Fukushima Becomes More Radioactive, Worse Condition, Bad Leaks, China Syndrome Horror Show

post earthquake deaths soar near Fukushima Japan

Fukushima NHK Documentary: “Two Years Later” – YouTube: screen shot showing the thousand deaths in 2 years from Fukushima displacement and health problems.  The biggest, ugliest lie of the pro-nuke people is ‘hardly anyone dies’ as they mock the people suffering from nuclear disaster events.  Well, Fukushima is rapidly getting worse, not better as Japan fumbles everything due to focusing mainly on denial of the destruction and imperialist pretensions fighting with its neighbors and waving flags and talking about how WWII isn’t really over, etc.  While Japan fiddles, the US runs around the Middle East spreading death and destruction in the name of ‘saving people.’


Virtually no one inside our wretched, distracted and deadly government talks about Fukushima.  When they do talk about it, they say stupid insane things such as, ‘All the other nuke plants are safe and sound!’.  Lying about this and all other matters is so reflexive, they can’t understand why people are skeptical.  But this week, things have gotten so bad at Fukushima, even the US media could no longer ignore it:  PBS: 30 times more strontium-90 than cesium at Fukushima… and strontium is “much more dangerous… this is a problem” — Researchers far from plant “surprised by how much continuing radioactivity they found” — Like “ongoing experiment” (VIDEO).


An experiment?  Good grief!  Russia has formally demanded Japan do something about this and China has been increasingly loud but where is the US?  Much of this horror is flowing towards us!  Way back day one of this disaster, I said that things would get steadily worse over the years due to deterioration of the site and storage and lo and behold, it is doing exactly that.


The top graph shows also that the social costs are hammering the citizens exposed to this nuclear disaster.  These people died mainly due to broken hearts, broken minds but they are mainly the elderly.  The young won’t die yet, this begins about 2-5 years from now then those numbers will rise.  Thanks to modern intervention, many of the cancer patients will get some relief but it will still mess them up very badly especially the children.


Here is so frightful information:  100 times more strontium than cesium in water at Fukushima which accumulates in living things very fast.  All the Pacific food chain will feel the effects increasingly over time and since this pollution is rising, not falling due to the water being pumped into the plants so they won’t explode even worse, this means we can’t eat seaweed or fish from much of the Pacific.  I suppose the sea creatures will appreciate this.


The Japanese whale killers will soon see their catch becoming very radioactive since these animals are at the top of the food chain. Of course, they will be hammered by cancers and birth defects.  Whales can’t represent themselves at the UN and demand this poison be stopped.  Note that the US whines about ‘WMD’ and ‘chemical warfare’ all the time.  While giving Japan a free pass to pollute half of the planet this way.


High-level radioactive tritium found in seawater at Fukushima plant port – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun


Concentrations of radioactive tritium in seawater from the port of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant have risen between eight and 18 times in one week, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Aug. 23.

It seems highly likely that the contaminated water is spreading into the sea beyond the port…

TEPCO is also grappling with the problem of halting contaminated groundwater around the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 reactors from flowing into the sea. The government estimates that about 300 tons of groundwater is flowing daily to the sea.

TEPCO has constructed shielding walls in the ground by solidifying the soil with a chemical agent. As a result, however, the levels of contaminated groundwater have risen, and there now exists the danger that water will rise beyond the shielding walls and flow into the ocean.


CNN: Japan’s nuclear regulator called Fukushima “a house of horrors”… They are not prone to hyperbole, an unbelievable thing to say — “Very, very serious… incredibly frightening” (VIDEO)  AP: Experts fear giant underground reservoir of extremely contaminated water on verge of entering Pacific at Fukushima — In contact with melted nuclear fuel? A race against the clock — Nobody knows when this will end   TV: Fukushima contamination will reach U.S. or Canada by 2016 — Radioactive material in ocean will have only ‘slightly decreased’ from current levels (VIDEO): all these headlines show rising fear finally breaking out.  About time.  Even the pro-nuclear power New York Times is worried:


Nuclear Operator Raises Alarm on Crisis – NYTimes.com

The makeshift tanks also lack water level gauges, making it difficult to detect leaks. Only two workers are assigned to checking nearly 1,000 tanks on two-hour patrols twice a day, Mr. Imaizumi said.


The Nuclear Regulation Authority, which the Japanese government ordered to more actively advise and monitor Tepco’s activities at the plant, had told the company to begin transferring the water from the makeshift tanks to better-built vessels. But after visiting the plant on Friday, an authority commissioner, Toyoshi Fuketa, said the vast quantities made doing so quickly “unrealistic.”


Experts have said they suspect that more contaminated water is seeping out from under the melted-down reactors into the groundwater and the Pacific. Elevated levels of radioactive cesium in surrounding waters seem to confirm those suspicions…“It’s the ultimate, worst-case scenario,” Professor Aoyama said.


Contaminated waste piling up ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: the bags of ‘clean up’ materials is piling up and the government in Tokyo has ordered the victims to store this AT HOME.  Literally!  To ‘temporarily’ bury it…in the front yard!  Abe and his criminal crew promise to find a place later for this hideous stuff…which everyone knows will never happen.


Two guys risk their future lives by inspecting visually these hundreds of water tanks that are now leaking:  TEPCO to drain two tanks at Fukushima nuclear plant ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


TEPCO said Saturday that the affected tank was one of three to have been relocated from their original zone because of ground subsidence in the area.  TEPCO has not yet pinpointed the source of the leak in the first tank but there are fears the relocation may have been connected with the incident. TEPCO said that deteriorated seams and a possible contortion of a reassembled storage tank might have caused the water leak.


Fukushima nuclear plant leaks: What you need to know | CTV News


Experts also believe that given Abe’s interest in restarting Japan’s nuclear energy program in an attempt to reawaken the country’s languishing economy, there is very little political incentive for him to pour money into the clean-up effort.
“The problem is the Japanese government hasn’t been fighting this battle. They’ve been letting Tokyo Electric try fight using their earnings,” said Gundersen, who said the entire clean-up effort will cost at least half a trillion U.S. dollars.
“The Japanese government under Abe doesn’t want to admit (to the cost) because they are trying to restart a nuclear energy program and the last thing they need to do is tell the Japanese people that ‘oh by the way, you’re on the hook for another half trillion dollars,'” he said.


This is the #1 problem the useless UN should be yelling about.  This is international.  Like with the Soviets polluting the entire planet, Japan is the same.  The Russians had the sensible idea of ridding themselves of their rulers when Chernobyl happened.  The Japanese people voted back in the incompetent sons of war criminals because…Abe promised to print lots more money to hand out to his supporters!  And so they are pleased and don’t care about how much of the planet they wreck, they previously tried to enslave or destroy much of Asia.


No shame, too. They are actually rather proud about this and mock their victims!  The US should be stomping on them, not assisting them in being obnoxious.

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