NYC Cops Beat, Arrest Muslim Girls And Student Filming Attack: Obama Orchestrates Attack On Shi’ites In Syria

As I predicted, once the corrupt Congress gathered in DC, AIPAC would take over and they would heed their owners and buddies in AIPAC and do something highly unpopular.  People are tired of the wars, tired of being told we have no more money for Americans, tired of suicidal soldiers shoved from one war to the next, tired of the endless howls of rage from the Middle East and the hatred there, meanwhile, our economy is going off yet another cliff thanks mainly to high oil prices.  Now, Saudi Arabia is celebrating this fact which is why they are funding these wars, arming Sunni terrorists just like they did with the 9/11 hijackers.  And especially Chechnyan terrorists, the same who attacked the Boston Marathon.

First this story from NYC:  NYPD strip hijabs from Muslim sisters in Bronx park | The Raw Story


“They said they asked for ID,” Wilson told the Daily News. “But I didn’t hear them.”


When the teens didn’t respond, one of the officers put Wilson in a chokehold, while his female partner threw Chapman to the ground. Once the pair were restrained, police allegedly removed their hijabs, or Muslim headscarves.


The girls’ brother, Shytike Wilson, saw the crowd gathering around them from his apartment window and arrived at the scene at the same time as police reinforcements. “I asked them why my sisters were in handcuffs,” he told the Daily News. “They charged me, picked me up, and slammed me on the floor.”


A college student, Jonathan Harris, heard screaming and ran into the park. When he started to record the officers at the scene, he too was accosted. “Come here, you little motherf***er. You like recording?” the cop said, according to Harris.


He tried to run away, but was tackled by one of the newly arrived officers.


And this is how our police were trained when in the military: this is why the nations we occupy hate us.  And this shows total contempt for US citizens.  In particular, the attack on the one filming the police violence is 100% illegal, anti-American and unconstitutional.  They have no right to prevent us from recording their actions for often in court, we need to see visual proof as to who is being the aggressor, the violent one.


And police hate this.  Some cities have begun forcing police to film from cameras in cars or helmets.  We live in a situation where the police get to see everything including spying on all phone calls with no ’cause’ fishing for ‘drug dealers’ and they want to use cameras and other tools to spy on us nonstop while we are supposed to not photograph or film public events!  This inversion of what is public and what is private lies at the heart of the War on Terror which is mainly arming terrorists to attack certain leaders while killing civilians demonstrating against military coups overthrowing elected governments.


Obama goofed and spilled the beans, the conspirators in Saudi Arabia and Israel want Assad overthrown so of course, their puppets in our government want the same, too:  Obama hints at broader strategy to topple Assad in effort to win over Republicans | World news | The Guardian


“It also fits into a broader strategy that can bring about over time the kind of strengthening of the opposition and the diplomatic, economic and political pressure required – so that ultimately we have a transition that can bring peace and stability, not only to Syria but to the region,” he told senior members of Congress at a White House meeting on Tuesday.


Obama has long spoken of the US desire to see Assad step down, but this is the first time he has linked that policy objective to his threatened military strikes against Syria. It follows pressure on Monday, from senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to make such a goal more explicit.


NO WHERE we have invaded has ‘peace and security’ much less, ‘democracy’.  Over a thousand people were killed by government troops in the Egyptian coup this month and in Iraq, 1,000 die a month in ethnic warfare.  We leave big messes.  Pretending we are saving anyone is a farce.  We don’t even save Muslim girls in the US!  We are trained to hate them all, all the time.


Despite huge propaganda efforts, the US public stubbornly refuses to back more Muslim wars:  Poll: Most oppose U.S. strike.  Our ruler in Israel, Netanyahu, spits on the US public.  He and the corrupt and evil king of Saudi Arabia want war so we are to shut up and pay for this while they party.   Here is contrasting news:  Panetta: The sequester is hurting America while another Washington Post editor says:  Robinson: In budget fight, GOP to blame as if this were an issue.  Endless loot will be spent on this looming war which AIPAC and our Congress want so badly!


Both parties will cheer yet another war.  With slowdown threats looming, U.S. economy is headed for rough autumn which no one at the top worries about for even one minute.  They promised people the illegal invasion of Iraq would mean cheap oil.  Oil prices doubled when the war began and have only gone up since then.  I remember family members celebrating the invasion because they wanted cheaper oil and they didn’t listen to my warnings.


At G-20 summit, Obama to seek support for action on Syria. This issue is expected to overshadow agenda focused on economic issues.  Already, Russia and China said no.  There is no real proof Assad ordered this attack.  IF one of his staff did this behind his back, it isn’t his fault.  The problem here is, like he said, it made no sense for him to order this right when the US said they would attack him if he did this!


The conspirators running America still refuse to show us an iota of evidence Assad ordered any attack.  Meanwhile, he can rightfully claim the US is arming terrorists from foreign lands and assisting them in attacking his nation and killing his people.  The chances of the US getting permission to invade Syria is zero, so far as the UN is concerned.  And then there are the war crimes: I don’t see either Bush nor Clinton nor Obama being arrested so we should dump the farce of ‘war crimes’ if this merely means, ‘You lose, you are punished, if you win, you can nuke people.’

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27 responses to “NYC Cops Beat, Arrest Muslim Girls And Student Filming Attack: Obama Orchestrates Attack On Shi’ites In Syria

  1. z house

    yes the rule of law down there is kaput, the NY’er had a piece on ‘civil forfeiture ” laws and their constant abuse. a related issue is ‘structured bank deposits” , a federal offence to deposit money [from any source] in such a way that it ‘appears” to be avoiding the 10K limit. Famers and restaurant owners are being targeted in what sounds like a ‘catch22’

  2. Lets see….chemical weapons ok if you supplied them to Iraq to use on Iran.
    cluster bombs ok even though every other country wants to ban
    Depleted Uranium ok.
    Declaring war on another sovereign nation , the ultimate war
    crime is ok.
    Overthrowing governments is ok.
    Torture ok now too. I could go on.

  3. I fear things are about to take a sharp turn for the worse here in Amerika. The utter illogic of the policy makers in all matters economic, social, and political both foreign and domestic is beyond comprehensibility. The ubiquitous and apparent desperation smacks of extreme systemic instability. We have sewn the wind and are soon to reap the whirlwind.

  4. Has anybody seen the horrible birth defects in Iraq attributed to depleted uranium? Has there been any major US network reporting on this? I hope the Syrians fully appreciate what an attack by the US will means after the smoke clears. The press seem to be confident that both houses of congress will pass Obama’s request by varying margins. Nice to see the “liberal” wing of the Democratic Party drop it’s peace loving pretensions and lineup to vote yes for another war.

  5. vengeur

    “Nice to see the “liberal” wing of the Democratic Party drop it’s peace loving pretensions and lineup to vote yes for another war.” Other than a few notable exceptions, there is no generalized liberal outrage for this sham. Also it has laid bare the phony war-whore republicans would have been more than happy to see Obama do this by decree. Not to be confused with true conservatives who see this for the abomination it is. The biggest indignity for me is having to watch that meek-mannered death dealing freak McCain slithering around like the snake he is.

  6. Christian W

    On The Guardian’s forums I recently asked what it actually means to be an ‘American Liberal’ nowadays. Meaning one who supports the Democratic Party etc.

    Nobody gave me a good answer apart from one who said the last real one was seen around 1992…

    But it’s actually a serious question. What is an ‘American Liberal’ today? I have no idea tbh, all the words in the American political landscape have morphed meaning it seems to me.


    ELAINE: I am a liberal conservative. People want to put everyone in boxes but most of us have a spectrum of beliefs and views.

  7. IAmSpartacus

    TPTB are playing a very dangerous game here; whether or not Congress gives Obama approval to attack Syria (I think they’ll vote “No”) is irrelevant; if Obama starts a war with Syria, with an overwhelming majority of Americans, including much of our military, opposed, it could very well start a revolution right here at home, if we don’t get our very own military coup, first!

  8. lucky1

    ‘are playing a very dangerous game here’…bring it on,
    Didya read of the teen in Texas [Justin Carter] jailed for 10 years for posting a violent joke online?

  9. emsnews

    So, the NYT reporter accidentally wrote the truth about AIPAC and then it was censored?


    As for the article from Politico, those nasty guys, they claimed the NYT criticized AIPAC??? How so???

    If you google the NYT own search engine with the word AIPAC, you get maybe ten articles over the last 30 years! AIPAC is the invisible 800 lb gorrila in the NYT newsroom and the owners belong to AIPAC as well as Bilderberg which gets even fewer mentions over the last three decades.

  10. Christian W

    Iran knows they are next on the agenda once Syria is bombed to smithereens. In some ways it makes more sense for Iran to join Syria now while they both are in fighting shape if Syria is attacked. As Elaine said there are a lot of fat sitting ducks in the Strait of Hormuz…

    On the other hand Iran knows that attacking and sinking a couple of US (increasingly obsolete) air craft carriers is very close to giving Tel Aviv the “Pearl Harbor” moment they are looking for.

  11. DeVaul

    I once said that Libya was a turning point for us. So little effort was put into justifying that war that anything that came afterwards would require nothing more than a mere statement to justify an attack on another country.

    I feel sorry for the Syrians. Their homeland now resembles Libya, which resembles Iraq, which resembles Afghanistan, and all of this was planned out 20 years ago by US generals and Mossad agents.

    I am sure the Iranians are pondering what to do. They have been backed into a corner. They know they are next. There is no serious debate on that anymore. It is a given.

    If they support Syria, it will be viewed as an act of war against the US (Israel). If they do nothing, they will have no allies to support them and all fighting will occur on their territory.

    Iran is in the same position as England and France were in the fall of 1939. I hope they understand that war is now inevitable and that Russia and China will not risk nuclear war with us over middle eastern states. There is no wrong or right decision for them. It is lose-lose either way.

    The Iranians must choose only how they will meet their destiny.

  12. larry, dfh

    Was watching a little TV over lunch, watching KerryTheWeasel in congress. People behind him were holding up their hands painted red. Cute. Probably the CodePinkers, some of the last of the lib. troublemakers (that’s your answer, Christian). It will be ironic that after Syria will be left uninhabitable for 9 billion years, the Israelis will take it over as their divine right to their ‘greater Israel’. And I don’t think Putin will be sitting on his hands throughout all this. I understand that a Black Belt in Jujitsu doesn’t mean shit to a Tomahawk missile, but the latter doesn’t have strategy, and neither do our commanding generals, as far as I’m concerned. And like Putin, those in charge in Iran have come through the ranks, in a system where a false move means hanging lifeless from a crane or permanent imprisonment in Siberia. The Iranian politicians, including Ahmadinijad, are hardened, sophisticated, and very cagey. We’ve been duly warned. And happy new you, all you bastards! Next year in Jerusalem, hopefully w/out the Israeli government.

  13. El Kabong

    Iran’s Rouhani to speak at yearly U.N. session in New York –

    The new Iranian leader was elected on a platform to open dialogue with the West and ease the sanctions, so he’s coming with an olive branch but it seems events are (deliberately? ) conspiring against this.

  14. El Kabong

    Oh. Looks like they intend to use the missile strikes and CIA infiltration teams to be the opener, boots on the ground to follow….when that does not work.

    For the first time through the two-year old Syrian conflict, the United States has mentioned the holy cow – “boots on the ground”. The Secretary of State John Kerry has pleaded that the US Congress should approve the use of American ground troops although the Obama administration may not intend to take recourse to such action.

    Pat Buchanan made at least one good point “Nations that start wars and attack countries, as Gen. Tojo and Adm. Yamamoto can testify, do not get to decide how wide the war gets, how long it goes on or how it ends. ” Too bad he places too much faith in the GOP to do the right thing.

  15. Paul S

    I think the reason President Obama wants to “consult” with Congress in a sham “debate” over Syria is it gives Obama the political cover he wants. I think the real reason for the “debate” is because the warmongers KNOW that this Syria conflict is going to expand. The MIC wants to have the “Go!” signal now so they can concentrate on drone strikes and putting “boots on the ground”. These guys realize how unpopular the wars are; their response is to figure out a way to justify circumventing public support and get the war profits moving again. The war planners are FULLY aware of how unpopular their wars are with the public, but they are going ahead anyway. Note in today’s HuffPo that Chuck Hagel is claiming that Russia supplied Syria with some poison gas. They are (possibly)setting the conflict “stage” already.

  16. IAmSpartacus

    El Kabong: Buchanan is right, that used to be true, but MAD changed that; the question is, would the psycopathic sociopaths that run our ZOG really be mad enough to set the world on fire if they were losing? I fear that the answer to that may be “YES”.

  17. e sutton

    Like all religious bigots, the Zionists believe it is their Manifest Destiny to tak over all the Islamic land, murder the Palestinians, and End of Times gods will kiss and caress them. Their sheer ego will force their hands when firing the nukes.

  18. Christian W

    What the hell happened to Chuck Hagel anyway. He was supposed to be a tough guy hard enough to stand up to the Zionists… Well, he got flipped completely. (My suspicion is he was given the ‘Arafat’ option – do as told or end up like Arafat).

  19. Christian W

    @e sutton

    I agree. The Israeli leaders live in a world of war psychosis.

  20. Seraphim

    @ Christian W,

    I agree with you. It is sufficient to look at Hagel. His pathetic face shows that he is a broken man.

  21. El Kabong

    Nobel Peace Prize laurete, Mairead Maguire tells her account of her visit to Syria. While Maguire was in Syria she discovered that the people the U.S. are funding are violent groups and do not want peace in Syria. Her her view is that Syria is being used as a proxy war by the U.S., Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  22. lucky1

    Off tropic. Remember Petraus and his texting gal pal and her charity?
    Clinton spent 50 million from his ‘charity’. On himself????

    Clinton foundation spent more than $50 mln in travel costs |…‎
    Aug 20, 2013 – Clinton foundation spent more than $50 mln in travel costs … money on travel in 2011 to buy 12,000 plane tickets at the cost of ,000 each, or 33 .


    ELAINE: I mentioned that earlier here.

    And yes, he is a crook. And yes, 90% of the ‘charities’ are actually scams. I proved this once here on my blog by going through the finances of about a dozen ‘charities’ all of which spent 90%+ on themselves and did nothing else.

  23. e sutton

    @El Kabong, thanks for this incredible link. Hearing this from one who’s been in the trenches really makes this situation a lot clearer.

  24. lucky1

    Yes, but 50 million!!!! in a few years???

  25. emsnews

    Easy, if you stay at 5 star hotels, eat at 5 star restaurants and expensive whores.

  26. lucky1


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