Aso’s Pro-Nazi Pronouncements Don’t Make Any News In Zionist US Media Which Screams About Nazis

Recently, Aso who is #2 in Japan, made odious Nazi remarks whereby he admired Hitler.  Normally, when anyone does the ‘Nazi’ thing, the Jewish-owned media in the US goes nuts.  But far from publishing this news, the US media actively hid it from view and the US State Department, entirely run by AIPAC, didn’t say anything in public, either.  So I presume, it is OK with them all that a Japanese fascist can even openly admire Hitler and the US and Israeli fascists will remain silent due to their support of Japanese imperialist fascism.



Instead, the US and Japan have been openly making aggressive unilateral territorial demands and then hotly verbally attacking China when they protest.  Recently, a Zionist ‘foreign affairs’ Skull and Bones publication from Yale openly discussed obvious imperialist war plans aimed at reducing Chinese power now that China has overtaken Japan and is rapidly catching up with the US in global economic power:Who Authorized Preparations for War with China? | Yale Journal of International Affairs


Abstract—The Pentagon has concluded that the time has come to prepare for war with China, and in a manner well beyond crafting the sort of contingency plans that are expected for wide a range of possible confrontations. It is a momentous conclusion that will shape the United States’ defense systems, force posture, and overall strategy for dealing with the economically and militarily resurgent China. Thus far, however, the military’s assessment of and preparations for the threat posed by China have not received the high level of review from elected civilian officials that such developments require. The start of a second Obama administration provides an opportunity for civilian authorities to live up to their obligations in this matter and to conduct a proper review of the United States’ China strategy and the military’s role in it.


Note how this childish examination openly lies in the very first paragraph.  How little this ‘expert’ understands how governments work.  Or he is a liar.  And I bet ‘liar’ is the correct word here.  At no time in history has the US government which is run by a bunch of Bilderberg/Zionist/oil baron/banker consortium, had real open debate about any foreign issues.


We do have a continuous flood of propaganda backing various positions held by this powerful 1% elites.  Hiding the news about Aso is typical.  Either the news backs the desires of this elite or if it is against their fascist programs or exposes it, they don’t report it.  The Washington Post which has cracked down on any comments by citizens that point out AIPAC’s powerful influence, did put up a feeble front about whistle blowing when they published one story about the NSA’s secret documents.


But the recent XSource revelations were barely mentioned in passing!  And almost all the editorials demanded Snowden be punished.  No one ‘reviews’ foreign policy.  This is made in SECRET MEETINGS by these elites who CONSPIRE with foreigners to manipulate the US public into one war after another mainly against various trade rivals or religions.  A quick review of activities by this gang is obvious: they always support splitting countries along ethnic/religious lines except for their main fatted cow, the US, which funds these tribal/religious wars.


The Japanese, like Israeli Jews, is very tribalist.  Like Israel, Japan won’t let other people immigrate to their ethnic enclaves while demanding the US and others have an open door for them to come here and take over businesses, suck down US tax money in various ways and in general, do as they please with little to no hinderance.


Here is a comment by one of the posters to this story that I find very interesting:  Aso says he won’t resign over Nazi comments ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Guru29AUG. 02, 2013 – 11:43PM JST
Aso compared the opposition Democratic Party of Japan to the Nazis

I see that both the fascist Abe and Aso have a habit of accusing people whom they don’t like as Nazi-like.

In a speech in 2010, Abe also accused China as Nazi-like, Soviet-like and fearful of the Americans.

This is what Abe said in 2010:

“Since the 1980s, China’s military strategy has rested on the concept of a “strategic frontier.” In a nutshell, this very dangerous idea posits that borders and exclusive economic zones are determined by national power, and that as long as China’s economy continues to grow, its sphere of influence will continue to expand. Some might associate this with the German concept of “lebensraum.”


There has been speculation that the impetus for China’s naval buildup was the 1996 crisis in the Strait of Taiwan. Whenever I think back on this incident, I recall the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 and the path that the Soviet Union took in its wake. The Soviet Union in 1962 and China in 1996 both suffered the indignity of capitulation in the face of the overwhelming naval power of the United States, and both countries threw themselves into building up their navies. We all know how well that worked out for the Soviet Union.


I have no way of knowing how the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party would view this analogy. Perhaps the party’s leaders, despite their fear of meeting the same fate as the Soviet Union, are unable to resist the call of the People’s Liberation Army for a military buildup. In any case, we can state with conviction that China has nothing to gain from an excessive expansion of its military.”


Before WWII, Japan’s population was growing rapidly thanks to better food and vaccinations.  Japan demanded the US which restricted Japanese immigration before WWII, to lift these restrictions.  With China, the Japanese had open and obvious plans of killing off as many Chinese as possible while replacing them with Japanese immigrants to China.  The Chinese remember this very well and are quite angry about the US giving the fascists of the LDP a green light to have expansionary demands for ‘lebensraum’.


The US claims we shouldn’t worry about Japanese auto corporate families taking over our auto sales and industries.  Meanwhile, the Toyota clan and others work day and night to expand Japanese industrial power over the US and to suck down US taxpayer money selling us weapons and thus, controlling our military/industrial complex so we fund their new war with China:  Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer builds Japan relationship ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Kendall’s visit to the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, which regulates exports, could help the U.S. Defense Department build deeper ties with industry officials who will play a key role in formulating rule changes that may allow companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the maker of the World War Two-era Zero fighter, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, which builds submarines, become suppliers to the United States.


So, more US jobs will be destroyed while the Japanese industrial giants who were not eliminated after WWII, will take entire control of our procurement system which we pay for via debts!  This control of our last remaining industry comes on the heels of Japan seizing a big part of our airline business. From day one, I have written about Boeing and how US Presidents expand free trade while simultaneously getting countries who flood us with imports, to buy Boeing jets to sort of balance things (but only so slight, it makes little difference).


Japan needs us and we don’t need Japan.  This simple formula baffles people who grew up with the ‘Japan is the bulwark against Russia and China’ nonsense.  Ditto goes for the UK which has drained our banking system by running those pirate islands while claiming they protect us from Russia and others.  They don’t.


Speaking of no news:  Ultra-Orthodox protesters shatter bus windows after female passenger refuses to sit in back Demonstrators in Beit Shemesh block path of bus and smashed its windshield with a hammer, before moving on to two other buses nearby; police detain two. 

The US media giants have more reporters in Israel than any other country outside of England.  And so they know very well all the news in Israel.  And selectively report this.  Any story showing Jews acting like Brown Shirt Nazis are blocked and never, ever appear in the US. So while US Yahoos rage on about how sexist and violent Muslim fundamentalists are, they don’t know that Jewish fundamentalists are every bit and nasty.  The act of hiding this news is racist.  It is tribal.  And it is bad for society.

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7 responses to “Aso’s Pro-Nazi Pronouncements Don’t Make Any News In Zionist US Media Which Screams About Nazis

  1. Christian W

    The US media giants have more reporters in Israel than any other country outside of England. And so they know very well all the news in Israel. And selectively report this. Any story showing Jews acting like Brown Shirt Nazis are blocked and never, ever appear in the US

    It’s because the reporters are brown shirts themselves. A lot of them are ex-IDF or have family in the IDF. It’s fair to assume the reporters are directly involved with the Mossad/CIA. It’s pretty unthinkable an honest, non-zionist, reporter would find employment and have his dispatches printed isn’t it.

    Here is an interesting article highlighting the corruption:

  2. Melponeme_k

    I think we should examine and make the connection that Zionism has no trouble with the destruction of the United States. Because more than 90% of the population is non-Jewish. We are a dirty race to them, stupid and deserve to fail. That is the mind-set.

    Meanwhile they are hoping they can syphon enough US power and money to survive in the Middle East after the US fails. The reason why China must be attacked is that it has no interest in a rogue militaristic nation destabilizing the Middle East. Especially since we are way past peak oil.

  3. kenogami

    “Recently, Aso who is #2 in Japan, made odious Nazi remarks whereby he admired Hitler. ”

    Isn’t that the guy who recently told old peoples in Japan to hurry up and die because they cost too much ?? A really “nice” man!!!

  4. Jim R

    Umm, these Chinese war plans …
    It’s worth noting that, before WWII, the USA had factories cranking out cars, shipyards building ships, and some aircraft manufacturers. The USA was a net EXPORTER of oil and petroleum products then. All Roosevelt had to do was switch the factories to munitions and shift ’em into high gear.

    Do these plans include re-importing all those industires we have shipped to China for cheap labor and no environmental or safety rules?

    And, oh by the way, can we borrow a couple hundred tons of Neodymium from China (where 95% of the rare earth metals are refined)…? (worth noting: the rare earths are not all that rare, they are about as abundant as silver, but refining them is a messy and energy-intensive process, which we no longer do very much here)

  5. e sutton

    We don’t “do” warfare like we did in the 1940’s. Now it’s all about flipping a switch to unleash the nuclear horrors upon a people and country we decide to annihilate. Little worry about the unwashed masses who will perish and die an unspeakable death among our elites. It’s their plan, after all. What’s a few million low class, bottom feeders to our elite anyway, other than an unnecessary bother? Think about how uncongested our freeways would be with a 2/3rds deduction in “worthless, non-productive” americans.


    ELAINE: Sadly, correct. They hope to use nuclear war to win. Japan will be totally vaporized and the rulers there are too insane to know what this means for them.

    The US will lose a couple of cities but so what? We basically nuked Detroit and sneer about this!!!

  6. Jim R

    M A D

    The elites have no way of knowing that their own little hidey-holes are not on the list for vaporization as well.

  7. Being There

    The true madness is that the globalists handed China our manufacturing base for slave labor–For Kissinger and assoc. and other CEO’s and banksters.

    Surely they understood enough about economics to understand the basics of manufacturing to military might. (Economic determinism) That’s what nation-states do and that’s how we built up, so why are we so surprised?

    Oh–cuz China wants to be a powerful nation and not a colony of transnationals? They have a million-man army that we could never fight conventionally now, so now the nuclear option?

    Could it be that our economists got brainwashed by the Chicago School of Business that wipes out all other theories? TINA–There are no alternatives as Margaret Thatcher was so fond of saying.

    They lost their minds and now they know we’re in a hole of our own making, so let’s kill everyone because we made a BIG BOO BOO.

    It’s all about getting idiots to pay for their mistakes–in the inverted communist models, they privatize their gains and nationalize their losses. So let’s destroy the competition we created for short-term profits for a few.

    Yup, that’s the ticket….Now all they have to do is market their war mongering.

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