Zimmerman Saves Driver In Fiery Crash

And he put out the fire with his extinguisher!  This news has hit the professional left very hard. I went to Salon and Huffington Post to read the comments of people who pride themselves on being ‘rational, truthful and love humanity’ to read their snarls, screams of pain and criticisms of Mr. Zimmerman.  It was all very sad for me because I am a ‘liberal’ but also very ‘conservative’ in many ways.


This left/right business is called ‘polarization’ and is a tool for keeping people from working together to deal with mutual problems.  People like myself who is not totally left or right are attacked often by both sides.  Readers here get mad with me whenever I stray away from the ‘official left lockstep’ and right wingers get mad when I support civil rights of everyone.


The ‘liberals’ who hitched their wagon to the Trayvon star are humiliated to learn he was a classic troublesome teen thug on drugs who is kicked out of school for fighting and stealing.  Their early investment in his lying parent’s story that this was an angelic child shot for no reason at all completely fell apart during the trial which didn’t focus at all on Trayvon’s gay bashing and anti-white slurs.


Instead, the professional left went out on a most dangerous limb, shouting that using anti-white slurs is OK.  This endorsement of racism by blacks is similar to Jews complaining about anti-semitism while being gross anti-semites if the semite is Muslim or Christian.  This vile application of racial attacks that endorses racism, if the attacker is someone who was attacked by racists in the past, has to stop.


It is a classic problem that if any oppressed minority gets power, the first thing they do with this power is act like the people that oppressed them.  History is chock full of examples which is why we have to suspect that racism and hatred of other tribes is very deep in our evolutionary psyche and we need this racist impulse to survive.  We all tend to excuse our own tribalism while yelling that other tribes are evil, and this impulse goes way back in time to when we first began walking upright.


Since this blindness to one’s own tribalism/murderous tendencies towards ‘strangers’ is hard to see oneself, we have to look at history to see that we do this all the time and therefore, must expect to do this in the future.  To prevent mindless tribalism is very hard indeed.


I belong to this peculiar tribe of Northmen who became known as ‘Normans’ which means ‘Northman’ aka, Viking invaders.  Today, Britain is all agog because a Norman/German baby is born to one of the few remaining tribal power clans, the House of Brunswick.  We are supposed to be all amazed and happy this privileged infant was born.


HAHAHA.  The Northmen were very brutal and thorough with it.  Their history is quite bloody.  True, since the death of King Richard III, most of them have fled the battlefield and have hidden mainly in huge castles surrounded by guards.  But their tribe has clung to power as best they can.


The other ironic thing about the leftist hatred and fixation on Mr. Zimmerman is even odder and stranger: he is a Jew.  One of the hidden from view racist beliefs of Jews is, any man who has sex with a dirty non Jewish woman, his children are not Jews but are dirty little creeps.  Untouchables if you are Orthodox or even more radical like the Hassidim.


I know this first hand because when I was stranded in Queens NY at a Jewish family gathering, I was told to take the subway home with a small male baby in my arms because the other people who were supposed to give me a ride thought my baby and I would make their car literally dirty!


These same Jews would howl with rage if I said to their faces, ‘You are Yids so you walk because I am superior to you!’  Of course, and rightfully so!  But when I pointed this fact out to them, they only increased their cussing and talking about my ‘race’ in a very racist way.  They just couldn’t see how evil this is because they were thoroughly enjoying ‘putting that shiska in her place’.


The professional left and the major media owners who are Jews all fixed this problem by totally ignoring the ‘Zimmerman is Jewish’ aspect and forgave themselves for this oversight by saying privately, ‘His mother is a shiska and so he isn’t really a Jew.’  This is probably the most unforgivable part of the Zimmerman/Martin affair.


It has caused the liberals to embrace racism, attacks on minorities, lying about salient facts of a case to justify a lynching.  These same creeps who pushed hard for Obama to find some way of attacking a Jewish man who was assaulted for being a ‘gay’ in Martin’s mind and his girlfriend’s urging, are demanding the Feds cook some sort of racism charge to get this poor man who is the real victim of racism, namely, black racists.


This is a disaster for Democrats.  White women are terrified that they will be attacked by angry blacks as revenge so they will go to the right for protection even though right wingers are nearly totally against women’s rights.  If Obama persecutes Mr. Zimmerman, he will lose power rapidly.  He will also lose legitimacy.  He will be destroyed by all this and this is something I do not want to happen.


But I can’t stop it, either.  The ugly remarks making fun of Mr. Jewish Male Zimmerman Whose Mommy Is Peruvian Indian is disgusting and inhuman.  While being weepy about Mr. Martin and then snarling and threatening and literally making death threats against the victim of Martin’s profiling and physical attack is going to back fire greatly.


I am hoping this last story of Mr. Zimmerman ends this affair.  Salon, which has along with the Huffington Post, been highly criminal in its lopsided, hysterical coverage of this case, has even the temerity to have an article:  Hannity’s Zimmerman obsession: What’s really behind it when the rag that has this obsession is Salon which has run many articles on this very topic.


This is classic throwing stones while in a glass house/beam in the eye seeking splinters in other’s eyes.  The State has a main function: to protect us.  This is why we have police and firefighters.  This is why we had tariffs and trade barriers to protect domestic labor and industry.  Note that I am a huge supporter of tariffs and barriers for this very reason!


Which is what a classic conservative believed.  I also want strict banking laws so they have to use real capital to make loans.  Many people want free money printing with it being ladled out like candy.  This is conservative of me and printing money is considered liberal.


This lis is long.  I am all for rules for children, for example.  I am 100% for self defense and I am also one of the people in NYC in the 1970’s who worked hard to stop crime via the ‘fix the broken window’ system coupled with many arrests of criminals who roamed the streets terrorizing us.  During which Al Sharpton personally attacked me verbally in a room full of black citizens, some of whom bravely stood up for me and told him to go to hell.


Racism will never vanish.  It can’t.  Neither will tribalism.  The only fix for this is to be aware of it and to strive to overcome this via fair laws that treat people equally.  And since the Law didn’t railroad Mr. Zimmerman, the disgruntled leftist racists want this changed so we lose the right to defend ourselves which is horrible.  I am 1000% for self defense.  I have used my right for self defense a number of times!


Poll: Few Americans Think Zimmerman Committed Hate Crime and the left wing parts of the media are ignoring this poll.  So here we are: the Zimmerman smear job of the left has now officially turned the left into a laughing stock and so leftists lost a lot of power of persuasion this year thanks to this one thing!  And how sad is that?  Pathetic.


This poll was taken before Mr. Zimmerman rescued a man (we still don’t know if the man was black or not) and a poll in two weeks will show even more people on Mr. Zimmerman’s side thank to this latest news story.  The left should call it quits and retreat into saying, ‘Trayvon who?’ instead of fixating on his Skittles.  This, and explaining to black teens that wearing a hoodie pulled very low over the face is not wise…would then cause them to cease trying to play gangsta in public.


Already, banks and other businesses require EVERYONE to put their hoodies down and remove dark glasses when doing business.  This is due 100% to keeping them honest and not letting bank robbers and others attacking while being basically masked.  The hoodie/dark glasses robber/killer who kidnapped and murdered a young white female clerk is still roaming our streets due to the cameras not being able to scan his face.


If businesses demand what banks request, the black community will erupt in fury screaming they are being picked on.  And so this goes.  I know from first hand experience, the black community is very paranoid but just like I said above, they are unable to see how their paranoid is no different than say, white women fearing blacks who hide their faces.  Experience tells us, guys doing this are highly dangerous!  And this is what the black ‘liberationists’ are so enraged about: the scam is up.  The game is done.  Their own racism has turned on them and shown everyone that racism is universal, not merely ‘whites’.

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31 responses to “Zimmerman Saves Driver In Fiery Crash

  1. CK

    And in related news, Helen Thomas has died. I believe she had interviewed every president since Jefferson and irritated all of them.
    Mr. Zimmerman appears to be the kind of man who is a net positive to any civil society; as was Ms. Thomas.

  2. lucky13

    Did Saint Trayvon do anything caring / compassionate in his nearly 18 years? Salon had 10? ‘anti Zimmerman’ articles. Salon changed the title of one article. It had been ‘White People Killed Detroit'[a 90% Black town].

    White People Killed Detroit – RealClearPolitics
    White People Killed Detroit. By Edward McClelland, Salon – July 12, 2013.

    Clearly EMS you live in a ‘bubble’. Salon HATES YT.

  3. Alf Alpha

    If my elderly aunts in Greece need to hide from your beloved Albanian thugs then you should have a little obma crawling out of your very last bodily crevice. Pollack Bitch Merkel rapes Greece to prevent rail or pipe links with daughter Russia. Crawl back into your mafia fascist pope latrine and molest yourself!

  4. lucky13

    Having just been to Salon, it is easy to see why I usually dont go there.

    sorry but:
    SALON comments:

    What this writer and others really wants – he more or less admits it in the end – is for everyone to forget about the facts and listen instead to his agenda in which the events of that night are to be portrayed dishonestly as a racist murder. Pretty much the same sort of thing he is accusing Hannity of. The trouble is, the facts and the jury verdict support Hannity’s narrative better.

    Cut Zimmerman’s and Hannity’s nutsacs out and lay it on the TV screen.

    White people killing black people turn on cons

    Are you okay with an armed George Zimmerman following your teenage son?

    Clearly this man is still a monster. I mean, I bet he tipped the truck over himself! Boo Zimmerman! Boooooooooooo!

    Zimmerman is a day late and a dollar short !!! You get NO kudos from me.

    There you have it. I guess the moral of the story is that it’s okay that he murdered Trayvon Martin then.

    I’m sure he caused the act; then, pulled the person out to make himself ‘look like’ a hero. That’s his mode of operandi. Zimmerman is an actor, who likes to ‘appear’ a certain way. We all know that.

  5. DeVaul

    Man, am I tired of this whole Trayvon/Zimmerman thing.

    I did not watch it or even know about it until it slammed into this blog like the Titanic. I did not know race was so vitally important to everyone here.

    I’m tired of “who is killing who” comments, who is destroying what, who is wearing what and why it is bad to wear this or that. Next we will be told what we should wear if we want to be left alone.

    In the 1860’s to 1890’s, Chicago was surpassed only by New York as the “Murder Capital of the World”, and it did not have a large black population. It did have a large immigrant population from Europe.

    This blog is becoming extremely myopic, encouraging people to engage in tit for tat nonsense that in the end, means nothing.

    A hundred years from now Chicago will still be a murderous place, but there will be no whites or blacks living there. What do we say then?


    ELAINE: The top headline news in the entire nation for two weeks was about this issue. Are we supposed to crawl under a rock? This is a topic that hits home for me, big time, since I have been struggling to convince blacks that the gangsta culture it killing their entire community from top to bottom, bit by hideous bit. I have argued this for many, many years.

    When I used to go into Patterson State Prison to interview prisoners who wanted me to represent them in court as a ‘friend of the accused’ the first thing they had to promise me was to drop the damn gangsta game once and forever. This included marrying the mother of their children, and they couldn’t have a dozen women, either.

  6. z house

    ummm where is the link to this ” news ??

  7. vengeur

    We had a QuickPic store cashier brutally stabbed to death here in Tucson a few months ago. The killer wore a hoodie to shield himself from the cameras. http://azstarnet.com/news/local/crime/tucson-police-find-hoodie-backpack-of-clerk-stabbing-suspect/article_fa998f78-c3fc-11e2-9ad7-001a4bcf887a.html

  8. z house

    newoak , still don’t see it , strange ,should be big news

  9. DeVaul

    The bank warning signs downstairs show men wearing baseball caps with sunglasses and nondescript sweatshirts. Most, if not all, are white men.

    I guess these all need to be banned now, since they clearly show an intent to rob a bank.

    Jew suits need to be banned as well, since they clearly show an intent to be a banker, a politician, or a lawyer.

    Perhaps all clothes should be banned. We can feel safe then.

  10. Paul S

    ” Salon, which has along with the Huffington Post, been highly criminal in its lopsided, hysterical coverage of this case,…” I’ve noticed a change in the HuffPo lately. Ever since Arianna sold out, the HP has taken a right wing turn. I notice it especially when trying to post comments to some articles.Some of my comments dont get posted–or my PC freezes up. This happens only at HuffPo. It seems the HuffPo is infested with some rightwing GOP types, sprinkled about the HP website.
    On another note. Elaine, you frequently mention the NY Times as a warmongering rag. What is your opinion of Abe Rosenthal? My understanding is Rosenthal, more than anyone else converted the NYT to a propaganda arm.


    ELAINE: Rosenthal is a Bilderberg and Zionist.

  11. DeVaul

    To those who cannot get enough of the Zimmerman affair, I offer this:


  12. vengeur

    From the comments section of the above link: “I’ll bet the people he (Zimmerman) “saved” in the crash aren’t black. I doubt he’d have bothered if they were.” If that is indeed a real comment, it says it all. The seeds have been sown, fertilized and watered.

  13. lucky13

    Vengeur, can you be less cryptic?
    The seeds have been sown, fertilized and watered.

  14. Christian W

    What a stupid pissing contest…

  15. mike

    better be saving somebody as the scuttlebut going round points to his attitude and murder 1

  16. emsnews

    My entire point is that liberals who pride themselves on being sensitive and humane can act like far right wingers in a rage very easily and be just as incapable of thinking straight.

    This is sad but not unexpected.

  17. Christian W

    That is human, everybody loses their head when they get taken over by emotions – especially strong ones like anger.

    I’ve said before that the elites use the emotions of people to manipulate them into doing/voting as the elites wants them to. Most propaganda is aimed at stirring up emotions.

  18. DeVaul

    “This is a topic that hits home for me,…”

    I don’t approve of the gangster culture either, but it is not going away. It has been with us for over a hundred and fifty years now. Every immigrant group brought their gangster culture with them when they came here.

    In time, black gangsta culture will go the way of the Sicilian Mafia and countless others, even as we deal with new Hispanic and Asian gangs.

    I feel like you are beating your head against the wall on this one, Elaine. I understand your dislike of it. I hate it, and always have (never watched the Godfather — not once! and proud of it), but I accept it as inevitable.

    Try to concentrate on things that can be changed as opposed to things that are beyond our ability to change. That is my advice.

  19. e sutton


    Okay, maybe. Those gangsta cultures you mentioned? They all done assimilated these past 80 years or so. Blacks? I think not. Happy to bask in the ever loving sunshine that is the welfare state. Ummmhhh, that didn’t exist 80 years ago. Chew on that bone. For awhile.

  20. jeff222

    “That happens often,” said Obama. Undeniably. But why do black males awaken such apprehensions and fears? Is it their color?

    Well, 13 percent of our population is black. Half of that—say, 6 plus percent—is male. Of that 6 percent, one in six—just 1 percent of the U.S. population—consists of black males age 18 to 29.

    Of all black males 18 to 29, writes Ron Unz in “Race and Crime in America,” 28 percent are in jail or prison, or on probation.

    to buy additional rights. http://takimag.com/article/leading_from_behind_al_sharpton_patrick_buchanan/print#ixzz2ZvctNEi7

  21. jeff222

    NYT is so anti White there is a whole blog showing its ‘prejudices’..
    Crimes of the Times Blog!
    ELAINE: Rosenthal is a Bilderberg and Zionist…..Of course he is!

  22. jeff222

    “My entire point is that liberals who pride themselves on being sensitive and humane’…right. Just change the word ‘being’ to ‘acting’, as in ‘its an act or affectation’.

  23. Seraphim


    Norman/German baby? The lovely furure queen (of whom acerbic tongues say that she looks as in a state of perpetual orgasm) is the daughter of Carole Goldsmith, which makes her a Jewess, and the little prince a Jew. The first fully Jew King of England. The culmination of the long dalliance of the Northmen with the Jews.

  24. emsnews

    Just a mere 50 years ago, this marriage with royals would not have happened. The genealogists of the courts were most careful about ‘breeding’ data which is why we know exactly who married whom and who their parents were going back to at least 950 AD.

    Birth records of all others in England were nonexistent before 1600 for the middle class and 1800 for the peasants.

    Indeed, people didn’t have ‘last names’ they had names identifying their work status or lack of status or were ‘son of…’

    Norman rulers had multiple names identifying their family relationships to at least three degrees. But we know the kings on first name basis (Henry the #1-8, for example) but their titles were very long and detailed and had to be memorized.

  25. emsnews

    And this also reminds me, the status of royal females was, until the 20th century, minimal indeed. She could even be a non-Norman so long as she bore children. Victoria’s husband died early on and she took no other so like Elizabeth and Anne, she ruled alone but the inheritance for ANY Norman property including the entire country of England, was only to the first male until just very, very, very recently like, this decade.

    If the first child was a princess, she inherited nothing all going to any brother first. But now the succession has been altered.

    This is why the female linage in this very patriarchal system didn’t really matter all that much, the male was far more important. The Woodvilles, for example, got into the royal family during the high Middle Ages but then, this led to the War of the Roses….

  26. Seraphim

    Ah, but are not the British royals the “Davidic line” long before the Saxocoburgian upstarts?

  27. Paul S

    An even better example than Trayvon Martin, imho,of the left and right converging over race is the OJ Simpson affair/trial/verdict. Based on the evidence against OJ Simpson, he was CLEARLY guilty. Simpson obviously committed murder. Yet it was all about race baiting and political correctness. No one in the corporate media had much stomach to focus strictly on facts; it was all about “the system” being racist and how blacks weren’t getting fair treatment. And so everyone following the Simpson verdict saw the videos of rooms filled with blacks rejoicing at Simpson’s not guilty verdict. The Simpson murder trial was kind of a Trayvon Martin trial in reverse.

  28. emsnews

    What we are seeing is raw tribalism which is happening all over the planet earth and it is one of the more destructive forces, too.

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