AIPAC Doesn’t Own Parliament: Debate In UK Stopped Illegal Attack Against Syria

Parliament in Britain Rejects Military Strike Against Syria and this news is astonishing because the debate was in public and since the public doesn’t want more Muslim wars, Parliament forced the Prime Minister to stop warmongering.  Wow.  But here, we have no control over our government and there is no debate so  Obama  Is Willing to Pursue Solo Syria Strikes, Aides Say  which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


Naturally, needing ‘allies’ as cover, the US plans to go it alone stink to high heaven and there is little US public support for this and the Zionists who rule us are furious that  Obama’s air strike plans in disarray after Britain rejects use of force in Syria.   UN orders its inspectors out of Syria in anticipation of strikes just like with Iraq and Libya.  They know the US will kill them deliberately if they stay and try to find the truth for the truth must be slain.  Congress Finds It Tough to Block Military Action which is a TOTAL LIE.  Congress can act.


But will not!  Due to AIPAC owning 98% of Congress, they have their orders from their real President, Netanyahu and they dare not vote against him.  Congress could impeach Obama just like Bush but won’t because this sort of dictatorial behavior is what AIPAC wants just like AIPAC wanted a coup in Egypt and the elimination of elections. Not in the US news is this story from Egypt: Army officers’ oath of allegiance amended to remove loyalty pledge to president.  They now swear to support ‘the leaders of the army.’  The coup is nearly done.


Snowden’s hard work is paying off showing us information Congress conceals or pretends not to know and you can bet, Mossad knows every detail as does Netanyahu and other aliens:  Leaked Document Shows U.S. Intelligence Spending:


A growing emphasis on both defensive and offensive cyberoperations, and significant gaps in knowledge about targeted countries despite the sharp increase in spending after the 2001 terrorist attacks…
The document shows that the agencies’ budget request for the year ending Sept. 30 was $52.6 billion, a small decrease from the 2011 peak of $54.6 billion,


The Guardian has this astonishing news which the NYT didn’t bother to mention:  US intelligence spending doubled since 9/11, secret budget reveals.  All this while telling us there is no money for Americans.


Finally, the monsters ruling Saudi Arabia have to pretend they are not as hideous as the murderous despot in North Korea:  Saudi Arabia aims to prevent abuse


Supreme Judicial Council in 2007 condemned a 19-year-old woman to 200 lashes and six months in jail on a charge of having been with a man she was not related to after she was attacked and gang-raped. She was pardoned by King Abdullah.Under the 17-article legislation, those found guilty of committing psychological or physical abuse could face prison sentences of up to one year and up to 50,000 riyals (£8,600) in fines.

Wow.  A small fine if you beat your wife and if you whip your servants.  If they can report this, of course which is nearly impossible since no woman can travel ANYWHERE in that terrible place without the male who beat them in attendance.  So much for freedom.

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19 responses to “AIPAC Doesn’t Own Parliament: Debate In UK Stopped Illegal Attack Against Syria

  1. Christian W

    Most Brits are increasingly fed up with the “cursed poodle special relationship”. Lately what they have been saying has sounded refreshingly like things I read here, which is wonderful. Let’s hope the tide is turning and this was the first of many defeats for the neocons/Zionists.

    It will be interesting to see what the counter attack to this defeat will be though. Ed Milliband, the Labour leader, is Jewish… I think he was as surprised as anyone that his opposition was so successful. So far he has been noticeable mainly in his near complete absence of effective opposition to the neoliberal wrecking of the US economy under the Tories. But the Brits were simply too fed up with useless wars and he realized he had to do something to save his career. The fiascoes in Iraq and Afghanistan are still very much on the minds of the British and Blair is pretty much a persona non grata in the UK now.

  2. Christian W

    This was the first defeat in Parliament for a UK Prime Minister calling for war since 1782, when the Brits gave up the fight against US independence… Quite telling isn’t it. The Brits are both a bit shocked and proud at the same time I think.

    Let’s hope the nutter Netanyahu implodes and does something stupid, but that it doesn’t involve the deaths of innocent. Netanyahu simply cannot help himself I’m sure he will try something to get his war.

  3. IAmSpartacus

    A very honorable and courageous stand by the “Mother of Parlements”; Britain is now, of course, a prime target for a false flag terrorist attack; I hope that they’re keeping a VERY close, watchful eye on anyone with a US, Israeli, or Saudi passport.

  4. Seraphim

    It might be a most significant moment. The British dare to defy the orders of British Israel. They remembered that they were once the Imperial Nation.The bellicose Neo-Napoleons floundered as well, “cheese eating surrender monkeys” (remember?).
    More significant is that the Arab countries do not support military intervention. That lives Israel alone to do the aggression (US are just the foot soldiers, nobody believes that US are really taking any decision of their own). Any Muslim government is jittery at the idea to appear allied with Israel in the destruction of another Muslim country. It might not bode well for the Saudis.

  5. emsnews

    The fascist socialist running France into the ground decided just now, he will have his war. Germany is aghast.

  6. Charlottemom

    I guess we also know the queens position on syria…the royal prerogative will not be used

  7. Christian W

    France are desperate to restart their old colonies in the ME and Northern France. Syria was still part of the French ‘sphere of influence’ in the 1930s.

  8. Christian W

    Ugh, northern Africa ofcourse, not northern France :p

  9. DeVaul

    Yeah, I suspected the French vote was based on Lebanon-Syria being a former French Colony. Why can’t the Europeans leave their former colonies alone? I cannot see what they have to gain from this at all. They will never rule these provinces again, so what is the point?

  10. lucky13

    Will Obama attack? And who of ‘our Allies’ will follow?
    I like yr headline, EMS. Good to know the Tribe does not control everything.

  11. larry, dfh

    A German colleague told me yesterday, that the only thing keeping the government out of a more active role in Syria is upcoming elections. The people, of course, don’t want involvement.

  12. DeVaul

    I suspect this new war comes to soon on the heels of the Snowdon revelations for the German people, who were the most spied upon. Their craven politicians must know that and are hoping to gain favor before they are voted out of office.

  13. Paul S

    I applaud the UK Parliament’s decision re Syria. Too bad it won’t stop the US from going ahead with an attack on Syria anyway. Lack of public support didn’t stop US based (they aren’t Americans) warmongers before, it won’t stop them this time either. I’m curious as to how much longer the Chinese will tolerate this warmongering by the US elites. I believe the Chinese have more than ample resources to play a very fierce “game” of hardball with the US if China so chooses.

  14. lucky13

    I’m curious as to how much longer the Chinese will tolerate this warmongering by the US elites. I believe the Chinese have more than ample resources to play a very fierce “game” of hardball with the US if China so chooses.

    Yes, Clinton gave away many important technologies [See ‘Year of the Rat’ book and others].
    ‘US elites’, Jews? With Barry as their puppet?

  15. Christian W

    Don’t think China will go into that kind of suckers game. They know how those games work extremely well, they have a long history of them.

  16. emsnews

    China is waiting for us to go bankrupt. THIS IS THEIR 50 YEAR PLAN. Hatched a mere 28 years ago.

  17. lucky13

    China is waiting for us to go bankrupt. …Is USA already there? If not at what point? 40 T ‘official debt’?

  18. emsnews

    Japan is near bankruptcy and certainly moral bankruptcy.

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