The Roderick Scott Not Guilty Vigilante Case When He Murdered A 17 Year Old WHITE Boy


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Take a good look at this dude here.  He is a killer.  He murdered a 17 year old boy, the guy in the picture below.  This murder happened in NY and barely made more than local news.  It happened only a very few years ago.  The case resembles the Zimmerman/Martin case pretty closely.  And even though this event happened a short hike from NYC and the major media, no one bothered to notice it.  It has a slender number of Google hits, it is so insignificant.

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So, here is the tale:  Jury Finds Roderick Scott Not Guilty – Rochester


Cervini’s family members say justice wasn’t served. They say Christopher was murdered in cold blood, that he’d never been in trouble and Scott acted as judge, jury and executioner.


“The message is that we can all go out and get guns and feel anybody that we feel is threatening us and lie about the fact,” said Jim Cervini, Christopher’s father. “My son never threatened anybody. He was a gentle child, his nature was gentle, he was a good person and he was never, ever arrested for anything, and has never been in trouble. He was 16 years and four months old, and he was slaughtered.”


Scott says he acted in self defense when he confronted Cervini and two others saying they were stealing from neighbors cars. He told them he had a gun and ordered them to freeze and wait for police.


Scott says he shot Cervini twice when the victim charged toward him yelling he was going to get Scott.


“How can this happen to a beautiful, sweet child like that?” asked Cervini’s aunt Carol Cervini. “All he wanted to do was go home. And then for them to say, he was saying, ‘Please don’t kill me. I’m just a kid,’ and he just kept on shooting him.”


Google has only a few images of the victim and virtually no information.  Wikipedia has nothing about either the killer nor his victim.  Unlike the Zimmerman case, this man openly pulled out his gun and menaced the boys.  He claimed that one of them rushed at him.  He was not hit even once by the white 17 year old kid.  And yet….


He got off scott free!  Zero rage in the streets, our media snoozed, the parents of the dead kid were outraged and not one microphone was put in their faces.  No civil rights leaders demanded the ‘child’ get revenge and the killer be strung up.  No whites threatened to kill the black man who did the killing.


5 years probation for woman who shot lover in head, pair ordered to steer clear of each other – is a black couple in today’s news who had a lady shoot at her lover and then he didn’t want the cops to put her away so she got a slight slap on the wrist instead.


Ready, aim, fire: Twitter vigilantes threaten Zimmerman with weapon-wielding ‘selfies’  while Zimmerman’s Parents in Hiding from ‘Enormous Amount of Death Threats’ and of course,  Facebook Refuses to Remove ‘Kill Zimmerman’ Page.  This is all criminal actions.  I talked to a black woman today from Troy, NY, and she spat out lots of racist talk about hating whites and whites are all sex deviants and she was going to teach everyone a lesson, yes!


All because a Hispanic guy got the exact same justice a black man got in NY!  This double standard has to stop.  As I correctly said day one, this stupid Zimmerman hysteria was stupid.  The case was dumb.  The lessons were ridiculous.  The howls were self-centered and very much race baiting.  This forgotten case which was the absolute exact reverse of the Florida case illustrates how our media cherry picks stories and manufactures outrage.  And to think all the liberal/leftists/progressives who howl about the Main Stream Media being nasty and stupid…falling like fools for a classic MSM manipulation!


Good lord. Hate me for this but really, WAKE UP.  Shake off these dreamworld creations of our masters and look hard and long at ALL the facts.

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52 responses to “The Roderick Scott Not Guilty Vigilante Case When He Murdered A 17 Year Old WHITE Boy

  1. e sutton

    Sorry to say, Elaine, but it’s probably too late for the insane, self-hating, liberal whites to see anything but what the Lame Stream Media has to offer them. They equate any person who uses reason and rationality involving such matters to Archie Bunker. I’ve read the responses on your site and others and it’s unbelivable the amoung to mind fracking has happened to the average American. Practically no mention of how black “culture”, through rap, systematically glorifies crime, violence, and msyogeny. The “lyrics” of rap “songs” goes beyond the lowest levels of crude. Yet this is what the culture wants to embrace. And they’re too self deluded to even comprehend that the entertainment industry, media, and national government are feeding them such horseshit. It’s absolutely shocking to see the abyss we find ourselve in, and the “sheeple” beg for more.

  2. lucky13

    ‘I talked to a black woman today’. And from that did you learn to not talk to people who hate?

  3. lucky13

    Yr link says victim was 16. [He claimed that one of them rushed at him. He was not hit even once by the white 17 year old kid]…what did the other 2 at shooting say?

  4. kamiko60

    In my neighborhood we have had 1 issue in the 15 yrs i have lived here, and he left in a bodybag, and it because neighbors of all races join together. we watch over each other, and take out the thugs together! we had 1 meth dealer come into our neighborhood and try to get with a 12 yr old. the father tried to get rid of him and he attacked him. the father took out his gun and shot in self defense. whats funny is, he is the only person in the neighborhood without military training. More than likely someone in your neighborhood after dark, someone who doesn’t belong there, well they more than likely are up to no good. People may not like it, but like Zimmerman, he was defending himself and his neighborhood from intruders. regardless of color, you have got to protect your family, and your neighbors!!

  5. e sutton

    You’re right. We’ve all got to stand together against all people whose intent is to inflict harm against us or our communities. Integrated neighborhoods most definitely work and are HEALTHY!…if we unite in keeping all of us safe and the bad guys at bay. And yes, I consider myself a liberal.

  6. Seraphim

    How not think that all the noise is deliberate incitement?

  7. emsnews

    Look closely: the media is doing a great job driving everyone apart. I watched The View yesterday in a public place. The ladies there were flinging gasoline on the frenzy fire with mad abandon!

    I witnessed this after 9/11 with the media driving us all into war with Iraq and blaming Iraq for the Saudi/Egyptian hijackers who took over the four jets on 9/11.

    Making people think dumb is an art well honed by media experts. They hire psychologists to guide them in this.

    And repeating lies and confusing people is a common tool. I have indulged in reading the ‘comments’ at a huge number of media sites this week.

    The people posting stuff tend to repeat media talking points endlessly over and over and the wording of these posts are IDENTICAL across the entire media spectrum. Anyone deviating from the script is attacked as a ‘racist’ or a ‘troll’ and the people posting mindless repetitious talking points then demand the nay sayers be banned.

    Furthermore, the Huffington Post ought to be sued by the Zimmerman family. It has been quite violently along with Salon, wildly aggressive in spreading deliberately wrong information about the Zimmerman family…and the death threats made by these delusional consumers of propaganda could prove fatal for that family and a host of others who get caught in the gears of this impending race riot.

  8. Jose Garcia

    people die everyday the media couldnt keep up if they wanted to the fact of the matter is your article is the same hate speak you claim to despsie all I saw wer quotes from the victim’s family which will ALWAYS be biased no facts from the case jus your opinion on the black community which is not the issue the issue is whether or not justice was served and from reading your article, which is very vague to put it mildly, it seems it was

  9. emsnews

    You obviously were so anxious you missed the point of my article.

    I see all over the media this meme, this assertion that if a black vigilante killed a white boy, he would be CONVICTED. And here is proof that is wrong, black vigilantes have killed white teens and had the same jury result as Mr. Zimmerman.

    This information is being concealed by the media because it flies in the face of ‘racism’ charges.

  10. emsnews

    The reason I had the family quotes, also, was to illustrate these were identical to the Martin family who demanded the killer be punished. They are the same with the only difference being, the media didn’t cover this story hardly at all and today, do not mention it at all.

  11. Jose Garcia

    this isnt a vigilante the facts I hav on hand which is all anyone can go by show to me tht he acted in self defense this is not the George Zimmerman trial these circumstances are not the same no matter how badly you want them to b

  12. emsnews

    Huh? The teen the NY vigilante killed didn’t even get to touch him while Martin was beating up Zimmerman when he got shot.

    And the NY vigilante didn’t go to prison.

  13. Jose Garcia

    if someone lunges at you it is safe to assume they are intending to attack if tht same person lunging at you has already been witnessed committing a crime its safe to assume even in the eyes of the court tht they will cause lethal harm to you if their given the chance and lets not forget ther was 3 of em not jus one kid its not the same no matter how hard you try

  14. NickGrouwen

    @Jose Garcia
    “Unlike Florida, New York does not have a “stand your ground” law. New York law allows a person to use deadly force to defend his residence from home invasion only as a last resort. It does not allow the use of deadly force to prevent a property crime, and requires retreat if possible. Thus, while Zimmerman was not arrested under Florida law, Scott was tried for manslaughter.

    New York law does allow a person to use deadly force anywhere, including off his own property, if he feels that his life is in imminent danger and retreat is not possible. Despite the fact that he left his own property, confronted, and shot dead an unarmed white person thought to be committing a petty property crime, Scott was acquitted by a majority-white jury after claiming that the Cervini charged at him, putting him in imminent fear of his life.”

    Roderick acted as a vigilante like Zimmerman did. Zimmerman should’ve stayed in the car and Roderick should’ve stayed in his home after calling 911.

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  16. billibaldi

    Thank you for interesting set of articles, Elaine. While LSM have been running their agenda, I learnt many years ago to look for what has not been reported. There have been protests in LA and New York but nothing in Florida. To me that says everything.

    As an outsider looking in, I have been waiting for a marker event that would signify the change from African-American community to the Hispanic community as the more important political community. I think that this is it.

  17. Elaine you relate, Scott says he acted in self defense when he confronted Cervini and two others saying they were stealing from neighbors cars. He told them he had a gun and ordered them to freeze and wait for police. Scott says he shot Cervini twice when the victim charged toward him yelling he was going to get Scott.

    This case is yet another one of psychopaths on the loose, going around confronting people, specifically busybodyness which refers to the act of interfering or meddling into other people affairs; it is also the act of touching or handling other people’s properties without their permission or consent which may result into conflicts. Scott was a meddler, a busybody in Cervini’s business, and Scott seeking confrontation and conflict got one, where he got the reward of blowing away of Cervini.

    These are terrible days in which we live, in which people have guns, go out looking for conflict and confrontation and then kill people.

    You write, Unlike the Zimmerman case, this man openly pulled out his gun and menaced the boys.

    Well, the boys should have been real men and took off. Frankly there is no difference between this case and the Zimmerman case. Both involved psychopaths looking for the “life joy” of confrontation and conflict with the opportunity to kill someone. For Scott and Zimmerman that got their life goal satisfied. But they will one day have to face God for their murders, and it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a living God.

    I was in the community room of my apartment reading, when the Zimmerman verdict was announced. And of one of the three antisocial ones who live here in the building, that is one of the bears, lions, and leopards, specifically the lion, the one with the ego, preeminence, and the main, strolled through his territory, that being the apartment complex, announcing the verdict with glee. As for me I simply observed my constitution established on 2-20-2013, where I saying nothing to anyone; but wanted to say “Yea, he got away with murder, just like you murder with intrusiveness, rudeness, loudness and preeminence”.

    I live in a lions den of libertines and psychopaths and it makes me mentally, physically, morally and spiritually ill. The lion is yet another one of those from prison, having obtained SSI/SSD and SNAP Food Stamps, simply by going to a psychiatrist and getting a DSM determination. People here have no responsibility, they are dependent on the system, and take when they could be working. The lion is only in his 40s, and could work in one of the many saw mills we have here. Yet he loves to seduce silly women, going from one to another, who seem him as a charming chap, only to discover and turn away from his moodiness and control.


    ELAINE: The main point here is, the media is ignoring this story about a black man shooting white boy and then not being sent to prison. This selective dissemination of information is criminal.

    As for your situation, I feel your pain. The ‘nice’ black population is intimidated into being silent while the ‘bully boy’ parts are in full rage. The worst of this is, everyone will hate, fear and avoid black people even more now thanks to this insane business.

  18. THIS info is for the ones who are interested in statistical facts, NOT skewed, EVIL, hideous ideology fisted by progressives through obfuscation, subterfuge and downright lying.
    One of the best articles on this CRIMINAL media cover up was by African American economist Walter Williams. Although the msm would have you believe that the HUGE majority of black/white race crimes are white on black, and notice NO STATS ARE EVER GIVEN, it is ACTUALLY the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they’d have you to believe……consider:
    “Since 1972, the U.S. Department of Justice has conducted a National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) to determine the frequency of certain crimes. One category is interracial crimes. Its most recent publication (1997), “Criminal Victimization in the U.S.,” reports on data collected in 1994. In that year, there were about 1,700,000 interracial crimes, of which 1,276,030 involved whites and blacks. In 90 percent of the cases, a white was the victim and a black was the perpetrator, while in 10 percent of the cases it was the reverse.
    Another finding of the NCVS report is that of the 2,025,464 violent crimes committed by blacks in 1994, 1,140,670 were against whites – that’s slightly over 56 percent. Whites committed 5,114,692 violent crimes; 135,360, or 2.6 percent were against blacks.In 1997, there were 2,336 whites charged with anti-black crimes and 718 blacks charged with anti-white crimes, so-called hate crimes. Although the absolute number of white offenders was larger, the black rate per 100,000 of the population was greater, making blacks twice as likely to commit hate crimes.”

  19. It will only get worse for whites once they become a minority. There is alot of hate for white people among blacks and hispanics(small caps). You can see the antipathy in their eyes.

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  21. Hi, what do you make of this?
    The case might not be so similar after all.

  22. Interesting, and it goes to show that if you want to look hard enough, you can find just about anything you want. If that makes you feel better, knock yourself out. As for me, I see this as more evidence that America has come under judgment, and more blood, rather than less, is going to be shed as long as the people of the U.S. continue to trust in their guns and their wills, rather than in God – not the American cultural God, but the God of Scripture – the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. One evidence that this is so, is when one sees the fruit of the Spirit instead of the works of the flesh being displayed by those who claim the name of the Lord.

  23. Whyputmyname

    You statistics are interesting. I would like to know if you know how many of thoses ended in convictions?

    I have never heard about this case and I’m a NY resident. I am ashamed that our Justice System has allowed both Scott and Zimmerman get away with killing a child. I’m even more upset at the fact that the media chose not to give this case the attention it clearly deserved. I don’t care about the color of either child that was killed. The fact that they was killed, period, is a problem for me. I feel you should call the police if you see someone either committing a crime or about to commit a crime and let the police deal with it. If things are stolen, you can always buy them back but you can never bring back the dead. This applies to both cases and unfortunely both killers are walking the streets as free men. Shame on our “Justice System”.

  24. Pete Schult

    @bluegrasschick: As Willie Sutton did not say (the quote seems to be the fabrication of a reporter) about why he robbed banks, “That’s where the money is”. Of course whites will be disproportionately victims in interracial crime—in the aggregate, whites are far richer than blacks and other people of color. Merely throwing around statistics without getting at everything driving those statistics doesn’t give you some sort of objective evidence of “reverse racism”.

  25. emsnews

    Excuse me, I lived in a very black community where I began the street patrols, most of the participants were black, and guess what?

    The black muggers went after little old black ladies and men as well as school mates who got robbed of say, lunch money, break ins in poor neighborhoods is VERY high and these thugs steal from the working poor who go off to work only to have their apartments and homes repeatedly robbed.

    You can tell if you are in a minority neighborhood simply by all the bars on windows and doors due to the working poor spending precious money in a vain attempt at stopping robbers who live next door.

    This is also why my biggest demand on Mayor Koch of NYC was for more black cops a lot more black cops. Alas, the force is still mainly white and not living in NYC.

  26. lucky13

    Off topic, EMS, in yr interest is in exposing powerful pedos:
    [Because both of these pedos are leftists, the news was scrubbed!!!]
    the PM of education, who tried to sexualize Kindergarteners! and

    Larry Brinkin Arrested: San Francisco Gay Rights Icon Accused Of ……/…‎
    Jun 25, 2012 – Police say they arrested 66-year-old Larry Brinkin, the high-profile gay … even declaring the first week of February as “Larry Brinkin Week.”.

  27. You have offered next to no information on this case by which I can draw any reasonably conclusion, yet you expect everyone to do so. Were the teens breaking into cars? Were they asked to “freeze” and await the arrival of police? Did Christopher charge Scott? Were there witnesses? What evidence was offered at trial? This post is nonsensical, and seeks to elicit a specific reaction without giving any specific information with which one could do so. Learn how to make a meaningful argument, or don’t even bother posting.

  28. emsnews

    Many crime scenes are murky. This is the nature of crimes. Shedding even partial light on what happened is very tricky and hard to do.

    In the olden times, the rulers simply smacked everyone down periodically and had public executions. Ditto, revolutionaries such as in France.

  29. nope

    If we’re going to play the tit for tat geme… How many cases like this have there been? Because I can point to hundreds of cases where black men have been killed by cops, by security guards, by vigilantes – in the last 365 days alone. You trot out this one case and decide that it matters? At least this kid was committing a crime, unlike Trayvon Martin, who was walking home. Unlike Aiyana Jones who was sleeping. Unlike Jordan Davis who was listening to some music. Unlike Darius Simmons who was taking out the garbage. Do I need to continue?

  30. emsnews

    Simple: the cops are not in shootouts with blacks due to them minding their own business. This is all due to the WAR ON DRUGS, gang warfare and the fact that many black males decide at a young age not to bother with looking for work (mainly due to it vanishing overseas!) but instead do the gangsta culture stuff and end up in these gun battles.

    And yes, whites do commit crimes and shoot blacks illegally. The guy who shot the kid that was taking out the garbage was obviously insane and will go to prison a long, long time.

    But why not talk about all the black crimes against whites? It is hugely greater. Look up the rate blacks kill whites before you get all enraged again.

  31. lucky13

    NOPE…’Do I need to continue?’ PLEASE DO….how many are killed a year?
    10,000? Did ya know illegals kill 5000? 9000? a year…mostly vehicular homicides.

  32. nanci little

    I am white, born in Miami Florida. I do not recognize my city which has been taken over by the Latins and their culture. They don’t like us native Americans, HATE blacks. Many of us return the favor as the Latins are the animal abusers in this town. Horse slaughter and dog starvation and a legal but super sadistic ‘religion’ that leaves heads of all kinds of dead animals on our street corners and railroad tracks.
    ANYONE that pulls a gun and takes a life to stop something so MATERIALISTIC as a theft will answer to their Maker. When you love and protect THINGS so completely that you excuse MURDER – well, if God has it in for America it is not abortion or gay marriage… It is the acceptance and willingness to take (or attempt to take, same sin) the very LIFE of someone already walking his Earth to protect a radio or TV. Our culture has become SO greedy and materialistic that THIS is WHO we ARE now. Shameful.

  33. DeVaul

    Yep. This law was written to justify the killing of people committing property crimes. It has no other reason for being. Self-defense is a natural right that not even the Constitution addresses since Natural Law precedes it.

    If you see someone removing one of your yard ornaments, you can shoot them in Florida and then claim “I was scared for my life”.

    Property owners wanted this law, and they got it, but now they begin to see how it can be used against them as well if they stray out of their own neighborhood. This stupid law will further divide people.

  34. emsnews

    Actually, when I was a child, it was perfectly legal to shoot and kill anyone trespassing on a ranch. No questions asked, either.

    Then they passed laws saying we had to take down the ‘Trespassers will be shot’ signs. So…the ranchers did this but then stood back and shot the signs! This gave a not so hidden message that the rancher was armed.

    Now, I grew up with this and even today, live again in the countryside and everyone has guns because it takes half an hour for a cop to show up, minimum.

    But…in the city, we need other methods to protect people and property. Since 1969, I have been in the forefront of stopping car patrols and instituting foot patrols. The places where I got this done all see sudden and pleasant drops in crime especially petty crimes that make life hell.

    IT WORKS. And the police hate it. It is a lot more fun to tool around in a big car whisking from place to place rather than prevention by being present.

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  36. da truth

    the rate blacks kill whites? would it be politically incorrect of me to allude to the fact that maybe these oh so many black killing whites scenarios your mentioning is a feeble attempt to make up for the few centuries of torture/rape/lynching and overly uneven amount of blacks killed by whites during america’s out in the open darker times (i made the out in the open reference because america still is raping/lynching/torturing the black community they just have become somewhat “slicker”in their methods) all these arguments are efforts in futility by the way

    ELAINE: This is not the last century it is today.

    If black people continue to imagine they can go on crime sprees based on what happened in the past, this means they will be viewed as dangerous and get this: evil!


    I was eating in a restaurant last night and there were mixed race couples there. None of the black males were dressed like gangstas. No pants hanging off the ass. No hoodies. No gang regalia. Everyone was very pleasant and happy.

    Not one white or Hispanic diner gave the slightest thought of ‘I am scared’ because no one was pretending to be a deadly gangsta. See? So everyone was socially polite and pleasant and no one died or was beaten up or anything.

  37. RWVMuse

    This is a comment found on another site, very interesting: nickleflipper • a year ago


    Flag as inappropriate
    Hi, My Name is Kristine Cervini and I am the Aunt of Christopher Cervini. Our family, has plenty to say about what happened to Christopher. If, you think what happened to us is Justice..think again! Christopher was not only unarmed he was shot in the back. Ask, yourself..How did Roderick Scott get away with cold blooded Murder? Do, you think the Laws were followed here in New York State? We too, are fighting for Justice. We want an investigation in our case, because everything Roderick Scott did was against the Law. Roderick Scott, was given a badge of honor while our child died at the hands of this insane crazy lunatic. Almost, everything to do with our case has been classified as official and can no longer be viewed. We would love to speak with Michael Filozof, that wrote this article.

  38. emsnews

    Quote: More details about Mr. Scott’s persecution and the drunken punks angelic little boys here.
    He caught one Christopher Cervini, then 17, in the driveway across the street. With Cervini were his cousin, James, and their friend Brian Hopkins. They were busily rifling through the neighbor’s car when Roderick Scott confronted them. These teenagers, you see, are (in Cervini’s case, he was) petty criminals. They were working their way through all the cars in the neighborhood in order to find things to steal.

    The teens had also been drinking earlier in the evening. A toxicologist’s report confirmed that Christopher Cervini was legally drunk at the time of his death. (All three teenagers had, as at least one of them admitted, been drinking stolen gin before the incident.) This fine, upstanding young man, who (we were repeatedly informed during the trial) had no criminal record, also had marijuana and amphetamines in his system. The marijuana traces were consistent with a history of such use, while Cervini had been perscribed no drugs that would have accounted for the positive amphetamine results.

    Under oath, James Cervini claimed that he and Christopher were standing still with their hands up when Christopher was shot — an assertion James never made prior to the trial. If it seems strange to you that he never brought this up before to taking the stand, you aren’t alone in your incredulity. This seems to me an obvious lie — last-minute perjury intended to damn Roderick Scott by false witness.

    Now, here’s something relevant, something you need to know about Christopher Cervini’s cousin James. James, at 15, has been on probation not once, but twice, for assisting in a burglary and for holding a knife to the throat of a ten-year-old boy (reportedly over a dispute involving marijuana).(unquote)

    A sad fact is, all families of young men killed this way always claim they were totally innocent. The fact is, we get spotty details at best but the trial has a lot of details we can’t see easily.

    Which is why jumping to conclusions isn’t wise. My whole point was, the case of a black vigilante which is virtually identical minus the hitting by the teen, to the Florida case which ruins the case being made by liberals who pretend blacks don’t get off murder charges the same way Zimmerman did.

  39. wiliam

    You say you are sick of the double standard and that we should look at the facts. Here are the facts regarding reactions from blacks and whites; the double standard you speak of 99% of the time favors whites, blacks have lived 500 years with a double standard that includes enslavement, torture, amputation, rape, murder, starvation, etc..Whites have only recently within the last 40 years since the civil rights movement had a double standard to sparsely speak of; and us whites get so outraged when black people gather in numbers and support one another and demand justice for their children instead of reading the paper and going about our business, it ain’t my family so I can give a shit. Well us whites have a beautiful house, in a beautiful crime free neighborhood, and a nice car for each person, so we quickly move on because we don’t have time to dwell on such matters. Blacks have massive unemployment, 90% less wealth, most do not own a vehicle or a home, they have oppression imprinted in their DNA, pain and suffering is bred into their souls, violence is an every moment fear in their lives, and for the ones who try to better themselves and put their nose to the books. So you see there is a double standard in this country and there has been one since the 1500’s…

  40. Richard E Davis

    @William – I’m black. I have a law degree and drive a Mercedes. I live in Westchester County NY. I don’t have oppression imprinted in my DNA but I don’t want my kid profiled and shot when he goes out to get skittles and iced tea. You see I want him to go to Yale but people like you who see him see a thug even though he wears his pants properly. Me? I see my son. I worry about him encountering people like you because you already have preconceived notions about him so I train him to behave differently than white kids that would get away with certain types of behavior. We’ll be ok…we’ll do more than succeed, we have to and we’ll try to help others on the way if we can, but we’ll steer clear of the likes of you…because we don’t need the likes of you to succeed.


    ELAINE: I certainly do not want your son to be harmed in any way. He does have to worry about people being scared of him, alas. But the fix for this isn’t to have more riots or open attacks on people by black youths who think we all approve of them acting out like that!

    My kids have had many black friends because they all grew up in very integrated neighborhoods. One of the most difficult kids back then was a white kid whose daddy and mommy were both lawyers and who let him run wild. He ended up using his fancy new expensive foreign European car to murder people’s pets and made the mistake of doing this right in front of me. I had him arrested and his parents were FURIOUS with me, they wanted to sue me and since I enjoy going to court and testifying, I thanked them in advance.

    They didn’t sue me, they ran away, moved somewhere else. I suspect their darling child is now in prison unless someone helped him get over his parent’s insane way of raising him.

  41. Richard E Davis

    Elaine Supkis – you are delusional. Cervini, the kid who was shot in this case was at the time of his death:

    1. Drunk.
    2. High – THC in his system.
    3. More high – had amphetamines in his system.

    So this little white drunk and high angel who was caught red-handed breaking into several cars who then attacked the man who caught him should be compared with Trayvon Martin standing his ground? Trayvon died because he stood his ground and Zimmerman was armed. If Zimmerman was not armed and got a beat down for following some innocent kid, do you think Martin would have been convicted for assault? LOL.


    ELAINE: AS WAS TRAYVON! Thank you.

    The facts of the cases are like night and day lady.

  42. lucky13

    So a teen has no [moral, not legal] right to drink and take drugs?

    “The facts of the cases are like night and day “…guess I am not convinced. Saint Trayvon had a history of violence and [presumably] attacked Zimmerman. Cervini did not attack anyone. Did Cervini die shot in the back?

  43. RWVMuse

    The facts in this case differ in that Cervini did not attack (beat, assault) Scott. Cervini was not on top of Scott when he was shot (in self-defense). Drugs in system had nothing to do with it, that’s why Martin’s toxicology wasn’t admissive, right? The “night and day” difference may be races involved?

    This case is VERY similar … other than the races, which are reversed.

  44. Rick

    “More than likely someone in your neighborhood after dark, someone who doesn’t belong there, well they more than likely are up to no good.”

    Trayvon Martin was residing in the neighborhood he was murdered in. Any more lame excuse for his executioner?


    ELAINE: Wrong.

    He was a VISITOR. He was camping out with his daddy’s latest squeeze who had no legal responsibility for him and he was out of school during the school year due to being so horrible, the school kicked him out.

  45. lucky13

    Trayvon Martin was residing in the neighborhood he was murdered in..yes, he was a burglar casing out those houses, walking between them in the rain.

  46. emsnews

    I marvel how people can’t tell the difference from ‘staying with someone who isn’t related at all’ and ‘resident’.

    People who sign leases, are married, have children, take in other family members, are ‘residents’. I was a landlady for a number of years. I did not want people to rent and then fill their homes with assorted people who weren’t related for the simple reason…THIS LEADS TO CRIMES AND DISORDERS.

    Not to mention vandalism of my property.

  47. Sammy

    Well I am a life-long Liberal but after the past 3 weeks of Trayvon Martin coverage on CNN and MSNBC I can no longer just blame Fox News for being biased. Less than 1 percent of the murders of African American’s are at the hands of a “white” person, but watching these news outlets you would NEVER KNOW IT. They are milking this “RACIST WHITE MAN MURDERS INNOCENT BLACK CHILD” narrative, at the expense of the ACTUAL facts in the case. White folks have been rendered powerless to speak up about these double standards without quickly being dismissed as “racist”.

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  49. Pingback: Some Thoughts on the George Zimmerman Affair | The Absurdity Index

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  51. There is one book that is the definitive volume on this subject that I HIGHLY recommend and that is “When Prosecutors Attack!” and you can get it here:

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