Pressure Cooker Story Full Of Holes, Lies By Catalano

Catalano facebook bomb page

Every once and a while, people seeking publicity play mind games with everyone’s justified paranoia.  The latest scam attempt is by the Catalano family who put out this story that they innocently Googled ‘pressure cooker’ because they wanted to cook some beans, ‘backpack’ because their son wanted one and ‘bombs’ for no good reason at all and then suddenly the FBI was storming their home, grilling them about terrorism.


This fake story was then published on the wife’s new money-making website where she hoped to corral in all the people who give Alex Jones and others lots of money. She also figured this would make her a celebrity.  But it turns out, her story was full of holes.  How A Paranoid Blogger Made Everyone Scared to Google Pressure Cookers:


But the speed at which Catalano’s post spread shows the resonance of any surveillance stories, post-Edward Snowden. The scope of the NSA’s revelations must have led journalists and Twitter-ers to ignore the fact that Catalano’s story seemed fishy from the beginning. This started with the exact nature of the authorities who visited her. At first she’d tweeted that the FBI had visited her home, but she later walked that back in her blog post to the vague “joint terrorism task force”.

One of the early carriers of the fake story backtracked properly:  Police say New York blogger’s employer tipped them off — not Google searches for ‘pressure cookers’ | The Raw Story which is fine with me.  I have been fooled in the past more than once and it is embarrassing but sticking to fake stories is stupid so I am glad more than one leftist outfit has debunked this story but there is no sign of condemnation of the scam artists who pulled this game off.  The above photo is from the photoshare page of Mr. Catalano and it shows they are big on looking like ‘terrorists’ deliberately.


The corporation that turned in this information to local police were justifiably worried they might be targets.  The local police of course, are being rapidly militarized but this is not due to Homeland Security, this began under Nixon with the odious War on Drugs.  A push in Mexico City to legalize marijuana use  and Uruguay’s pot legalization could be ‘tipping point’ in war on drugs and Mexico Could Legalize Marijuana In 5 Years, Says Former President Vicente Fox which means the nightmare of this part of the War on Drugs will finally slow down.


One thing is certain: we need to be careful about one-source stories that spread like wildfire.  The train crash in Spain, for example, looked like a potential bomb situation but it turned out to be a Concordia-style event with a stupid driver doing dumb things at high speed.  Winnowing out what is happening when events occur is a hazardous business.  Clinging to fake stories isolates people as we see with the ‘bombs in the building’ cohort that makes any discussion of any aspect of 9/11 virtually impossible since this mono-belief obstructs any understanding of the complex series of events leading up to that attack.


The news that Snowden is now in Russia for a year at least is, as I predicted earlier, a deliberate poke in the eye from Putin mainly I suspect, due to all the yelling about the Pussy Riot group.  The US media loved these anarchists which is funny considering that if they lived here, the media would absolutely hate them and try to destroy them.  Look at how our media went on and on about Snowden, Greenwald and Manning’s private sex lives!  Oh…the Pussy Riot girls have that in spades, too!


Well, the huffing and puffing about sex, the allegations of gay sex in the case of the two other men I named above, the stripper in love with Snowden, this is all very funny in an unfunny way since our media goes all for sex while sniffing about how sex is evil, classic behavior here.  Hate sex and can’t stop talking about sex.


So let’s get back to the main topic.  It isn’t bombs it is sex!  And spying.  And revealing spying and this is all about dark rooms and hot sex.  Maybe the world isn’t getting hotter (it is COLD these days and this began during July???) but it is getting sexier with the latest GOP hot sex scandal hitting yet another Pentagon ‘hero’, Powell and the diplomat sex feline from what used to be the Iron Curtain countries.  HAHAHA.


That has everything! Sex, cross racial amore, the internet, hackers, Anonymous, war crimes, the inept and corrupt State Department…only missing thing is Assange wasn’t in on this.  Though I bet he is laughing.  And do note the only hook the Feds had on HIM was…sex!  Sex rules.

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15 responses to “Pressure Cooker Story Full Of Holes, Lies By Catalano

  1. e sutton

    The sex articles are meant as a distraction to the real news. When reading The Guardian, I page down and find these ludicrous sex stories that have nothing to do with what’s going on in the world, but people are drawn to them anyway. The U.S. papers are a bit more restrained in this area, probably due to our Puritanical roots. Any archaelogist of the future digging around trying to find out more about our era will surely be amazed at how crazy we were and how easily distracted over sex.

  2. vengeur

    Meanwhile, the HUGE Benghazi cover up goes ploddingly UNIVESTIGATED by our so-called media, including here. Nothing to see. LOL


    ELAINE: I said since day 1 that ALL US Embassies are CIA/Mossad nests. Our State Department does little on behalf of US citizens abroad and work mainly for the Bilderberg/AIPAC/military industrialists and now, the Japanese imperialists.

    The Benghazi scandal is how INEPT our State Department and CIA have become due to this. And the GOP is a bunch of assholes pretending this is all so very mysterious and unusual.

  3. JT

    Every second you waste talking about Snowden, Manning or these people is playing into their pockets.

    Private companies have 25 year old kids going through this stuff.
    With a 120 thousand dollar per year salary.

    Now how much misuse do you think there is?
    It relies on corporate ethics?

    They do what they want.
    And already target journalists all over the world..
    That is the ugly truth.


    ELAINE: You suggest we ignore Snowden? How strange.

  4. JT

    US managed to turn the miracle of Silicon Valley into another Manhattan project in just what 10-15 years?
    Doomsday device for freedom of press, free market economy and freedom of speech.

    Nice job.


    ELAINE: I have been using the internet since nearly day one of its existence. It was made so the CIA could use it and they let NASA use it and anyone with the nuclear/missiles business use it and of course, IBM used it as well as Texas Instruments and I worked for TI long ago and hung out at NASA computer centers so…I used the internet rather than the telephone because it was free. And I can speed type.

  5. Jim R

    Good analysis, thanks.
    In hindsight it seems obvious that those people were trolls.

  6. Thanks for finally talking about >Pressure Cooker Story Full Of Holes, Lies By Catalano | Culture of Life News <Liked it!

  7. JT

    Torture, breaking all international treaties, droning children, murdering journalists, concentration camps, secret prisons…

    That was not enough?

    US just had to beat the old records of Stasi and KGB too?

    This is too much power with all internet giants being american.
    In the long run this will lead to other countries banning cloud services, search engines and social media services.

    In a weird way I am relieved that Russia granted asylum to Snowden.
    Even though I trust Russians even less, it at least shows that there is still some counterbalance to US hegemony.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Maybe the cold war was a good thing.

    What next? Nuke something just for laughs?

  8. Seraphim

    Bill Clinton once said to Scott Talbott (the then deputy Secretary of State): “We keep telling Ol’ Boris ‘Okey, now here’s what you’ve got to do next – here’s some more shit for your face'”. The Obama Administration fails consistently to understand that Yeltsin is gone for 12 years and Russia has stopped for quite a while to “take more shit in its face”. All they can do now is to dump the Stoli vodka in the gutter (and it is not even Russian but Latvian vodka,… Latvia a paragon of “tolerance and diversity”).


    ELAINE: Our State Department, thanks to AIPAC’s control of both parties and thus, Congress and the Presidency, works only for Israel and the Russian Jews and above all, the Russian Jewish gambling/sex business Mafia hate Putin.

  9. Christian W

    The US is amazingly adept at smearing it’s own face with shit nowadays.

  10. notgonnatellya

    sorta like the bullshit Zimmerman saves people from a fiery wreck story that you bought and promoted, eh?


    ELAINE: The difference being, that was a real story. Being blindly enamored with ‘leftist’ sites, you got really crummy news reporting in the past and thus, cannot understand the basic nature of that case and why blacks cling to it desperately as one of the very few examples of a white guy putting down a black guy rather than the usual news that is the reverse.

  11. Jim R

    On the other hand, why did these little trolls get any attention at all for their antics?

    That kinda says something about how far we have sunk.

  12. JT

    @christian w

    US is nowdays at a constant state of war.
    Without declaring war on any country.

    So warpaint?
    Shit, blood (and botox to hide emotions?)
    Winning hearts and minds?

  13. JT

    What they should do is give only temporary permits to Google, Ms and apple to operate in the EU.
    And make this part of the free trade negotiations.

    Not that I believe EU will do that.
    Too much dirt to fling around by everyone.
    They will try to brush this under the carpet.
    I really hope the press will not allow then to do that.

    Funny thing in Google.
    2 newsreports of the same protest.
    “Thousands of people protest against NSA spying in Germany” – AFP
    “Demonstration falls short of goal in Germany” – Google news

  14. JT

    “ELAINE: You suggest we ignore Snowden? How strange.”

    No. I meant we should talk about the stuff he revealed.

  15. Seraphim

    Elaine, you hit the nail (the State Dept. works only for…).
    Actually what Bill Clinton said in full was: “We haven’t played everything brilliantly with these people; we haven’t figured out how to say yes to them in a way that balances off how much and how often we want them to say yes to us. We keep telling…”. It shows that he was conscious that it was a wrong line, but he was the same prisoner of AIPAC as all POTUS. Why his last act as POTUS was to pardon Marc Rich? Not because he , with all the oligarchs (all Jews) stole “untold sums from the Russian people through international financial manipulations” (as revealed by Paul Klebnikov, who was assassinated in mysterious circumstances shortly after)? Part of the loot went in donations to the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign or the Clinton Library.

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