Syrian Electronic Army Hacks NYT, Eliminating It

The US media is big  on two things: censoring nearly anything to do with either the Saudi criminal rulers or the Palestinian people when they are victimized by the US and Israel.  The warmongers in the US have railroaded everyone into yet another war.  This has 9% public support but has 100% support of AIPAC and Saudi lobbyists and rulers overseas who want to tear apart yet another country.  Vultures, all.

UPDATE: NYT back online again after the outage.


The NASDAQ  was probably hacked the other day when it vanished for most of the day.  And it possibly could have been the Syrian Electronic Army doing that job.  The takedown of the NYT is a big wake up call for all our electronic business because…we are vulnerable and making wars leads to destruction, as always.  Cyberwarfare by Russia and China would be ten times worse, they have a lot of coders who can do this stuff.


Congress as a whole has a very low public support rate similar to the desire for more wars.  We are  now in ‘sequestration’ where money to Israel and our wars INCREASES and money spent on the highly unpopular global and US spying efforts exposed by Snowden, all these get endless funds which becomes more debt for the rest of us while necessary services here at home are being ruthlessly cut.  Treasury secretary: US to hit debt ceiling in October just in time for this useless, illegal war!  And it will be paid for no matter what while the US credit rating crashes and inflation surges and oil climbs in price as it has done for the last two years.


Telling us we have to spend even more war money on more ‘rescue’ operations that leads to US disasters, the general public says no.  But since we have zero control over our ‘representatives’ once they go to DC and meet the army of bribery crew, the bankers, the multibillionaires these people have cut us off from our own government.


And now the warmongering vultures who illegally invaded Iraq on false charges and then invaded Libya when told not to, are not even bothering to go to the UN about this invasion.  This is unilateral and Russia has warned the US not to do this and is being ignored.  Wild charges about how our SPIES know, via the NSA, that Assad stupidly ordered this ‘red line’ event in Syria are being sprayed all over the US with ZERO REAL PROOF.


White House: Syria action ‘not about regime change’: from the Guardian in England comes this ridiculous statement by Obama.  Sheesh.  ALL our wars are about ‘regime change’ and the brutal suppression of a feeble attempt at self government in Egypt was a coup and regime change sponsored by the Saudi Royals who hate democracy with a passion and are extremely brutal rulers. Kerry statement on Syria polarises world leaders says the Guardian.  Duh.  This is a US coup of the UN and cinches the fact that NATO isn’t a defensive force but offensive imperialist force.


Meanwhile, the Arab League Rejects Attack Against Syria and we have this warning:  Strike on Syria Would Cause One on Israel, Iran Declares.


All are allegations and are remarkably similar to the allegations of the Bush regime.  And this is due to the same cast of criminal characters in the State Department and Pentagon writing this junk, the ‘neocons’.  They are Zionists who also work with the Saudis.  After 9/11, all jets were grounded in the US except…for a fleet of jets that picked up Saudis and flew them all out so they couldn’t be questioned by the FBI!


Another issue that we should have trials of our leaders and CIA agents is this:  CIA Files: US Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran.  Back then, it was perfectly OK just like dropping chemical weapons on Gaza and Fallujah were OK with our rulers.  These were illegal acts, of course, and like all our leader’s crimes, ignored even when these are unconstitutional as well as against international laws.


9/11 was a staged event to drive us into wars with Muslims.  The Saudis were very thick in this matter as was Mossad and the CIA, DARPA and others.  The Saudis were the only ones allowed to travel on 9/12.  They were SECRETLY flown out while citizens were basically locked out of transportation because exactly zero citizens were terrorists or working with terrorists whereas a huge number of Saudis were exactly that.  And they got to flee with State Department assistance and our media giants barely made a murmur and didn’t investigate this.


So here we are:  on the verge of another war with Russia and China quickly arming themselves to fight WWIII because our insane Zionists working with vicious Sunni dictators are gung ho on rearming Japan and then winning this bizarre war we will call ‘The Apocalypse’.  Gads.  And Fukushima rides the seven headed beast.

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14 responses to “Syrian Electronic Army Hacks NYT, Eliminating It

  1. It’s not the first time that the Syrian Electronic Army has hacked the account of a news service and messed with the stock market. Assad’s script kiddies, spearphishers, and social engineers hacked the AP’s Twitter feed in April, causing a flash crash.

    BTW, wouldn’t hacking the NYT make them even more likely to call for war with Syria?

  2. Seraphim

    Please notice that your link “Arab League Rejects Attack against Syria” from NYT is inaccessible. I tried to access it directly from the Net this morning (Aust. time). Instead there were plenty of other : “U.S wins Arab League backing as plans emerge for strike against Syria”, “KSA, Arab League seek decisive world stand on Syria” . The last one “Arab League blames Syria in attack, won’t back strike” from Boston Globe (but reproduced from NYT). So, in fact the clamored support is not as strong as it is claimed.

  3. IAmSpartacus

    I would stronly urge the men and women of our armed forces to take note of the fact that it is their sworn duty, under the UCMJ, and international treaties, such as the Geneva Convention and the Charter of the UN, among others, to disobey any illegal orders. Carrying out any orders to attack Syria without Congressional approval and UN authorization would be an open, flagrant violation of the US Constitution and international law, and could open them up to prosecution for war crimes; the excuse “I was just following orders” didn’t fly at Nuremberg.

  4. melponeme_k


    Your warning will fall on deaf ears. The majority of our armed forces is made up of Dominionist Christians. They WANT the apocalypse. They have infiltrated the military to take advantage of any civil unrest that may occur in the US. On Huffpost I have continual arguments with “military” people who claim that they exist OUTSIDE the constitution. They are taught to worship and follow their corrupt leadership. All notions of protecting the constitution disgust them. Their hatred for a true hero and patriot such as Manning is extremely disturbing.

  5. Paul S

    Is it the Syrian Electronic Army which hacked the NYT, or is this an NSA-sponsored false flag op?

  6. CK

    If the Syrians are this sophisticated at IT and hacking, just think how terribly dangerous the Chinese and the Russkies must be — and the Iranians my God they must be like superhuman; oh woe is we our poor dilapidated multi-dysfunctional diversity nation unable to defend ourselves against nibshits and meddlesome third world boogeymen.

  7. El Kabong

    This is not about Syria, this is about the next circus act in congress, the debt ceiling increase. What better way to resolve it than start a war….. Just saying.

  8. emsnews

    The neocons tell us all that we must fear weak Muslim states and ‘Street Arabs’ while poking at Russia and China both of which are powerful, physically huge with big populations, huge in the case of China and both have fairly high tech knowledge and know how to use modern tools very well.

    China in particular churns out technocrats at 10X the rate the US does this.

  9. DK

    Off topic but interesting.

    The Moto X costs about $212 to make. It costs $5 more to build it in the US compared to outsourcing to Asia:

    Does this mean that a 3% duty on imported electronics would return a lot of jobs to the US?
    In a democracy you think people would vote for this to happen.


    ELAINE: Exactly. I have said this in the past. Yes! You are right.

  10. lucky13

    Russia with big population, I thought that Whites in Russia were a dying breed and muslims are still having large families. I read IN A TABLOID 25?
    years ago ‘muslim demographics will causee USSR to break up’ the Enquirer, I think.

    Muslims in Moscow › Home › Muslims in: › Asia, central‎

    How many Muslims are in Russia’s capital city Moscow? Estimates range from 400000 Muslims to 2-3 million (illegal aliens probably number in the hundreds of …

  11. Duski

    Once again, I feel that WW3 is too close for comfort. 😦

  12. Christian W

    Wanted to share this brilliant cartoon with you. The guy in the colonial era pith helmet with the star struck eyes to the left is Dave Cameron the British PM.

  13. Funny how no conservatives where attacked. So one liberal newspaper with no future that no one reads and was recently sold. In addition a government websites. Smells like cia nsa involvement. It is ridiculous get the government out of monitoring and manipulating everything. This whole damn Syria thing is about control over natural gas pipelines to Europe. The jig is up with the Saudis and opec wanting to control oil. We have our own damn resources, engineers and entrapenuers that are the envy of the world. Build everything and power everything here. No more cheap tvs which arent so cheap when you compare your share of the national debt. We are letting these political clowns be bought and sold for pennies on the dollar compared to the strength of this country if we simple tell all these countries we are done.

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