Microsoft Windows 8 Shatters Shatters Stock Value, Micro Mini-Me iPad Poor Sales

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Microsoft, still reeling from revelations that the corporation was the very first to enthusiastically assist the NSA spying, is also reeling from a bad reception from its Windows 8, the fall in standard computer sales which hits the Windows sales and finally, the blow of lack of interest in their copy cat iPads has lead to investors dumping the stocks which lost $34 billion in value in just one day.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.


I recall quite vividly that when Apple introduced the iPad, all the pros sneered that no one would want it and it would be a failure.  Curious about it, I went to the Apple store with family to tool around with it.  The early iPads were quite addictive and one of my family bought one. I waited until the new model came out and tried it out in the store and was amazed at how the computer made all images amazingly vivid and sharp.  No matter how much you zoom in, it is very sharp, never fuzzy.


Playing video games, reading things or watching videos, etc. was a deep pleasure.  During the last year, out of curiosity, hearing about how the Microsoft iPad was nifty, I tried one out.  It was horrible.  Since I was accustomed to the amazing visuals of the Apple iPad, it was a shock seeing images on the Microsoft machine.  I struggled to explain how repulsive it was.  ‘Greasy,’ was one word that finally came to mind.


It just looked weird.  It is hard to turn back from the Apple experience.  Recently I watched some videos of volcanos both on my Apple PC and the iPad.  The experience was totally different due to the visual clarity issue.  The show looked absolutely gorgeous on the iPad and merely interesting on the PC.  The ‘retina display’ used by Apple now for all their products is truly revolutionary and a great deal of fun to use.


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Of course, the real drubbing Microsoft had in the past was when it suddenly began climbing very high during the .com boom with a classic hockey stick graph and then losing roughly 60% of its value and then sort of mucking along with periodic sudden falls on back quarterly reports.  It went below $30 a share when the overall stock market took a drubbing when the banking crisis hit, for example.


Apple has taken big hits recently too.  But these were due mainly to Steve Jobs dying and the flooding of the iPhone markets with copy cats mainly in Asia.  Which is normal for any new niche business.  And good for all of us since we have competition!  Competition is our friend!  It gives us a choice.  I still remember my joy when first using the resurrected Apples due to easy human/computer interface.  Still love this.

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20 responses to “Microsoft Windows 8 Shatters Shatters Stock Value, Micro Mini-Me iPad Poor Sales

  1. JT

    iCloud is a wet dream to NSA.
    They could only have dreamed of having this kind of records of all US citizens.

    Apple is worse than Microsoft.
    Apart from hotmail ms cloud services are new and not so widely used.

  2. Christian W

    Apple is the poison apple presented by the Evil Witch.

    So nice and shiny and smooth and… poisonous.

  3. emsnews

    And the way to stop spying is…to have the courts stop it. Now…we are stuck in a stupid cycle of hysteria over a very stupid fight in stupid Florida. That is being blown up into a race war by our media. While the Snowden spy news vanishes.

  4. Christian W

    Indeed. Like you I never bothered with the Zimmerman/Treyvon case.

    This is a good example of the bullshit drowning brains tactics again.

  5. Microsoft keeps blowing it with their OS..Let’s see..Vista.,managed to miss that one but I had a notebook with XP I hated.After 4 or 5 “service packs” it was still unstable.After each hard drive wipe I would have to download the many gigabytes of service pack before waiting for the next Blue screen of death.And to bring out windows 8 centered around touch when a good percentage of your base is corporate desktops seems to me out of touch.heheh.

  6. Christian W

    The US is now run by SECRET courts. Those courts want stop anything.

  7. Being There

    Ha, indeed
    The big concentration on the Florida case is what I call misdirection.
    I do that with my young male cat when he’s acting in ways I don’t want. I just call his attention to something else and Voila! He’s no longer interested in the first thing that attracted his attention.
    Yes, we are like cats to those who want our attention drawn to the things that divide us. They can do so much more damage to us that way.

    PS the Apple interface has always been superior and both companies see highs and lows. In the mid-90’s Apple almost tanked and Bill Gates stepped in to save it.

    Competition is what Capitalism is all about, private Monopoly control is fascist. State monopoly is communist.

  8. JT

    @peter c

    Wholesalers delivering downgraded to win7 workstations here already.
    Same thing as with vista.

    Not sure if MS counts them as 8’s or 7’s.

    Win7 has not been so bad IMO.

  9. JT


    Since you apparently don’t understand let me explain.

    All you apple devices send:
    – your text messages
    – your contacts
    – your notes
    – all your photos (soon videos)
    – your location at all times
    – web pages you have open
    straight to be analyzed by NSA

    Your phone provider gives them your phone records.
    And your email provider gives them all your emails.

    And they can match them up with the mac address of your device.

  10. JT


    they apparently have a “3 step rule” so if a friend of your friend has called or sent an email to a suspicious person you can be tracked, even if you have never had any connection with anyone suspected of something.

    they estimate that all internet users are within 5 steps of oneanother.

    ELAINE: We are all terrorists. 🙂

  11. JT


    so if you have a friend of a friend who likes to for example make his own fireworks.
    then someone in NSA might be looking at your photos smoking pot and masturbating in your gimp suit.
    now if I were you I would find that an invasion of your privacy.

  12. Jim R

    Another little item buried in the back pages:

    A CIA thug, convicted in Italy of an “extraordinary rendition” kidnapping, was captured by Panama. Italy tried to extradite him (the ordinary way), and Panama caved to pressure from the US and did not extradite, but merely released him.

    ELAINE: Fear of impending race riots between enraged Hispanics and chip on the shoulder blacks has driven other news to the back pages. And yes, I saw that story. The US uses all its power to protect spies and punish whistle blowers.

  13. tio


    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to condone/dismiss anything of the kind. My only excuse is that I am foreign, and so therefore, is my humour. “might be looking at your photos smoking pot and masturbating in your gimp suit” … have we met? My ‘adopt a nerd’ link was supposed to indicate to anyone less technically inclined where they might get some much needed advice to evade ‘the man’, *sigh*. 47 6f 20 54 75 78.

  14. JT


    😀 .
    Well you are foreign as am I. Then the only difference is that since we are second rate citizens of the world NSA does not need to ask permission or even suspect us of wrongdoing in order to take look at our gimp suit photos.
    What little protection there is only applies to US citizens.
    And conversations with us citizens.

  15. JT


    “ELAINE: We are all terrorists. :)”

    It’s not funny to me.
    I was hoping to take my grandkids to Disney World one day (my grandfather took all of us).
    Now I cannot be sure if I can since I’ve written something negative about Israel here.
    At least I’m sure, I will not take my laptop or iPhone with me.
    If I can still get in I will come with my trusted 7 year old Nokia phone.
    The one without surveillance and where the battery lasts 2 weeks (and you can remove it).

  16. look’s like a one day washout…still long since $25 a share. Microsoft the next IBM?

  17. JT

    They photograph all letters too?
    (senders address and letter)

  18. lucky13

    Off topic…The Muslin Closet, I mean Muslim. Elaine, guess what Pakistan’s most popular web searches are? Gay Porn and Tranny Porn!!!!

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