Trayvon Black Teen Wildings Increase In Major Cities

I AM TRAYVON MARTIN – Black Mobs Attack Tourists in Chicago – YouTube: in this video, news people talk about all the Trayvon assailants who use that death as an excuse to get particularly violent in a crime wave.  At one point, the reporters tell us all to keep our eyes open for ‘danger’, aka, gangs of black teens.  But dare not say that openly.  The pride and anger of blacks due to feeling hurt over the Florida event has caused them to excuse even more murderous criminal behavior.  Aka: the news media’s coverage has encouraged an attitude of criminality where it should be suppressed, not encouraged.


Already, the average American is terrified of going into black neighborhoods.  If forced to do this, they roll up the windows of their car and lock the doors.  This terror is shared by many blacks who live in these dangerous lawless zones.  They are terrified of being shot randomly by gangstas who have proliferated in the last 50 years.  People are terrified to testify at trials due to the chance of being killed for this just like Italians are still scared of the Mafia and ‘don’t see nothing.’


I recall in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn.  A Mafia hit was done in the middle of the street.  The dead man lay in his still running car with a fish in his lap (‘He sleeps with the fishes’).  In an Italian neighborhood that was very nosy generally, suddenly went blind.  ‘No one saw nothing.’  The body was found by an outsider who drove past and then decided to call the police.


Los Angeles Riots: News Crew Attacked, Violent Zimmerman Verdict Protest Footage Emerges – YouTube: predatory black gangs attack news media which is ironic in the extreme since this entire business can be parked in the media parking lot.


LA Riots 2013: George Zimmerman protesters riot in Los Angeles, CA – YouTube: A very large gang of vicious black teens terrorize everyone, jumping on cars, banging on windows and trying to enter stores to loot them.  Far from being ‘scared’ these thugs are violently assured of themselves and think nothing of committing crimes en-mass.  Their feeling is, why can’t they steal openly during the day due to being upset about being profiled as crooks?


Not only that, they enjoy this.  This isn’t a police riot like when we have antiwar demonstrations and the police attack us.  The Occupy Wall Street kids were not looting or attacking yet were viciously suppressed.  When the police beat and abused white kids, the media cheered the cops!  Now, with the assaults and riots spreading rapidly, the media is mainly quiet especially the liberal leaning media.


Hiding this news is common on the  left.  Pretending this isn’t happening, the left media is rapidly losing credibility.  Readers of liberal media have been duped.  And will pay for this unfortunately with a huge loss of credibility.  Readers here attacked me for reporting the news correctly due to reading propaganda on the left.  Just like readers of right wing propaganda can’t see facts, either, when this clashes with emotions.


Mob beats man on his own front porch “for Trayvon”…press ignores – Norfolk Crime |  This conservative news media site has a long, long list of crimes committed by raging black teens screaming about Trayvon.  They are all quite ugly and scary as hell.  It is happening all over the place, mainly to isolated individuals living in integrated communities.


Why did the press drop coverage of white baby shot by black assailant? – Norfolk Crime | raises a pertinent question.  Why are black teens the same age as Trayvon seldom long in the news when they do horrific crimes like the two teens who murdered a baby to force the mother to hand over her few dollars, she being poor.

17 year old thug who murdered baby in robbery

This thug is 17 years old.  Far from looking like a ‘scared kid’ these types of criminals look perfectly calm.  They are hunters, not runners.  When we patrolled Brooklyn, we were on the lookout for ‘swivel heads’ who tended to be looking for victims to exploit.  Generally, we would walk up to them and ask them if they were lost.  They would then take off at a fast trot.


There are white ‘swivel heads’ too.  The problem here is, due to skin color, dangerous black teens are easier to spot.  This is ‘profiling’ except it is useful profiling since a huge number of black teens really think acting like criminals is fun.


From yesterday’s news:  Girl, 8, dead after shooting leaves two other young children and their grandmother in the hospital  when two thugs came to the home and rang the doorbell.  A little girl answered and they began wildly shooting at her and everyone else and then ran off. This is not uncommon in black communities these days as lawlessness spreads.


Breanna Machus: Body found just miles from where missing woman, 20, was abducted during deadly dollar store heist: the black man wearing his hoodie so as to cover his face as much as possible kidnapped her and then murdered her.  The police have few leads and the CTV didn’t get his face very well. Zimmerman verdict makes profilers of us all – is typical of that leftist site.


Namely, they are howling about people being told to watch out for predatory black teens!  You can bet the staff at Salon profile for black teens and cross the road to avoid them, for example.  We hate profiling black teens this way but must due to the large contingent within that community that goes on predatory group hunts.


Alcohol-drinking shirtless gunman arrested near White House ‘was only going to fire a couple of shots’ : a gunman with many rounds in his pocket began firing his piece in the park nearest to the White House.  White predatory gun behavior is dangerous as I have pointed out frequently here.


The same feelings of being aggrieved which then justifies murder and illegal rioting isn’t a black monopoly.  It is a human emotion which is why unleashing it is so terrible.  Using few weapons, nearly a million people were murdered in Uganda not all that long ago due to tribal warfare.  In third world countries, mobs kill ‘witches’ casting spells, for example.  This murder of ‘witches using magic’ ravaged Europe once, during the Renaissance.


Even in the US colonies, for that matter, mobs demanded witches be killed.  Curbing this sort of mayhem we created an elaborate criminal justice system that requires evidence and sober appraisal of facts.  Naturally during  Jim Crow, the south was not interested in facts but rather emotions and many injustices were committed against blacks.


But now we have legal civil rights for blacks and this also means we must apply the same laws to them as to all the rest of us and this means not leaving the slums to fester and rot and become lawless but to reassert the rule of law just like I worked so hard to do in NYC 40 years ago.  And this can’t happen unless we stop the War on Drugs launched by Nixon.


And here is Jimmy Carter: Jury got it right in Zimmerman case.  ‘It is not a moral question, it is a legal question…and you are required the jury listen to the evidence presented’, he said. And this is the entire point: we have to have standards for trials and emotion isn’t one of them.  Even terrorists deserve sane trials which is why the fiasco at Gitmo which Carter thinks should end, is destroying our legal system here.  We can’t have no trials, no justice for ‘terrorists’ and then expect people to respect the courts here anymore than we can be safe at home while doing drone assassins overseas.


The violence rebounds to our homes and we are under siege from without as well as within.

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25 responses to “Trayvon Black Teen Wildings Increase In Major Cities

  1. DM

    Seems like Carter is the only sane public figure in America. The overwhelming majority are raving loonies.

  2. lucky13

    ‘They are Hunters’!!! Perhaps yr most telling line ever. It is in the African DNA.
    ‘Using few weapons, nearly a million people were murdered in Uganda not all that long ago due to tribal warfare.’ When was there a time when mass slaughter in Africa did not happen? I have lost count. Rwandan, Darfur, Congo, Ethiopia planned starvation etc. What you do not read or hear about as the lamestream celebrates Mandela is that post apartheid SA is #1 rape/murder capital in the world.

  3. lucky13

    Also, look at elected officials [Obongo, Holder, etc] stir Blacks up over Trayvon. AFTER FAST AND FURIOUS. They have blood on their hands.
    And Jesse Jackass going to the UN over it. He with the son in jail and wife on the way to jail? I have lost count of the Jackson clans crimes.

  4. e sutton

    As Americans of all colors continue to see their standard of living decay bit by bit, they will tend to blame each other rather than the PTB. I imagine over the next 3-5 years much of what we have seen in Detroit will spread to other parts of the country as the nation descends into bankruptcy, one city after another. Philly looks like an up and coming candidate to me. It has a very large black population, concentrated in the north and western part of the city. The mostly white residents along the Main Line will find themselves at the mercy of the prowling marauders. These hoodie clad thugs won’t have any problem shooting and stabbing whites in order to get money to feed their habits and seek revenge for Trayvon Martin. This is not going to end well.

    Tommorow in my little hamlet there is going to be a protest downtown in honor of St. Trayvon. I plan to stay about as far away from that scene as possible.

  5. Christian W

    Yeah, I read a few weeks ago that Philly has started to close down schools in predominantly black districts. Instead they are building a nice new shiny For Profit Prison… O_o

    Not hard to do the math is it.

  6. Koshka

    Street troubles with roaming gangs of black teens have been going on for several years. The media under pressure from the Emmanuel administration has kept their coverage to a minimum.

    Even when there are arrests the charges are often demised.

    Track what is happening on the street in Chicago – and remember its mayor wants to be president of the USA – here:

  7. lucky13

    CW. ‘Yeah, I read a few weeks ago that Philly has started to close down schools in predominantly black districts. Instead they are building a nice new shiny For Profit Prison’…..Most Black males do not graduate HS. And what did they learn there?
    That being said, I do not support current drug laws and privatized ‘commons’.
    USA spends billions yearly educating, medicating and incarcerating illegals for crap sake.

  8. e sutton

    What’s really sad is that what these young black males will learn in prison is how to pull more con jobs, burglaries, and homicides. So they are getting an education, just not the one that will help serve society. Obama gets on the boob tube again and opens his big fat mouth. Seems that Trayvon is no longer the son he never had, but rather a reincarnation of young Barry 35 years ago. He keeps pouring gasoline on this thing, waiting for it to explode. It’s already a long, hot summer.

  9. vengeur

    I REALLY hoped that they would let this thing burn itself out. But no, they just have to use it for political advantage. I didn’t vote for Obama, but naively, I really believed his election would help race relations. Big disappointment.

  10. e sutton

    I voted for Obama the first time. I couldn’t bring myself to do it the second time. Every time I saw him on t.v. I experienced an incredible nausea. Sat out the whole “election” in 2012. The only thing that can save us now is if someone nukes Israel. Then, we might have a slim chance.

  11. vengeur

    I don’t want Israel nuked. Maybe neutered. I didn’t believe you guys about the race war thing. But after the President’s nonsense today, I’m starting to believe.

  12. IAmSpartacus

    Rodney King redux; a court reaches a decision that some in the black community don’t like, so it becomes an excuse to throw temper tantrums and go on a crime spree; the authorities really ought to give them the Tiananman treatment, that would settle things down in a hurry; they won’t do that, of course. I’ll say the same thing now that I said after the Rodney King riots; if these dumb@sses want to smash and burn their own neighborhoods, the fed. gov. shouldn’t reward them for their bad behaviour by sending taxpayer money to help rebuild, not one thin dime; let them live in the smashed and burned ruins of their own making.

  13. emsnews

    Sigh…I have been at ground zero in a major race riot that started when the electricity went off for three days during a hot NYC summer. I begged for the National Guard to come in and save us. No one came so the entire neighborhood burned.

    Then…the riot continued in slow motion for three long years. Yes, years. Taking back the neighborhood was a long hard fight. We had to tackle everything from the way cops operated, how the courts worked, how the money was spent, a huge long political battle.

    And the best part was, many older blacks fought very hard to fix things again when given a chance. But that was three generations ago. Before the gangsta culture worship.

    And this is why I am sad. Watching, starting with Michael Jackson, black teens fall for that odious culture is scary as hell. And it increases racism in whites as well as blacks. For it is ethnic warfare.

    And I constantly caution about ethnic warfare here. I do not like nor want this it isn’t ‘revolutionary’ at all, it is reactionary and this reactionary stuff is done by ALL SIDES. Anyone standing in the middle is run over as I am here, people are very pissed at me for not lying about things so it fit some neat parable about ‘racism’.

    Racism is in ALL humans, we are hard wired to be racist it is part of our deep tribal past.

  14. CK

    Justice is always determined by whose fingers are preponderant on the scales. The court cannot convene until Mr. Green is in attendance.

  15. Elaine, I love your blog and appreciate your wisdom on many issues. On this, I must protest. No race is a mindless Borg & it’s viscerally upsetting to digest your take on the outrage the black community feels this week.

    Violence & vigilantism crops up when people lose faith in the justice system. It’s not a stretch to see that the prosecutors overreached & failed to show the jury that a dead boy can’t defend himself against a specious self-defense claim; but that said, I am queasy with the cut & thrust of your arguments.

    I admire your blog & respect your mind; one would hope you’d extend the benefit of the doubt you afford the world’s oppressed to the non-white community in Florida. Else you run the risk of being marginalized in a way that undercuts your years of hard work.


    “Their feeling is, why can’t they steal openly during the day due to being upset about being profiled as crooks?

    Not only that, they enjoy this”.

    This statement is simply stomach-turning.


    ELAINE: I suspect it is because you never lived in a high crime area where teens think they have a right to steal. Yes, a RIGHT to steal! Getting them to understand this is dangerous as well as illegal is very difficult when mom thinks stealing is a great way to get things, too!

    People who live in civilized areas have no idea of how the ghetto culture works and then excuses it as if people can’t change for the better. I put my life on the line to confront and then change ghetto thinking.

    I am baffled about this. Do you wander about a very poor black community with many burned out buildings by yourself at night? Try it some time.

  16. e sutton

    I am no longer under any delusion that the Obama wishes a full scale race war in this country. Every single word he has uttered Friday is a blatant pandering to blacks that it is now open season on whites. Interestingly, Zimmerman was Hispanic, not white. Saying that wouldn’t mean the same scope of damage as labeling him “white”. Lovely, just lovely. And then I read the comment by MaLIEckal, further crucifiying Elaine for calling this what it is, and I realize this country is truly fucked. Talk about stomach turning!

  17. emsnews

    And the integration of the races is a wonderful thing which I support, my own family is multi racial for crying out loud!

    But instead of facing the truth that the lower class communities are going gangsta while the black community is going crazy over ‘race’ when the issue really is the huge number of blacks being criminal in mind and action, this disgusts me.

    The President knows perfectly well why women of most other races are terrified of young black men. This is 100% due to crime. They have to be scared or they don’t last very long.

    I clearly remember when white college girls, anxious to prove they weren’t racist, would let dangerous black males near them only to be violently raped. Even so, some of them would refuse to call the cops because they thought this was racist.

    In my own neighborhood back then which was poor and had many college girls, it took the near murder of three young white girls to frighten all the rest into fleeing. I stayed and fought it.

    Physically. Amazing as this is, consider that I was one of the first white women to take men out of prison and supervise their parol and THE GUYS LOVED IT because they couldn’t BS me about anything and if they broke the rules I was very tough on them.

    And yes, occasionally one would pick a fight with me and I never backed down.

  18. charlottemom

    Is there really any doubt that this policized-from-the-begin trial is meant to divide EVERYONE! With the twin issues of race and guns, blacks and whites alike are engulfed in its flames

    Even this blog, once a peaceable place for discussion has become so strident. After a brief hiatus from the internet, I’ve come back to more of the same here.
    And of course obama has to stir the pot, right before sharpton protests!! No coincidence there. Race baiting delivered.
    I will not comment further on this incident.

    ELAINE: To be honest, I was planning to write nothing. But then the firestorm began and I saw on TV in the hospital everyone attacking Zimmerman for not being put in prison and demanding that white people not fight off black teen attackers and I got very concerned and decided to bring up some pertinent facts.

    Which caused readers to reflexively attack me while spouting stuff said on TV!!! And I thought everyone here had figured out how the mainstream media manipulates us to make us hate each other.

    Sigh. I am very sorry and know you are a long time reader but alas, if race riots flare up this summer due to all this, it is an economic and social issue of the highest order. We MUST talk about it, no matter how upsetting this is.

  19. e sutton

    I agree with your sentiments, charlottemom. I keep promising myself to keep my mouth shut and not comment further. It seems that with each day an new atrocity occurs. This latest spew from our “Commander-in-Chief” just raised my hackles, as he once again proves he has no intention of uniting us, but rather is hell bent on dividing us further. I can’t promise to keep my mouth shut but I sure as hell will try. I’m as sick of this as you are.

  20. emsnews

    I agree, Sutton but also feel Charlotte’s pain.

    I know the real danger here: a race war between blacks and Hispanics which would, ahem, fix two problems at once.

    It will show Hispanics they are not welcome here. It would cause the black community to wipe out their own homes or be put in prison or dead.

    And it would set back civil rights greatly!

    Stopping this madness is impossible. I can see that clearly now. No one wants to hear the truth. And I feel very bad about black males who are very nice people and there are millions of them in our nation including Obama himself.

    They will suffer the worse.

  21. Christian W

    Racism is in ALL humans, we are hard wired to be racist it is part of our deep tribal past.

    When people become very stressed they fall back on the primitive parts of the brain. The Lizard brains and Mammal brains. Fight or Flight, Sex, Power and Hierarchies (Sex, Power and Hierarchies are the foundations of Gangsta Culture’). These parts of the brain are not very rational, they are primitive.

    I have a friend who comes from a ghetto background (foreign). He was amazed how nice people are here. Where he comes from you cannot trust ANYONE, not even your closest friends, they will steal anything they can if you are not vigilant, even from you ‘their friend’.

    In fight or flight situations some people, like you Elaine, are hardwired to stand and fight if at all possible. Others will run away as first option. It looks like Treyvon decided NOT to run (flee) but make a stand against his pursuer (fight).

    The point is that the ghetto culture is so primitive because there are so few choices. When it is all about survival it is hard to keep functioning in the more developed part of the brain.

    What is annoying with the Zimmerman argument is that it proposes a false choice. What Zimmerman did was not right, nor was what Treyvon did right.

    The real problem is on another level, which if the US public does not solve will tear the US apart. If the US wants a stratified and compartmentalized society (which the elites want) rather than a homogenous society the surveillance police state will be enforced and democracy will remain out of reach. There will be war on all levels of society.

    So called ‘justifiable’ homicides rose by 79% in Detroit in 2011.

    These are the early stirrings of the ‘Zombie Wars’.

    ELAINE: One thing: Trayvon was not ‘ghetto’ he was from the black middle class. He wanted to become ‘ghetto’ because it is fun. It is very alluring which is why so much of our entertainment is about going ghetto and then shooting, having sex, parties, no responsibilities, etc. You get to wear your pants down and your hood up and scare people.

  22. Christian W

    Another point. If you recall I few months ago I posted a video here which showed US police executing (there really is no other word for it) a mentally disturbed black man on the streets. Four or five police officers (including women) lined up shoulder to shoulder and fired their automatic pistols and killed the man in a hail of bullets.

    The rot in the US is very disturbing.

  23. emsnews

    And both white and black crazy people shoot at the police often for no reason what so ever!

    And since we all have lots of bullets and guns, this means everyone shoots wildly which irritates me, I am very big on one shot/one kill. But it is laughably easy to spray bullets which is why so many bystanders get shot by both criminals and cops.

  24. Christian W

    Yeah, Treyvon was a kid. He made a bad mistake, but he didn’t deserve to die for it.

    I completely agree with you about the uselessness of ‘gangsta culture’. But what else is there for the kids nowadays? Even here in Europe kids listen to the same music as in the US (it’s heavily promoted). Kids wear hoodies with skulls and tribal patterns. Kids tattoo themselves to look ‘cool’. They wear cheap jewelry with skulls and whatnot. Kids also dress like cartoon figures with big soled sneakers, wear pants where the crotch reaches down to their knees making their legs look super short. They are KIDS, they suck up what is around them, they don’t know any better! Kids like to go for the ‘forbidden’ things because they are ‘exciting’.

  25. lucky13

    ‘Yeah, Treyvon was a kid. He made a bad mistake, but he didn’t deserve to die for it. ‘ Only 2 people know who stuck the first blow, and Miss Jeantel is not one of them. If TM started the fight, it ended with him dead. he went after a ‘creepy ass craka’ [= TM was raycyst].

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