/death squad operation a la Bin Laden unless he is officially protected which he can’t be until he has gone through the proper procedures.

  22. floridasandy

    a good blog today.

    snowden is a patriot, maybe not the smartest patriot in the world-but certainly one of the few left anymore.

    i havef nothing but contempt for all our “leaders” who are out there badmouthing him, but, then again, they badmouth all whistleblowers anymore–when they haven’t caught them and thrown them in jail already that is.

  23. floridasandy

    oh, and don’t pretend that obama isn’t a warmonger-especially as he has been proven to be a follower and will do what he is told in the end: Supplying arms isn’t pacifistic-but passive aggressive.

    war is increasingly on the table, i am sure.

  24. Background radiation levels in Brentwood Bay,Vancouver Island,BC,seem to be up from previous years.I hadn’t bothered checking lately but from what I remember,levels were around .05 mcSv/h when Fukushima blew.
    Today I am getting consistent readings around .09 mcSv/h.
    Anyone else on the coast monitoring?

  25. vengeur

    What a sad state of affairs when our federal government has become incapable of telling the truth about ANYTHING. The whole world looks on and sees the flagrant hypocrisy. The biggest joke in America is our so called “media”, who, obsessed with their myopic left-right scrimmage, are incapable of honestly addressing any of the foreign policy disasters perpetrated by BOTH political parties , from the Iraq nightmare to the recent Benghazi fiasco. The proof is that NOT ONE government official , from Bush Wolfowitz Cheney to Hillary Clinton, has ever been made to answer for the absolutely ruinous post 9-11 fiascos of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Aside from the lives wasted and the billions of dollars squandered, the goodwill and respect of the world for America and Americans is GONE. Spent. And in their place we now will encounter suspicion , contempt, and outright hatred.


    ELAINE: Our media is run by Zionists. Who want more Muslim wars.

  26. Jim R

    That was an excellent summation. Kudos.

    About this meme that Snowden is implementing some sort of propaganda ploy from the very spook agencies he is embarassing:
    He is not. He has gone to Hong Kong and then Russia because those are among the very few places on earth where he would not simply be Gitmo’ed and disappear. It’s hard to say whether he would be secure anywhere in South America.

    If this were all part of a propaganda campaign, then Carney would have a script prepared, telling a story that does not make him, Obama, and the NSA and CIA look so laughably stupid.

  27. Being There

    Very well put, vengeur

  28. DeVaul

    I said before and I will say it again: he went to Hong Kong because you cannot fly a drone into that city and terminate him. It is Chinese territory. Even Snowden admitted this as the first stage of his escape route.

    If he had gone to Iceland, he would be dead already. The US does not fear any retaliation from Iceland or Ecuador.

    Now he is in a Moscow airport. Send a drone in? I don’t think so. Our agents are so inept now that they cannot reach him, and he may know that.
    Putin sure knows that. Putin may extract some concessions from him in exchange for saving his life, but again, that just makes sense.

    Why does everyone always look for a conspiracy theory? Sometimes the simple explanation is actually the truth, especially if it makes sense.

  29. DeVaul

    I also had a feeling this would happen:

    The hijacking of a plane carrying a foreign head of state is just… oh man.

  30. Christian W

    Aye, you nailed it, vengeur.

  31. Charlottemom

    Snowden is now being used as a judas goat
    A true whistleblower blows the whistle but
    Snowden is dangling the prospect of bombshells only revealing what most know anyway
    China and Russia are not taking the bait

  32. Charlottemom

    @ being there

    Yes..we are all just guessing but
    snowden is “leaking” via Anglo media….cause they are so trustworthy? ha i seem to recall a recent bugging scandal in the uk. yes it was murdoch rag but havent we learned They all do it!
    and leaking in drips and drabs…blow the whistle already and get it over with
    Whatever outcome does Snowden seek?

    This is like an assange rerun (and getting boring)

  33. Christian W

    I’m sure The Guardian has been served a D-notice which makes it very hard for them to publish things concerning facts that might impact the ‘defence’ of the UK. Their editors and publisher could easily go to jail if they step over the line.

    Wikileaks are already accusing Greenwald and The Guardian of not going public with lots of information from Snowden.

    I’m positive Snowden does have seriously compromising information about US/UK etc activities, there is a reason the US government has gone bat shit hysterical over this.

    China and Russia are only playing it smart. They are letting the US tie itself in knots over this, no need for them to get involved and aggravate the crazy US government more than they necessary.

  34. z house

    peter, what sort of instrument do you have ?, good going!

  35. e sutton

    Christian W.,
    Your points seem very valid. I think you may be on to something wrt China and Russia playing the old game of cat and mouse with Dear Old Uncle Sam. Keep us posted on your spot-on musings, please!

  36. lucky13

    factory Corporate Farms v. People and animal rights groups. It is OLD news. Re: On FaceBook someone posted a story about a photographer/reporter getting arrested for taking pictures for National Geographic of feedlots on farms in the mid-west. Yes, of course that must be kept secret as well, because the fascist farm system says it’s proprietary company secrets.
    I wish googlefacebook would go away.

  37. JimmyJ

    I am tending toward the belief that Snowden is a limited hangout operative as well. I was thinking he is serving the needs of a faction in the US Gov that seeks to discredit the ‘total awareness’ faction into recovering some Constitutional ground. But as ‘Being There’ says, “It’s anyone’s guess”.

    It seems as though the foreign intel services know it for what it is. If he was legit and present on Chinese or Russian sovereign soil with novel information would he not be immediately bundled off to the back room? Instead he’s always in the company of human-rights or Wikileaks “activists”. Or are they really foreign or even allied operatives?

    Why is Greenwald still publishing, and not under arrest? If Assange can be forced to hole up in some dingy embassy room, why is Greenwald free? Does the status of a high-profile American ex-pat journalist living in Brazil somehow suddenly prevent a dubious arrest? I doubt he’s complicit, probably he’s duped like all the other idealists. But he’s being given a long leash.

    Blocking a Bolivian Presidential jet is great theatre but there seems to be no serious attempt at blocking ‘damaging’ public pronouncements. It’s all pretty sketchy.

  38. DM

    Charlottemom and JimmyJ are correct to be skeptical. The rule of thumb these days is that you should assume that everything in the media is a lie, unless proven otherwise. Way too much noise about stuff that has been an open secret for years. Any serious stuff can simply be redacted and cease to exist.

  39. emsnews

    It is NOT all ‘just lies’. Figuring out the difference for when there are lies is important.

    I access a lot of news and mainly after international publication of news, I try to figure out what is really going on.

    This is why I do NOT have a knee jerk reaction yelling about conspiracies all the time.

  40. DM

    Elaine, you may try to figure out what is really going on, but you offer nothing other than your belief. I don’t do Tarot cards, but remind you that it is difficult to figure out when a known liar is not lying. The Media is controlled, and they are known liars.

    Charlottemom and JimmyJ presented some cautionary arguments which you have not addressed. And I would hazard a guess that they, as well, access a lot of news and information.

    Do you have anything else to shore up your credulity ?

  41. Christian W

    IF the US was still a nation under the rule of law the US President and large parts of the US government would go to jail for the crimes Snowden revealed. That doesn’t fit in with Snowden being a plant planted by the very people who have to go to jail. The US government are bullies, not masochists…

    Moreover Snowden would have to be a very dedicated young man to voluntarily throw away his life for a life in air shuttle lounges and safe houses in dubious nations for the next few decades – if not the rest – of his life.

    The US government are liers and manipulators, but Snowden embarrassed them big time and they truly hate him for that. When the US went after Evo Morales’s plane they revealed themselves for the bullies they are. A lot of people in Europe and across the globe have woken up to the nature of the US now if they hadn’t before.

    Vengeur is correct in his analysis. The US have nothing to win in this scenario, I struggle to see how anyone can seriously see this as a power move by the US.

    The reason Snowden does not reveal more is simply that if he did THEN a case could be made that he is a spy against the US. So far he has revealed himself as a true patriot by exposing crimes against the American people. If Snowden revealed highly sensitive intelligence operations of a different nature the stakes would instantly get much higher and the situation would be inflammed beyond repair.

  42. JT

    “In his letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Stefan Svallfors, a professor of sociology at Sweden’s Umeå University, added that awarding the prize to Snowden would “also help to save the Nobel Peace Prize from the disrepute that incurred by the hasty and ill-conceived decision to award U.S. President Barack Obama 2009 award.”

    Could’t agree more.
    They should do some damage control in Norway.

  43. emsnews

    I agree too. Yes, the Peace Prize has been sullied for years and years starting with Kissinger getting it for the Vietnam war mess.

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