Detroit Bankrupt: Obama Talks Only About Trayvon Being Himself

Only building left ground zero Detroit 1967 riot


The Detroit Riot of 1967: and here is the video of the photos in the link:  Detroit Riot- Then and Now – YouTube. The above picture is from the 12th Street ground zero for the riots.  There is only one building standing today and it is long abandoned.  Note the ad for the gangsta buddies.  And the graffiti painted over previous graffiti which the city used to erase stuff.


Detroit’s long death isn’t ending, it is accelerating.  There will be zero discussion of what killed Detroit from our media or Congress or President.  The right wing will blame blacks and the left seems disinterested in the blame that should go to blacks.  That is, the right will blame people and the left will ignore people.


Cities can and are killed by their own people.  Wars do this, too.  Economic forces do this.  When everything unites for a perfect storm, cities which once had over a million people can nearly vanish forever.  And Detroit is fading back into nature with huge swaths hosting mainly grass and trees.  Which is a good thing in one way, Nature returns.


Detroit 1967 riot flash point park


This picture is across the street from the abandoned building.  There is a one way street for some odd reason when we consider there is virtually no traffic there.  The empty park and street also has a sign warning ‘No Standing’ which is hilarious.  As if anyone is going to linger there!


Downtown Detroit has been ‘rebuilt’ only to see huge skyscrapers abandoned.  Rush hour in Detroit is like a Sunday drive in most cities.  And all over the city are these wide open grasslands maintained by the city because these are ‘parks’ and many have expensive, fairly new playgrounds.  Here is a photo of houses lining this abandoned street in another part of the 1967 riot zone:


Only houses next to 'park' in Detroit are abandoned


Directly across the street is this big, open park with a fairly new playground and hedges, trees, etc.  And where are the children who would be playing here?  Not a soul in sight.


barely used playground in Detroit where riots started in 1967


A huge amount of money was spent on building new housing in the conflagration zone in Detroit.  And the new housing is heavily subsidized by taxpayers.  But eventually even these will be abandoned if the city ceases having either a healthy economy or law abiding citizens willing to follow rules and not commit crimes.


The coverup of the Trayvon riots attacking Hispanics and other people continues in the mainstream media.  But Obama, instead of addressing this civil disorder that hits all of us, continues to fan the flames by complaining how women and others who are white were fearful of him in the past:


Huffington Post picture of Obama showing him in a library when he was a student


Obama was raised in a white middle class community in Hawaii by white grandparents while his daddy ran off to get other women pregnant.  And who never spoke to him or had any influence in raising him.  Obama’s photo above is from when he was in school.


Trayvon was kicked out of school and his mother’s home, too, for playing the gangsta game.  Trayvon took a number of pictures and videos of himself which the mainstream media refused to show the public.  Not one of these had a book in it.  The cruel fact is, one of the very few things the drop out teen in Florida had with the President is skin color.


The thing that is different is CULTURE.  Yes, that damning word in my own blog’s name.  Culture is greater than skin color.  If Obama has no clue why strangers who are female or vulnerable in some way, avoid him or take security moves when they see him is due entirely the gangsta culture.


If Hispanic males with tattoos and lowrider pants appear in public, the same security measures are taken.  When I walk around and spot someone aping the gangsta culture no matter what skin color, I am on full alert.  I expect some criminal action to occur.



Obama should have talked about this: Caught on Tape: Pro-Trayvon Martin ‘Protesters’ Attack Houston Grandmother and Refuse to Let Family Take Child to Hospital.  He should warn his people to heed the law and to cease this violence.  He should have given a speech explaining how he is NOT Trayvon at all but is entirely different due to how he was raised.


Instead, the right wing is having immense fun mocking him for being a thug.  The President has lost legitimacy by comparing himself to a young man who died because he jumped a Hispanic male, thinking the guy was  ‘gay’ and thus, a pushover.


Right now, gays are involved in a huge, long fight for basic civil and human rights.  In many countries, they are openly persecuted and murdered.  And this happens to gay black males!  Ninth gay man killed in suspected serial murders in South Africa …or the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill –passes and many African gays are openly murdered like this brave man who was assassinated several years ago:  David Kato, Gay Rights Activist, Is Killed in Uganda.  Then there is this story from this week:  Calls for consequences after death of Cameroonian gay activist.


Obama has much more in common with Kato and Lembembe, these two dead activists.  Here is the photo of the dead gay activist and do note his friendly face:

murdered gay activist Eric Lembembe


The President inflamed racial hatred by pretending he and his fellow black males have no idea why they are followed in stores and why white women in particular are scared of them.  To prove their collective point, they ar now going on major attack riots hitting white women and beating up Hispanics!  Which reinforces fears of black men!


Who actually like to swagger about, these wilding teens, sneering at people in the streets (I have seen the often!) knowing people will step off the sidewalk so they can stroll past, looking quite arrogant.  People especially white women are terrified of being suddenly surrounded by black teens and for very good reason.  And for the President to not mention this reason infuriates me.


And everyone here who is liberal, if they attack me, I would dearly love to take them to the ghetto for a stroll in broad daylight if they don’t have the courage to do this at night.



The liberal media is totally responsible for feeding these fires which are steadily harming innocent Americans as black teens justify their illegal and immoral behavior in the streets:  .MSNBC: More White Kids Need To Die In Order For Americans To Understand Racism… |



Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 9.07.42 AM



This is from a right wing site and note how Facebook censors them.  Meanwhile, on major TV, black males and some females are allowed to openly urge gang warfare against whites and Hispanics.  The lunacy of this editorial comment at MSNBC is, more whites ARE dying due to black teens running amok!!!  And the lesson everyone learns even if they are dishonest about it, is to avoid black teens like the plague and to pray they don’t come across the street to accost us.


I will be accused of racism for pointing out the obvious.  Here are two You Tube stories about a woman who demands welfare take care of her huge army of children whose father’s are either in prison or unemployed.  Both posters of these videos are black people angry about the ghetto culture:

Re: I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE’S GONNA PAY FOR ME & MY KIDS!!! – YouTube

15 Kid Welfare Mom: “Somebody Owes Me” – YouTube


The woman in these videos with the 15 children was hauled into court and accused of neglecting her children despite heroic efforts of the authorities to keep this large family fed and clothed and housed.  Despite welfare efforts, the woman had no shoes for her children, for example.  When she appeared in court, the judge asked her if she was pregnant again she refused to answer and was jailed.


Lest we think the Trayvon cause is the sole cause of all these wildings where young black people attack strangers for no reason, here is a news story from 4 years ago:  32 gangbangers arrested in hate crime roundup for targeting Whites and Latinos – YouTube.  This was the infamous riot in downtown Chicago and as per usual, the wilding teens attacked any white women they saw.


Most of whom were middle class.  Chicago doesn’t want to become Detroit but is going to end up that way if this continues.  In LA, rioters attacked the shopping district, too.  And why do they do this?


To loot stores, of course!  As well as having mass muggings.  One  female teen in the Chicago riot snatched a phone from a little girl and then looked at it closely and snarled that it was worthless to resell so she smashed it and went on to find another phone from another victim.


Is this Obama too?  Is he one of them?  Or has the discrimination he has faced (which has been precious little since he was handed scholarships on a silver platter due to being an intelligent black teen with manners!) over petty social issues due to white FEARS, so unnerved him he can’t see how this has been caused by fellow blacks being thugs?


We know the answer.  He hasn’t taken the trouble to examine this issue from the perspective of victims of black crime.  Instead, like with the Chicago wilding riot, the police were first ordered to stand down and only after the teens began trashing stores, did they move in to wrestle them to the ground.  And most charges have been quietly dropped only 4 months later, just this week.


In NYC many years ago, I was in court because I had an interest in seeing a crook put in prison when the judge let a previous crook go.  His buddies were sitting on a bench in front of me and they high fived each other and then one used his keys to scratch these words onto the bench’s back in front of him;: ‘WE BEAT THE SYSTEM!’


I called a reporter I knew from the Daily News who published a picture of this graffiti.  In addition, I waited until the judge got ready to go to his chambers when I asked the judge to come over and see something very interesting.  When he saw this, he became very angry.  And not at me for being the messenger.  He got the message.  The system failed.  And these young gangstas were laughing at him.


Obama has to talk about this.  Black kids shouldn’t celebrate ‘beating the system’.  And our prisons increasingly do nothing to rehabilitate criminals.  Instead, the gangsta ghetto culture thrives in prison and feeds back into the streets with fatal consequences.  And the prison guards now boast on camera how the ‘animals’ there rape, rob and kill inside!


This is terrible!  Such prisons should be closed down!!!  Instead, they are breeding grounds for hideous antisocial behavior which is fixed by people being shot dead and the prison population and street gangstas do this a great deal which is why 50% of the shooting victims are fellow blacks.


And you can bet, if Obama ever wandered the streets at night unprotected, these guys would mug him in a minute due to him being weak-looking as well as grey haired.  The #1 victim of muggings in ghettos are older men and women who are black.

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28 responses to “Detroit Bankrupt: Obama Talks Only About Trayvon Being Himself

  1. Sad but true…the left is dead.

  2. …and Obama made a measured and responsable comment immediately after the verdict but blew it yesterday. He looked depressed and conflicted. Interesting how poor dysfunctional whites tend to retreat into drugs and despair.

  3. emsnews

    Dysfunctional whites are quite violent. But they kill themselves with suicide like the Texas judge yesterday who shot himself while sitting on the bench…WOW…or they murder their family and girlfriends like the guy this week who shot dead all his cute little daughters to teach his ex-wife a lesson.

  4. z house

    I did a street view google search around Detroit , one, i was surprised by the vast scale of urban sprawl and how nice and open the subdivisions were. and contrary to the depictions in the press there seemed to be mostly well kept homes, except closer to downtown , but even there.

    ELAINE: This is due to around 35% of the homes vanishing after being burned down or abandoned. The Feds paid a lot of money to Detroit to do mass demolitions.

  5. Christian W

    Dysfunctional whites are quite violent. But they kill themselves with suicide…

    Unless they decide to go on rampages like Breivik did or join more organized dysfunctional violence organizations like the Army and pop off Arabs/Afghanis etc at any opportunity.

  6. LoisT

    z house, when you wrote about “urban sprawl” and “subdivisions”, did you mean inside or outside of the Detroit city limits? It’s definitely true for outside of the city limits, and not out of the question for inside either. You’re correct in that it’s very hard to accurately describe Detroit in easy sound bites. If someone makes a sweeping generalization, another person can quickly come up with a dozen examples showing otherwise.

    Unfortunately, since the city has lost close to two-thirds of its population since the 1950s and it seems like there’s abandoned buildings everywhere you look, it’s kind of hard to look past that.

  7. z house

    Lois , i was just looking at google maps ,sat view. city limits are not marked, in fact one community seems to blend with another. You can see the green spaces created by empty lots, but its not like reports that the area is ‘returning to farmland’ , farmland is long gone. Here on the BC coast we are squished up against the mountains and subdivisions are tight packed unlike the flatlands.

  8. emsnews

    Whoa! As a person who has been to Detroit in the past, I know what is missing today. A lot. And there are huge swaths that are called ‘parks’ which were once housing and businesses, often quite dense.

  9. lucky13

    RUINS OF DETROIT…Whites built it, feral blacks destroyed it.

  10. lucky13

    “The thing that is different is CULTURE.” Nope. The difference is DNA and with it IQ. Forget where I found this :
    Research has been done in the subject, and it seems black people have
    a different ankle build then other races. This results in their unusually
    fast speed and high jumping capabilities.

    While studies of the brain are not that advanced (due to the fact the brain is the most complex thing known to men – and as such is in need of years more to unlock all of its secrets), it wouldnt be far to assume blacks brain structure is somehow different from whites. looking at the statistics i say its a matter of time before science can officially “discover” there’s some difference (like we dont know that already…) and maybe then we can all understand what is so wrong with blacks.

  11. Melponeme_k


    That is ridiculous. You stumbled on a bit of RACIST pseudo-science.

    That is not the same as pointing out that some black teens have become enchanted by criminal culture.

    That smacks of elites believing they are holders of divine right and are just so wonderful god chose them to be rich/powerful.


    ELAINE: I agree. Racial differences in regards to intelligence is not the main issue. And what about anyone born with a lower IQ? This happens to anyone especially when it is caused by environmental pollution or genetic damage? The idea that ‘whites’ are super smart is dumb. And often people spouting this are not very bright.

  12. IAmSpartacus

    @ Melponeme_x: Perhaps, but is it racist to point out that everywhere that blacks are in charge, whether it be Detroit, Haiti, or Sub-Sahara Africa, are, without exception, the most dirty, corrupt, crime ridden, mismanaged, impoverished hellholes on the entire planet?!? There has to be a reason for it, besides “evil whitey”; Africa, in particular, has an abundance of natural and mineral wealth, and should be, by all rights, one of the most prosperous places in the world. A couple of places, like Detroit or Haiti, or even three or four, okay, that’s a coincidence, but all of them, EVERY LAST ONE, that’s causality.

  13. Christian W

    …what is so wrong with blacks…

    That is racist. Lucky, your posts don’t make any sense to me whatsoever most of the time but this is just ridiculous.


    ELAINE: Yes, this is ‘blame the victim’ time. That is, Africa was viciously exploited for 400+ years by Europeans. This brutal abuse cannot be excused or ignored. It set the stage for today’s woes. Ditto US cities. Blacks didn’t run our big cities UNTIL THE INDUSTRIAL JOBS WERE REMOVED OVERSEAS.

    Then they got to run the resulting mess which is impossible.

  14. vengeur

    I am not going to fall into this hate trap. C’mon now. We are being baited. Don’t take the bait. I’m not going to hate blacks or any other race. Good people have to disagree and focus on what we have and what we have to lose.


    ELAINE: We have to face the fact that many whites blame urban blight mainly on blacks. This keeps them from understanding how this came about,namely, the destruction of the ECONOMIC BASE of labor in cities when we saw all these factories be removed from our country.

  15. JT



  16. Willy Nilly

    So, Elaine, what pathetic violent low-life race are you?

  17. lucky13

    Mel, facts force me into ‘race realism’. While the media celebrates Mandela, SA is murder capital of the world.
    • Blacks are 5 times more likely to commit violence against the person.
    • Blacks are 4 times ‘more likely’ to commit sexual offences.
    • Blacks are 15 times ‘more likely’ to commit robbery.
    • Blacks are over 6 times ‘more likely’ to commit fraud and forgery.
    • Blacks are over twice as likely to commit criminal damage.
    • Black are 5 times ‘more likely’ to commit drugs offences.
    Link doesn’t work lately, for obvious reasons.
    Be sure and note the short paragraph towards the end: Whites outnumber Blacks 5 to 1. Yet Black assaults on Whites out number the reverse 8 to 1. Multiply the numbers: Black Males are 40 times more dangerous than White Males.
    1,018 Black Americans murdered by Black Americans since Trayvon Martin’s death 47 days ago
    The Lefty Report ^ | April 13, 2012
    Posted on Friday, April 13, 2012 9:33:38 AM by Free ThinkerNY
    But who’s counting?
    To be exact, the shameful truth is that 93% of African-American murders are committed by other African-Americans. That is breathtakingly awful when you consider how incensed the African-American community is about the Trayvon tragedy, no matter what you believe about Zimmerman’s guilt.
    Let’s do the gruesome math, not out of morbidity, but because it manifests the incredible self-centered insanity of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
    8,000-9,000 African-Americans are murdered each year.
    93% of them by other African-Americans.

  18. Ziff house

    Jeez, let’s forget about race ,this is about people in tough spots.

  19. You write, The right will blame people and the left will ignore people.

    I respond, Well … yes, this is true.

    To the left of right, is where most of society exists, and it has no virtue or ethics. Most want to enjoy their moral hazard, debt based prosperity, and those who reside downtown with me are either libertine or antisocial.

    You write, When I walk around and spot someone aping the gangsta culture no matter what skin color, I am on full alert. I expect some criminal action to occur.

    When I walk around I am alert for antisocial individuals For the last thirteen years, I have resided with antisocial individuals or neighbors; this is a God thing; He continually places me in dens of the antisocial ones, that I might come to know His virtue and His ethics.

    Yesterday I went to the Bellingham’ Farmer’s Market, which is hosted in a modern block long structure whose central building is surrounded by covered market stalls for use during weekend community events, doubling as covered parking during for businesses during the week.

    I found a vendor with tree ripend fruit such as cherries and peaches; and waited in line behind a babushka with special summertime food coupons making slow payment for her purchase, it was like she was trying to haggle. I was wathching that no nut case would come along and purposefully bump into me, causing a disruption.

    On leaving, I had my antisocial radar on all the way, scoping for trouble makers to avoid. And sure enough when walking by Rumors, the gay and lesbian disco, and Boundary Bay Bistro, the major beer garden, there on the sidewalk dead ahead was a man known to me as a antisocial. He had on a white t-shirt and a green military style baseball cap; appearing very much the exmilitary type.

    So what was he doing? He was sitting in a chair that was not his; he didn’t bring a chair; no he doesn’t own one; he sits in chairs that belong to others; this is typical predator animal behavior; simply taking over the property that belongs to another and using it as a perch. He was salivating; watching the whole group of people at market. I simply passed on by; terrified all the time.

    An inquiring mind asks “Like whoabe Obama’s Father? Obama could not have been Trayvon Martin, as he was raised to be a neoconservative by Jewish Chicago rabbis and Jewish Chicago mentors who fathered him and nurtured him in neoconservativism life.

    As for me, I have many fathers of faith in God; these be Noah, Abraham, Moses, and most importantly Jesus, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    Oh, by the way, I had to rewrite my comment many times, because Word Press moderated me for the use of the word psyc…… requring me to use antisocial.

  20. emsnews

    I didn’t know WordPress was doing that. I did not request that censorship. And psycho is a known word and isn’t obscene.

  21. Annoyed

    Hey Elaine. Remember in 2008 when Obama was the front runner, and you had all sorts of high hopes for him, despite it being obvious to most of us that he was an NWO shill. I mean, who takes a billion in campaign funding from Goldman Sachs, right? Anyway – back then a few of us ardent Ron Paul supporters on your blog were trying to point out that Barry was compromised and this was a briliant marketing campaign, nothing more, and what did Elaine Supkis respond with in her blog? Ron Paul was a “racist” because he lived in TX, and “Everyone in TX is Racist”.

    RP is from PA originally, btw

    It seems to me that Barry sure enjoys pulling out that race card (despite the overwhelming number of whites that put him in office. Twice.)

    ELAINE: You overlook the fact that I was not a huge supporter but rather, concerned about MY civil rights and still am. The Ron Paul people don’t care much about my rights nor did the Tea Party, etc. Look, my rights matter a great deal and libertarians have to understand how my rights are protected and frankly, they don’t care much. They want privileges for themselves while I lose my freedoms.

    See? If the libertarians were very much ‘women’s rights’ including supporting laws forbidding discrimination and protecting our right to medical care for sexual matters, then we can talk about other things.

  22. Annoyed

    Here – this might help you to go back and reconsider labeling someone racist because of the state they are from. After all, he had the vision to see the future

  23. lucky13

    Thanks, Annoyed. Why are Whites afraid to look at facts on Blacks? EMS is not, as she has lived in the ghetto!

  24. emsnews

    And living there, I did NOT hide from black neighbors but got very involved in their lives including finally going into prisons to advocate for black prisoners, get them out and get them employed.

    And I was not seen as a push over, either. There was a lot of ‘street cred’ involved earned the hard way (ahem).

  25. What killed Detroit was our trade and monetary policies and white flight in the 60’s.

  26. lucky13

    Really? then why are other cities doing much better? And what is White Flight other than non blacks fleeing feral blacks? Why are they fleeing?

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