Mubarak Moved Home While Morsi Kept In Prison–Both ‘Killed’ Demonstrators

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2011:Does Time magazine think Americans can’t handle scenes of another Egyptian revolution? – Yahoo! News

The final insult to the Egyptian revolt:  Hosni Mubarak Release: Court Orders Former Egyptian President To Be Freed by Mubarak judge, is now going to be under house arrest.  The military still holds Morsi in secret prison and is accusing him of killing demonstrators while the military butchered thousands during their coup.  The coup is nearly complete with the Old Regime firmly back in power.

Now, the ‘liberals’ will be hunted down and destroyed one by one.  Either they do what one union leader did and join the coup while resigning his position as labor leader—who will be destroyed later—or they resign like Mohamed ElBaradei who was also threatened with arrest for trying to leave the junta.  One by one, the liberal Egyptians will be removed, isolated or be suckered into supporting a dictator.


A sad end to everything there.  The picture above, by the way, is an illustration of how the US public is controlled.  Time Magazine has many times taken foreign edition covers off when published in the US.  The inherent unsuspected political cartoon above illustrates what is going on here: anxiety is healthy, folks!  But note how the character is smiling.  No one in Egypt is smiling.  It is an unhappy place that will be basically run as if it is Gaza only bigger and more despairing.


And the War on Street Muslims Who Revolt continues to turn the US into occupied territory:  License plate readers used to record attendees at political rallies — RT USA.  Yes, Russia TV covers this story!  This is anti-democratic and is done to control people via fear of surveillance.     And Greenwald strikes back with release of information:  NSA illegally collected thousands of US emails annually which means he is a whistleblower as is Snowden.


Mannings got 35 years in prison for whistle blowing and I suspect the judge even understood this which is why it isn’t what the government wanted which was 60 years.  He should be freed but note the news now:  Convicted WikiLeaker Manning wants to live as woman which is the usual sex stuff.  And if he does want this, he should be given this, it is not a crime to be transgender.


Indeed, the civil rights fight for gays and transgendered people is very important.  I hope he sues for this right.  What the rulers want is to throw him in prison with sex abusers.  Prison guards even taunt teens on the ‘Scared Straight’ program, telling them they will be raped in prison.


Of course, the sadistic guards do nothing to prevent this.


The US loves to boast about ‘freedom of the press’ while imposing Pravda rules:  PressTV – YouTube bans Press TV’s new page


“On August 20, YouTube’s parent company Google deactivated Press TV’s new account weeks after disabling the channel’s official page,” said Press TV Newsroom Director Hamid Reza Emadi.


“YouTube broadcasts a variety of obscene images and provides a platform for terrorists to propagate their dangerous ideologies, but it cannot tolerate the broadcast of an alternative media channel from Iran,” he said, adding that YouTube is doing what the ADL is ordering it to do.


And what, pray tell, are these ‘obscene images’ on Press TV.  I have watched Press TV for several years now and can’t think of one thing.  The Zionists running You Tube’s censorship are covering up CRIMES, which are ‘obscene’ but since Jews are the criminals, it is censored.  


You Tube’s claims that Press TV is ‘terrorist’ is insane.  It is false, it is a lie and they know this.  They want to prevent us from reading the news.  I remember when I lived in Europe in 1968 and got to read Eastern European and Russian news.  I figured out from using a short wave radio in previous years that listening to foreign and communist stations meant getting more information.


They, too, had propaganda.  But had the truth about the US.  So it is with EVERY country: to learn the truth, one has to look at different news and relying on US news providers means getting virtually no news that is useful for Americans.   And You Tube, censoring a legitimate, fairly accurate news service, is criminal.

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7 responses to “Mubarak Moved Home While Morsi Kept In Prison–Both ‘Killed’ Demonstrators

  1. Luckily PressTV webpage is still available on the internet.(For now).
    Egypt is a sad case,importing half their food and this year they will have to start importing oil as consumption is now at the same level as oil production.
    Many oil production countries are in the same boat,high population increases while oil production declines.Even Good old Saudi Arabia only has a couple of decades left before consumption over runs production.
    Then how will they keep their 2000 princes happy?not to mention the poor.
    (I’m not sure of the number of Saudi princes,there could be many more with the multiple wife thing.)

  2. emsnews

    More like 20,000 princes.

    SA is consuming much more oil now and everyone lives in refrigerated homes and are getting immensely fat as well as going insane because there is virtually nothing to do there, not even jobs, these are for foreign semi-slave labor!

  3. Seraphim

    And all the money spent by all the NGO-s (funded by the American taxpayers) on the “Arab Spring” gone to smoke.
    El Baradei was a member of the International Crisis Group (chummy with the likes of Soros, Wesley Clark, and the Big Zbig)

  4. emsnews

    $3 trillion spent on Afghanistan and Iraq gone up in smoke, too.

  5. Seraphim

    Yeah, it didn’t work. But the “Redirection” didn’t work either. And you’ll see the Russians back, in Afghanistan as well as in Egypt.

  6. Now that YouTube and Google have TOSsed Press TV from their services, what do you think will be the fate of Al Jazeera America?


    ELAINE: Now, to see the real al Jazeera, you have to go to the EU webpage. If you have simple ‘al Jazeera’ as a link, it shows this goofy, nearly totally devoid of any information site! I am HORRIFIED.

    Luckily, I found a way around this gambit.

  7. “$3 trillion spent on Afghanistan and Iraq gone up in smoke, too.”

    For that price, we could have gone to the Moon again and established a colony.

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