Japan Volcano Sakurajima Has Bigger Explosive Events

Sakurajima eruption 2013

Sakurajima spews its highest volcanic column ever at 5,000 meters – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun raining volcanic ash on nearby port towns, this very active volcano in Japan’s Kyushu island’s southern edge has suddenly become much more explosive  yesterday.  The above two photos show how violent the recent eruption compares to a smaller eruption captured by Google’s traveling camera car.  

Sakurajima volcano top blown off

Sakurajima – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sakurajima is located in the Aira caldera, formed in an enormous eruption 22,000 years ago.[4] Several hundred cubic kilometres of ash and pumice were ejected, causing the magma chamber underneath the erupting vents to collapse. The resulting caldera is over 20 km (12 mi) across. Tephra fell as far as 1,000 km (620 mi) from the volcano. Sakurajima is a modern active vent of the same Aira caldera volcano.


If Mount Fuji has a similar eruption like the one that blew the top half of Sakurajima off, this would pretty much destroy much of Tokyo.  Like Sakurajima, Fujisama is erupting increasingly off of its eastern flank as tectonic plate movements shove Japan westwards.  Mount Vesuvius is another explosive, very active volcano in Italy which looks very much like Sakurajima in profile.  Before the Pompeii eruption, it looked more like Mt. Fuji.  And typically of these sort of dangerous volcanoes, cities and towns surround them despite the obvious danger of these volcanoes violently destroying everything with little warning.


Japanese hospital near Sakurajima volcano

The buildup around this volcano is not anywhere near the Mt. Fuji or Vesuvius mountains.  For example, over half a million people live in the ‘red zone’ in Italy and nearly 2 million in the yellow zone while Tokyo is one of the biggest cities on earth with many millions.  Below is a photo taken during WWII of the 1944 explosion in Italy.

1944 Vesuvius Eruption


As per usual, weather prediction refuses to look at volcanoes to tell  us what to expect.  It has been an unusually cool summer this year in the Northeast US and Europe and I suspect there is sufficient dust from volcanoes as well as dust from the asteroid fragment that hit Russia recently combined with the sun having few sun spots which may be cooling down the northern hemisphere.


And then there is other news in Japan that is worse than a volcano as far as the deep in debt government is concerned:  Japan Imports Surge Most Since 2010 as Trade Deficit Swells.  The government is dealing with this by banging the war drums.  Constitutional watchdog hints it won’t block Abe on military changes and the recent government visits to the war crimes shrine has enraged the rest of Asia.  Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Screen shot 2013-08-17 at 11.30.37 AM

The US nearly totally ignores all this while giving the fascists who ran Japan into the ground more military support and diplomatic cover.  Like Israel, Japan leeches off of our expensive military/diplomatic system for aggressive territorial demands that undermine US diplomacy and power.

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9 responses to “Japan Volcano Sakurajima Has Bigger Explosive Events

  1. Dear Mr. Fuji. please save us all from WW3 !

  2. IAmSpartacus

    Not to worry, Abe will just print a few billion more in Japanese funny money, that’ll even out that trade deficit pretty quickly; nothing that a little more currency manipulation can’t fix.

  3. melponeme_k

    I fully expect to see Japan die and go extinct with its people scattered to the four winds within in my lifetime. The thought of it is so horribly sad and unnecessary. This mass destruction of a country and its culture just to feed the greed of the global rich. I never thought I would see such an event.

  4. lucky13

    ‘ It has been an unusually cool summer this year in the Northeast US’
    I am in coastal L.A.. The marine layer was so cold and windy y’day I needed a jacket at noon.
    Coldest August here that I can remember.

  5. emsnews

    When the polar bears move into your home, run! 🙂

  6. Christian W

    In contrast to the cold Norway has had the ‘best’ (warmest and sunniest) summer for many decades. The papers recently run a satellite pic on the first page that showed Norway completely cloud free in it’s entire length. This in NORWAY – there are cities here that have rain 270+ days a year as the norm…

  7. e sutton

    @Christian W…You may keep all that excess rain in the future. No need to share it with the US. Here in the Southeast states, we’re soggy n’ chillin’ at a cool 72 degrees farenheit…In August! Coolest summer here I can remember. Saving some cash off my electric bill.

  8. lucky13

    E Sutton, what state are you in?

    My college prof ‘earth science masters degree’d’ neighbor says USA is hot.
    He teaches the religion of ‘AGW’ at a college.

  9. emsnews

    The thin veil of dust is now affecting us.

    I was out in the sun today, normally it would be hot and dry. It is oddly CHILLED. I stood in the blazing sun and it is supposed to be warm today, and I could feel the fingers of chill on my flesh. It is that odd feeling one gets during volcanic dust events.

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