Blood On Media’s Hands: Media Barely Mentions People Being Attacked By Trayvon Gangs

As I feared, fueled by hysteria and hate speech on TV where everyone jumped on the bandwagon to attack Zimmerman while deliberately hiding a nearly identical case where a black man got the same not guilty verdict for a same killing of a white boy, we see innocent people being brutally attacked by raging gangs of vicious blacks out for revenge.  This is all the fault of the top of society gleefully egging these wild, arrogant youth into action:  Zimmerman verdict protests turn violent in south Los Angeles:

Newspapers report that a waiter guarding windows at a restaurant was hit in the face with a hammer late Monday night, and protesters threw fireworks at police in riot gear. Police deployed flash-bang grenades.


This is a front page story in the noxious Washington Post.  Right next door is Maryland and last night, a gang of black thugs 16 to 18 years old, the same ‘children’ our media and politicians and civil rights ‘leaders’ (sic) have been whining about all year long, did this:  Witness claims youths yelled ‘this is for Trayvon’ in beating –


In a post that drew nearly 50 comments on Facebook, real estate agent Christina Dudley said she was walking to her car just before 9 p.m. when she saw several young black males and two black females chasing a 37-year-old Hispanic man west on North Linwood Avenue past East Fairmont Avenue.


“One of the boys had a handgun out and it was pointed at the back of him,” Dudley said in an interview.


They caught up to the man at the corner of Fairmount and N. Streeper Street, and the male with the gun beat the victim with what appeared to be his gun while others kicked and stomped him, Dudley said.


“They were just yelling and calling him names as they ran after him, but once they were hitting him and after that they started yelling, “This is for Trayvon, [expletive],” said Dudley, who heard the chant repeated multiple times.


Dudley and a woman walking her dog across the street told the group to stop and warned that they were calling 911. The group scattered before police arrived. Police have no arrests or named suspects.


How on earth could the WP not know this information?  Are they sending a reporter the short hop across the Potomac River to interview the victim?  The victim didn’t have a vehicle, he was a Hispanic male with no gun who was assaulted in an obvious racist attack and the attackers used a gun in the assault and while all the Trayvon supporters whined about how Zimmerman supposedly ‘chased him down’ which was untrue, in this case, these gangsta teens were seen literally chasing down an innocent man minding his own business to mercilessly beat him.


He would have died if the brave lady walking her dog didn’t yell, ‘I’m calling 911.’  True, these thugs didn’t shoot the poor man, too.  But remember: you can beat a person to death and this is the whole reason why Zimmerman pulled the trigger.  I see all over the web, lies about teens beating people with fists.  And blacks who I talked with yesterday all said the same thing, Zimmerman should have lay there and let this deranged teen mercilessly beat him because…we are supposed to not use strong force to stop these merciless beatings.


This idiotic idea that people who are being attacked by black teens should ‘take a beating’ is racist.  It assumes people are killed when being attacked by  raging teens.  Martin, for example, was a violent teen.  His violent past couldn’t be brought up by the prosecutor but we all saw the videos he and his gangsta friends made of fights he initiated.  He trained in MMA fighting so he could ‘beat down’ people better.  This also is nearly never mentioned by the media and fake civil rights bloviators while they all focus on Zimmerman’s past violence which also was not allowed in court, either.


This selective discussion of violence and racism hit a peak when the girlfriend of Trayvon openly admitted they had a racist discussion about harming this ‘cracker’.


Civil Rights case against Zimmerman unlikely and then there is Robinson’s silly editorial, Why are black boys expendable?  A question all black parents should ask themselves seeing how far too many are raising their children with big chips on their shoulders and encouraging them to be thugs.  If this latest eruption of racist black attacks on whites, Asians and Hispanics worsens, even more people will be reluctant to be anywhere near black teens and certainly won’t hire them for anything.  Rendering them impossible to make a living doing regular work and sending even more black teens into a life of crime.


23 Twitter Users Who Say They Will Shoot Mexicans Because of Zimmerman Verdict | SOOPERMEXICAN is a Hispanic website which has begun tracking Twitter discussions between black gangs who want a race war.  The constant refrain, ‘I’m bout to go shoot a Mexican kid’ is common:

Black teens twitter about murdering Mexican people Trayvon


A shocking number of racist black youth love to call themselves ‘Nigga’ including Trayvon himself.  This is never discussed by the civil rights fake leaders and the race war media.  We are all supposed to not use that word at all but blacks can use it with impunity which is completely wrong.  They, themselves, obviously are quite fond of using that word.


Note also, like the gang in Maryland which had two violent teen girls, some of the people posting on Twitter racist death threats against Mexicans are girls.  The black culture has evolved so heavily in the direction of ‘we are the hood and we are nasty’ that black girl gangs are often in the news due to their violent behavior.


The obnoxious Huffington Post threw a containership load of gasoline on this racist fire for the last half year and I note today, there isn’t even ONE front page story about the black racist attacks and threats against Mexicans and Hispanics in general.  The mainstream media goons all pretended Zimmerman was an evil white cracker but it is obvious to anyone with a brain, black teens know exactly who he was: Hispanic.  They make no bones about this.  Only the leaders pretend he was seen as ‘white’.  The black kids know exactly which minority population to hunt down and attack with the media whites all turning their heads and pretending nothing is happening.


This is early on in the process of blacks working themselves up into a roaring racist rage.  Eventually as the bodies pile up in morgues and everyone runs away from all black teens and thinks of them as people to avoid forever, the media might run some more stories.  But if these racist teens stick to hammering Hispanics, even then, I bet the media won’t notice.  Koreans who were beaten and looted in the past by raging black racist gangs complain to this day about how the media totally hid their agony from the public.


This censorship of the news is just fine with the media who know exactly that all this simply isolates black teens and turns them into out of control animals because this same media supports putting these dangerous teens into prison for life once they turn 18.  Watch this video about Scared Straight teens visiting a prison:  Oakland County, MI Full Episode – Beyond Scared Straight – A&E.  It is obvious who is behind bars: mostly angry black males.  Ditto with women’s prisons.


The shocking thing here when the teens visit the prison is how many black teens are there all of them due to violent behavior.  All of them were sent to juvenile prison because they were 14-18 years old but then are transferred to the adult prison.  These violent and dangerous out of control teens are preyed upon by the older prisoners who are bigger and stronger and will kill rather than lay down and let some punk pummel them.


Our prisons are also out of control due to all this.  Telling black teens it is OK to be violent is simply setting them up to end up in these prisons.  It is a huge disservice.  And allowing them to talk racist, act racist and harbor racist sentiments means white and Hispanic teens will do the same. After all, the Nazi gangs for whites started in the prison system, too.  No ethnic group including Zionist Jews, should be allowed to act racist.  I am totally against this and it breaks my heart to see this racism and it irritates me to be called a racist whenever I dare discuss Zionism as racism and black racism as a bad thing.


NO ONE has the right to be a racist if they were oppressed in the past.  That is simply them becoming the monsters who tormented them in the past which is why Jews are turning themselves into Nazis and blacks are turning themselves into Jim Crow racists.  Something has to stop here and it is at the top, not the bottom.

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39 responses to “Blood On Media’s Hands: Media Barely Mentions People Being Attacked By Trayvon Gangs

  1. melponeme_k

    I won’t even go near the Martin stories. The rage is so out of control it is sickening.

    What the media is doing is following the marching orders of the elites.

    They want, THEY NEED, Martial law. Especially since Snowden is tolling their death bells. Martial Law, suspension of our rights. The last domino.

    We are all playing into their hands.
    ELAINE: I suspect you are right. Seriously, they are glorifying this common thug. This kid was definitely going towards a life in prison, he was doing all the wrong things. Instead of guiding him towards sane, civilized behavior, his mother sent him far away so no one knew him or his tendency towards drugs and crime.

  2. vengeur

    I think Obama has made a grave mistake here by not energetically speaking out for unity and forgiveness and peace And by not admonishing the media bomb throwers. He called for calm, which is not the same thing. His usual aloof platitudes make him appear quite impotent and shallow. No, he’s just too deeply invested in this to actually be the LEADER that is so desperately needed. All of this just confirms what many of us already knew: race relations are getting worse.

  3. Remember “rainbows” are an illusion.

  4. DeVaul

    Yes, gangs of black youth will now march out and look for vengence. They will do this because a jury in Florida said it is ok to pursue people and kill them if you think they are up to no good. No badge required.

    Groups that feel persecuted will always band together and arm themselves as a response to the way society treats them (Black Panthers, anyone?), or they will engage in some other form of antisocial behavior to survive.

    Young gangs of white youth (and old men) used to do the same thing to blacks and hippies back in the seventies. Many were not tried for their crimes until they were in their seventies or eighties. Should we all be alarmed by the rise of the KKK culture in the south and demand that martial law be instituted to deal with it? Well, it didn’t happen.

    I doubt martial law will be imposed because of black gangs, or the many mafias, or the mob, or the Chechens, or the Sovereign Citizen movement, or any other minority group that causes trouble.

    Now… striking workers? Call out the militia!

    ELAINE: It is already obvious that this is going to be a race war between black gangs and Hispanics who are very heavily armed and not shy about shooting people. Think! Why is our media persisting in pushing the storyline making it look not like a black kid assaulted a Hispanic guy who shot only after being knocked to the ground and menaced!

    Instead, the ‘sweet little CHILD’ storyline persists despite people like myself showing clearly this was one rather violent, troubled kid who should have been grounded after being thrown out of school. Not left to run around the neighborhood collecting the ingredients for a noxious drug compound.

  5. vengeur

    “They will do this because a jury in Florida said it is ok to pursue people and kill them if you think they are up to no good.” ????????????

  6. I can see, Elaine, that you are keeping up your defense of Zimmerman despite your claim in previous comments of seeing this as a tragedy where both men contributed something to the outcome. You have flown to a rhetoric now which I find abominable. You are pouring oil on a fire while claiming to be horrified by the violence.

    Zimmerman could have avoided taking a life, if he had heeded the warning of a real police person to stay back, and not apprloach the young man. No, he was too wound up with a sense of his own entitlement, and an ego bursting at the seams. He could not stop himself.

    Do you think we are so ignorant that we don’t know that violence is unjustly visited on blacks every day in this country. I’m not talking about the greater ills they suffered long ago, but what they suffer now. Take a look at Mayor Bloomberg’s little despotism in New York City, and the “Stop and Frisk” that starts traumatizing black kids at a tender age, and kills a few from time to time. I have admired some of your writing; but when you get off on this subject, you simply lose your mind.

    A middle-aged white woman recently attacked and phyically hurt, and badly hurt Lester Chambers, of the Chambers’ Brothers, at a concert where he was making a comeback tour, simply because he dedicated a song to Trayvon. I am sure you will be the first to write about whether you can admire the humanity of that.

    Don’t think the meaning of this trial is not lost on most people in this country, especially since it’s happened in Florida, a state where life is held cheap, and the permissiveness to pull a trigger is socially rated at an all-time high. The fact still stands that Zimmerman was the pursuer, and that he was a troubled man who bashed his wife. You, Elaine, go on and on about women’s rights, but I guess your pricipled stand is overwhelmed by your racial animus, which is about as clear as anything can be in your present writing.

    Trayvon was not armed, unlike Zimmerman, who was. Trayvon was not looking for trouble, unlike Zimmerman, who was. Trayvon was killed; and when he can not speak for himself and he cannot defend himself from the likes of you; it just surprises me, as you unabashedly try to make Trayvon out to be a brute, when clearly it was Zimmerman who was the aggressor, the pursuer, the armed man in Florida, where shooting people dead is encouraged, and the jury sets the killer free, without so much as a verdict of manslaughter, or a slap on the wrist.

    ELAINE: Sooo…you didn’t read my story about the BLACK man who shot a WHITE 17 year old boy the SAME way?

    And he, too, didn’t serve any time at all. It was justified homicide even though the boy didn’t knock the black vigilante down and bloody him?


    I am tracing how this story in Florida has precedent and it makes the entire fantasy about this being a race issue moot. It is NOT a race issue. It is a LAW AND ORDER issue. If the black kid didn’t attack he wouldn’t have been shot. If you attack me, for example, you can bet I would shoot you. After warning you to not attack.

    There is no other end to this. Either punks stop jumping people and we can all be civilized or we can fight like fiends and note gangs are now assaulting INNOCENT BYSTANDERS for no reason at all except race and the people doing this are black gangs.

  7. vengeur

    I played a little baseball in the City of Detroit in the early 70’s. I lived about a half mile outside the city limits (which believe it or not was once upon a time farmland). In the summer I chose to play in the city because that’s where the best players were. Anyway being white form the white suburbs I can’t tell you my initial shock which quickly gave way to amusement at the black players (17 yr olds) sometimes addressing each other as ‘nigger”. At that time I think it was kind of like good natured banter, adolescent insult between friends , kind of an inside joke. I don’t know if it has a different connotation these days. But it was rather amusing to hear what we had been taught was the ultimate insult to blacks ( along with “boy”), being tossed around like that.


    ELAINE: Exactly what is wrong with this: forbidding everyone from using that word while glorying in it themselves, they bring it all back to the surface. It is designed to make them all look ‘tough’ and ‘mean’ and ‘scary’. I never knew any elderly black person in my youth calling themselves that.

  8. Ed Hoarse

    race baiting to incite the black on brown proles against one another while attention is being drawn away from the elite and their minions abuse of power. 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th Amendments conveniently go up in flames.

  9. Elaine with all due respect, this qualifies as your most preposterous outburst to date. You’ve consistently gotten the sequence of events in this saga completely backwards. Recall, Trayvon was breaking no law when he was assailed by an armed lunatic. Deputy Dawg took it upon himself to confront Trayvon against the explicit instructions of authorities and took a young man’s life. Trayvon died standing his ground against a complete stranger who popped up from nowhere and attacked him. There’s no real question as to who the aggressor was here. Zimmerman initiated this confrontation.


    ELAINE: Excuse me! Ahem. You are trained by the media blow horn to repeat this lie over and over. Trayvon JUMPED Zimmerman and KNOCKED HIM DOWN. Got that. It was not the other way around. Then he HIT Zimmerman which is ASSAULT. Not the other way around.

    The trial was clear, Zimmerman never got a shot in on Trayvon. Except with the gun when Trayvon was on top. Ergo: the opening crime was the Trayvon assault. Turning this on its head is a sign of desperation of people who want us to feel sorry for punk behavior.

  10. vengeur

    This is really getting absurd. Now ” an armed lunatic popped up from nowhere ” and attacked Trayvon.

  11. emsnews

    Yes, they are desperate to turn this story on its head to justify racist fury aimed at ‘white Hispanics’ as the US media likes to call the guy who was assaulted.

    And I note at Google News today not ONE story of Hispanics being attacked by black gangs yelling about Trayvon and revenge. Think about this!

    I am not Hispanic but this would make me very worried if I were. This is getting scary and it is definitely racism if it is happening to Hispanics.

  12. lucky13

    Also, judged by GZ injuries, he may have attempted a ‘fair fight’ until TM attempted to kill GM by grabbing his gun. GZ did not just ‘shoot first and think later, he fought first, shot later’.

  13. emsnews

    The make believe story peddled by the press conflicts with actual testimony in the trial and this has drowned out the facts as things go into conflict but this is the fault of the media.

    All I can say is, the media wants a race war. The last thing we need is a race war. People are NOT calming down, they are beginning to go crazy due to false information starting with the lies about the age and appearance of Trayvon, trying to make him look like his pre-drug addled self, not the 17 year old kid kicked out of school.

    We can’t have sane conversations based on false information. And any MURKY parts or just typical of any case, ever. If it isn’t filmed as it happens, it is murky. But it is the certainty of so many who didn’t witness the event that is troubling.

    They want revenge. And they want is no matter how not guilty the victim is, they want a literal witch hunt. And the people who should fear witch hunts the most are liberals and blacks.

    So why on earth are they pushing so hard for this???? It saddens me no end.

  14. dave

    Excellent commentary again Elaine, thank you for being one of the few sane voices in a crowd of bleating sheep. Open your eyes you fools, especially you Copeland, Obama and his racist minions actions are right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, a diversionary tactic to divide and conquer the recent explosion of expose’s of a totally corrupted government and economy.

  15. emsnews

    No, this is all about race wars that are very old stuff.

    Obama has been attacked and disrespected by Republicans because he is ‘black’. Racism is quite real.

    Racism has an ugly history and we continue to be racist, left, right and center due to this being the bellweather of our society.

    Thanks to slavery for example.

    We can’t grow beyond this due to our need to cling to racism because it makes people feel powerful, left, right and center and all races do this because it feels good like heroin.

    Anyone daring to cross the lines and talk about how we should overcome this is attacked with great vigor.

    I lived in the black community for many years. I know its problems and I was alarmed about the rise of ‘rap’…it first appeared in places like NYC quite suddenly, in all its obscene, violent form. I feared the ‘thug’ culture, the ‘gangsta drug’ scene and watched it destroy communities from the front row seats of the streets and hospitals of Brooklyn, NY.

    This stupid hysteria over a Hispanic shooting a black teen who was a troublemaker is typical for all sorts of communities and the ONLY reason the left is making this big is because one guy wanted to play cop and not robber. The kid playing ‘thug’ died. But he was heading to the grave anyway with the black and black thug death rate being astronomical these days.

  16. vengeur

    I really can’t remember a case where so many people have become so obstinately impervious to the assembled evidence of a case . It’s not like this thing happened between two people in the middle of a swamp. I mean, the inability to look logically at the confluence of circumstances that led to this tragedy. And the constant repetition of a preposterous parallel narrative totally opposed to the way things LOGICALLY went down. This is getting scary.

  17. emsnews

    Yes, it is very scary.

    The latest scam is to pretend there were no witnesses. Except there were witnesses. The second scam is then, all the witnesses were racists, too.

    Oh, and Zimmerman is a white and not a mixed Hispanic person. I was stunned when I saw his first picture in the news. I said, ‘He looks Hispanic!’ Which is not unusual in Florida which has a large population of that type.

  18. The story of the New York killing I read, but the cases are not quite in sync, not quite the same, other than the two boys in question were unjustly killed. But the main difference I pick out with respect to Trayvon and Zimmerman, is that in this case there was no alleged crime or alleged scene of a crime. There was just a young man walking down the street, and a person (only a cop in his own mind) who was stalking the kid.

    This is a pitiful killing, pointless; and I am not impressed with the defense, the unreserved defense of Zimmerman, with whom you seem to personally identify. This is not about law and order; it is about who is permitted to kill whom in Florida, with perfect impunity. It is about race and perceptions of class, as well as about those stereotypes you throw about so freely, about big scary wild drug-crazed rioting blacks, which you go to great lengths to describe, as if this has anything to do with poor dead Trayvon, who was just walking down the street.

  19. emsnews

    There WAS a crime: assault. The girlfriend on the phone even said in public TV last night, she and he thought Zimmerman was gay and therefore…he decided to double back and give a beating.

  20. lucky13

    EMS, you deserve a Webbie or Pulitzer or something for your writings on TM slaying.

  21. lucky13

    Elaine, are you aware of ‘Z-ing’? I read once of a German tourist who had a 4 year old child. They were ‘Z-ed’ and the child saw his dad run over.
    His head was crushed…[If I recall]. Z is or was in license plates of rental cars in Fla. Black hoodlums would look for those cars, to rob tourists.
    The case I refer to was in the 80s or 90s.

  22. emsnews

    And the cure for this sort of crime is…better jobs!!!

    America has seen literally several million low-education/high pay industrial jobs vanish!!!

    This is why I am against ‘free trade’. It is socially destroying us driving the lower working class to crime and destroying marriage due to lack of parental pay to support children and it is wrecking even the middle higher educated class!

    The cure is to stop the machine that is destroying jobs and driving everyone into sub-survival wages and high debt. The race issue is infinitely smaller than the economic disaster that is wrecking society.

    But…getting the proles all worked up about race is a great way for the Rulers to keep power and suppress EVERYONE violently when the inevitable riots happen.

  23. Seraphim

    It looks like confirmation of my presupposition that it is incitement to racial war, AGAINST HISPANICS (the new “niggas”?).
    What is scary, and not only for America, is that an entire irresponsible, crazed by drugs and incompetent generation would come to man the society’s levers. That would toll the collapse of any civilized society.

  24. Zimmerman was told to stop his pursuit of Trayvon, but he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t listen because his blood was up and he was agitated. He had gone armed. I don’t believe he intended to kill, which is why manslaughter at least is appropriate as a verdict. But you have branded Trayvon a thug already; and he’s the one you have convicted, and most unfairly I think. What is the charge?–defending himself while black?

    Most people heard the phone chatter. It’s clear that Trayvon was trying to get ahead of Zimmerman; and at one point he thought he had lost him. But his pursuer was relentless. Why the lopsided view of things? And why do you insist that Trayvon was doomed otherwise? How do you know? Many of us have been given the chance to change; and I know people who have overcome great obstacles to become better people.

    No, you think Trayvon was not going to make it, and his ruin was some kind of inevitability. You have absolutely avoided any thought Trayvon may have had about his own safety, whether he was scared or not. On the front page you are not dealing justly, and have effectively reduced him to the category of some kind of beast, not recognizably human.

    This was the destruction of a life, whose deadly origin was in Zimmerman’s mind, which was not premeditated, but obviously manic, and unreasoning.

  25. emsnews

    I don’t understand how your storyline is in line with what witnesses saw and what the trial determined.

    Making up stuff like the younger man was running away when even his girlfriend on the phone admitted he turned around and ran to find Zimmerman to beat him up ‘for being gay’!!!!

    Your belief system collapses in light of this news. Trayvon, it appears, was chasing Zimmerman not the reverse.

  26. What I believe is that both men bear some responsibility for what happened, which I have written more than once on these threads. I also believe that your front page stories contain lurid prose that incites racial divisions and it does no good, or it seems strange at least, that you write upthread “getting the proles all worked up about race is a great way for the Rulers to keep power and suppress EVERYONE violently when the inevitable riots happen.”

    I don’t think your front page pieces have helped; since you’ve done a pretty good job of working up the proles in that direction, all by yourself.

  27. emsnews

    You dislike the news? Don’t read it! Living in bubbles is life and death for many people.

    I, on the other hand, try to figure out things and have a passion for facts.

  28. Melponeme_k

    “…you’ve done a pretty good job of working up the proles in that direction, all by yourself.”

    You are not seeing reality on this blog nor in any news site.

    If you think proles on this page are raging racists, I feel sorry for you. No one commenting here is yelling for blood, black or hispanic. What people are saying is sections of the populace have fallen into a mindset that encourages criminality. This blinds them to the why they are forced into the underclass and crime…Free Trade, banking scandals etc.

    Instead of making an effort to look at the walls being built to isolate and suffocate them, the black community is exploding into race riots. If it gets bad enough…martial law for all.

    And no…it won’t take sea to sea riots for martial law to take hold. It could come in pieces, bit by bit, city by city. One day there is a curfew…and we will discover that even though the riots have ended the curfew NEVER ends.

  29. emsnews

    100% correct! You win tonight’s prize! 😦

    Sadly enough. Yes, we are not talking about the rampant spying or the war crimes or the economic hell being unleashed. They just DOUBLED student loan interest rates!!!!

    This is hammering our kids! Big time! It is slavery!!!! Big time!

    And here we are debating ‘who is a white’ so we can assign blame to some jerk who isn’t important at any realistic level.

    And yes, they want race wars. Imagine for one minute, blacks and Hispanics joining forces with unemployed white underclass men? These are our prison population! They are IN THE SAME BOAT.

    Getting them involved in this cage fight is a delight for the ruling elites.

  30. Iam Bone

    I’m not too sure when any of this was posted but I do like how this discussion was presented. I am a minority. I am a gang member. I have lived on the other side of racism. I believe many who commented on this are white if not many than all but you’re right. It is the media pressing unnecessary reports imprinting modern day oppression against minorities and causing these teens to act out. Because these kids are misguided by the system in homes, society, and entertainment. I blame entertainment entirely. We as a people allow our kids to listen to this hip hop music this pop music before we do so we totally ignore all the signs of anarchy and rebellion to any and all authority figures and parentals alike. See music influences the masses and placed very carefully in certain scenes in movies tv shows ads and photographs subliminally activates these hate senses until one day completely desensitized and we end up caging ourselves. As a product of “inner city” life I heard of the racist groups becoming groups to stop us but was outraged when I was supposed to abandon my love for all people because of the color of someones skin or the choices made by an individual without getting to understand why those choices were made. I come to realize that every group hates every other group for the same reason. In a dark room a black a white a latino an asian an indian etc can hate the same so what makes them think they cant love the same. Its because of what we are allowed to see read or hear depending on our social standings in the society that we created for ourselves.

  31. emsnews

    And ‘in a dark room…can hate the same…’ is a wonderful line. If I were still in politics, I would take you around to the politicians to have you be hired as a speech writer!


    The brave souls who took on patrolling their communities due to lack of police protection that was black like them was heartbreaking to see. The working poor would devote free time in the evenings walking patrol.

    And the outreach programs took time and money which was in short supply! And even if we did all this, the ‘I’m Bad’ entertainment which Jackson did, for example, overwhelmed our attempts to rein in teens and direct them towards constructive lives.

    And I began to really freak out when free trade came along and jobs began rapidly vanishing, first the jobs needed by kids growing up poor. Watching them all turn into drug dealers and gangs for survival is very upsetting.

  32. Dana & Jason Hegna

    The following has already been posted on July 17th’s “Astronomers Begin to Agree…”, but I post here to acknowledge Copeland’s observations:

    I first ran across Elaine’s web-log when searching for info on an exploding comet over North America thousands of years ago.

    For years, I have so enjoyed reading Elaine’s commentary on astronomy, finance, politics, current events, personal life, earthquakes, weather, sophisticated advantage-takers, etc. Jason had said to me about a year ago, “What you have in common with Elaine, is that you’re both interested in everything.”

    But, from our perspective, racism has got to go. Racism is perhaps the single most divisive and destructive element to humanity’s well-being.

    Copeland’s comments show a profound perspective of the people and events on the night Trayvon was killed – and, especially his observation that young people who make grave mistakes can and do change as they mature and understand more about themselves and about life.

    Rigorous introspection is necessary to really examine and understand from where these old, incorrect ideas come from, how to uproot them and then replace them with more correct – and, more profound – perspectives. “The better is the enemy of the good,” and we need to be lifelong learners, beginning with ourselves and our own biases so that our personality has as little as possible effect on our ‘objective’ observations which form our perspectives, which form our knowledge, which is us.

    It may be natural to view those who are different from us as threats, but we are responsible for our intelligence which tells us there is no good that can come from racism. Our intelligence is capable of understanding how culture evolves – whether more correctly or less correctly aligned with reality – and the causes of caste societies, so that we can see more clearly how we as individuals are formed and affected, and to come to be able to avoid problems rather than having to correct them.

    Don’t like throwing out so much good along with the bad, and I do feel sad that I won’t be checking in on the Culture of Life any more, but any racist is wrong and we can’t support or bring attention to a racist in any way. A teenager was killed. That is the tragedy.

    Dana & Jason

  33. lucky13

    ‘Racial war, AGAINST HISPANICS’…Did any ‘Brown Power’ groups offer Zim help? Even 1?

  34. emsnews

    Alas, now that black gangs are openly hunting down and beating mercilessly various Hispanics who are minding their own business (while the media refuses to even cover this news) you can bet the Hispanic groups will end up arming themselves to have a full blown war with blacks in California, Maryland, Chicago, NYC, wherever.

    Good lord, this is insane. And I showed everyone clearly the downside of demonizing Mr. Zimmerman and turning Mr. Martin into some sort of helpless child which he certainly was not.

  35. Paul S

    “and we will discover that even though the riots have ended the curfew NEVER ends….” Yes indeed. This is more of the Shock Doctrine. As I have said before, the US elites have more information about what is going to be happening in the near future. Mainly because they are the root cause of much of the problems society endures. So the elites must spin it, control it. Getting, keeping and most importantly STAYING in power; that’s the elites top priority. And if this selfish action causes ‘collateral damage’ it is of no concern to the elites. It’s all about power, not being right or wrong. And of course, doing the right thing NEVER enters the elites collective thought process. So starting race wars is a good cover. It also keeps the angry masses from identifying the REAL perpetrators. This will work. For a time.

  36. emsnews

    As in Egypt!

    The ‘liberals’ there were pleased that the military murdered members of the party who won the election a year earlier and now are part of the junta.

    And draconian military rule resumes in Egypt!

    Mobs don’t work too hot. The idea that we could just mob this or that and ‘win’ is crazy and dangerous. Winning hearts and minds is the way to go but I detect people’s resistance to this concept.

    People much prefer echo chambers and ignore history or don’t understand power politics.

    The power here is the media and government making a mountain out of a molehill and maliciously driving everyone to anxiety and fury. While nothing that is going wrong is being fixed at all! No jobs for black teens who are now nearly unemployable while Hispanics are allowed to filter illegally into the country to take these jobs because they don’t have the attitude problems due to our previous history of racism.

    Just for example!

    And this looming race war will fix the excess illegal alien labor problem during a job reduction period while shoving the entire black population into prison or death due to clashes with the military and police. And THIS is what I tried to stop by being reasonable and failed.

  37. By “punk behavior” I presume you mean the wearing of a hoodie while black. Epically pathetic.

    Trayvon JUMPED Zimmerman and KNOCKED HIM DOWN -EMS

    This occurred after Deputy Dawg ignored the dispatcher’s instruction to let the police investigate Trayvon who, by the way, was not in the commission of a crime. Instead Deputy Dawg followed Trayvon who attempted to avoid the racial-profiling-armed-lunatic-complete-stranger by RUNNING AWAY.

    Got that?

    Deputy Dawg managed to find Trayvon who you may recall from the cell-phone recording asked his pursuer, “What you following me for?”.

    Got that?

    At this point the confrontation turned physical, a confrontation initiated by Deputy Dawg playing policeman, wherein Trayvon began handing the wannabe his ass back to him in small pieces. At THIS point Deputy Dog pulled his handgun, without which this jackass would never have left his vehicle, and pulled the trigger in genuine fear for his health and safety. Therein lies the weakness of the State’s case against Deputy Dawg. At issue was wether or not Asshole was in genuine fear for his life. Clearly he was having bitten off more than he could chew so the charge of manslaughter cannot be justified. The State is guilty of bringing a weak case to trial but there is no serious question as to who initiated this confrontation. Trayvon did not seek out Deputy Dawg, IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND!


    ELAINE: By ‘punk behavior’ I was referring to his own Facebook page where he called himself a ‘nigger’ who had attitude and he flashed his dope smoking, money he got illicitly, etc. He talked on Twitter about concocting drugs and beating on people. He had videos of himself doing this, too. Ergo: he was a punk.

    And he entered the gated community via over the fence and was trespassing in yards and wasn’t a resident so few knew who he was and then on top of all this, he tried a smack down. The ‘deputy dawg’ reference you used is being very heavily used at ‘liberal’ (sic) sites so I am assuming your assumptions that are based on liberals chatting not trial testimony has entirely enflamed your mind.

  38. lucky13

    EMS, I did not follow the trial BUT I thought TM was there legally, as a guest of his gangbanging father. Also you read the autopsy? TM had brain damage? [Him and his pal Ms Jeantel!].

  39. lucky13

    Also, I want to look at this objectively. TM was a burglar and if he was trespassing in the rain, at night, he was casing out houses to rob.

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