Black Street Thugs Shoot Family Of 5 ‘White Hispanics’ In NYC Day Of Trayvon Demonstrations

Huffington Post exaggerates race issues

Since the debate about crime in our cities continues raging onwards, as a New Yorker, I have to publish this story even if it irritates people because they don’t want to think about this anymore.  Alas, we must.  Yesterday, the liberal parts of our media made a big thing about the black protests who were trying to put a man found not guilty in prison on some spurious charges.  Using the ‘racism’ tool in a case like this is noxious in the extreme because it violates the civil rights of a ‘white Hispanic’ as the news is very fond of calling Mr. Zimmerman.  While the demonstrators were trying to act as if Trayvon is a civil rights icon, an attempt at mass murder happened in Brooklyn when a gang of black teens, angry about having the cops called on them when they attacked a ‘white Hispanic’ young woman at work, shot the family.

To see clearly how the liberal media has worked tirelessly to turn the scuffle and death in Florida into this insane fairytale about how black teens are scared to walk the streets, the biggest pusher of this story is the Huffington Post and here is one of the worst editorials there (and there are a lot of these sort!):  Boys With Tender Hearts and Big Dreams in Their Hoodies | Eve Ensler who is white female and a Hollywood playwright:


I am not you. I am not Trayvon Martin. I will never know what it feels like to live in the skin, in the daily rhythms and predeterminations of a black boy or man in America. I will never know what it is like to always be held suspect, to feel categorized from birth as dangerous. But as a woman, there are things I do know and things that I have experienced that bring us into the same story, the same struggle. I know for example what it is like to walk the streets, any streets, (particularly at dusk or dark) and be totally vulnerable, in trepidation and terror. I know what it’s like to be worried about being followed, to speed up my step or slow down and pretend to be casual. It’s a pity the prosecutors were unable to communicate your terror to the all-female jury, as we would hope they would have connected.


This writer obviously doesn’t read the news much or she is sadly naive about people and yet her fellow buddies (ethnic group) have given her a Tony award.  The entire Jewish community has gone to great, great lengths to hide the Jewish father of Mr. Zimmerman in all this.  There are no calls for Jews to apologize to blacks!  The media made a huge error in yelling about how the shooter was ‘white’ during the first days and when it was learned who daddy was, had to turn to the racist ‘white Hispanic’ to tar his reputation.


The bizarre idea that gangs of black teens are scared to walk the streets at night has been the one thing liberals cling to desperately and black activists trumpet triumphantly.  No sane person would assert such a bizarre idea!  We all know two things: gangs of black teens LOVE to roam the streets at night.  And furthermore, the main danger to them all are other gangs of black teens.  The death rate of black teen gang versus black teen gang is very high when they encounter each other, and is much  higher than the death rate of all other races or ethnic groups when it comes to shooting deaths.


The jurors have reasonable fear of walking alone at night and fear, quite justifiably, encountering even one black teen wearing a hoodie.  Most women of all sorts go to great lengths to avoid meeting this sort of person due to the crime tsunami that has destroyed a huge part of the black community.  The inability of our media loudmouths to talk about all this greatly irritates me.  The demonstrations yesterday were nearly uniformly racist in nature and led to this news:   5 family members shot after daughter files police report for harassment at McDonald’s that ended with a young man throwing a milkshake in her face | Mail Online


The victims were taken to local hospitals and all are expected to survive their injuries. The daughter was not present during the shooting because she was at work.  Police have not yet made any arrests or released a description of the shooter or shooters. ‘If the police can’t take care of us, we’ll have to start taking care of ourselves,’ Hernandez added.


A young Hispanic ethnic woman was at work, the thugs sauntered into the fast food store and ordered drinks.  Then, one of these thugs who ‘looks like me,’ as Obama said so eloquently, made a sexual pass at the server (‘I was mistaken as a server’ as Obama said the other day) and so she told him to leave her alone and in retaliation he threw his drink in her face.  So…her father, outraged by this attack, reported the thug to the police.  Who then questioned him.


This led to the thug  (EXACTLY LIKE TRAYVON) to ‘teach the (insert Trayvon’s slur about Zimmerman here) a lesson’.  Unlike Trayvon who, to everyone’s surprise wasn’t carrying a gun, this hoodie hood was carrying a gun.  The police nabbed him quickly because, like many criminals, the black shooter returned to the scene of his crime to collect his gun which he dropped.  Yes, often killers or shooters do this!  The police know this and often wait for them to show up again.  Honest!


All of the written news stories carrying the city’s version of what happened left out the race of the attempted murderer while letting us know the victims were ‘white Hispanics’.  This enraged nearly all the commenters there and I decided to show their rage because this is an important part of the story unfolding in our hate-filled nation heading towards yet another race war:  5 people shot in revenge violence at Bushwick, Brooklyn, park –


OCTAVARIUM9 hours ago
So tell me, Daily News, was the shooter white, black, Hispanic, or some other origin? You are not publishing the full story!

REALMAXILLA9 hours ago
Seriously, you need to ask if they were white? Seriously? In NYC when a minority is shot, 100% of the time, the shooter is also a minority.

unless it bernard goetz

MIKE MALFI8 hours ago
if he was white it would’ve been on every national news show and headlined every newspaper. but since they don’t say you know its “minority”

VINMAM7 hours ago
How true

do not ask racist questions

BOBBYO210 hours ago
On TV the news had a woman who said over and over it was 4 black men.
Why can’t the daily news say that?
Oh because it can not tell the truth on Trayvon day huh?


Our media hopped on the ‘hate white Hispanics’ bandwagon very early on.  They constantly talked about Mr. Zimmerman’s race.  Meanwhile, this same media has this blanket rule that if the perps are black, no mention of this fact.  Even when the public is in grave danger from some violent criminal on the loose and it is imperative we know as much as possible so we can either turn that person in or avoid this individual, the main identifying factor of what he or she looks like is censored.  This is a a disgrace.


Yes, the black community is outraged they are seen as dangerous but the cure for this is to stop the crime wave that has turned many, far too many black teens into violent street thugs.  The smash and grab culture that is all the rage in  many black communities means people associate all blacks with this which is terrible for the many, many black people who are law abiding and civil.  To have an honest conversation about all this is highly important and the elevation of a violent teen thug has made things much, much worse, not better.


I fear the recent shooting of a white Hispanic family yesterday was partially due to the shooter thinking he had a right to ‘teach them all a lesson’ just like the many teen gangs this last three months attacking people for no reason feel that this is just revenge for the Florida shooting.  I see all over the web, lots of comments from white posters who express the sentiments the ones at the NY Post.  Racists are latching onto the rhetoric of the black civil rights leaders (sic) and their liberal supporters to point out that everyone who is ‘white’ is now in danger due to this case and the response of these leaders who are egging on a race war.


The US encourages race/tribal/religious wars overseas.  Our government arms people doing this.  We give 100% support for Jewish racism in the Middle East.  Our drone assassin program mainly hits Shia rebels fighting the Saudi/Gulf dictators while our government demonizes all Muslims including US citizens who are Muslim.  This is, naturally, getting entirely out of hand.  Making pronouncements about how evil race/ethnic warfare while we do exactly that overseas, is causing our nation to head into exactly these sort of revolts and mass murder.  And shooting at an entire family of Hispanics is exactly that: an attempt at wiping all of them out.


In other crime news from my former stomping grounds in Brooklyn:  Brooklyn DA bares names of Orthodox sex pervs in policy shift


The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office has convicted 45 men — and one woman — in sex-attack cases in the Orthodox Jewish community since it began a crackdown more than four years ago, officials say.


DA Charles Hynes gave The Post their names, except for several juveniles, in a major shift from his prior stance that publicizing the perverts could expose the victims to vicious intimidation or deter others from coming forward.


The hiding of these Orthodox rapists and sex abusers was racist.  Or rather, it was the DA conspiring with Jewish power brokers to hide Jewish crimes.  Just like our media doesn’t attack Mr. Zimmerman for being a racist Jew, the media owners who are overwhelmingly Jewish, have gone along with hiding vicious criminals from the public while pretending they did this to protect the victims!  And pray tell, how are we supposed to protect our families from these rapists if we don’t know who they are and how they operate?


The Jewish rapists had a modus operandi which they used over and over again and it didn’t involve throwing drinks at young Hispanic women.  It was all done under the blanket protection of their community which turned a blind eye, like many black communities, to obvious crimes.  And then sided with the criminals when the police began arresting people.  True, the Hassidim didn’t shoot the families of the victims of rape like the black thugs.  But they instead, would punish the victims socially and even beat them up which is what goes on in Israel all the time, too.

The bad racist habits in Israel are crossing over to here!  When a community, black or Jewish or white, closes into itself and then allows crime and protects obvious criminals, we get a collapse of civility.  The other side of all this crime is the War on Drugs.  When the US asked Mexico to crack down on drug dealers, the State Police turned into the worst dealers of all, very violent and they founded the Zeta gang.  Now, Vicente Fox who started all this has changed his mind:  Mexico could legalize marijuana in five years: former president Vicente Fox | The Raw Story


Mexico could legalize marijuana in five years: former president Vicente Fox | The Raw StorySAN CRISTOBAL, Mexico (Reuters) – Mexico could legalize marijuana within the next five years, stripping brutal drug cartels of a major source of income, former President Vicente Fox said on Friday.


Fox, who battled the powerful cartels while president between 2000 and 2006, has since become a staunch advocate of reforming Mexico’s drug laws, arguing that prohibition has helped create the criminal market that sustains the gangs.


I pray this is going to happen.  The rapid deterioration of the inner cities is directly due to loss of factory jobs and the Nixon War on Drugs.  Whites use the inner cities to supply drugs.  Black teens make a lot of money selling these drugs and a great deal of mayhem is due to them fighting over drug sales territory.  To stop this continuing collapse of the black community, we have to take away the profit motive from illegal drugs.  There is no other solution that will stop crime.


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16 responses to “Black Street Thugs Shoot Family Of 5 ‘White Hispanics’ In NYC Day Of Trayvon Demonstrations

  1. IAmSpartacus

    What maybe the biggest irony in GZ being a “white hispanic” is that the white supremacists wouldn’t consider GZ to be white in the first place; they don’t accept Jews or Hispanics as being white. If it were possible, (it isn’t, for obvious reasons!) Sharpton, Jackson, or anyone else who goes on and on about white racism should attend a KKK or an American Nazi party rally, then they would see what really IS white racism. When every little thing in our PC culture gets decried as being racist, we run the risk of desensetizing people to what real racism is.


    ELAINE: To me this is painfully obvious. The real KKK/Nazi world hates Hispanics and Jews. On the other hand, every minority eventually, when they can, dreams of being KKK/Nazi, too. So I would suggest people want to be ‘superior’ and I have been a victim of this more than once in my life.

  2. lucky13

    Zim can be described in many ways, including as a ‘Jewish Mulatto’.

    Re: The media made a huge error in yelling about how the shooter was ‘white’ during the first days and when it was learned who daddy was, had to turn to the racist ‘white Hispanic’ to tar his reputation………….You have an uncanny way of reading ‘media spin’….Cheers.

  3. lucky13

    Eve Ensler [is she ‘tribe’?] ‘This writer obviously doesn’t read the news much…’ Or she reads her ‘news’ at Salon and Huff Post! 8000 Blacks are killed by other Black males each and every year, in the USA. 3% of USA population does the killings, young BMs.

  4. lucky13

    For those who do not know the facts about ‘cute lil trayvon’, they are briefly posted here:

  5. lucky13

    Off topic, Elaine you had mentioned people struggling and necessity of EBT.
    In the ‘we are the world category’ :
    People taking foodstamp food and shipping it to relatives abroad.

  6. emsnews

    I can’t get angry about the foodstamp thing because…do you think families here should let family at home starve?

    No. I have actually seen real starving children in third world countries when I was a child and it broke my heart! It was horrifying.

    True story: many bedraggled thin, bony children would assail tourists in Mexico in the 1950’s selling Chicklet gums.

    I hate Chicklet gums. But every year I would earn nickels and dimes doing household chores and then take several dollars worth to Mexico and then hand it out to these children while pretending I loved Chicklets.

    I would then take these home and hand them out to classmates.

  7. vengeur

    Eve Ensler says :”The men with unexamined history and closed hearts. The men who are just waiting for a target, an excuse”. And she is so deluded, she cannot see she just described young Trayvon. Eve Ensler is exactly that kind of sick woman who falls in love and marries convicted killers in prison. Through their twisted emotion, they identify and fall in love with the criminal.

  8. CK

    The politically illegal drug trade supplies a huge income to: drug dealers, bankers, police, political donees, drug interdictors and pharmaceutical companies. Will you explain why you think anyone is going to interdict this huge flow of monies by making drug use legal at any level? One does not cut off the financial nose to propitiate some idiotic notion of democracy regnant.
    On top of that, drug dealing is the main source of prole income in the “diversity” community. Remove the illegality from drugs, and the diverse have zip income. The reason that this is true is that almost all drugs ( meth being the exception ) are agricultural products — they are low cost commodity products and their price without the price support of drug illegality would be about the equivalent of a pound of sugar or of flour. In other words, without the support of the police and the politicians and the bankers, cocaine would cost about $14 a kilo, marijuana is a weed that will grow anywhere, without the price support of the police and the politicians, Mary Jane would be about free; a pack of fine fat boys would set you back less than a dollar including the packaging and the matches.
    Not only that, but without the “attraction of the forbidden” use of most of these fine agricultural products would be reduced. I mean really what is kewl about flour or sugar or salt or agricultural cocaine or ditch weed?

  9. emsnews

    Yup, you are right, CK! Alas.

  10. z house

    funny i thought after Obama got elected americans ‘were so over’ the race crap.

  11. lucky1

    Z house, here:
    No Hallmark Channel special will be made about any of the following names, and it’s entirely possible you’ve never even heard them mentioned before:

    Robert Placette, 64

    Amelia Rudolf, 93 – home invasion, burglarized, strangled; raped

    Fannie Gumbinger, 99 – home invasion, burglarized; murdered

    Delbert Belton, 88 – robbed, beaten; murdered

    Penny Terk, 73 – home invasion, murdered

    Vivian Reeser, 90 – home invasion, assault, robbery

    Nancy Harris, 76 – murdered; set afire during store robbery

    Pastor Don Shockley – attacked with hammer during robbery

    Carl Griffith, Sr., 72 – murdered

    Peggy Dart, 62 – Assaulted; purse snatched

    Paula Castle, 85 – Robbed; murdered

    Joan Anne Hughes, 70 – Murdered by stabbing

    Pauline Cook, 82 – Beaten to death

    Kathryn “Kit” Grazioli, 87 – Abducted, murdered; body burned

    Dave Oakleaf, 74 – Beaten to death with a baseball bat

    William Zachary, 66 – Murdered; home invasion

    John Siakala Jr., 67 – Murdered; severe head trauma

    Frederick Rein, 66 – Assaulted, robbed; killed

    Alton Wilcox, 85 – home invasion, stabbed; murdered and Darla Wilcox, stabbed

    Nancy Strait, 85, and Bob Strait, 90 – home invasion, beaten, robbed; murdered

    Minnie Ray Seabolt, 79, – killed in shooting spree

    Robert Heym, 65 – murdered

    Grace Suozzi, 70 – assaulted

    Thirza Sweeten, 79 – murdered

    George Leroy Baker III, 81 – beaten to death (murdered)

    Kenneth Athey, 82 – stabbed, beaten; burned

    Jack Mac Girdner, 73 – murdered

    Dorothy Mink, 71 – raped, murdered

    Leroy Jones, 75 – home invasion, murdered with an ax

    Joseph J. DeVivo, 87 – abducted, robbed, murdered

    Do you remember Barack Obama’s famous “Race” speech made in the wake of the Reverend Wright controversy from 2008? Steve Sailer provided the context, when Obama said:

    I can no more disown [Rev. Dr. Wright] than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.

    Since Obama gave this speech in March of 2008, all of the above has transpired. His grandmother was correct to be fearful and to exercise caution, though in our age she is the ultimate villain. [sbpdl site]

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