Japan’s Desperate Imperialism Won’t Save Dying Economy

China military urges vigilance over Japan’s defense plan | Reuters:  Japan is forming a Marine unit so they can invade islands and thus, start WWIII which will leave Japan uninhabitable for the next 100,000+ years when the nuke plants all blow up. Japan Vows Support for Philippines in China Row


Japanese Prices Rise, Signaling Rebound – WSJ.com: this is ‘silly good news’.  The WSJ believes this means Japan is stronger and has a rising economy.  But 100% of this inflation is due to the weak yen and high import prices on things people need, namely food and fuel so they are being hammered badly by this ‘good inflation’.


A depression isn’t due to no inflation, it is due to dropping wages and other things falling down in value like property.  Inflation during a dropping value time is horrible, we call this ‘stagflation’ and during this last decade, I have seen lots and lots of stories about how we ‘need inflation’ which is insane.  When people have more money to spend due to rising wages, this is ‘good inflation’.


The ‘good inflation’ mentioned in the article is the ‘more jobs and more money for consumers’ which is not happening in Japan at all.  Export profits flow to the 1% elites who are rich as rich can be while virtually none of the benefits from trade flow to the workers since factories are being displaced to cheaper Asian labor markets just like our factories here have vanished.


Sony Loses Science Talent as Student Resumes Go to Dairies: Tech – Bloomberg: the average starting salary for engineering students with a master’s degree in Japan is a mere $20,000- 24,000 a year.  In the US, the same degree gets you on the average, around double that amount, over $42,000.  Electronics engineers in the US earn even more:  $78,000 whereas in Japan, it is the same as other engineers which explains why Japan’s ability to produce cutting edge electronics is internally collapsing.   It pays to leave Japan if you are well educated and ambitious.


Here in the US we have rapidly rising gasoline prices due to the Saudi/US coup in Egypt unsettling things.  As I predicted, the US and Saudis who feared the Muslim Brotherhood are now butchering them openly, the latest horror being the massacre of over 70 in a mosque where they were peacefully sitting in protest.


Egypt’s ousted president facing espionage, jailbreak charges which is insane.  The ‘jail break’ was the Egyptian Revolution (sic).  Of course, he broke out!  He was a political prisoner!  Charging him this way is a travesty and the US State Department which works nearly totally and entirely for Israel and Saudi Arabia and not the US, will rubber stamp this odious trial.


The fake liberals in Egypt sided with the brutal military so this blood is on their hands.  They just wanted raw power to have their own way and anyone, left, right or center who resorts to overturning an election they lost via military violence is evil.  Syria slams Washington over arming rebels while the US whines about how many people have died there ever since we armed insurrectionists and asked them to attack the government there.

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 8.56.52 AM

Russia will not hand over Snowden to U.S.: Kremlin: Russia has been whacked repeatedly by the US under both Bush and Obama since our State Department is run by Zionists and only Zionists.  So Putin, asking for a carrot, got the stick as usual so he took it and poked the State Department in the eye.  The latest move by our darling Zionists was to demand he be handed over and to hell with extraditing him legally.  The Assassination/KidnapNation we now have is acting up yet again.


Finally, China, Russia to hold counter-terrorism drills as the Zionist agenda of the State Department works tirelessly to drive them together.  Thus, both countries which are some of the biggest on earth with a combined arsenal of nuclear bombs that is the size of ours and Israel, are increasingly allies.

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23 responses to “Japan’s Desperate Imperialism Won’t Save Dying Economy

  1. JT

    “So Putin, asking for a carrot, got the stick as usual so he took it and poked the State Department in the eye.”

    Judo, use the force of the opponent.

    KGB knows what moves people….

  2. e sutton

    Absent from the US news is the Guardian story about Eric Holder sending a letter to Moscow pleading for Snowden’s return to the states. Holder says, in effect, “We promise we won’t torture him. That’s against our laws. Plus, the charges against him (currently) don’t warrant the death penalty.” No mention of our use of Gitmo, waterboarding, or even the Supermax prison system we have, which has the highest level of incarceration in the entire world. Each and every act this administration does reveals its depravity and mendacity. We have done a full 180 in America, going from a protector of rights and a refuge of safety to being a terrorist propaganda gulag where one of our own citizens has to flee to …Russia (!) for assylum.

  3. JT

    here’s the point…

    1:00:00 hour onwards in the video…

  4. z house

    WILL QE TO INIFINTY SAVE JAPAN ? some say it has

  5. Espen

    Not only is Japan on a warpath against China, but its population is shrinking fast. In the first month of this year the population shrank with 33,000 people. Last year Japan’s population shrank with over 280,000. I bet the fallout from Fukushima will only accelerate this prosess.

  6. Jim R

    Espen, I believe you are right about that.

    The comon notion is that it takes about ten years for cancer to appear after some carcinogenic insult or other. If that’s true, we should see a HUGE mortality rate in Japan by about 2021.

    There are rumors that thyroid cancer is already rampant among the children. If they go untreated because a diagnosis would embarrass the nuclear industry, the mortality will start a lot sooner than 2021.

  7. lucky13

    yikes. Pity the lamestream ignores this news.

  8. e sutton

    Plus, children are MUCH more susceptible to illness/cancers due to their under developed immune systems. And the band played on. sigh….

  9. lucky13

    I once read a projection of ‘when the last Japanese child will be born’ [430? years from now]. The number was based on their ‘shrinking population base’ and unwillingness to allow a small number of non Japanese immigrants. The number I assume did not account for catastrophes.


    ELAINE: That being the inevitable major eruption of Mt. Fuji.

    But if they poke at China enough, the end will come in the next 20 years.

  10. lucky13

    I found similar info / projections online. THEY REALLY CUT THEIR COLLECTIVE THROAT w LEGALIZING ABORTION. Pat Buchanan has written about their ‘numbers’ relative to legalizing abortion.
    In Korea some farm towns have no children.


  11. Seraphim

    @JT re. carrot

    The reality is that the so called policy of the stick and the carrot means: you either get the stick on your knuckles or the carrot up yours! It looks like Putin returned the carrot where it belongs.

  12. Seraphim

    Really the sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood is misplaced and undeserved.
    The displeasure of US with the “new Nasser” speaks volumes.

    ELAINE: They won an election!

    Now, the military is butchering them mercilessly. This is called ‘tyranny.’ Big time.

  13. IAmSpartacus

    @ Seraphim: Indeed it does; Obama’s support for the Mo Bros, in Egypt, Libya, Syria, or wherever it may be, is beyond the pale, it’s open, direct sponsorship of an anti-democratic Islamofascist organization that’s no better than the House of Saud. The obvious desire to see the Middle East under the Mo Bros jackboot isn’t in anyone’s best interest, Egyptian, Syrian, American, or otherwise; it borders on treason. The White House is infested with Mo Bro operatives; Congress is no better; it’s infested with AIPAC; too bad there isn’t anyone in Washington (with the possible exception of Rand Paul, and (maybe?) Bernie Sanders) actually working in the best interests of the AMERICAN people!

  14. JT


    Many of Putin’s friends and trusted Oligarchs are from the same judo club.
    His judo instructor is a billionaire.

    That video shows that judo might have been a part of KGB for decades.

    US is punching, screaming, storming, tackling and pushing as expected.
    And seems to grasp air and land firmly on it’s nose time after time with this Snowden thing.

    That video I posted is a very interesting.
    I you have time I recommend it very much.

    These 2 are the best videos I have found on the internet that I think everyone should see:
    David Goldsmith with Charilie Rose 1994

    and that one from 1983.

    Both had a fundamental affect on my thinking.

  15. JT


    Sun-tzu pops up everywhere.
    You can disagree on who wins, what is right but those principles of tactics are everywhere nowdays.

    The Sovjets got interested in Sun-Tzu after WWII when they got their asses whipped by the finnish generals.

    “Finnish Field Marshal Mannerheim and general Aksel Airo were avid readers of Art of War. They both read it in French; Airo kept the French translation of the book on his bedside table in his quarters”

    I bet every secret agency in the world uses these same tactics nowdays.
    Vietnamese generals read it.

    Putin is helping US to go into the direction you are going with Snowden.
    Adding speed.

    You should pardon him and let him have his day in press.
    That is the only way to win this one.


    ELAINE: Tolstoy’s War and Peace is an even better book to read. His many digressions about tactics, the nature of humans under stress, why invasions happen and fail is epic.

  16. Seraphim


    Perhaps you know that many pundits understood the Perestroika as a gambit. Russians are great chess players and capable to think in very long terms. Now they add to that and the more oriental skills of Go and Judo.

  17. JT


    Well. I do not admire those KGB assholes one bit.
    They are those wheezel looking, 162 cm long, women hating sociopaths like that guy in that video.
    Full of all kinds of issues and flaws as humans
    But they make science out of manipulating the masses.

  18. JT


    Putin fish story….
    Now a normal size man could admit that this is a 12kg pike.
    But in propaganda it’s 21kg.


  19. Seraphim

    It looks that the trends in Egypt are “Nasserite”, as I made a modest suggestion. The pro-Sissi demonstrators displayed placards of Sissi along with Nasser and… Putin (without the fish!) chanting “Bye-Bye America” and “Obama out -Putin in”.
    Why is Europe now freaking out, dispatching Catherine Ashton to Cairo to try to save the MB from political wilderness? The cherry on the cake is the demand of McCain and Lindsey Graham to cut off aid to Egypt because “Morsi was elected by a majority of voters” and “a coup is still a coup”. For my part I do not believe for a second that Europe or US are concerned with the plight of the “Egyptian people”.

  20. IAmSpartacus

    Democracy is about more than winning elections, it MUST include protections for the minority, or it just becomes a popular tyranny of the majority; Hitler won an election, too; remember how that turned out?!? Sadly, Egypt, in fact, the entire Muslim world, isn’t ready for western style democracy; the concept that all men, to say nothing of women, are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights is a totally alien concept to the Muslim world; the US has been at it for 237 years, and we haven’t even perfected it, yet, and we have the cultural advantage of having our roots in the Anglo-Saxon tradition that produced the Magna Carta! The best that can be hoped for is that Al Sisi turns out to be an Egyptian Ataturk, who establishes a (pre-Erdogan) Turkish style democracy, with the military as guarantor.

  21. JT


    “Tolstoy’s War and Peace”

    With Snowden, Manning, Assange, Guantanamo, Prism, boundless informant and half the black males in prison; maybe Archipelag Gulag should be the first choice as Russian classics go?

  22. IAmSpartacus

    Off topic: Is summer already over?!? 63 degrees this morning at 7:00 AM (it felt like mid September!), forcast today, 79 degrees, with low humidity, 56 degrees tonight, 81 degrees tomorrow; chilly for late July, even by northeastern standards. I hope you’ve started your woodpile, Elaine; I think it’s going to be a long, cold, snowy winter this year. So much for global warning!

  23. melponeme_k


    I was just thinking how chilly it was today in NYC.

    Compared to the heat waves of the recent past, this feels more like weather from the 70’s. I remember it would be warm during the day then turn bone chilling at night.

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