High On Purple Trank, Cheap Codeine/Arizona Watermelon Tea & Skittles Leads To Psychos

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The NYT picture of demonstrators in LA says it all: slowly and painfully, many blacks are all becoming like Trayvon.  Alas, this actually refers to the use of gangsta talk and morals, illegal drug consumption and lawbreaking.  The latest delusional storyline is, blacks are scared of whites which is patently false.  The opposite is true.  Many whites are terrified of blacks due to the raging lawlessness that has overwhelmed black communities to the point, people are scared to even drive through them and this has been true for years.

First, before we address the hidden story about Trayvon’s drug abuse and how this probably made him much more violent and reckless, we should look at the editorial assault on our collective right to fight off drug addicts:  The NYT continues its assault on basic civil rights with these editorial stories:  Self-Defense Was Key in Zimmerman Trial and this bizarre editorial, Trayvon Martin’s Legacy, the acquittal of George Zimmerman should be a call to reform laws that make it easier to kill.


And the Washington Post joins in the fight to eliminate the right to defend oneself when attacked by a punk with this horrible and full of lies editorial:  For black Americans, justice is served with an asterisk: The Zimmerman trial verdict revives feelings of fear of being a black man in America, scared for your life. and yet another editorial attacking the right to defend oneself when attacked:  Wonkbook: Blame law, not the system.


But the team defending Mr. Zimmerman is also on the legal attack, going after the news media which created this hysteria in the first place, suing everyone who lied about the facts of the matter and who insidiously worked to twist the truth so the aggressor was painted as some sort of child who was minding his own business rather than a drug-addled, violent teen suspended from school for robbery charges who attacked a citizen who was well within the law, stepping outside his car to look around his own neighborhood.


The key element in this storyline about Zimmerman is, ‘He was on patrol’ when he wasn’t.  He was going home from the store when he noticed this teen acting oddly who was a stranger to this gated community.  So he was curious.  Now, there is no law in the US so far, I hope, that forbids homeowners to look into strangers who are wandering around their homes.  He had a legal right to check up on this guy who looked menacing from BEHIND.


The racial profiling garbage is for cops.  That is, they do not have the right to racially profile.  But citizens can be ‘biased’ in this way because they have the right to be suspicious of anyone they choose.  The second half of the event was Martin jumping on and physically assaulting the homeowner who was not menacing him.  Again, the homeowner wasn’t a cop so can’t be charged with being a civil rights violator but Trayvon WAS a violator of Zimmerman’s civil rights.  The teen attacked because he felt like he was king of the streets and had the right to do anything he wanted including terrorizing anyone spotting him.  This need to prevent WITNESSES from seeing what he was up to is part and parcel of criminal mind thinking.


From the start, the autopsy of the teen showed drug use.  But the real drug is tied into the things this kid bought that night:  Trayvon’s Skittles, Arizona Iced Tea and something called ‘Purple Drank’ – Wilmington Conservative | Examiner.com


Media speculation as well as internet buzz are openly querying if Trayvon Martin’s purchase of Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Cocktail Juice on the night he died were just to satisfy a young man’s sweet tooth or were they two of the three ingredients in a dangerous codeine-based concoction, as reported by the pop culture news portal RashManly.com on July 12, 2013.


Martin has been portrayed by his supporters as an innocent youth armed with nothing more than a bag of Skittles candy and a can of Arizona Iced Tea on the night he was killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman.


During the course of the trial, State Prosecutor John Guy made it official when he identified to the jury Martin’s personal possessions found on his body by police, to include an “unopened bag of Skittles” as well as a “full can of watermelon-flavored drink,” as reported by Central Florida News 13 on June 25, 2013.


A huge disservice was pulled on the public when the prosecutors and state carefully concealed the truth about the drug abuse by Martin.  I didn’t even know anything about this ‘Purple Drank’ until one of the commenters on my blog alerted me to this issue.  Constantly, the people handing out information about this trial concealed the truth by mentioning ‘tea’ rather than the true name of the drink bought by Martin that night.  The watermelon drink is known by law enforcement as a key ingredient in the street drug concoction which causes psychosis and violent behavior when drinkers are high or are edgy because they are anxious to get high.


Update #26 Part 2 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – A year of drug use culminates in predictable violence… | The Last Refuge


Tommy says:
May 24, 2012 at 9:25 am
If you’re wondering what kind of culture these kids are chasing by drinking/sippin’ “sizzurp”, purple drank, or “that lean” then check out this music vid:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsANbNz0W_c


I grew up in Houston (where this trend began) and it was a commonly accepted “thang” in my old neighbrhood. In fact, it was so common that on Friday night (our local rap station 97.9) played “Screwed” music. Screwed music is any rap song that is remixed to play in slow motion to match the accompanying slow high that is caused by drinking the cough syrup/ juice mix. This musical trend was started by the aptly named DJ Screw (Swisha House Records http://www.theswishahouse.com/ ). To further illustrate what I mean, here’s an example of a Screwed Up/ Chopped up “song”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQcwXFJv9y0
I can tell you from experience that dealing with someone who’s partaken off this drug/juice combo makes for a highly volatile situation. It’s very unlikely that someone would drink “purple drank” without doing other drugs in tandem, e.g. Marijuana, any variety of pills, and eventually cocaine to offset the effects of the codeine/ promethazine

I haven’t been involved with dealing with drug addicts for many years so I was totally unaware of this new ‘drink’.  The songs linked to this site examining Martin’s drug abuse are disgusting rap ‘songs’ which are menacing, full of obscenities and were the favorite songs of Martin in his last year of life.  The angelic child had vanished in a haze of drug abuse and the autopsy showed he was accumulating brain and liver damage from drinking Purple Drank.  His life was going to end due to this if he didn’t stop.


Also, police know that drinkers of this noxious poison get the key ingredient, codeine, from breaking and entering homes of mainly the elderly.  I had the codeine cough syrup last winter when I got pneumonia, for example.  We don’t know how many homes Martin invaded to steal medicines.  I know from my own youth that kids would mainly steal from their own grandmas when they wanted drugs like this.  So I am assuming this was the main source for Martin.


We don’t know.  All I know is, this vital clue was aggressively suppressed by the State in order to frame Zimmerman and to hide the volatile, dangerous condition of the slowly going insane teen who assaulted him.  And you can bet, we all have a civil right to use even deadly force to protect ourselves from crazed drug addicts!  Nothing in the law needs to be changed in this regard!  Drug addicts do not have a civil right to terrorize communities and run riot, attacking people.  And we have a civil right to check into strange behaving addicts who roam our streets!

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21 responses to “High On Purple Trank, Cheap Codeine/Arizona Watermelon Tea & Skittles Leads To Psychos

  1. WOW..I read both parts of that link…that cough syrup in high doses are up there with the most powerful drugs like MDA and Ketone.Scary.
    HIs liver was already showing signs of damage from it.
    Geee and its all legal drugs but pot is not.
    If he was just smoking pot he would not be dead now.

  2. lucky13

    The news you offer [proof that he was into PD] is news to me. Previously it was a rumor, why did he want Skittles and Ice Tea?
    Yr first paragraph says a lot. Whites fear Blacks and rightfully so. The lamestream offers the fiction the YT hates blacks.

    San Francisco media has taken up the cause of Black-on-White and Black-on-Asian crime.

    “Dirty secret of black-on-Asian violence is out”

    “No one speaks up for woman who was kicked in the face”

    Asians now run the SF Bay Area, including the press. They’ll even include reports of blacks attacking whites if it’ll help draw attention to black-on-Asian crime.

  3. CK

    But he looks so angelic in that 8 year old photo the demonstrators are holding. Before the grills before the dope before the b&e’s …

  4. Elaine, I know you to be pretty much level headed; but I conclude that in this case you are not being objective.

    For example, you relate “to hide the volatile, dangerous condition of the slowly going insane teen who assaulted him. And you can bet, we all have a civil right to use even deadly force to protect ourselves from crazed drug addicts”,

    Like how do you know he was volatile, and how do you know he was going insane, and how do you know the kid assaulted Zimmerman.

    Good grief, your language in this article, reflects a terrific bias for Zimmerman and a bias against the kid.

    ELAINE: You obviously didn’t read much here. I said repeatedly that I tangled with MANY druggies in NYC and NJ over the years. The instability, wild behavior, IMPERVIOUS TO PAIN guys are extremely dangerous. So it is relevant to see that Martin, far from being a normal child, was a fairly large teen who got high on dangerous drugs that make people violent.

  5. Christian W

    “Good grief, your language in this article, reflects a terrific bias for Zimmerman and a bias against the kid.”

    I agree. You could just as easily judge Zimmerman as a vigilante racist cop wannabe or something along those lines if you wanted to and make a case for that.

    For me Zimmerman took the law in his own hands went looking for trouble and found it. That is not saying TM did nothing wrong, he obviously also went looking for trouble, and found it.

    For me it is wrong to make a specific and general argument out of this one case. Racism is institutionalized in the US system, in the legal system, politically and consequently socially, that much is obvious and that is the root problem.

    ELAINE: The point here is, the drug use of this kid was HIDDEN FROM VIEW so he could be played up as some innocent child and not a drug abuser. The hiding of the name of the drink while calling it ‘tea’ is part of the problem. It was dishonest.

  6. Elaine, your write, many whites are terrified of blacks due to the raging lawlessness that has overwhelmed black communities to the point, people are scared to even drive through them and this has been true for years.

    Yes, that’s true, and I am even more terrified of the George Zimmerman types here where I live in downtown Bellingham. We have Blockwatch meetings where a Detective comes and talks with us about crime reduction; and I finally gave up attending because of one the continual participants has a total preeminent attitude, he, like George Zimmerman, sees himself as the neighborhood guardian angel, one that we should all look up to; yet he himself is involved in provocative behavior and mischievous behavior as well.

    The collective right to fight off drug addicts should for George Zimmerman ended when the 911 operator told him not to pursue the man. And collective right to fight off drug addicts certainly does not mean that one should have a gun, baton, club or knife and approach people from behind, and engage them in a conflict.

    As the story developed, I clearly remember that George Zimmerman was out looking for a confrontation, got one, and then blew the kid away; it’s just that clear cut. The decision by the jury was a great injustice.

    I’ve learned that when I go out at night, or anytime, to be on watch for white guys, who wear hats of any type, especially base ball caps, wear white clothing, and are loud, like communicating with me when I am just minding my own business. I’ve learned to turn away and avoid white psychopaths.

    ELAINE: The trial determined that Martin was not ‘minding his own business’ but had doubled back to attack Zimmerman. You leave this critical part out as did much of our TV news and online bloviators. How on earth can you leave out the part, ‘He confronted Zimmerman suddenly and struck him in the face’?

  7. emsnews

    Half of the killers are white men. Half are black men, mainly. The problem here is, blacks are 13% of the population with 50% of the murderers.

    If you are scared of vigilantes, urge the black community to stop this ongoing, multi-generational crime spree. If you doubt me on this, I can take you to my old stomping grounds and I will be most pleased to see you wander around at night.

  8. charlottemom

    Tis true..I do not think you are willing to scrutinize zimmerman’s history, motivations to the same degree as martin’s. You are sticking to Zimmerman’s account narrative which I just don’t buy!
    Zimmerman had brushes with the law
    Zimmerman had a restraining order against him by ex fiance
    Zimmerman had been fired from job because he used excesive force
    Zimmerman, one could argue was a one man unsanctioned patroller

    Martin could have been heading down the wrong path aka gangsta dug culture but zimmerman was well on his way as a fed up, overly violent disaffected white guy. Maybe his behavior can be blamed on violent video games. Both types are products of a sick society.


    ELAINE: Correct. Two asses met in the dark and did stupid things. But it was still ‘justified resistance’ to shoot someone who is hitting you hard while you are lying on the ground. Needless to say, if anyone decked me, I would be equally violent in return, that is, they must stop or die.

    You see, Martin didn’t want to stop. Many people who fight go ‘all the way’. And the end result is someone can and does die. Happens every day.

    In this case, for once, it wasn’t a black wanna be gangsta killing another one so the professional media mouths drooled over a chance to go after someone who isn’t the typical thug but rather, a ‘vigilante’ thug.

    By the way, I am a thug, myself. And my survival in this world depended often on being a thug. This is why the guys at Patterson State Prison in NJ liked me when I would pick them out for parole work.

  9. Majito Querido

    Charlotte mon, GZ is not white…he like the president has only one parent that was white…the other is a non-white…get it together sister

  10. Majito Querido

    and if you think blacks are well received in the latin community, you’re totally ignorant of racial sensibilities..go to any latin american country in the continent (not the islands) and try to find how many blacks are among the population…hardly any…why? blacks live in their areas and do not wonder away from them…think is by accident? think here in the us is any different?

    again totally clueless…

  11. charlottemom

    Hey majito
    I am a white latina just as gz is a white latino!!
    Elaine..I am also appalled that the media has manipulated this case.

    ELAINE: I have more than one ‘white’ Latina email me and I am VERY concerned about everyone’s safety. Note that the Jewish stuff is totally elided by the press who concentrate on the ‘white’ (sic) or Hispanic parts to misdirect the rioters. Heaven forfend they talk about Jews being racist! Then the rioters would attack Jews. So 50% of Zimmerman’s background has been concealed nearly entirely in the mainstream media.

    Think about that for one minute!

  12. I don’t understand a post like this, one that is full of fear and loathing of the “other”. The evidence from the cell phone records shows that Zimmerman was stalking the kid for quite some time. In this article we hear no sympathy for the fear Trayvon must have been feeling that night, as he was being relentlessly followed my a man much bigger than him.

    Trayvon had no weapon; but Zimmerman did. Trayvon was not committing any crime against others. Trayvon was not seen casing any property, and Zimmerman was clearly driven by his prejudice. Trayvon was only interested in getting away from someone who was pursuing him.

    It is sad the way this case is summed up, in some people’s minds, by what the kid was drinking. Not what he was doing or not doing. Mostly it is the faultline of hate and prejudice that has been revealed by this trial. We still have a long may to go before we are reconciled as a society, or before some can comprehend why our despairing youth want to drink themselves into a stupor, a phenomenon not confined to one race of kids. Poor white kids go down that road too,–only they are not as likely to get shot–by some self-appointed cop as they stumble down the street on their way home.

  13. emsnews

    None of this addresses the problems I am revealing. The media hid important information about Martin so he could appeal to others as some sort of ‘iconic victim’. Yes, white kids are killed by enraged homeowners ALL THE TIME only you don’t hear about this.

    I witnessed this in the past when I was a teen in Arizona, for example. The real problem is, this stupid case isn’t ‘iconic’ at all, it is an ugly mess whereby a troubled homeowner who carried a gun got entangled with a troubled teen who was abusing drugs and thrown out of school and couldn’t live with any of his mothers.

    Both were disasters waiting to happen. And the only way Martin is ‘iconic’ is that he is exactly a troubled teen heading towards either prison or an early death due to his participation in the gangsta culture and Zimmerman was a wanna be cop heading towards confrontations.

    Making both into something different is what this story is all about: we are supposed to be outraged because finally, a teen was supposed to be a ‘victim’.

    Note all the white teens doing mass murder of say, little school children. Black teens, as I have pointed out in the past, mainly kill each other. Both types of teen are sad cases and both types are sociopaths.

  14. IAmSpartacus

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m G.D. sick and tired of this PC culture that won’t allow anyone to call a black thug a thug because he’s BLACK; if GZ were a black man who shot a white thug, we wouldn’t even be talking about this!

  15. OK Elaine,

    For your comment I give you great credit, but not for the essay.

    “The real problem is, this stupid case isn’t ‘iconic’ at all, it is an ugly mess whereby a troubled homeowner who carried a gun got entangled with a troubled teen who was abusing drugs and thrown out of school and couldn’t live with any of his mothers.”

    “Both were disasters waiting to happen. And the only way Martin is ‘iconic’ is that he is exactly a troubled teen heading towards either prison or an early death due to his participation in the gangsta culture and Zimmerman was a wanna be cop heading towards confrontations.”

    At least here you have identified the home truth. And if you had used that as your thesis, as the grounding of your effort, you would have written a much better piece.

    Vigilantes are not to be exculpated from manslaughter at least, because their victims looked suspicious to them, from BEHIND. To deny that the troubled Zimmerman is responsible for taking a life that night, in a truly pointless killing, is to pervert justice. And that is what has happened here.

    And for whatever here that is truly “iconic” , it must be that in letting Zimmerman off scot free, the Florida jury demonstated to black people, yet again, that there are two standards of justice in this country.

    Your essay’s last paragraph is especially a wild roundhouse punch of inflammatory language, and wrong, so fundamentally wrong, in the way it twists and obscures what happened that night, and why Trayvon ended up dead.

  16. emsnews

    Oh boy, you will love my next story about a BLACK vigilante who murdered a WHITE boy of 17 and then didn’t go to prison for murder at all exactly like Zimmerman.

  17. Seraphim

    What one can surely observe is the flight from reality that many commentators display. I did observe the case from far, very far away and I have only an indirect involvement in specifically American problems (and emotionally even less). But Elaine is 100% right. It is a matter of justice, pure and simple. As it is described in the statutes of law.

  18. JimmyJ

    The Youtube link for the screw music “Drank Up In My Cup (Screwed And Chopped” has this advertising comment:

    “Buy Actavis promethazine with codeine purple cough syrup,Kush (OG KUSH, RCs Hydros Yellows,Hydros Blues ,30mg IR? ritalin,30mg IR adderall,Percocet? 5mg-round white,Percs? 10mg,Morphine,Dilaudid, Xannies (White and? yellow Bars),Roxi 30?…and online sales contact info too…


  19. lucky13

    EMS, you mentioned the Media, but even the POTUS and Shillary wont shut up over this case. And the picture in the protest you use is one where Tray is made to look WHITER. Seriously.

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  21. Great article here Elaine.

    You’re absolutely right about Trayvon. The people who are disagreeing with you are people who never took the time to look into the real facts of the case enough to dispel all the myths the media fed them. The media got them to start so far down the “Trayvon is an angel, Zimmerman is a devil” path that the amount of exposure to facts required to get them all the way to reality (which was quite far from that starting point) was more than most people had the time or inclination to absorb.

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