CNN Fake Liberal, Toobin, Attacks Greenwald and Miranda: The Zionist Media Machine Continues Terrifying Reporters And Online Legal Sites

Yet another fake liberal who is a secret Bilderberg/AIPAC creature, attacks Greenwald using his CNN perch as a platform to make vile threats towards Miranda as well as Greenwald.  Most of our media giants do not reflect popular opinion about spying, they are ALL FOR IT and want to have rival reporters censored, arrested or even murdered if they reveal information that shows how our government is anti-Constitutional and is being used as a war machine by Zionists.

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Pundit, Sparks Outrage Comparing David Miranda To A ‘Drug Mule’ (VIDEO)

Toobin—who has been harshly critical of Greenwald and NSA leaker Edward Snowden—appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show just after Miranda himself, along with Greenwald, spoke about his experience.Greenwald declined to say what Miranda was carrying, but added, “Every single newsroom in the United States…has classified information…so if you want to support the idea that states can just go and confiscate from journalists classified information, you should be demanding that your government go physically into newsrooms and seize whatever classified information is there.”


Asked if he thought the British were right to detain Miranda, Toobin said, “I sure do.”


“I don’t want to be unkind, but he was a mule,” he said. “He was given something, he didn’t know what it was, from one person to pass to another at the other end of an airport. Our prisons are full of drug mules…If terrorists know how we surveil their cell phone call, how we surveil their texts, that could be useful to terrorists,” Toobin said.


Jeffrey Toobin‘s mother is Marlene Sanders who is Jewish.  Tracing the AIPAC control of the left is interesting.  Toobin has been called a ‘liberal’ but when it comes to the War On Muslims, he is a far right wing fascist.  Not all Jews are fascists, indeed, some of the people taking the harshest attacks from ‘liberal’ fascist Jews who favor ethnic cleansing are…fellow Jews who bravely tackle these fake liberals head on.


The schizophrenic political beliefs of the main body of Jewish citizens is terrifying.  They traditionally support ‘liberal’ policies in the US except when it clashes with Israel’s fascist rule of the natives there.  Then the fangs appear and Jews support, in the main, terrible policies including global spying on everyone including fellow citizens, endless illegal and illicit wars based on false information and all this is run by our media which is mainly owned or controlled or hires mainly Jews who are schizoid fascists.


Anderson Cooper risked his neck to dispute with the fake liberal ‘legal pundit’:


“The British government, if it thought they had stolen documents, could go through the criminal process rather than using an anti-terrorism law,” Radack said. “He wasn’t sent to the gulag,” Toobin said.


How charming.  The difference between the Soviet Union and today is merely one of degree.  Toobin would certainly send Miranda to a gulag as well as any American who talks about AIPAC.  A sure fire way to be banned from both mainstream and many fake liberal sites online is to talk about AIPAC and mention their immense political power.  And mention who owns the news media is even swifter online banning.  The mainstream media goes to immense lengths to hide AIPAC and it barely makes any news at all even when it is making global news.


CNN, when run by Ted Turner, was truly open.  I actually talked to Ted in the past and he ‘gave’ me a film crew to keep me from being busted at night when I was working with the Chinese protesters in front of the UN back in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.  As I expected, when NYC mayor Koch moved against me, the film crew was there and the Chief of Police in Manhattan had to retreat.  Ted Turner decided to become rich instead of controlling his own media system and sold stock, was thrown out of his own media empire and now no one even mentions his name, he is another invisible man like Jimmy Carter, his friend who also has irritated AIPAC supporters who control our media.


For a long time, these guys kept a lid on Greenwald who ended up being published by the Guardian in England.  I am betting that newspaper will start getting generous offers for sale by Jewish entities seeking to squelch it, too.  Jeff Bezos  bought the Washington Post which is a hot mess run by AIPAC.  He is not Jewish and one senses something odd going on here.  Have the guys striving to control the US media dropped the ball?  I see no changes there yet but it is early on.  If he kicks out much of the editorial board, that will be huge news and the NYT will probably howl about it.


They will probably all move over to CNN, I suppose.  I went from loving CNN in 1988 to hating it rapidly by 2000.  I used to happily use CNN’s facilities for many things and seeing it gone so suddenly was painful and annoying.  I also remember when the Atlantic Monthly wasn’t run by AIPAC.  But now Benjamin Schwarz runs the joint.  A RAND institute, Bilderberg, Brookings Institute drone, he immediately turned it into a Zionist operation.  His ‘specialty’ is writing about wars, the military and international politics (sic).  He is a warrior in the battle to control our State Department, Congress and anyone who runs for President.


I, of course, was banned from AM when it was taken over.  I used to get calls from reporters but this vanished after 9/11.  The mainstream media ran off on this joy ride to hell, egging on wars against Muslims, egging on coups against uprisings that displeased Israel, backing the use of cowardly, evil assassin drones to murder people, now they talk gleefully on the Jewish-owned news services here, using drones to murder Greenwald and anyone else who publishes information showing American citizens how out of control the NSA has become.


Just this year, Schwartz was removed from his perch at the Atlantic Monthly.  James Bennet who is, surprise, also Jewish, replaced him.  This guy moved from the NYT AIPAC nest to the one Schwarz feathered at the formerly ‘intellectual’ AM.  Of course, Schwartz ‘sexed up’ the AM while Bennet made it strictly a mouthpiece for AIPAC full time instead of most of the time.  It is, of course, utterly unreadable today just like CNN which used to make history via simply witnessing events without much commentary but giving us all the incoming information as it happens, clean and clear, today is useless for information gathering.


Hundreds dead in nerve gas attack, Syrian activists claim is the latest example of this warmongering.  Congress and the President told everyone, if Assad uses chemicals in Syria, he would be overthrown.  Over and over again, the US media owners tried their best to trick the US into war with Syria via this ploy.  Over and over again, it failed due to being false charges like the ones aimed illicitly at Saddam in Iraq.  Now, they are at it again.  There is no logical reason for Assad to use these weapons. Zero.  There is a great urgency for the coup militants to use this against civilians and then blame Assad so I assume, since this is logical, this is the case in the present.  It is a false attack so Assad can be attacked by the US.


Files ‘posed threat to UK security’: The Snowden files threaten ‘security’ due to, like the Wikileaks cables, showing how our government has evolved into this monster that resembles the Soviet Union.  There is no free speech in England and people tweeting the wrong words go to prison, for example.  ‘Hate speech’ is not allowed and the Jewish media owners and others control the conversation while anyone talking about Jewish control of government in England are accused of ‘hate speech’ and put in prison, this is true in much of Europe.


Groklaw – Forced Exposure ~pj: this legal information site is shutting down due to NSA spying fears:

Tuesday, August 20 2013 @ 02:40 AM EDT

The owner of Lavabit tells us that he’s stopped using email and if we knew what he knew, we’d stop too.
There is no way to do Groklaw without email. Therein lies the conundrum.


What to do?


What to do? I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to figure it out. And the conclusion I’ve reached is that there is no way to continue doing Groklaw, not long term, which is incredibly sad. But it’s good to be realistic. And the simple truth is, no matter how good the motives might be for collecting and screening everything we say to one another, and no matter how “clean” we all are ourselves from the standpoint of the screeners, I don’t know how to function in such an atmosphere. I don’t know how to do Groklaw like this…(she tells how scared she was when her apartment in NYC was robbed)…


I feel like that now, knowing that persons I don’t know can paw through all my thoughts and hopes and plans in my emails with you.


They tell us that if you send or receive an email from outside the US, it will be read. If it’s encrypted, they keep it for five years, presumably in the hopes of tech advancing to be able to decrypt it against your will and without your knowledge. Groklaw has readers all over the world.


I’m not a political person, by choice, and I must say, researching the latest developments convinced me of one thing — I am right to avoid it. There is a scripture that says, It doesn’t belong to man even to direct his step. And it’s true. I see now clearly that it’s true. Humans are just human, and we don’t know what to do in our own lives half the time, let alone how to govern other humans successfully. And it shows. What form of government hasn’t been tried? None of them satisfy everyone. So I think we did that experiment. I don’t expect great improvement.


So, the young woman running Groklaw is running away and hiding.  This is SURRENDER!  Not brave.  Greenwald is immensely brave.  He spat in the eye of not just the US/UK (USSR-style mega-state) he won’t stop!  For nothing!  Even when goons working with AIPAC threaten to murder him using our government to silence him, and doing this openly and blatantly in the media, Greenwald struck back, hard.  They hate him and I expect him to eventually be killed.  But this doesn’t stop him.


Groklaw, which got awards, is closing down and the editor there is not even allowing any comments about this unilateral decision.  The editor of Groklaw isn’t even going online anymore!  Scared to death.  This battle is just beginning and her solution is not defiance but running away and hiding under her bed!  This is EXACTLY what the Zionists want.  No discussion, people fearful of even mentioning their powerful lobby that controls Congress nearly 98%.  Nothing.  The cover will stay put and the US public used as a milch kuh, taking on ruinous debts to pay for trillions in war and spy efforts.


The example they made of Greenwald IS working its charm.  He might not be scared but many are and that is a success for the minions seeking to control what we know and how we communicate.


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15 responses to “CNN Fake Liberal, Toobin, Attacks Greenwald and Miranda: The Zionist Media Machine Continues Terrifying Reporters And Online Legal Sites

  1. Paul S

    One thing that has always made me wonder about AIPAC is this: is the source of their influence strictly cash bribes or does AIPAC resort to more underhanded methods, such as blackmail? They seem to have more influence than just cash/money payments. Are those idiot Opus Dei types still exerting any influenc in DC? I would think the Opus Dei knuckleheads would be a big, juicy target for Israel to exploit.

  2. IAmSpartacus

    @ Jim R: That’s exactly what I thought when I read about it this morning. Assad just about has this war won, he has no need to launch a chemical weapons strike; even if he were going to, he certainly wouldn’t be dumb enough to do it with UN chemical experts in Damascus! A very sloppy false flag; not CIA or MI6; Certainly not Mossad!

  3. Christian W

    I keep getting censored on the UK Guardian’s website any time I mention Israel and it’s role in the wars of the ME. Even the Guardian is heavily watched and it’s not a free media at all. Rushbridger, the editor, is frequently toeing the line and he is well aware that he is playing a game within what is allowed by the establishment. He knows the Guardian, which is losing money, will find itself in severe difficulties if he steps too far out of line. I believe the NSA etc scandals were ‘fair game’ because they do not implicate the Zionists directly but it more related to the US/UK system.

    The Zionists have a long reach in the US and the UK. Most British MP’s are involved in Zionist organizations in one form or other, so AIPAC has it’s own equivalents over there.

  4. Richard

    It really is unbelievable that a group that represents no more than 2% of the population of this country has been able to take virtual control of every aspect of American life and government. The financial sector, the main stream media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the film industry), the Congress, the State Department (and foreign policy) and the present government administration. There had to be a plan in place that the Zionists and the Israel Firsters were following. It couldn’t have been by accident

  5. lucky13

    Richard, long ago the tribe was kicked out of Egypt. Why? Why did Europeans dislike them? Why do middle easterners dislike em?

    Oh, we are labeled anti semites.

  6. Seraphim

    Jews have only one political allegiance: next year in Jerusalem!

  7. Seraphim

    We must add also Russia bashing.

  8. Seraphim

    And I must also add: they don’t learn anything from history. They think that they can get different results doing the same thing again and again (this is the definition of insanity).

  9. e sutton

    They are a greedy bunch. Always have been. Incredibly smart. I went to school with several Jews and they could always think circles around gentiles. I remember my high school in Washington D.C., Theodore Roosevelt High was practically all Jew when I graduated (1954). They ran the whole school (very well, I might add!) Once integration started in 1965 or so, the whole school practically turned black overnite. You literally have never seen such an exodus of Jews from that neighborhood and school since the ancient times they fled Egypt. Check your neighborhood sometime. How many Jews do you see in a predominately black school?

  10. e sutton

    Just did a web search on Roosevelt H.S., my alma mater. It won 3 out of 10 stars for academic performance for 2012-2013. Seventy seven percent black student body. In the fifies,about 70 percent of students who were college bound went on to go to college.

    The Jews sold out the neighborhood themselves in the sixties. They were successful real estate agents (some of them my old classmates) who would go around to white homes and pose as a nice “white” couple who wanted to buy their house. They later lined up a black family who bought the house instead. What was once a beautiful, law-abiding neighborhood in the fifties turned into a veritable hell hole by the late 1970s. Ah, progress!

  11. lucky13

    E SUTTON: You mentioned 1965. Democrats Immigration act and end to ‘raycyst’ Nations of Origins. 1960, USA 90% White.

    No multicult and die versty. English only.

    Listen to ‘Steely Dans’ “the Royal Scam”. They are singing about John Lindsay bringing PRs to NYC. He removed residency requirements for WELFARE. With the welfare state and open borders, multi lingualism was brought in.

    I recall Eleanor Winegast, head of counseling for Public Schools in Brooklyn
    [she was Jewish, of course] being all for ‘bi lingual schooling’.
    The fact that US had been English language schools only for 450 years didnt matter to her.

    So there it is in microcosm. NYC. Move there and get on welfare, and no need for yr children to speak English!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JT

    “Suspicious NSA officers sometimes use the agency’s awesome eavesdropping capabilities to snoop on their lovers, a report said yesterday.”

    heh, I knew it.
    The spysystem is misused thousands of times per day.

  13. emsnews

    Sigh, yes, of course, they used this to control sex. How amazing.

    Typical and it is why any spy system stinks.

  14. lucky13

    ‘any spy system stinks.’. Oh yes, power corrupts. I wonder how many more of our rights Barry and Holder will destroy.

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