Israel Kicks Kerry In Teeth Twice While Obama Delusional About ‘Victory’ Over Al Qaeda

Stopping Kidnappings, and Disrupting Al Qaeda, a silly NY Times editorial that makes zero sense unless one is a depraved Zionist.  Remarks by the President at Camp Pendleton, CA | The White House where he boasted about how Al Qaeda has been stopped. This is, of course, totally irrational but the soldiers needed to hear that we really won the Vietnam War, too.  Caustic Light on American Reaction to a Terrorist Threat…The decision to shut some American diplomatic posts in the Middle East has prompted gloating among jihadists and criticism by some officials who say the White House overreacted.

I heard the Pendleton speech on the radio and had a sardonic laugh. In particular, this delusional part of the speech got loud cheers:


I’m here because, for more than a decade, you -— and all our men and women in uniform -— have borne the burden in this time of war. Ever since that awful September morning when our nation was attacked, when thousands of innocents were killed, we’ve been at war against al Qaeda. And our fight in Afghanistan -— nearly 12 years -— has become America’s longest war. I’m here because we recently marked another milestone in this war. As of this past June, for the first time, Afghan forces have taken the lead for security across their entire country.


Afghanistan is a complete and utter multi-trillion dollar failure.  No one in Europe who used the NATO excuse to invade are boasting about this stupid war.  Everyone who is sane is embarrassed.  The Afghanis know the minute the US leaves, it will all revert to where it was before we and the Soviets invaded.  Here is the most delusional part of his speech:


And here’s what I want every single one of you to know. Because of you — the 9/11 Generation — we are accomplishing what we set out to do. Because of you, Osama bin Laden is no more. (Hoorah!) Because of you, al Qaeda’s top ranks have been hammered. The core of al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on the way to defeat.


So, we are so very successful, the US has had to close most of its embassies in Muslim countries due to al Qaeda talk about blowing them all up!  Hooray!  BBC News – US and UK pull staff out of Yemen amid terror alert shows how very successful the assassination robot scheme is: USELESS.  The glaring fact is ignored by the US military/industrialists who love the idea of robot warfare because they didn’t watch all those Star Wars movies where fighting robots are killed by Jedi Knights dressed like al Qaeda fighters.


This mental defect whereby we can’t see defeat even as the Grim Reaper decapitates us, is a huge danger because this is how all empires collapse: losing battles with various barbarians, going bankrupt at home while not taxing the rich, corruption at the top with emperors killing each other and then looting the proletariat.  And of course, using foreign slave labor while industrious natives go insane and lose the ability to do anything socially redeeming.


We lost the war with al Qaeda and we lost due to our Zionist State Department doing absolutely everything wrong from top to bottom.  Supporting some of the most vicious dictators in the Muslim world while screaming ‘We want to free you all!’ is totally insane.  Screaming about this religious war not being religious while we wave our flag and scream about Jesus loving us while protecting and supporting Jewish ethnic cleansing aimed at mainly Muslim natives but also Christians, the mixed up politics is all about the Apocalypse which the right wing Christians including, alas, my own parents in the past, they want WWIII to come and kill everyone and then Jesus will give them the planet to play with as a reward for saying magic words and stirring up religious antagonisms.


Right on schedule, Drone strike in Yemen kills 4 suspected Al Qaeda militants who, of course, have to be murdered without any proof they were anything nefarious.  We don’t get to see their names or faces or hear what they supposedly did to deserve this.  All top secret.  Thank heavens, Russia is protecting Snowden!  So we have an inkling as to the extent of this War on Everyone Else.


The Muslims mock us, of course:  The rise and rise of al-Qaeda – Inside Story – Al Jazeera English


Things changed once again after the so-called Arab Spring, when the massive show of people power delegitimised the more radical message of al-Qaeda. But a subsequent power vacuum also allowed the organisation to grow in a way that it was not previously able to under the security regimes of now toppled or embattled Arab dictators.


Today, a growing list of al-Qaeda affiliates is showing strength in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Mali.


” … Al-Qaeda is now becoming stronger but not only because there are new groups popping out …. [Now] they have basically a story to tell: They are saying the war is not only about occupation in Iraq, it is also a sectarian war happening in Syria …. As a matter of fact, one of the recruiting tools they are using is they are saying the Syrian regime was joined by radical Shia groups, and this is a very powerful tool to recruit among Sunnis, and this indeed might be a new problem we are facing.”


As Kerry scuttles about the Middle East like an obese rat, Israel gives preliminary approval for 800 new settler homes because nothing works better than to slap him in the face and watch him thank Netanyahu for the service on behalf of everyone else who is disgusted with this silly pretense of ‘peace talks’.  The Palestinians know they will be fed to Baal and they can’t stop this madness.  The US has no wish to stop, the End of Times people know they can’t have Jesus come back unless first the Jews kill or destroy all the people in the Holy Land and then Jesus will do the same to them.


I wonder how many Jews understand this scheme?  Obviously, they think they can fool everyone at that p0int in time except…they cannot.  This is one of the ugliest forms of hubris seen in a long time.  Epic.


The second slap is the direct demand Congress vote to strangle Iran even more, so AIPAC gave its orders to our captives in DC and they voted 98% for this boon.  Iran’s new president prompts renewed Israeli threats –


JERUSALEM — Alarmed by the prospects of renewed U.S.-Iran negotiations and suggestions that the new Islamic leadership might chart a more moderate path, Israel is ramping up its threat to take unilateral military action against Iran’s nuclear program.


On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran has continued to develop its nuclear program, even after the election of Hassan Rouhani, whom he has labeled a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”


“The president of Iran is trying to present a new image to the West, but advances in the nuclear program continue,” Netanyahu said during a visit to proposed new military bases in the Negev desert. “He tells us no threats will help. But the truth is that the only thing in the last 20 years that has helped stop Iran’s nuclear program were pressures and the explicit threats of military action.”

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 2.57.38 PM

Like the Washington Post and New York Times, the LA paper is a Zionist front and note they have not just a bunch of reporters overseas but two in Israel and only one in the EU, in London.  Yet, 90% of the news in Israel is not reported in this paper, an odd thing indeed.  Why have a reporter when they nearly never file stories?  We will see if this is changed in the WP now that it has a new owner.


Finally the other news that seldom shows up here:  Arirang News:  Japan’s nuclear body calls radioactive groundwater leakage at Fukushima ’emergency’

To prevent further leaks, plant workers are injecting chemicals to create an underground barrier to block groundwater from leaking out to the ocean.
But experts say the barrier may not be enough as it needs certain conditions to solidify.
A retired nuclear engineer who worked on several TEPCO nuclear plants says the company is out of its depth.

No interest in the Pacific being polluted.  Meanwhile, Japan’s imperialists are screaming at the Chinese for sending fishing boats too close to islands illegally seized by Japan after the US said, ‘Hey, the Jews get to kick around the Palestinians who can’t fight back, why don’t you kick the Chinese Dragon and see what happens next?’  So, Abe went to Hiroshima to make a big display about nuclear bombs and then…renewed his verbal attacks on nuclear armed China who sees clearly how easy it is to wipe out the remains of Japan.
This hyper nationalism of a dying nation is interesting to see.  I see suicide.

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10 responses to “Israel Kicks Kerry In Teeth Twice While Obama Delusional About ‘Victory’ Over Al Qaeda

  1. Christian W

    LIke a dog marking territory Israel routinely pisses all over the US Vice President. They can’t do that with the President, that would be a little too obvious, but the VP is fair game. They did the same thing to Biden. VP, what a job eh?

  2. Being There

    Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad. That is the path western civilization is on….suicide indeed and— Apres moi(US) le deluge!

    I’m not looking forward to watching this play out. The economy is on thin ice as well.

  3. JT

    “This experience has taught me one very important lesson: without congressional action or a strong judicial precedent, I would _strongly_ recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States.”

    Why not listen to someone who knows what he is talking about.

  4. CK

    @JT So find a company in this world that does not have ties to the US and is immune from US govt. pressure, drones, assassinations etc.
    Any company that does banking anywhere in the world uses the financial network that routes through NYC. NO ONE of any import is immune.;

  5. Paul S

    “”As Kerry scuttles about the Middle East like an obese rat…” HehHeh, good one Elaine. Quite an apt description. I’m starting to wonder if US elites are aware of the sneering contempt with which they are held even by alleged “allies”, such as Israel and SA? US elites remind me of ultra,ultra spoiled rotten rich kids that no one can stand, but tolerate, partly out of fear and partly because it is profitable to them. Kerry noted how South America is the US’ ‘backyard. A good example of the arrogance the US elites. Supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. That accurately sums up US elites. They are too inbred: same few number of schools, marriages to small number of “approved” families, etc. Wouldn’t surprise me if many of the elites are hemophiliacs from all the inbreeding.

  6. emsnews

    At least he didn’t say SA is on the other side of the rail road tracks! 🙂

  7. JT


    anyone can run a secure email server even at home.

    But not in the US.

  8. lucky13

    Biden and Barry deserve each other. Recently Barry could not remember
    Bidens wifes name while giving a speech [I think at a cali Military base].
    Kerry is a jew with an Irish name.
    Heres more on Barry:

    “Not only does the Idiot in Chief think there are 57 countries, he thinks that New Mexico isn’t one of the 57 but a foreign country.

    I realized how poorly educated he was when he said the founding fathers were influenced by muslim thinkers.

    We should not be surprised that he is ignorant of many things though because he was busy smoking dope and doing drugs high school and college.
    Well, he just told Jay Leno that Savannah, Charleston, and Jacksonville are ports on the Gulf of Mexico.
    This man is an affirmative-action mascot. An imaginary black friend for white liberals to brag about.”



    The right wing was quite happy with Bush Jr being brain dead. Perry is worse and he is beloved of the right.

    Brains: not called for in government. I remember elections in the deep past where the topic of ‘stupid is better than smart’ raged…like during the Kennedy election way back when I was a kid.

  9. CK

    As the creator of PGP Phil Zimmerman points out, there is no such thing as secure e-mail. Run a server farm in your home in any country that has legal treaties with the USA and your server will be broached. DEA did it by treaty in British Columbia recently. Encrypt your email and you might as well post it in NEON lights that “here be private stuff” — a perfect meta data to indicate that you have something you don’t think the government has any business knowing.
    Try to post to folks using steganography and the red flag goes up and the algore-rythmns that scan pics for hidden data will be running on the emails you send.
    Of course if you are the higher ups in Al Q, you make conference calls using compromised smart phones to talk about your current plans for May Hem.

  10. emsnews

    Yeah, in 1968, I was arrested after getting in a hot argument on the telephone with an East German who happened to be Statsi!

    The Germans in the West took me in only to find out I was still a kid! HAHAHA.

    I always assume my phone conversations are hijacked.

    I once tested this in the US telling a friend, ‘Chairman Mao gave me $600 so I can publish stuff!’ back in 1969 in Berkeley.

    This became a news story! HAHAHA. I had lots of fun debunking the story and it showed everyone, the FBI listens to my phone calls so don’t use my phone for anything serious.

    This spying back then was illegal, by the way. Got Nixon in trouble later when he bugged the wrong parties. It was always OK to bug me.

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