Mannings Judged ‘Not Aiding The Enemy’

Judge to announce verdict in Bradley Manning case:  Hooray!  Sanity prevails.  The odious charges the government used in the Mannings case was found to be irrelevant.  The charge was fake from day one.  The real ‘enemy’ that got to see these cables were the American People who finally got to see what the State Department which does very little work on behalf of Americans, really is doing.


And THAT is what enraged the DC insiders.  Foreigners assumed we did all the stupid things our State Department did.  The eye opener was how cynical, how devious, how obscure from view all this diplomatic (sic) activity was.  One seriously evil case was the cables from the late 1960’s and the Nixon years, where the State Department plotted to lie to the Russians and Chinese about nuclear weapons.  While pretending to negotiating reductions in intercontinental missiles, they were simply relabeling this as non-aggressive and keeping them in arms!


There were many instances where the State Department, Pentagon and Presidents said one thing to us and something totally different to others or themselves.  Outright lying not to protect us but to protect themselves, they clothe this activity with a bloody American flag and hiss that no one deserves the real information because…this isn’t a democracy but a dictatorship.


Whoever owns the State Department owns the nation and this is emphatically not the American people but rich people running lobby regimes especially AIPAC, the oil barons and of course, the owners of our central bank, Wall Street and offshore banking pirates.  They use our country as a tool to get whatever they want overseas as well as at home and the last thing they want is a vigorous, strong middle class making demands and refusing to go to war all the time.


So now we have endless wars on spurious charges and we see our media giants work day and night to foment wars against one Muslim target and another…by the way, the Iranian target is moving off from view as the Zionists focus mainly on Syria.  And despite hopes Syria would collapse, the government there fought back and is hanging on and now an army of displaced, angry refugees are stuck in Jordan greatly destabilizing that Zionist regime.


And Egypt: the revolutionaries, way too late, have denounce the butchering of Morsi demonstrators.  They stuck their foolish heads into the maw of the Nile Military Crocodile and it will eat them, too, after devouring the Morsi demonstrators.  The US, which denounces mass murder when someone our State Department is paid to hate, are silent about the mass murders going on in Egypt today.


And we will never, ever know what the conspirators who have stolen our State Department are really doing in the world because that is now once again, totally hidden from view.  And as foreign powers who control our State Department run roughshod over the planet and kill Americans thanks to foreigners doing terror stuff here in retaliation for terror our government does overseas, as Americans are killed and maimed and driven insane in foreign wars that cost us trillions and give us zero benefits at home: this can comfortably continue as the REAL TRAITORS are not punished and whistleblowers are mercilessly persecuted.


I hope they drop all charges against Mannings.  And Snowden too.

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17 responses to “Mannings Judged ‘Not Aiding The Enemy’

  1. melponeme_k

    They are sentencing Manning to 100+ years. They think they can avoid the martyrdom fame ala White Rose. But the longer Manning lives under false sentencing the more his fame will grow.

  2. Also: semantics in the Snowden case. Russia says they will not extradite him to the US. The US ambassador to Russia told Putin, “Oh, no” it is not ” extradition” – it is ( I am not making this up) actually “returning ” him to the US. So very much typical of double speak/ like: saying war is peace, blah, blah, blah. Hopefully the American people will wake up soon to set things aright…..

  3. Richard

    “I hope they drop all charges against Mannings. And Snowden too”

    Your “hope” shows that you find it difficult to accept emotionally what you really know: the United States government is a brutal totalitarian regime. There will be no justice or mercy shown for Manning or Snowden or anyone else that challenges these Fascists.

  4. Graywolf

    Have you ever had dealing with, or met, any US diplomats?
    If they were half as conspiratorial – and smart – that you give them credit for, they might be marginally effective.
    They are, in the main, self-absorbed bureaucrats worried more about their PX privileges and their retirement home than in representing the US , much less having the skills and interest necessary for your elaborate conspiracies.

  5. JT

    Bradley Manning set him free, truth is not the enemy!

    I liked the huge bongo…

  6. JT

    Maybe the nice people in the US should start wearing leather vests like Hell’s Angels.
    Only with 99% tags?

    And start intimitating all assholes? Bankers, politicians, lobbyists?

  7. Seraphim

    What better proof that the MB was a CIA asset than the frantic attempts by US and EU to salvage it and the media hype about the “massacres”, “butcheries” which intends to depict them as “innocent victims” of the “crocodile” military, dismissing at the same time the overwhelming support of the Egyptian people for the same military and the little whiff of anti-Americanism which threatens to became a strong wind? Is there a fear that these relations might be exposed to public view? The damage would be huge. Not to speak of the turn to Nasserism which understandably makes Israel feel uncomfortable.
    Oh, and again the cherry on the cake, Obama sends to Egypt to “urge” the military to release Morsi the couple of clowns McCain-Graham!


    ELAINE: You obviously don’t read me.

    There is no way in HELL the US wants any ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ guys running Egypt!!!

  8. lucky13

    Off topic:


    ELAINE: We had three weeks of sort of summer weather. Now, it is going down into the 40’s and 50’s at night…during July???

  9. rps

    I wonder when the politicians who are elected to federal government office became more powerful than “We the People?” I surmise it was the advent of employers garnishing employee wages for federal income tax. The government’s military actions are dependent on the ability to tax the citizens And Bond offerings (again funded by taxpayers paying the interest gains on the bonds) that in turn, provides a steady stream of income for war and thus corporate contracts and profit in the theft of sovereign states and property. Prior to this monetary windfall, politicians needed to sway public opinion and mindset but no longer. So the question becomes how to put the brakes on automated taxation that supplies the runaway political military train?

  10. IAmSpartacus

    @ rps: Repeal the 16th Amendment.

  11. Joseppi

    Good exchange between government/media industry spokesperson Toobin and spokesperson for transparent democracy Greenwald

  12. JT

    Read anybodys’s email in the US.
    You can justify it by selecting a reason from a dropdown menu says Snowden.

    And 4 million people have this clearance?
    And private companies have access too?
    and that alholic Alan Hamilton?

    IMO, you can already buy a folder of your opponents emails already for the right amount of money.
    oh, I bet this system is misused thousands of times per day.
    For f@€!& sake.

  13. emsnews

    Yes, I just wrote about that tonight!!! JT, Sorry everyone, I had my eyes dilated yesterday for six hours and couldn’t see things except in very explosive colors.

    Sort of like an LSD trip without the fun parts! Everything was painfully colorful and hard to see without tearing up.

    Greenwald said he had more explosive data to reveal and he is right, as usual!

  14. JT

    No judge court or permit required.
    A drop down menu.

    This is already misused thousands of times per day.
    And I bet info is sold by the private companies to highest bidders.

    Booze f@ckin Allan Hamilton does not peek it’s competitor’s emails.
    Give me a break.

    Propably that system now totally out of control.

  15. emsnews

    The rich own the government and therefore own the information collected by our government and yes, they would use this and then there is Mossad which sits high up in the State Department and Pentagon.

  16. tfoth

    The Sixth Circuit has held that the contents of email do fall within the protection of the Fourth Amendment.

    That may not present a “clearly established rule” for the purpose of getting around immunity, but it is at least a precedent that what Snowden and others do at the NSA is against the law.

    It can’t hurt to sign your emails with a warning that unauthorized recipients will face liability.

    But yeah, Manning was still convicted under the Espionage Act, which has been one of the government’s weapons of choice to crush dissent since WWI.

    The US has never been some “bastion of freedom”. The only difference is the American middle classes are now sort of waking up to the fact that the elites are no longer satisfied with just the fleece, now they are coming for the meat. And eventually they will grind your bones to make their bread.

    But whatever. One example: when Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, American middle class said, “Them sumbitches make way more than me, screw em.”

    How do you like it so far?

  17. Seraphim


    A late answer (I thought the question closed). You misread me.

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