We Visit The Most Violent, Murderous Parts Of Chicago: Not Nearly As Wrecked As Detroit!

The Hoodie Store at intersection where the most murders in Chicago at West Madison and North Cicero

The Hoodie Store (my name for this joint) on the corner of West Madison and North Cicero, Chicago’s West Side, between the rail roads and Highway 290.Austin — Chicago Crime — ChicagoTribune.com has a murder map for Chicago.  I wanted to visit these actual neighborhoods to see what is going on there.  The right wing part of the media has this endless talking point about how violent Chicago is and that this is nearly 100% black on black or black on white crime, not anything like the Zimmerman business.  So I thought it is time to actually visit Chicago to see first hand, what is going on there.

Chicago Ave and N. Cicero St. where many black on black murders happen

North Cicero and Chicago Avenue intersection where drug dealers who are black kill each other in big numbers.

Here is one big attractor of gunmen seeking easy pickings:

ATM for poor people right in middle of high murder intersection in Chicago

And across this intersection with many murders is this business:

Marathon gas station at intersection in Chicago with many murders

Anyone who can Watch The First 48 Full Episodes & Videos Online – A&E TV soon sees that an awful lot of murders begin their events at these sort of gas stations.  Drug dealers use them as platforms due to customers refusing to go into dark, dangerous hoods. So they meet at the local 24 hour gas station well after dark.  This is a big driver of black on black murder as dealers fend off competition using the ‘spray bullets everywhere’ methodology.


Most violent district in Chicago for murders, nearly 100% black on black


Chicago crime stats for only one district

If you look at this information, things are actually getting somewhat better with only (!!!) three murders in one month.  Other parts are worse.  Englewood is worse than the Austin district as per # of people versus crimes.  The murder rate is 3.1 per 1,000 people per year.

Englewood, Chicago has a very high murder rate


one month crime stats for Englewood, Chicago


This isn’t one year’s stats, it is ONE MONTH.  We are lucky this is down from last year which was worse!  There is this cluster of prostitution/narcotics/murder going on in the southern portion of this district so I went to South Halsted Street and saw this enterprising business:

Harold's Fried Chicken store in Englewood, Chicago


Most businesses are shuttered.  This one seems to be hanging on there.  Note how Harold’s Fried Chicken Shack also has a razor wire, 6 foot tall fence!  Now one thing I notice here is, none of the worst neighborhoods when it comes to crime look anything like Detroit.  Detroit is a complete mess with lots and lots of devastation.  Many neighborhoods there are no longer high crime simply because virtually no one lives there anymore.


Most of my Google map roaming of the high crime areas of Chicago did see some boarded up houses or destroyed properties and many places had iron fences and other security stuff.  But again, not even close to Detroit’s desperate measures to keep out crooks with nearly every abandoned house with steel bars on doors and windows, for example.  That place has been nearly totally overwhelmed by crime and destruction with very high rates of arson unlike Chicago.


I remember when NYC had a high arson rate.  Constant fires with explosions of fire whenever the electricity was cut off by say, thunder storms.  This happened while the city was going bankrupt. And was very noticeable.  The Bronx Is Burning is no joke, I watched it burn, myself.  Bushwick was burning, too, nearly as badly.  100 year old apartment buildings were going up in smoke and this was so owners could collect fire insurance and flee or residents torching homes for revenge or to get into city housing which was reserved for them if they lost their homes.


So this service for people who needed help was greatly abused and in fact, we kept an eye out for people preparing to torch their apartments if we saw them moving their valuables suddenly.  In fact, our patrol which tracked people doing this sort of ‘innocent’ thing prevented my own neighborhood from complete destruction.  Yes, even very subtle things are clues as to potential crimes!  We studied these things and made ourselves ‘street canny’ instead of naive.


Here is a documentary made years ago about the busiest firehouse in America back then, when I was geared up full time to prevent fires in my own part of Brooklyn which included sitting on the flat roof of my brownstone with binoculars, prying into everyone’s business:  Man Alive: The Bronx Is Burning (Part 1 of 4) FDNY 1972 – YouTube.  When cities go bankrupt, violence gets ten times worse.  I lived through this in a high crime neighborhood where a large numbers of buildings were destroyed by riots and other events.


I have a strong vested interest to see these things not happen.  I know what it is like to live where people are scared about arsonists or murderers.  Taking control is very challenging.  We see from the news this year, gated communities not only have crimes but are racked over the coals if they have a violent reaction to crimes.  We see in Chicago’s news that the people living in the crime infested neighborhoods are going on wilding sprees deep inside the ‘safe’ communities.


Now for the #1 property crime part of Chicago: the Loop which is the business and main shopping district.  A very bad piece of news for Chicago.

Chicago's Loop district is #1 for property crime

One month's crime stats for June 2013 in the Loop

Nearly 300 thefts and I bet the real rate is double that, many people don’t bother with the cops as we didn’t bother much during the worst of the 1970’s crime spree.  I, personally, was robbed or had things stolen roughly every 3-4 months and my neighbors had the same thing happen.  Heck, once while working on a front door, I put down my screw driver and a crook stole it…to use to break and enter homes!  I was very steamed.


Everyone I knew had to have elaborate locking up schemes because we couldn’t leave anything exposed for even one minute like my screw driver which was right next to me when some nimble person snitched it.


Back to Chicago: at least the Loop didn’t have a murder during the last month.  Most unusual for Chicago.  And yes, the theft rate was down by a third compared to the previous year.  People living there are reasonably afraid they might turn into Detroit.  And of course, preventing this means preventing the US from allowing endless imports because these are the indirect cause of our cities going off the cliff in the first place.

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14 responses to “We Visit The Most Violent, Murderous Parts Of Chicago: Not Nearly As Wrecked As Detroit!

  1. lucky13

    Christopher W [over in Scandinavia?] listen to this gal tell her tale:

  2. Hi Christian W thanks for the link. A very well put together dissident right blog. Ambrose comes accross as a far right neo-conservative intellectual but I did enjoy reading his perspective. The video of the reporter interviewing the Chicagoland black “gang bangers” was actually pretty funny…I think Ambrose missed the cynicism of the reporter, however. Everyone one should check this blog and watch the video of the “liberal reporter” and watch it to the end. Something very unusual happens near the conclusion of the program where the field reporter is back in the newsroom chatting with the host. I might add both reporter and host are white. The host asked the reporter if anything can be done to stop the murderous anarchy in Chicago and the reporter said basically nothing can be done with the host nodding in agreement. Normally a reporter would talk about community outreach, better schools blah blah but not this time…very strange!

  3. Christian W

    Hm? It was Lucky13 who provided the link, not me. (Haven’t seen it yet).

  4. lucky13

    Irentier, did you check the 2 Bobby Rush clips?

  5. Willy Nilly

    Didja score a rock at Cicero & Chi? How big for how much?

  6. Englewood, IL, is inhabited by the Spirit of Murder as Wikipedia relates Englewood was the home of Dr. H. H. Holmes, one of the first publicized serial murderers in America.

    I know of such things, because I live in the Sea Breeze Apartments, in Bellingham; one of the apartments here at one time was a morgue. The Spirit of Morbidity pervades: that is why so many antisocial people live in my building and in “the hood “. Yet, I like it here because I have a nice ocean view and goda low rent.

    Wikiepedia relates Englewood is noted for Rappers Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and Lil Reese. And Wikipedia relates Englewood has a poverty rate of 44%, which is substantially higher than the overall poverty rate in Chicago of 20%.

    Natalie Moore reports in WBEZ 91.5 article “Chicago’s highest murder rate in Englewood”, that Harvey, a young black male, relates The Englewood police district clocked in more murders in 2011 than any other district. The area’s crime problem is amplified because of other urban ills afflicting the neighborhood. Unemployment in and around Englewood is a whopping 35 percent. The article concludes It’s like what 16-year-old Harvey, the teenager who has had five friends die, says: He’s tired of going to funerals.

  7. Yes I tried to watch Bobby Rush but it was not funny. Bobby Rush’s Congressional seat was challenged by Obama oddly enough.

  8. DeVaul

    I wish this city would go bankrupt:


    I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone would work there who is not an actual slave. You can be beheaded just for having an affaire.

    I believe Cheney lives there now. He must be really happy.

  9. lucky13

    ‘Cheney lives there now’ or has Bu$in$$ there. Dick is a global citizen!

  10. DeVaul

    Oh, right, I forgot.

    Wish I could see his passport from the Country of Global.

    Rich people want us to be global citizens so they can rule us all. They are not content to rule just those trapped in their own countries. They want to rule the Pygmies, the Inuits, the Lapplanders — everyone.

  11. lucky13

    Country of Global= UN, CFR, Bilderbergers.

  12. westsider

    Austin is far more violent than Englewood. FBI says that the west side of Chicago is one of the most violent neighborhoods in the nation.

  13. emsnews

    Quite true, alas.

    And NYC’s search efforts and gun laws to disarm thugs is working like magic.

  14. Luc

    This may displease some but Black crime rates / murder rates are similar..
    in USA and Africa. Some [black] cities in USA have murder rates as high as those of South Africa and other very dangerous places.

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