Fascist Brit Security Thugs Detain (Illicitly) Partner Of Greenwald, David Miranda

Detaining my partner: a failed attempt at intimidation | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | theguardian.com

According to a document published by the UK government about Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act, “fewer than 3 people in every 10,000 are examined as they pass through UK borders” (David was not entering the UK but only transiting through to Rio). Moreover, “most examinations, over 97%, last under an hour.” An appendix to that document states that only .06% of all people detained are kept for more than 6 hours.


The stated purpose of this law, as the name suggests, is to question people about terrorism. The detention power, claims the UK government, is used “to determine whether that person is or has been involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.”


But they obviously had zero suspicion that David was associated with a terrorist organization or involved in any terrorist plot. Instead, they spent their time interrogating him about the NSA reporting which Laura Poitras, the Guardian and I are doing, as well the content of the electronic products he was carrying. They completely abused their own terrorism law for reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism: a potent reminder of how often governments lie when they claim that they need powers to stop “the terrorists”, and how dangerous it is to vest unchecked power with political officials in its name.


Worse, they kept David detained right up until the last minute: for the full 9 hours, something they very rarely do. Only at the last minute did they finally release him. We spent all day – as every hour passed – worried that he would be arrested and charged under a terrorism statute. This was obviously designed to send a message of intimidation to those of us working journalistically on reporting on the NSA and its British counterpart, the GCHQ.


The US and UK both are controlled by foreign powers who wish to use the political and military muscle to control world populations.  The NSA is a foreign occupation force like the Egyptian army is to Egypt, that is, it exists to control us not protect us.  The whistle blower, Snowden, revealed all the noxious spying that is utterly and totally and completely unconstitutional.


This has infuriated the foreign rulers.  They pay billions to keep our government captive.  They resent us prying into their network of detention, spying, controlling, media propaganda and other tools used to keep us enslaved.


Even as Obama is a puppet, the latest puppet in the White House and ALL have been puppets since Jimmy Carter, Reagan was owned by European royals and the Japanese warlords, Bush Sr by the Gulf Muslim rulers and the communist Chinese, and so on.  Obama made the mistake of admitting Snowden was correct to reveal illicit and illegal spying on everyone.  Congress admitted this, too, that they had near zero oversight.


Thanks to Greenwald and Snowden, we know that the courts have near zero power over the spies.  No one controls them except foreign rulers like Netanyahu and the Saudi royals, they have direct control via various bribery tools which Congress thoughtfully left out in full view to be used with impunity.


Years ago when the Chinese sent young party members to live with me and learn about the American Way, they were delighted to learn from me that Reagan was owned by foreign powers and the fake ‘make a speech’ gambit was just then legalized in 1987 so Reagan could collect bribes and they said, ‘Great news!  We, too, will buy Presidents and own them!’


And they did!  Imagine that!


Back to England detaining the love of Greenwald’s life: this is like the ambushing of the Presidential jet of a South American ruler, a shot across the prow.  Only nuclear armed China and nuclear armed Russia can defy the US.  All others will either cooperate or like Assad and Morsi, like Gaddafi and Saddam, will be summarily attacked and killed or imprisoned.  South Americans, being ruled this way for the last 200 years, know very well how this game is run and now are quite wary about the US and know the tricks of the business.


Obama was ordered to terminate all leakers and to prevent us from knowing the true extent of this foreign rule.  Our media never, ever does any investigative stories about foreign bribes anymore.  I recall when a fake Sheik was used to reveal Congressional corruption but that was done during a time when Jews supporting Israel were openly bribing all and sundry and not one mainstream story ever said a peep.


The WP and NYT are up to their eyeballs in supporting, hiding and enabling this bribery to continue!  They PARTICIPATE in this, ADD MONEY TO IT, and above all, at Bilderberg meetings, plot to continue this bribery and to protect the criminals destroying our security and imposing trillions in public debt on us to run this bejiggered mess they created and refuse to pay for via taxes.


And that is the real story, how we are fucked over by our fellow citizens who love foreign countries more than this country and don’t give a damn how deep in debt we go or how vicious a military/spy state this becomes to control our home population for their pleasure.

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13 responses to “Fascist Brit Security Thugs Detain (Illicitly) Partner Of Greenwald, David Miranda

  1. CK

    And almost simultaneously, Michael Grunwald ( senior editor of Time, dual national citizen and hater par excellence) can not wait to write an apologia for the drone strike that kills Assange according to his since deleted tweet.
    If Grunwald wanted to sic a drone on Greenwald …


    ELAINE: Greenwald is a very brave Jewish man who knows very well what happens to anyone of his tribe who goes against the Muslim religious wars. Grunwald gets to be a ‘senior editor’ of a magazine that was once run by non-Zionists. Which is why it is nearly unreadable these days if one is curious about what is really going on.

    The love of using drones to assassinate irritating people who live in different countries and to do this for religious warfare reasons is INSANE. Our Founding Fathers warned future generations to not imitate the insane religious wars which wracked Europe for centuries (the Protestant/Catholic wars).

  2. vengeur

    The real reason they chose to detain him was to out BIG TIME Mr. Greenwald. My first reaction was “I didn’t know he was…”. If this is the best they can do to get at Greenwald. PffftT
    that sting years ago with the fake Arab Sheiks was called ABSCAM, I believe.


    ELAINE: I knew Greenwald was gay years ago. He never hid it!

    Using sex to attack people is common with the rulers. This is another reason they need to spy on all of us and probably have a computer complex that does ‘sex’ searches on everyone so they can immediately do a sex attack if irritated by someone uppity.

  3. Jim R

    It might be time for a juicy GCHQ story. I wonder if The Guardian could get away with printing it?

  4. Jim R

    Oh, and Grunwald better hope they are careful with spelling when they type in the name for the drone hit. They have the same German name but one of them has been Anglicised a little.

    ELAINE: That would certainly earn a Darwin Award! 🙂

  5. lucky13

    Off topic, via Yahoo news:

    Conspiracy theories are back surrounding the deaths of Princess Diana and her companion Dodi al Fayed, after British media reported allegations that the couple may have been murdered by British special forces.

    Despite a $7 million joint French and British police investigation that concluded that Diana, al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul’s deaths in 1997 were accidents, a report in The Mirror claims they were allegedly murdered and it was all covered up.

  6. Seraphim

    Fascist Brit Security thugs homophobes?

  7. e sutton

    @Seraphim, No, the homophobes are the Americans. From what I read in the comments sections of U.S. rags, jokes abound, not concerning the human rights violations here, but the fact that “Did they take his lipstick and compact too?” Makes me sure proud to be an amerikan, let me tell you.

  8. ooh@ch.ie

    Nah they are not homophobes its political so lighten up and listen to Jimmy!

  9. Ed Hoarse

    Don’t allow yourself to get detained in the UK or Egypt, same goes for the US when system collapses

  10. tio

    *sniff* makes me proud.

  11. CK

    And now for something completely the same:

    A Goldberg and a Bloomfield.

  12. So the state cannot keep anything secret? If we knew every activity of our spy agencies wouldn’t our enemies know too? There is a certain illogic about all the criticism regarding NSA activity. I wish Bradley Manning had contacted his superior officer first and if that didn’t work a Senator may have been able to give him immunity. Very sad that he is going to prison for 25 years or longer but Wikileaks won’t be there when he gets out. Snowden better learn Russian and love the cold.

  13. CK

    Senators have no authority to grant anyone immunity for anything.
    Actually, no there is nothing that the government should be able to keep secret from its owners. If you keep your nose out of other people’s hornets nests you don’t get stung. Enemies are made by your actions.
    However, if you think of yourself as a subject/property instead of as an owner then I suppose you could justify being kept in the dark about anything and slaughtered at will.
    I wish Bradley had kept his mouth shut in chat rooms and during his incarceration and at his trial. If wishes were horses …
    Given what is known about Mr. Snowden, picking up Russian will not be onerous, nor is all of Russia cold. And the babes in the USSR as the Beatles were wont to remark are not to shabby. A young, studly, heroic man like Snowden will be well satisfied.

    The first rule of government: scum rises.

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