Astronomers Begin To Agree With My ‘Contracting Universe’: Galaxies Are Falling Towards Each Other
















Space News: The Solar System Was Once Part Of A Star Cluster: I grew up at various observatories all over the world.  My parents were both astronomers as were my grandparents.  I am  not an astronomer but I understand astronomy.  For years and years, I have argued with ‘the universe is expanding faster and faster’ scientists because they are wrong and misunderstand how gravity and the Big Bang really work.  This is due 100% to the egocentric view we have due to thinking subconsciously that we are the center of the universe and not a fringe place relative to all other places.

As data flows in from our many satellites, we are seeing more and more detail about this universe which we know so little.  Back when I first proposed that the universe is falling inwards towards giant black holes in globular cluster systems, the web site Bad Astronomy made much fun of me and told me I was stupid.  But as the evidence continues to pour in, as we see virtually every galaxy falling towards  other galaxies including our own falling towards Andromeda, now Expert claims something massive might be ’tilting’ the universe but admit they have NO idea what it is | Mail Online


He claims that we believe we live on a small planet orbiting the sun on the fringes of the Milky Way galaxy, which space enthusiast David Glenn dubs a ‘thoroughly unremarkable galaxy’ in an infinite universe.


Space is a mysterious place and could contain unknown massive structures that act like ‘giant vacuum cleaners, titling our universe’, according to space expert David Glenn. Pictured is a black hole, which is a region of spacetime from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping.


According to Glenn, most us us think ‘the laws of physics do not change across the universe, even if what we are examining is billions of light-years away.’


This theory is called the Copernican Principle, upon which experts base most of their scientific knowledge about the universe.


Scientists have started to look more carefully at the structure of the universe by analysing light from distant galaxies to look at the speed and direction of moving objects like planets and stars.


They have observed that rather than moving apart as expected, some distant clusters of galaxies actually appear to be caught in a space current, much like a river.
















I have written about this issue a great deal and below are various articles discussing this from previous years such as this one:  Space News: New Gravitation Map of Universe Challenges Doctrines
















Dr. Krauss Struggles To Understand Infinity And Nothingness…And Fails | Culture of Life News

When we look at light we are seeing the past, not the present.  This includes light from our own sun.  We are always seeing what has already happened 8 minutes earlier. We never see the sun when it is doing anything, we can’t.  The greater the time lapse, the less we know the present and when we look at distant galaxies we are seeing ancient history not the present.  The illustration I made above,the ‘Gravitational Pools of Cosmos’ shows time and space as a cutaway.  If we were aliens from another universe and could color the ‘future blue and the past black, this is what we see.


A parade of galaxies falling towards the Great Attractor.  This event, our collision with annihilation is roughly 5 billion years away.  So don’t worry about being crushed into sub-particulate matter.

Here are several good stories about the universe contracting over the next several billion years:  Nobel Prize Astronomers Save The World From The Great Attractor …

Dark Matter Does NOT Exist As I Predicted! | Culture of Life News

Scientists Claim Universe Will Vanish Suddenly And Others Worry …

Astronomers Now Propose Time Is Slowing Down | Culture of Life …

I will  not be recognized as one of the originators of the ‘contracting universe theory’ but at least I have published proof I was one of the early proponents of this theory.

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26 responses to “Astronomers Begin To Agree With My ‘Contracting Universe’: Galaxies Are Falling Towards Each Other

  1. DeVaul

    You know, the drawing you did at the top showing the movements of the sun and galaxy remind me of ancient spiral carvings on tombs in Ireland and Europe. Perhaps our ancestors knew some things that we have forgotten.

  2. shaun sdhaun

    fuck wit

  3. Dana & Jason Hegna

    I first ran across Elaine’s web-log when searching for info on an exploding comet over North America thousands of years ago.

    For years, I have so enjoyed reading Elaine’s commentary on astronomy, finance, politics, current events, personal life, earthquakes, weather, sophisticated advantage-takers, etc. Jason had said to me about a year ago, “What you have in common with Elaine, is that you’re both interested in everything.”

    But, from our perspective, racism has got to go. Racism is perhaps the single most divisive and destructive element to humanity’s well-being.
    Copeland’s comments to previous posts show a profound perspective of the people and events on the night Trayvon was killed – and, especially his observation that young people who make grave mistakes can and do change as they mature and understand more about themselves and about life.

    Rigorous introspection is necessary to really examine and understand from where these old, incorrect ideas come from, how to uproot them and then replace them with more correct – and, more profound – perspectives. “The better is the enemy of the good,” and we need to be lifelong learners, beginning with ourselves and our own biases so that our personality has as little as possible effect on our ‘objective’ observations which form our perspectives, which form our knowledge, which is us.

    It may be natural to view those who are different from us as threats, but we are responsible for our intelligence which tells us there is no good that can come from racism. Our intelligence is capable of understanding how culture evolves – whether more correctly or less correctly aligned with reality – and the causes of caste societies, so that we can see more clearly how we as individuals are formed and affected, and to come to be able to avoid problems rather than having to correct them.

    Don’t like throwing out so much good along with the bad, and I do feel sad that I won’t be checking in on the Culture of Life any more, but any racist is wrong and we can’t support or bring attention to a racist in any way. A teenager was killed. That is the tragedy.

    Dana & Jason

    ELAINE: I am sorry you dislike my analysis of ‘racism’. I am of course, against tribalism and racism as well as religious fanaticism. And refusing to see black’s racism is a blind spot that is dangerous. Just as Jews refuse to see their own problems while always pointing to the Holocaust.

    Stringing up a man who defended himself won’t stop racism, it IS racism. Not accepting a jury’s business is most dangerous…you end up with lynch mobs and tyranny. No system is perfect and I refused to jump onto the ‘poor little boy’ bandwagon which lied about what was going on. Remember, I was one of the first to go to Martin’s own website and to my horror, he wasn’t a nice boy, he was a classic wannabe gangsta kid swimming into deeper and darker waters.

    Why you can’t accept this baffles me. The hollering in the media should alert you to being emotionally manipulated.

  4. DeVaul

    I am sorry to see you both go. I will be the first to admit that Elaine may have run off the rails on this one, but so did a great many commenters here.

    Racism is a highly charged, emotional topic that prevents us from see what is actually there in front of us. It can even prevent us from thinking logically or even “thinking” at all.

    It would be nice if it never existed, but it does, everywhere, and it destroys almost everything it touches.

    ELAINE: And falling for the tricks of people manipulating your feelings is VERY dangerous. As for the race wars, I was on the front lines long, long ago. I don’t fall for tricks. There are plenty of good people who deserve our support. Supporting lynch mobs going after someone who was in a fight with someone else while lying about the basic nature of the two fighters just so one can wave the ‘racism’ flag is…racism.

    But then no one really listens to me when I go against the masses. Off the cliff we go!

    By the way, I have always supported the right to defend oneself having been in quite a few fights in my life due to working in very dangerous neighborhoods.

  5. melponeme_k

    Dana & Jason

    Your post is proof of how the media propaganda from the elites has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

    Running a republic takes a populace that can work through their differences and create common ground. The US used to be a country that could do so for a time and was set to be even more successful in this area until the elites decided they didn’t want to be nationals of any country.

    So they had their media dogs push an all or nothing mindset. You are actively CLOSING your minds to the points that you share agreement with Elaine due to one argument you don’t like. That is ludicrous. I follow Elaine and plenty of other commentators on news sites. I don’t agree with their every argument. But that doesn’t mean I close the door on them. That makes me want to forge policies and ideas that we can all agree on and use to fight the elites.

    Because right now, we are a case example of people sticking fingers in our ears and going “la la la la la” while the elites laugh all the way to the bank.

  6. emsnews

    I went through this in the past when I casually remarked that I like getting vaccination shots.

    Boy, many readers went NUTS and then threw at me endless unscientific stories which I handily refuted only to be called names and told that I was stupid.

    The antivaccinationists are unable to carry a sane argument, they even believe bizarre things like vaccinations kill while pretending germs don’t really kill.


    People do this with everything. Once they get set in some belief system, they make up stuff. Like this naked push to drive us all into a race war, thus letting the rulers hammer EVERYONE with the military is a clue we are being manipulated by the media and a host of politicians.

    And making up stuff to back one’s beliefs leads to tyranny, collapse of humanism, ignorance and darkness in society.

    Humanism is a delicate flower easily crushed when people suddenly shut off their minds.

  7. emsnews

    Oh, and about the ‘boys will mature’…anyone looking at the statistics for black males sees that a huge number of them can’t ‘mature’ because they are killing each other at an astonishing rate. And covering up the reasons and causes for this mayhem is insane.

    They MUST face the truth. The TV/movie/music billionaires make their loot off of these poor kids who imagine they ought to be gangstas.

    This is horrible! But anyone suggesting rap and violent movies and butchering video games are driving immature young males into prison or death is attacked by gamers and lovers of gang music and so forth, they really get mad if one suggests their are being destroyed by their entertainments.

    Yet any alien in outer space can see this is what is happening! And the super rich who suck up all the entertainment money peddling this garbage love to keep it going.

    I am not suggesting censorship, I am suggesting this should be rejected by our youth in favor of better things.

  8. While on the subject of cosmic things. Alan Boyle, Science Editor NBC News reports Comet ISON gets its day in the sun. Comet ISON, the fuzzy snowball that skywatchers hope will become the “comet of the century” in November, shines in a colorful setting provided by the Hubble Space Telescope and its science team. The actual comet is out of view until next month, due to its current position in relation to the sun. However, the Hubble picture shows ISON as it looked on April 30, against a background of stars and galaxies. This image is an exclusive from the Hubble team’s ISON Blog, which will deliver images and lore about the comet as its approaches the sun. The world’s most loved space telescope, plus the comet of the century? That sounds like a match made in the heavens.

    This inquiring mind asks, does the ISON comet present cosmic risks to the earth and its inhabitants?

  9. emsnews

    All comets are risky. They do hit the planets going in and out. We circle the sun as do these comets and if paths cross all hell breaks loose.

  10. DeVaul

    “By the way, I have always supported the right to defend oneself having been in quite a few fights in my life due to working in very dangerous neighborhoods.”

    This is why my comments were about the Florida law and not about what color the participants were. It was already legal to defend oneself from assault by another. This new law allows people to PURSUE (a right formerly reserved to the police only) other citizens while ARMED with a handgun or other deadly weapon, provoke a confrontation, and then claim that they were defending themselves from the person they were pursuing.

    This is a true story. When I had been in Marburg, West Germany, only 3 days, I got lost on my way back to my dorm room at the castle one night (streets in the old city are not straight and are very narrow). As I made my way up one narrow street lit by a single lamp, I came to a dead end. As I turned around, a man stepped out of a crevice or something in the wall between me and the one light about 15 yards behind me. This dark sillouette then began to approach me.

    Since I could go nowhere but back down the alley, I began walking towards him even as I unsheathed a hunting knife in my coat pocket. The man did not speak. He just kept walking up the alley towards me. The sweat from my palms had soaked through the wooden handle of my knife, but I gripped it hard and prepared myself to run him through.

    For reasons I will never know, no confrontation occurred, even though his behavior was above and beyond suspicious. You don’t hide and then corner people in dark alleys. Maybe he felt he could not take me down or whatever, but he asked me where I was going, and I told him I was trying to reach the castle. He then pointed to a pitchblack spot in the wall and said “Da.” I was not about to walk in there with him behind me, so we walked side by side. It was a staircase built into the castle wall foundation.

    I could see nothing, and I still gripped my knife hard. He also had both hands in his pockets, which I did not like. Fortunately, the stairs led to a garden above the castle dorm and I could see my way from there. We talked for a few moments and then I thanked him and left. I know exactly how it feels to be pursued by a stranger.

    If that man had been George Zimmerman, one of us would be dead.

  11. Gurrker

    Thank you Elaine for being as honest a person as I have ever encountered in my readings. I most often, but not always, agree with your commentary and I appreciate your efforts to see things as they are rather than as you likely want them to be. The adverse impact dearly held beliefs have on perceptions long ago lead me to believe that faith is the bane of mankind whether it is religious or pertains to beliefs regarding vaccinations, racism, global climate change or whatever. I choose to think that the ability to be wrong, to admit that one’s perceptions are in error or incomplete, allows the advancement of understanding and the elevation of insight. When one can’t be wrong or cannot tolerate ideas or perceptions that threaten their perceptions and understanding, I see them as weak and I am sorely tempted to speculate about why they exhibit that which I hold to be a major character weakness. I followed the Martin-Zimmerman trial very closely and monitored discussions on several forums that I have seen to have intelligent commentators in the past. Time and again there were those who listed the content of the evidence and the legal matters at issue, they discussed and explained in clear and forthright prose that anyone who can read should have been able to understand. It didn’t matter to a significant portion of the other commentators who ignored the testimony, tried to inject into the legal issues things that were entirely irrelevant and speculated endlessly about the course of that evenings events. To me this was a disgusting example of faith on parade…a classic “don’t confuse me with the facts!” example. And there were lots and lots of ad hominem attacks which are classic signs of weak minds and losing arguments.

    What a great victory for the elites as this circus takes the public’s eye off of current events that do matter and further fans the divisive flames of racial (actually cultural) intolerance. I agree with you in your forecast of where this leads. For those who have forgotten or never learned about “The Terror” during the French Revolution I suggest that, at the least, you Google it and do some quick reading. Everyone draws their first breath as a total barbarian and only through the efforts of those who came before us and taught us to be civilized do we escape reliving and relearning the lessons of horrors past. The veneer of civilization is most thin and fragile.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights and perceptions with us. I am and will remain a regular and faithful reader.


    ELAINE: I humbly thank you for reading so carefully and you are worth reading carefully. As are ALL who post here, pro or con. I am glad there has been minimal name calling. At most forums, people have been at each other’s throats! The civility here is to be cherished whatever position people take.

  12. ayub abdaziz

    Alquran, the kitab for muslim has explained how the world will end in great details. The end relates to how the universe is created and perished when kiamah come. Allah the creator of the universe and things inside it have explained beyond human thinking of His creation. Please study Al quran to understand universe.

  13. vengeur

    Elaine definitely has guts, or she never would have posted any of the stuff on race, which is highly volatile. There was absolutely no benefit in posting any of that, and she was undoubtedly going to lose liberal readers for having done so. Furthermore, she criticizes conservative white men all the time. Brutally. It’s gotten under my skin more than once. But there is no patty- cake bullshit suck-up flattery “tell you what you wanna hear” here. You get what she believes, period. I guess some people can’t handle that.

    ELAINE: I am a gun owner who had killed animals and also who has done hand to hand combat and been shot at more than once.

    I have a dim idea what men go through in combat and this is why I am so antiwar most of the time. These many recent wars have wasted the precious lives and time of many a man and woman for no good reason. And race wars are ten times more useless. It breaks my heart for example, to see black youth driven to dig their own graves by being egged on into attacking middle and lower class whites and Hispanics and Koreans. I do not want this.

    Our cruel media owners love this and encourage this as we can all plainly see.

  14. vengeur

    “To me this was a disgusting example of faith on parade…a classic “don’t confuse me with the facts!” example. And there were lots and lots of ad hominem attacks which are classic signs of weak minds and losing arguments.”-Gurrker. Yes ! I kept getting the feeling that one was dealing with believers of a religious faith belief system , and for them to concede ANYTHING would be an unpardonable, unspeakable sacrilege .

  15. Jim R

    I think astronomy still suffers from low-dimensional thinking.

    For example, the supernova. I understand that the classical model of a star (in which you have a static ball of matter with a density that monotonically decreases from super-dense at the core to a thin stellar wind at the edges), cosmologists failed to predict that it would blow outward at the end of its life. The prediction was that a really heavy star should simply collapse into a black hole, without much fuss or bother.

    Now that the cosmologists have more computing power at their disposal, they no longer consider that star to be a uniformly distributed ball of matter (which allows the calculation to only take place along one dimension, a radius from the core to the edge). Now the computer models can include turbulence, and rotation, and the powerful electromagnetic forces that we see with our solar dynamics observations.

    Suddenly the star goes from a simple quiet collapse at the end of its life to a violent outburst, flinging stuff everywhere at nearly the speed of light.

  16. emsnews

    ROTATION is EVERYTHING. Far from slower and slower rotation, a dying star goes into hyperdrive, I think. Then, it spins literally out of control.

  17. JimmyJ

    Coming at the same time is this recent paper by a German researcher who posits that over time mass itself is increasing making electrons more energetic and creating a red shift that appears as receding galaxies. We wouldn’t know if the universe was actually contracting, being misled by that red shift.

    “A Universe without expansion”, C. Wetterich, University of Heidelberg
    Paper PDF from Arxiv:

    “Nature” article summary:

  18. JimmyJ

    I also dug up this technical powerpoint by the author from April 2013.
    “Universe without expansion”, Christof Wetterich

    And his University webpage if you’re looking for German language versions:

  19. IAmSpartacus

    I’ve tried my best to avoid the whole Zimmerman case, because it was clear from the start that this was going to be another excersise in race baiting, with the Zio media canonizing “St. Treyvon of the hoodie”, and even Obama weighing in (again, and just like the Cambridge cop business, making matters worse, ie: “If I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon) when he should’ve stayed out of it, but, then again, justice, as in a fair trial, was never the intent here; what enrages the Treyvonistas is that they didn’t get wild west style Lynch mob justice; guilty before proven innocent, no judge, no jury, no trial, just hang him. And the PTB and the Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation (AKA, the MSM) is only too happy to oblige; even worse, they gin it all up to begin with; it serves the agenda to keep us all divided, black vs. white, gay vs. straight, women vs. men, north vs south, right vs. left, to keep us distracted from what they’re doing, to keep us from seeing that man behind the curtain, to keep us weak and divided. They learned from the French Revolution that if the people unite against them, they may very well get an up close and personal demonstration of Dr. Guillotin’s device.

  20. melponeme_k


    “They learned from the French Revolution that if the people unite against them, they may very well get an up close and personal demonstration of Dr. Guillotin’s device.”

    What is in our favor, is that they cannot control their greed. Elaine was right in previous posts, the elite are classic cases of hoarders. The more they have, the more they want and need. They are unable to recognize the great attractor inside their own brains (indeed it lives in all of us) and exert balance in their lives. So they will destroy everything even though that is not what they want to do.

    They will overreach and eventually meet Madame Guillotine and her biggest fan, Madame Defarge.

    I know I’ve just learned to knit. I think everyone else should take up the hobby.

    Oh and the Middle East already shows that drones only cause so much fear, until the populace has nothing to lose and are willing to risk death to mass/protest. So now, elites, the drones won’t save you when the populace rises.

  21. emsnews

    This works only if the military refuses to attack the people. We saw in the Gulf dictatorships run by the Saudi royals, mass demonstrations were very bloodily suppressed with US help as in Egypt which is now under a draconian, illegal military rule with a few liberal dupes as window dressing until Sissi takes over outright.

  22. DeVaul

    Well, I am struck dumb.

    What should have been a discussion about the legal issues involved and the consequences of this Florida “stand your ground” law devolved into yelling and screaming about race, the media, past histories, previous injustices, unrelated cases, conspiracies by unknown elites (as if they care) and a host of other unrelated matters that caused probably quite a few readers to leave this blog and let the race baiters run wild.

    Nobody really addressed my questions about this law or Copeland’s or others who wanted to address the legal issues and their implications. Instead, we had a toxic vitriol of all of the above thrown in our face.

    Even the prosecution avoided the issue of race as it was irrelevant, and concentrated on defending Martin from this insane law, which will come around to bite us in the ass again and again.

    But hey, legal issues are boring. Let’s talk about RACE!!!!!

    So be it.

  23. Jason & Dana Hegna

    We think in some principle ways:

    1) We think with belief which forms comparisons and dualities, and we trust our understanding.
    2) We think with feeling which forms thought founded in emotional comfort.
    3) We think by thinking which forms thought with more empirical scientific process and less personal interference.

    We all form knowledge these ways, depending on how our personality observes the subject matter. Our knowledge is composed of these essences, and is begun with our observation.

    a) Our observations create our perspectives.
    b) Our perspectives form our knowledge.
    c) Our knowledge is who we are.
    d) Who we are is our personality.

    When our observations have incorrectness, it is because our knowledge creates incorrectness in an observation, and that observation creates a less correct perspective. So our perspectives form less correct knowledge.

    Our knowledge begins an observation. When our personality creates a flaw or incorrectness in our observation, this, in turn, moves through our personality again to affect correctness in the formation of our perspective, in turn, creating errant knowledge. This compounds itself and creates resistance to correction.

    That action creates stress in the personality because the knowledge doesn’t fit the observable. Then, defensive maneuvering in the mind begins in an attempt to find reason through reasoning. But because of the errant knowledge, the reasoning for justification quickly fragments and decays. Those who need to unite with the same thinking are the most affected.

    Maneuvering in the mind appears to be defensive because it is not aware of the personality intruding from stress with observable knowledge. Defensive maneuvering in the mind contains confusion, frustration, blame, anger, hostility, and worse, and this can be seen in the interpretation of statistics, data, and writing.

    So, a significantly correct perspective is foundational:

    “If GZ had stayed home, TM would have gone home.”

    Jason & Dana

  24. DeVaul

    Yes, exactly. Even the jury knew that, but their hands were tied.

  25. melponeme_k

    “This works only if the military refuses to attack the people.”

    Yes, the only reason why the French Revolution succeeded was because the Swiss Guard ran away and the standing army was pro-revolution.

    We know a lot of our standing army is Dominionist. They won’t support revolution unless it is imposing taliban like christianity. So lets hope when the US goes belly up those crazed christian soldiers will be stranded overseas.

  26. Matt Dorans

    Given that there are only two true real components to what is a waveform universe “Energy and over time” (ET Theory)
    Motion itself, even rotation is illusionary.
    The speed of light only appearing constant as time (wavelength) is proprtionate to it’s energy (frequency)
    The wave longer in red but time itself faster, opposed to black hole where frequency is highest time closer to zero.
    This suggests areas of apparent fast moving objects from point of view are colder by Boltzmann.
    Just a tiny part of ET THEORY (A UNIFIED FIELD THEORY) TOE)

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