The Constant Gangsta Culture Amoral Nihilism Is Destroying Black, White and All Children

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‘HATE THEM’: Here’s What Teen Accused of Murdering Australian Student Had to Say About ‘White’ People, Guns and Killing on Twitter | the mainstream media drops the ball again just like with the Trayvon affair.  They didn’t bother to look up the Facebook and Twitter pages of the young black males involved in crime situations to see what they really think.  Just like Trayvon did some gangsta poses and talked about making illegal drugs and using guns for criminal activities he was planning and above all, using the word ‘Nigger’ all the time…so did these latest punks who murdered an innocent white man due to the media coverage of the Trayvon death.

Anyone seeing the actual Twitter conversations of the gang of ‘bored’ youths make it plenty clear, they plotted to commit a race crime.  This means the black leadership above all, Obama, should address this race crime talk whereby blacks presume they have a right to commit these crimes.  The President has made a fool of himself by saying Trayvon could have been him or his son, if he had one.  Now he has to say this about the three killers in Oklahoma.  He has to take responsibility here.  He has to talk to the black community about the chip on the shoulder violence that has made them do very nasty things while thinking this is OK.


I was pretty angry about the White House silence while gangs of black youths ran down and mercilessly beat up white and Hispanic neighbors in order to get revenge.  The deadly silence in the White House has done more damage to Obama than his drone assassinations and spying on Americans while persecuting whistleblowers.  The White House has to talk about how US media giants feast off of our youth, luring them with games, music, dramas and other fun stuff, telling them that gangstas are great and fun and don’t you all want to ape this?


And the black community, instead of shutting this down, hope to get rich off of selling themselves as gangstas.  Oh, to drive fast cars and have women who are whores wearing virtually nothing, lazying about, not working except to make ‘deals’ and then the fun of killing people!  Oh, that is a dream!  Only it is a nightmare and it is destroying the cultural base of many Americans, especially black youths.  These tragic children grow up inside the cultural matrix that says over and over, ‘Crime PAYS!  Crime is FUN!  Lots of illicit sex is GOOD!’


And they become worthless as workers, as citizens, as neighbors in the process.  White youths are being lured into this, too.  We see it all over the place.
The mainstream media refused to tell us if the killers of the Aussie baseball player in Oklahoma are black or ‘half black’ like Obama is ‘half black’.  When foreign news revealed this information, the ‘children were bored’ lie was used instead such as this story:  Charges in Fatal Shooting in Oklahoma – runs the AP story with no comment, no coverage, no curiosity about what bizarre beliefs floated in the heads of these killers.


the Zimmerman family and anyone with a phone number similar to theirs were subjected to weeks and months of death threats and obscene, vicious attacks with the media remaining silent.  The black community went on a literal rampage, both via telephone, on TV as well as in the streets which has confirmed for many that the black community is very dangerous and should be isolated and avoided as much as possible.  Which is the worst possible outcome of these events.  And the culpability of black leaders in this matter is huge.


They even went so far as to pretend hoodies aren’t crime tools used to hide from street and store cameras!  The demand that we all treat black males wearing these things as if they are honest citizens is  insane, it is a good way to be killed, robbed or raped.


The fake liberal media has painted itself into a corner and now has to pretend not to know the social disintegration that is eating the souls of black children and instead, clings to the ‘whites are evil’  lies:  No, Chris Lane is not Trayvon Martin! – is a typical example.  Alas, Trayvon does have a lot in common…with the trio of killers in Oklahoma!  They have nearly identical Twitter chatter, same ‘gangsta’ posed pictures, same ‘flashing money’ and same ‘thrown out of school and in trouble with the law’.


The English news outfits do carry this information.  Chris Lane murder: Teens ‘who shot dead Australian student in the street are named and pictured’ | Mail Online where we can see a video one of the murdering teens posted online with him hoisting a gun while grinning in anticipation of doing murder.  This week, a white male who is also insane invaded a mainly black school but didn’t kill anyone while the secretary, who was black, talked him out of it.  This insanity is growing, not going away, and targeting school kids is rising, not falling.

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And here is a top wannabe gangsta:  Hip-hop record producer Scott Storch held up at gunpoint for $100,000 worth of jewellery in Times Square | Mail Online. HAHAHA.  Made millions selling gangsta culture and he got banged!  HAHAHA.  And the majority of the money off of this business of making vicious criminals out of young, innocent children is what Hollywood is all about.  The chosen gangstas and wannabes like Justin Bieber who altered his persona from ‘good Christian lad’ to ‘gangsta from hell’ do get some of this loot but the vast majority of the profits go to media giants, bankers and others who want Law and Order in their gated communities while forcing us to shoot it out with armies of zombie entertainment youth who can’t think straight and are going straight to jail  or the grave.


Where is the outrage?  The White House dare not name the names of the guys making money this way because they are donors to the political parties.

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30 responses to “The Constant Gangsta Culture Amoral Nihilism Is Destroying Black, White and All Children

  1. Seraphim

    It was a shock Downunder, as one can imagine. I almost prayed that the killers wouldn’t be blacks. The fact that for a few days they have not been “identified” although captured only confirmed my suspicions. That will certainly reinforce the “stereotypes” in the minds of the closet racists Ozzies.

  2. Graywolf

    “The President has made a fool of himself by saying Trayvon could have been him or his son, if he had one. Now he has to say this about the three killers in Oklahoma. He has to take responsibility here. He has to talk to the black community about the chip on the shoulder violence that has made them do very nasty things while thinking this is OK.”

    The odds of this narcissistic empty suit are approximately equal to pigs flying.
    He’s turning out to be another Sharpton/Jackson race baiter.

  3. lucky13

    ‘Seraphim , I almost prayed that the killers wouldn’t be blacks.’

    Why would you be so naive as to do that? Fact is 2% of US population commits most of the murders. That 2% = YBM.
    Since 1965, USA has imported more Blacks than it did 1500-1965.
    1/3? of Haitians live well, in USA/ Canada.
    Think Rachel Jentel, the college student who cant read cursive. She is a real life ‘Precious’.

  4. lucky13

    I was at AWD site and found a link to a site thats new to me.
    This is their description, not mine:

    New Nation News‎
    Racist ‘online’ news paper catering to white people.

    Y’all can always mosey over to ‘Thug Report’.

  5. e sutton


    I was completely UNSURPRISED that this crew WAS black! Of course, Elaine and the liberal left are constantly surprised that the vast majority of murderers and rapists are black, and completely surprised when it turns out that they ARE! It took the media a good LOOONNGGG time to even let it leak out that this group of “good boys” (their parent’s words, not MINE!) couldn’t possibly do such a thing. It’s open season on White folks, and our “president”, as usual, is sitting back, a’smilin’, waitin’ for da race wars to begin.

  6. Ziff house

    Yes the news here in BC hid the info about race.

  7. DM

    closet racists Ozzies. Seraphim – fuck of.

  8. vengeur

    If the victim had not been from Australia making it an international story, it never would have been a story PERIOD, let alone a story involving RACE. And after reading the Salon article, it is clear how DEMENTED the writer is. I am really beginning to believe that the majority of American liberal Jews suffer from a Stockholm Syndrome, and somehow identify with and defend the criminals in general and the criminal portion of the black population in particular.

  9. Seraphim

    DM, don’t be silly.

  10. emsnews

    Worse, the ‘white’ people who exploit black rage and gangsta culture which is my entire point. It makes oodles of money for the white dudes who control our media and Hollywood. It entertains us even as it destroys not just the white victims but above all, the entire black community from its roots to its crown!

    They must save themselves from this slavery to the criminal gangsta culture which enthralls them. Already it has destroyed the black family and turned daddy into an outlaw and destroyer of the home.

  11. Christian W

    What does ‘amoral nihilism’ mean? >_o

  12. Dheep'

    I remember once ,a while back when a Oldie redone came on TV. I started singing along and my Daughter (A teen at the time) said ” Dad- how do you know OUR music”? I said ,”This was a hit in 1974 ,this is a remake”. She says “What ?” .
    I related to her that most of what she listened to and watched and wanted to buy , was all made as decisions by Middle-aged ,Bald White Guys. Telling her what she liked. She was flabbergasted. But the thought stuck with her for a long time. She grew up and recognized how we are manipulated by the Media.

  13. IAmSpartacus

    And in another similar story: Spokane police make an arrest of a suspect in beating death of elderly WW2 vet. The two suspects are…yep, you guessed it…young black men between the ages of 16 and 19.

  14. lucky13

    ‘Worse, the ‘white’ people who exploit black rage and gangsta culture which is my entire point.’
    Why is that ‘worse’?
    And White is in quotes because you are referring to Jews?

  15. lucky13

    E Sutton, Jesse Jackass said ‘murdering YT is frowned upon’ [his term].
    After the brouhaha over Saint Trayvon by the 3, Obama, JJ and not so Sharpton, gees….I am speechless.

    Jesses son is in prison but getting 100K a year in disability.

  16. lucky13

    ‘White youths are being lured into this, too’.
    The term for them is ‘wiggers’. White n-ggers.

  17. Jim R

    Christian W,
    Haha, I was wondering the same thing.

  18. lucky13

    JR, Nihilism that is not moral.

    Why do Black thugs have a thing for setting people on fire? They mostly dont know of Mandelas urging Blacks to set other Blacks on fire.


  19. vengeur

    All these stories of black on white crime. Can’t we PLEASE go back to pretending the only victims of inter-racial crime in America are poor, defenseless blacks at the hands of racist white men???

  20. DeVaul

    The gangsta culture is a symptom of a dying empire. It is no less violent or immoral than our legionaires marching around in other people’s countries, shooting people with total impunity — all white men.

    In a dying empire, each cultural group will find an outlet for its anger and frustration over the loss of privilages associated with living high off the hog compared to the rest of the world. No one type of violence is unique. They have all happened before.

    Since white people have been calling for a race war since before I was born, it comes as no real surprise to me that a black man would do the same. I have no doubt that the Chinese and Mexicans also talk about a race war in which they will win somehow. This has all happened before.


    ELAINE: As I always say, ‘The stuff done to third world people comes home to the US and happens here, too!’

  21. melponeme_k

    We live full time now in Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange

    I swear every one of this man’s films about our culture past, present and future are true. Why didn’t we listen?

  22. off topic…turn on the news and the war drums are beating over Syria. wondering who was behind it? No doubt the US would use chemical weapons against it’s own citizens. back to my milk bar.

  23. emsnews

    Yes, we are being violently shoved towards yet another Muslim war. Next: Asians. Have to kill them, too.

  24. IAmSpartacus

    @ Elaine: We already did that once (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) back in the 60’s-70’s; round two?

  25. Seraphim

    @Christian W,

    Nihilism is amoral by definition. The moral nihilists assert that killing someone, for whatever reason, is not inherently right or wrong. It is the theme of Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and punishment”. And of “The brothers Karamazov” – there the nihilist position is most clearly stated: If God does not exist, then everything is permissible. It was this nihilism that lead strait to the bolshevik revolution and its mass murders.


    Are there not the same Middle aged bald white guys who “discover” at every generational turn the “real”, “historical” Jesus, actually rehashing the same tired cliches invented 1800 years ago, but presented as “new”, “recent” discoveries ?

  26. lucky13

    The gangsta culture is a symptom of a dying empire. …I have to disagree on that. DV, How old are you?
    Heres what the democrats did to USA, asian, latino, MS13, 18th street gang.

  27. Seraphim

    @lucky 13,

    It is certainly a sign of degeneracy (among others)

  28. DeVaul


    Do you remember the Roaring 20’s? Not that old?

    Do you remember the ban on fedoras? Did it change anything?

    What about the ethnic gangs that roamed NYC and Chicago in the late 1800’s?

    What killed off all of these gangsters and their reason for being?

    Labor laws, building code laws, the end of prohibition, and enforcement of all of these reforms.

    When reform is no longer possible, an empire dies.


    ELAINE: WWII pretty much ended that social problem, too. And the Mafia got legalized gambling in Vegas and moved there, I knew Joe Bonanno,d.cWc because he moved his family to a ranch near my parent’s ranch to keep the two daughters away from the ‘Vegas dirt’.

    Vegas became the hip place to lose money and relentlessly the Mafia families and the other gangs (Jewish Mafia for instance) campaigned to spread gambling and now this scourge is everywhere destroying the work ethic, spreading social diseases and sucking the life blood of wealth out of the working class who are desperate to get rich quick.

  29. Jim R

    I guess we saw moral nihilists in The Big Lebowsky — remember them?

    They went around shouting “Ve believe in nossing!”, yet they had a shockingly inconsistent reverence for money. But they came by that severed toe honestly enough …

  30. DK

    Blind Willie Johnson Sleeps Among the Stars – The story of a blues man whose music rides on Voyager 1, leaving the solar system for the stars.

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