US, Allies Refuse Fukushima Fix While Screaming For War With Syria As Israel Attacks Palestinians

The US and some of its allies are most anxious to decapitate yet another Muslim government that Saudi Arabia and Israel want destroyed and replaced with a puppet regime like with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt.  The violent, illegal takeover of these countries is now going to extend to Syria.  Locking down everyone so that the people in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States can’t overthrow their dictators is of highest importance as is the elimination and destruction of all Palestinians.  Meanwhile, Fukushima menaces the entire planet and Japan’s fascist rulers are riled that the head of the UN dares to mention WWII.


The arrogance and viciousness of Abe and his fellow sons of war criminals is now on open display with the Japanese public silent about all this due to being totally beaten down by two decades of depression and a collapsing population:  Japan voices irritation at Ban’s comments ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Suga added that Tokyo would ask Ban—a former South Korean foreign minister—to explain what he meant when he urged Japanese leaders to conduct “very deep introspection.”


“Prime Minister Abe has called for dialogue with South Korea and China despite issues of concern,” Suga told a regular press briefing. “I feel a strong sense of doubt as to whether the remark was made with full understanding of our country’s position.”


This is where the US should step in and remind Japan who is the war criminal nation except the US has become a war criminal nation.  We never punish our own war crimes except an occasional slap at our own troops who commit petty war crimes and are disposable.  The leaders never are punished.  We did punish the Nazi leaders but this was mainly due to Russia demanding this.  We ceased punishing the Japanese war criminals due to China and Russia being ‘communist’ and therefore, ‘evil’ and therefore, Japanese war criminals were OK.


The US then used Japan as a staging base for the war in Korea that left Korea to this day, a divided nation.  Since WWI, the Great Powers tear countries apart, making them all smaller and smaller and the excuse is, ‘Ethnic/religious tensions’ and the cure is to cut up nations into tiny, hate filled enclaves.  This excuse is now automatic.  The ideology that only small ethnic enclaves can have ‘citizenship’ goes entirely and totally counter to the US theology that all people are equal and no religion can rule and we are citizens, not ethnic enclaves.


Which goes to the whole business of how we interact and the black community had their ‘Dream’ rally yesterday and hardly anyone talked about how to get rid of the gangsta culture which is destroying it and tensions are rising as blacks rampage against whites while our media owners lecture us all on how none of this is racist.  This is leading us towards internal warfare which will destroy the remains of the bankrupt US empire.


People who are thinking, responsible citizens of the planet are trying, in vain, to get the attention of the US leaders and the Japanese warlords:  Lawmaker: Declare ‘State of Emergency’ right away and intervene at Fukushima — Japan Professor: Issue S.O.S. now, it’s really an emergency…   Gov’t is utterly lost, international help is needed.  The ‘lost government’ is courtesy of US backing of Abe’s warmongering.  The US has turned to the war criminals of Japan for power in Asia.


Our rulers stupidly think tiny Japan which is literally dying off, which is destroying itself internally, is going to help them rule the planet via force.  This insane idea can’t be stopped because our rulers are evil.  Evil is evil.


Back here, the nuclear industry is in trouble:  Breaking News: Entergy pulling the plug on Vermont Yankee  but N.Y. nuclear plant won’t close, owner says even though NY citizens, terrified of Fukushima, know that if an accident were to happen there, all of NYC and the Lower Hudson Valley and Northern NJ and Connecticut and Rhode Island would be uninhabitable for 20,000 years!  If we have WWIII and someone bombs this plant, it would be as destructive as Hiroshima times ten since it would be uninhabitable unlike Hiroshima.


Then there is the ongoing destruction of the Palestinian people thanks to the Holocaust and Hitler being the excuse for invading and torturing and putting into ghettos the natives there:  Egypt steps up its crackdown on smuggling tunnels on the Gaza border.  The people in Gaza are the Warsaw Ghetto Part II.  The Saudis hate the Muslim Brotherhood which has vowed to overthrow them and the Jews need to control Egypt so it will be the prison guard of the Palestinians as is Jordan’s despotic ruler.


The PEOPLE of these countries never will be free due to this unless the West collapses and al Qaeda has sworn they will destroy the FINANCES of the US so it will collapse.  And are winning the economic war, hands down.  They are steadily bankrupting the US as we spend trillions fighting street Muslims who hate us for good reason.  The fake ‘peace talks’ in Palestine have collapsed because the Jews think war will win them the power to totally annihilate the Palestinians so even pretending to negotiate is no longer necessary.


So, Palestinian Is Killed in Raid by Israel in West Bank Camp as they invade homes of the displaced people and torment them further.  Meanwhile, in Asia, Buddhists attacking Muslim minorities continues with the US saying nothing and the media silent and no one cares here because Muslims must die, unless they are in Russia or China, then they are precious and we should hate the governments there for fighting terrorists.


The horror show in Iraq continues as Explosions rock Baghdad area, at least 80 dead.  As many people have died in Iraq as in Syria this last two years and when we invaded, many, many more died thanks to US bombs, chemical weapons and occupation complete with endless war crimes.  Our government whining about Muslims dying while blood is all over our hands is tragically funny.  Obama, the Peace Prize fraud, is particularly horrifying, aping Lady Macbeth, unable to face the truth because he wants the $50 million war criminal Clinton got from the people who own Congress.


As for the fake proof that Assad killed with chemical weapons, here is the truth:  U.S. rejects Syrian request that U.N. inspectors stay longer, possibly delaying military strike.  So, exactly like with the Iraq war, the US does NOT want any pesky inspectors.  They want to attack no matter what.  So,  Russia says West is jumping the gun.  Also, China urges U.S. to show restraint while the Legal case for strikes faces skeptics because we can see clearly, this is all an excuse for a war crime.


U.S. Facing Test on Proof to Back Taking Action on Syria while Britain’s opposition party tries to have a debate instead of rushing to war.  The US has no Congressional debate because 98% of Congress is owned by AIPAC and the Saudi Royals and the oil barons.  So they don’t even want the pretense of a debate due to the 2% who are not owned by foreign powers.


IF the US contentions are true that a rogue officer in Syria did this crime, this is no excuse for war!  After all, the US uses chemical warfare as does Israel so what is the beef here?  When international organizations demanded both be hauled into court for doing this, they were brushed off and no one was put on trial, much less was the US or Israel bombed by Russia or China.


Eventually, we will be bombed.  It will be WWIII and we are being pushed into this war with the promise, we will win and ‘rule the world’ but instead we are all slaves to the Real Rulers already and they want to eliminate pesky lower class Muslims who are causing them troubles.

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18 responses to “US, Allies Refuse Fukushima Fix While Screaming For War With Syria As Israel Attacks Palestinians

  1. IAmSpartacus

    The US was okay with Nazi war criminals, too; Operation Paperclip smuggled over 100 Nazi scientists out of post-war Europe and into the US, to work in the US’s infant missile program.

  2. IAmSpartacus

    Speaking of Nazis, it’s looking more and more like 1938 all the time; Obama say’s he’ll just ignore the UN and start a war with Syria, anyway, whether they like it or not; Hitler and Mussolini did EXACTLY the same thing with The League Of Nations; if the US gets away with this, the UN is as dead as TLON, and the US will have killed it.

  3. lucky13

    ‘Obama say’s he’ll just ignore the UN and start a war with Syria, anyway, whether they like it or not;’

    Ignoring the UN is a good thing, and USA leaving UN would be better. That being said I am against Wars.
    I assume this is a proxy war for Israel.

  4. Seraphim

    The sudden rush to decapitate Syria is due to the unexpected reassertion of Egyptian nationalism and possible revival of Pan-Arabism. In Egypt voices demanding the strengthening of the historical relations between Egypt, Syria and Palestine are increasingly louder. Specifically support for the Palestinian Resistance in general and promotion of the will of the Syrians to decide their fate freely. That’s why Israel is freaking out and stamp their feet at Obama to attack.


    ELAINE: You are 100% wrong!

    Egypt just destroyed the tunnels from Gaza to Sinai. This is an invasion of Syria by sending in lots of radical Sunni fighters to overthrow a non-Sunni government. This suits Saudi Arabia and Israel just fine but the rest of the Muslim world can see reactionary Saudis conspiring with the Jews…and will have a very nasty ending.

  5. IAmSpartacus

    I heard a rumor yesterday that Egypt denied passage to US and Brit warships bound for the Med, but I’m having trouble confirming this.

    ELAINE: I seriously doubt that.

  6. Jim R

    I think I mentioned it before, but it bears repeating EVERY time these nuclear rustbuckets are discussed.

    Because they have never built the long-anticipated nuke fuel recycling plants (which may not be possible without a certain amount of radioactive spew), and because nobody wants this crap in their back yard, nor within 100 miles of their back yard (except possibly in Texas), all the NPPs in the USA (and Japan) have been stacking their used-up fuel assemblies in their ‘cooling pools’, FOREVER.

    In other words, every one of these boiling-water reactors has hundreds of tons of every-radioactive-isotope-known, accumulated over the last fifty or sixty years, still sitting around in a big pool of ultrapure distilled water. So long as they are under water they are ‘safe’, in that the water absorbs the powerful gamma and beta rays given off by the spent fuel. The tapering-off of the radioactivity is very slow, and may take 500 to 1000 years before one could safely handle the stuff without a lot of lead shielding.

    It is worth noting that humans do not plan anything for 500 years. What language were your ancestors speaking 500 years ago? If you speak English, that language DID NOT EXIST 500 years ago.

    And THAT, my friends, is the difference between a NPP and an atom bomb. When the bomb goes off, it burns up maybe a few POUNDS of actinides, the reaction running for about a microsecond. The NPP has been grinding out nuke waste for 50 or 60 YEARS and has THOUSANDS of times as much of it.

    Fukushima has already contaminated the Pacific with at least (a guess, we don’t know what percentage of their radwaste has leaked out so far) 100 times as much radioactive junk as the entire history of nuclear testing in the Pacific.

    The Test Ban treaty was signed, in part, because of the rising levels of nuclear pollution, and the recognition that a few of the isotopes were bioaccumulating and not being evenly dispersed into the environment.

  7. El Kabong

    Syrian rebels get 400-ton shipment of arms

    Twenty trailers crossed from Turkey and are being distributed to arms depots for several brigades across the north,” said rebel official Mohammad Salam, who told Reuters he saw the weapons come over the border.

  8. DeVaul

    I want to ditto what Jim R said above.

    The revelation that none of the nuclear waste generated by these plants ever left the plant site is nothing short of jaw-dropping, and it means that the areas around these plants will become dead zones for millions of years.

    There are no plans whatsoever to do anything about this waste, and more importantly, there never were any plans. The nuclear scientists and engineers got their paychecks and skeddadled. They now sit at universities and issue dire warnings about these plants that they themselves built.

    They should be executed.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, no one has any plans for the far future and never did have such plans. No empire lasts that long. It is impossible.

  10. IAmSpartacus

    There may yet be cause for hope; UK PARLEMENT VOTED AGAINST ATTACKING SYRIA! 🙂



    AIPAC doesn’t own Parliament. Congress leaders (sic) asked Netanyahu if they ought to pretend to debate and he nixed it so they said ‘We are helpless and can’t stop this war.’ IMPEACH THEM ALL.

  11. Christian W

    There’s an ounce of sanity left in the UK. Even some Tory MP’s voted against their own Prime Minister.

    The blowback against this glimmer of democracy will be pretty severe I’m afraid.

    The US will still go ahead and launch the missiles in a few days time I’m sure. I bit more massaging of the public with propaganda and spin and ‘new’ revelations etc.

    By hook or by crook they will have their war.


    ELAINE: The war is highly unpopular here. Obama is getting cold feet and Netanyahu is furious and AIPAC billionaires are on the phone threatening everyone.

  12. Seraphim

    The Al-Ahram declared that : “One must not forget that Hamas is not the Palestinian resistance”. In fact Hamas was installed by Israel to weaken the Palestinians and to maintain a focus of terrorism which would permanently justify the Israeli repression, very likely with the long view of creating troubles in Sinai which would justify the reoccupation.
    Egypt has not yet closed the Suez canal, but there are strong voices which demand it.
    Well, yes the Brits have shown that they haven’t lost completely their spine. Cameron looked completely in disarray (it might cost his premiership).
    I watched an interview given by Obama. He looked also in disarray. Probably he guesses, if he does not know already, that the gassing might have been done by the Israeli.

  13. emsnews

    It doesn’t matter who did it. The US and Israel did it in the last six years with impunity and sneer at anyone demanding the people responsible be arrested.

  14. JimmyJ

    Are Russian warships in the Mediterranean really going to support Assad directly against US cruise missiles and JDAMs? When does Russia or China get directly involved in conflict with the US over these last few dominoes? SA offers Russia a “secret” oil deal by threatening use of Chechen rebels during the olympics and thinks this won’t offend the ex KGB political elite?

    These questions, and many others, will be answered in the next episode of…Soap.

  15. IAmSpartacus

    @ Elaine: Our political system is quite obviously failing; what we currently have is a one party fascist state, not a two party democratic republic. It’s nearly at the point, if not already beyond the point, that it’s going to take signifigantly more than impeachment to clean the corruption out of Washington; lamppost… rope… politician… some assembly required.

  16. emsnews

    We can’t eliminate foreigners bribing Congress and owning Presidents unless we cut the ‘speech’ fees to zero and we outlaw all campaign contributions from citizens who are dual citizens and who are traitors who work insidiously to use the US to run their home states.

  17. Jim R

    Also need a moratorium on ‘revolving door’ capitalism where a Congressman retires and then sits on the board of directors of some corporation (s)he was supposed to oversee when in office.

  18. emsnews

    Worse are the aids working for them, the ones who actually write the laws.

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