NASA Scientists Fear Sun Spot Activity May Vanish—Russia Issues Warnings About Mini-Ice Age

sun spot activity falls

A storm is coming: Sun’s magnetic field is set to FLIP and could lead to bad weather and radio disruption except this polar switch is weak as are the sun spots.  We have modern tools to observe a solar sun spot cessation so we can see for certain how the sun is 100% in control of wether we have an Ice Age or a Warm Age.  All debate will end once we discover the hard truth of the matter.  The graph above shows 100 years of sun spot activity.  The earlier observations were done by my grandfather and Hubble at the Mt. Wilson observatory and their own private observatories in Pasadena.  My grandfather loved to speculate about the Ice Ages and the sun and I suppose, after my father did the same thing, the likelihood both are right about sun spots and Ice Ages, this is horrible news but we can’t ignore it, either or pretend it doesn’t happen.

One thing that really enraged me about the ‘climate experts’ was when they tried to minimize or even deny the Maunder Minimum – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


The Maunder Minimum coincided with the middle—and coldest part—of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America were subjected to bitterly cold winters. A causal connection between low sunspot activity and cold winters has recently been made using data from the NASA’s Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment which shows that solar UV output is more variable over the course of the solar cycle than scientists had previously thought, and a UK scientific team published in the Nature Geoscience journal a link that ties this variability to terrestrial climate impacts in the form of warmer winters in some places and colder winters in others.[4] The winter of 1708–9 was extremely cold.[5]


Looking at the above graph, we see that the late-1960’s to the end of the 1970’s was a period of very low sun spot activity as was the period before WWI which saw a lot of peasant unrest due to the cold winters and late springs.  I recall #20 peak as it was oddly cold even in Arizona with lots of unusual winter rains.  Then I moved to NYC and it was tremendously cold, Arctic cold in winter and very stormy summer thunder events.


One country that observes the winter closely is Russia so the news there is all about the collapse of the sun spot situation.  For example, at we see there are a very tiny few spots at the peak of the solar maximum.   So it is no surprise to see this headline in Russia:  Sun dial-down: Looming weak solar max may herald frosty times — RT News


Possible explanations for the sun’s latest odd behavior were discussed last month at a meeting of the Astronomical Society’s Solar Physics Division. Scientists agree that Cycle 24 is already among the weakest reported.

“Not only is this the smallest cycle we’ve seen in the space age, it’s the smallest cycle in 100 years,” NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center research scientist David Hathaway said.


Some more radical explanations sound quite alarming. Matthew Penn of the National Solar Observatory says the strength of magnetic field in sunspots in waning, and the sunspot cycle may disappear altogether.


“If this trend continues, there will be almost no spots in Cycle 25, and we might be going into another Maunder Minimum,” he said.


NASA: We May Be On the Verge of a “Mini-Maunder” Event which means increasingly the astronomers are lining up claiming global warming will not only stop but will retreat if the sun spots totally vanish.  The key question is, will this last 200+ years like last time this happened or 200,000 years as happened repeatedly in the last 2.5 million years?  A good question.  A life and death question.  All our systems are predicated on it being pleasantly warm.  We have no alternative system set up whereby crops fail, ice advances menacing Switzerland or the polar states.  Not to mention, stormy seas and higher winds in winter?


My ancestors crossed the Atlantic during the Maunder Minimum right at the beginning of that mini-Ice Age and somehow managed to survive in the cold Northeast and it was a very brutal time indeed.  As will the repeat of t his cycle.

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16 responses to “NASA Scientists Fear Sun Spot Activity May Vanish—Russia Issues Warnings About Mini-Ice Age

  1. Seraphim

    A refreshing thought. I feel 40+ years younger. Remember the 1970s Ice Age Scare?

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  3. JimmyJ

    Back in the 1980s we still had cold winters in central BC. You could get below -40F for a few weeks several times a winter but in 1983 it reached below -60F. This isn’t Alaska or the Yukon, central BC isn’t far north, and we are often moderated by the coastal weather. But that winter the natural gas lines in town froze for 3 days and folks had to heat their houses with whatever they had, often simply their electric range ovens.

    I lived out of town with wood heat so things were fine for our young kids. My alcohol based thermometer that went to -60F bubbled and never worked again. That was more or less the turning point in winters. It rarely reaches below -25F now for maybe a few days.

    Now I’m still in the area, but nearer to town renting a cabin with natural gas and only a +20F sleeping bag. I gave my Dad’s huge old -50F down bag to my son, who lives in Vancouver where it might hit -50F during an ice age. So he’ll be prepared. All this just reminds me that it probably wouldn’t hurt me to get a modern -40F bag, just in case worse comes to worse.

  4. melponeme_k

    Huffpost countered this story with global “change” scare news. There was no mention of sun activity in the story at all.

    The propaganda is so blatant, it is past being funny.

  5. Jim R

    From the Daily Mail article, an answer (potentially) to my question:
    “During Solar Maximum the amount of solar activity is at its highest. A Solar Maximum causes large numbers of sunspots to appear. The Sun’s irradiance – or electromagnetic radiation – output grows by about 0.1 per cent during this time and this can lead to changes in climate and affect radio communications”

    So, 0.1 percent. Earth sits between the Sun and the ~4 degree K of empty space, at about 300 degrees K. Which would put the cooling effect at about 0.3 degrees.

    Sorry, gang, AGW trumps that. We shall be 3 or 4 degrees warmer, but deduct 0.3 degrees for solar variation. Only 2.7 degrees warmer … watch out, Texas, for those advancing glaciers! … not

  6. melponeme_k

    Ok Jim R, you go on believing the DAILY MAIL (!!) over NASA and the Russian government who are disturbed by this low sun activity.

    Russians don’t get perturbed too easily. These are tough people who burned their own cities/agriculture rather than have Napoleon or Hitler conquer them. If they are disturbed that means something.

  7. Jim R

    If you have a different number, Melponeme, spit it out.

    When you try to invoke science, but don’t have any numbers, you’re venturing into religion…

  8. Jim R

    And, for your information, the Daily Mail article I cited is THE ONE LINKED FROM THIS ARTICLE! I don’t usually read those British scandal rags.

  9. Seraphim

    But isn’t the Universe, the Kosmos, a Yin-Yang stuff? Cycles upon cycles of alternating days and nights? Heat and cold? Floods and deserts? And so on.

  10. I read an article online from a global warming proponent that any future ice age will be muted by greenhouse gas pollution. For the non-scientist it is best to be skeptical of all sides on this issue. I tend to agree with Elaine and the Astrophysicists, however.

  11. DeVaul

    I reached the same decision irentier made.

    For non scientists, the whole global warming debate is now so full of lies, half-truths, and downright deceptions (for monetary gain) that a layman cannot know what is true or not true.

    To me, however, it just makes more sense that the sun would affect our weather more than human beings or cows or dinosaurs, especially when you look at the big picture (geological time scale).

    I seriously doubt that if the sun cools down, CO2 in the atmosphere will trump that and scorch the earth or leave us all underwater.

  12. z house

    well the sun has been doing ‘whatever’ and the arctic is still melting and the glaciers near me are still melting. Yes the REACTION to GW is BS , but not the theory.

  13. emsnews

    Wrong, the theory itself even says solar output is always the same!

    This is a HUGE error. Gigantic. Since the sun is our #1 energy input system, assuming it is stable or constant is foolish indeed.

  14. John

    It speaks to how pathetic the human race has become, that the scientific community is willing to lie about science because a handful of wealthy psychopaths want to keep plundering us. Science is supposed to be principled, impartial and above all else, concerned with uncovering the truth to the best of its ability.

  15. lucky13

    “Wrong, the theory itself even says solar output is always the same!

    This is a HUGE error. Gigantic. Since the sun is our #1 energy input system, assuming it is stable or constant is foolish indeed.”

    With Sunspots how could the Sun be stable?

  16. emsnews

    The basic 20 year cycle shows some form of instability. The fact that is CEASES periodically is very unstable.

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