Keyscore Kops: New NSA Documents Show Global Spying Capacity


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As the US military courts torment Mannings with a ridiculous sentence due to revealing how silly and inept the State Department is and how they cover up their messes by making everything ‘Secret’ we get, from Greenwald via the British leftist paper, the Guardian, another eye opener document, the XKeyscore presentation from 2008.


Snowden NSA Keystone Files

I have been playing the ‘spy versus spy’ game with the CIA and State Department since childhood.  At first, I played, when in grade school, at evading the military when we lived on secret bases, rolling under barbed wire fences or running along arroyos at evening time.  I moved up to spying on my parent’s phone calls and then taking typewriter ribbons out of the trash to decipher them to learn what was written earlier.


I then played international tag with governments when still under the age of 18 and had a delightful time doing this until I was captured and deported back into the US from Germany.  Rats.


The point I have made all my life is, the government has been secretly and illicitly and quite unashamedly spying on whoever they want and nothing stops this, nothing at all, ever.  I thought maybe the Church Committee in Congress, back when Congress was still sort of free and not chained to international machines designed to steal stuff and kill people mercilessly for religious reasons, would stop this activity.


That lasted less than three years and with the end of Jimmy Carter, who has become the latest ‘He That Should Never Be Named.’ we are back to Business As Usual until two very brave young geeky men pulled the cover off of this ridiculous level of spying and revealed the US government as illicit, complicit and disgusting.  Spying on everyone all the time!


There has been a lot of wishful thinking about how to evade this global spying.  Remember: spying internationally was very much a big, big thing as was assassinations which supposedly stopped…for three years…when the many scandals broke and Nixon resigned in disgrace.


Today, I see witless naifs claim if you use say, Linux, you are safe.  Well, think again!  Look at the above.  MASSIVE LINUX CLUSTER triggers observation and retention of information!  Duh!  The other evasions, using say, encryption: DITTO!Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 8.04.18 PM

ALL encrypted word documents can and are scanned!

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Absolutely everything is plugged into the spy networks set up by our ‘allies’ in the Middle East and Europe as well as…Japan…etc.  They are all complicit in this spy network and all the hooey in Europe of being ‘shocked that there is gambling in this house…’ is fake.


Typical, too!  And everyone who has power wants this power, Information Awareness Office .  Here is a very old story of mine with a cartoon:  Culture of Life Breaking News: The Bush Illegal Spying On Vegans and Quaker Grannies Continues


Supposedly, this was ended after Congress pretended to end it in December, 2005.  So, just a mere three years later, here it is as a new entity, the Keyscore Kops as we see above.  Not one thing was stopped, it simply changed its name and ended the icon used earlier of an angry pyramid glaring balefully with a bright yellow light at mainly the Palestinians and Iranians in the Middle East.


This goes to show us all that Congress runs nothing.  AIPAC runs Congress and many people with a lot of power love this fact and rich people adore this fact and the fact is, we don’t run it, it runs around in circles except when ordered to bark and beg and bite.


The spy trials are a farce.  Snowden is an international hero exposing how ALL the ‘free governments of the world’ are not this at all and I hate to tell everyone this, but NEVER WERE.  That was pure post-WWII propaganda.


S Korean court rules against Mitsubishi Heavy on forced labor: and WWII is lurking nearby.  The Japanese, full of themselves after the US said we would fight all Japan Imperialist Wars for them have been throwing aside even the pretense of diplomacy.  The Japanese don’t want to give a penny for any sex slaves or work slaves.


And here it is, proof that the evil sons of war criminals should be thrown out of power not helped:  Aso says Japan could learn from Nazis on constitutional reforms!!!  Yes, he actually said that today.  U.S. leads government demands for Twitter user data; Japan 2nd shows us how Japan is aping our country and this neo-Nazi stuff is no accident, it is due to the US embracing overt ethnic/religious cleansing.

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15 responses to “Keyscore Kops: New NSA Documents Show Global Spying Capacity

  1. Seraphim

    Was it not all said in “1984”? One may remember also “The Cult of Information” (1986) by the late Theodore Roszak. He was showing that Big Brother was already watching (every one of) you.

  2. JT


    Bye, bye privacy.
    But not only privacy, byebye free markets, byebye competition, byebye property rights, byebye research and development…..

    It is awful, just awful and scary.

  3. DK

    Perhaps humor is the best way to deal with these people.

    Like the old Roman Senator who said “And furthermore Carthage must be

    destroyed” at the end of each speech, regardless of what he was talking

    about, we could use the Victorian phrase “Gentlemen do not read other

    Gentlemen’s mail” at the end of each e-mail. A few key words would also

    be needed so it would be picked up.

  4. JT

    Howabout sentencing the general who just lied about this under oath the same jailtime Manning gets.

  5. emsnews


    How about Kissinger doing time and double that.

  6. Jim R

    I nominate “all of the above”. If we don’t return to a rule of law, we are headed for another French Revolution.
    In another forum I visit, someone was complaining because Cheney got approved for a heart transplant — I replied that I hope it lets him live long enough to receive justice.

  7. JT

    Hey Snowden got a temporary asylum in Russia.

    Now a booking to Anna Chapman’s tv show and to dinner with her afterwards.

  8. JT


    almost all file servers are linux nowdays.
    so that does no mean anything.
    NSA has to use some kind of servers.

  9. JT

    I used to work as an IT manager for a huge multinational corporation here.
    The people running these corporations, the executives….
    They want to spy and follow the employees all the time.
    I said it a dozen times over the years, I will not do that, it is illegal here.

    They’re all sociopaths there is no way, no way in hell these systems are not misused thousands of times PER DAY!

    IT people are often idealistic and romantic.
    And they are often the only people standing between the executives and the workers.
    I know exactly how Snowden felt. Disgusted and depressed about the operation he was part of.

    It’s bye, bye everything when they give this possibility to private corporations.
    Bye, bye market economy…
    Bye, bye workers rights…

    It’s one thing if the wheezels in CIA/FBI have access to information.
    But get those private contractors out of this equation.
    But I’m 100% sure they are selling this information already.

  10. JT

    And I have an eery feeling about Michael Hastings.

  11. JT

    If you are a reporter.

    Have a geek set you up with a linux laptop (old hp).
    Have a prepaid phone the number of which you only hand out manually.
    Have your contacts use a prepaid phone.
    pay for both with cash.

    Never enter any microsoft, hotmail or any us provider account to the laptop.
    Never connect the laptop to internet at your home address or at work.
    Only use services through TOR network and with Opera browser and a public wifi connection.

    That is the only way nowdays.
    As incredible as it seems.

  12. tio

    Not feeling the love … *sigh*.

  13. emsnews

    The Taliban and al Qaeda both use the best method of all: only face to face contact. Which is how most ‘terrorists’ fighting Great Empires did it in the past.

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