Saudi/US Jihadists Take Over Maaloula, An Ancient Aramaic Christian Village (Massacre Promised)

Ancient Christian Aramaic Church captured by Sunni radicals

‫معلولا ١٢/٠٩/٢٠٠٩- Maaloula‬‎ – YouTube: a visit to the town captured by violent jihadis in Syria

Activists: Syrian Rebels Take Christian Village – ABC News:  The only Aramaic speaking community in the world has been overrun by mostly foreign jihadists armed by the US and Saudi Arabia.  I suppose now, when these al Qaeda offshoots kill all the Christians there, this too will be blamed on Assad who has protected them as did his father.  The Saudis hate Christians as do many Jews, for that matter.  The Middle East is a stew of hatreds.  And the Assad family suppressed ethnic religious hatreds only to be attacked by heavily armed Sunni seeking to wipe out his mainly secular rule.


MAKE NO MISTAKE: the more secular the ruler, the more the jihadists will attack and the CIA has armed these lunatics not just in the past but today.  The excuse for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was ‘they are jihadists attacking Christians’.  Every church attack was covered heavily in the US news to back the coup.  But the same thing happening in Syria got little to no coverage while dead Sunni people were plastered all over the place especially yesterday.


But the worm is turning.  As more and more Christians hear of these massacres, the more they realize Assad protected Christians.  This is why the Sunni rebels hate the Assad family.  Very much so and plan to butcher them, too.


Due to the preservation of the language Jesus spoke, the UN was considering making this village a world heritage site.  Many churches in Syria have been destroyed this year.  All without so much a peep from the Christian right wingers in the US.  But now the truth is coming out.  Much of the Christian population which is 10% of the Syrians, has been forced to flee mainly to Lebanon.


Maaloula, Syria: Where the language of Jesus lives on


built on top of a pagan sanctuary, and some of the wooden beams, made of Lebanese cedar, were more than 2,000 years old. Also known as Mar Sarkis, the monastery was named for a Roman officer, a secret Christian whose faith was unmasked when he refused to participate in a sacrifice to Zeus. Sergius and his friend Bacchus, a fellow officer and co-religionist, were tortured and executed in the Syrian city of Resafa, and many churches in this country bear their names.


Maaloula is Hana’s home village, and on the drive from the capital he had told us proudly that this is one of the few places where Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken. Now he asked whether we’d like to hear the Lord’s Prayer in his mother tongue, and of course we said yes.

Virgin Mary statue in Syrian Christian village

Here is the Virgin Mary statue perched on the edge of a cliff over the village of Maaloula.

Maaloula houses climb steep cliffs

Arab Christians come out strongly against US strike in Syria because they know Assad is liberal, not an evil dictator.  Al-Qaeda Vows to Slaughter Christians After U.S. ‘Liberates’ Syria …Christians In the Levant Grow Fearful Over US Syria Strike.  There are a thousand reasons not to attack Assad and this is definitely high on the list.


The Zionist press here attacked Rand and Ron Paul very hard due to them pointing out the obvious.  This business is of vital importance to Christian churches in the US which tend to support Zionism.  The US President, a ‘Christian’ has yet to speak out about the jihad we armed and warning them they will be bombed if they attack unarmed Christian civilians.  Note the double standard here. When Jews are attacked by anyone, our media and government goes berserk.  When Christians in Israel are attacked by Jews, the news is censored.  When Palestinian children are killed by chemical weapons, our media goes on the attack claiming the proof is fake, the pictures fake, etc. and our government does nothing except give Israel more WMD.


This WMD garbage is totally unfair.  The US and Israel gets to use these even in contradiction to UN demands while everyone else is punished except US allies.


BREAKING NEWS: The other guys who own DC want us to kill the mainly secular, Christian protector of Syria:  Kerry Announces Saudi Support for Syrian Strike.



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14 responses to “Saudi/US Jihadists Take Over Maaloula, An Ancient Aramaic Christian Village (Massacre Promised)

  1. Melponeme_k

    Have you seen the recent photos of Kerry?

    It looks like the right side of his face has collapsed, stroke, Bell’s Palsy or something.

    I guess the “magic” is sucking him dry.

  2. IAmSpartacus

    Same as it ever was; this is Iraq, again, in almost every way, right down to the massacre of Christians, just as in the unreported plight of the Assyrian Christians after the US took down Saddam, another secular dictator who, regardless of his other faults, protected the Christian minority. I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, a Christian, but I am ashamed that the gov’t of a so-called “Christian nation” would hang these ancient Christian communities out to dry; that, in and of itself, tells me all that I need to know of the nature of the NWO/Bilderberg/ZioNazi Crypto-Jews that infest the US gov’t at the highest levels. Of course, the biggest joke of all is on the Israeli Jews, who are, in the end, expendable; the Bilderbergs care not about nations, there’s a world for the taking; Israel serves a purpose, and once it’s purpose has been served, Israel will be no more.

  3. Jim R

    Putin has suggested reprisals against the Saudis, if the attack happens. And he has pledged non-specific ‘support’ for Syria. How ironic that the USA is entering on the side of Al Qaeda, and the Russians are defending Christians…

    It will be interesting, to say the least.

  4. emsnews

    Russia considers itself the heir of the Eastern Holy Roman Empire. Same Orthodox religion as the village in Syria.

  5. Bandar Bush's lapdog

    Now some news reported from other sources: There seems to be a counter attack by govermental forces, with old tanks and APC’s and mobile AA weapons. The al Nusra militants (the ones who, according to John Kerry, don’t exist) seem to have been fighting with modern US and French advanced anti-tank weapons, mortars and AA weapons. According to the governmental Press Agency SANA, the government reports they believe to have killed both al Nusra commanders heading the attack, the “known jihadist” Mostafa Kahala and Abo Hadeel (commander of the ‘al-Farouq’ jihadist batallion).

    Also, around 30 strong Orthodox Christian militia have been defending the church of Santa Thecla (Mar Tacla) in the town center since the begining of the attack and have been trying to repel the jihadists from their town with light weapons (the same jihadists who don’t exist).

    The only other problem for the New Coalition of the Willing, is that it will be siding with the same people that have been decapitating children in Syria, in the last few days. If you are into extreme cruelty, google the videos they took just after the deed (a father mourning over the body of his headless young girl, wearing a floral dress). It goes nicely with the video of the heart eating Chechen canibal, some months ago, or the vidos of torture and murder of Christian solders, fighting for Assad. After all, al Nusra doesn’t hide their crimes, they boast about them to terrorize and get praise by their Saudi masters. But, hell, they don’t even exist, according to the State Department! I guess after Osama, Al Qaeda is a “useful tool” for the US foreign policy makers, not a dangerous terrorist organization that will blow up in their hands.

    I agree that Assad is a routhless, hard core dictator. He is a Ba’athist, after all, like Saddam Houssein was, and a killer. I guess Kerry didn’t know that, back then, that he is a “thug”: He didn’t know, that is why he said: “Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region.”

    But many of the millitants, who the US are backing up, are pure evil. Anticrist style, ultra psychopathic, maniacal, pure evil. And they are al Qaeda mass murderers (see the mass graves in Latakia)! Do you want to side with THAT and get paid by the Saudis, to fight alongside THESE people, like common mercenaries? Kerry certainly does. Oh, and he doesn’t lie that there is no al Qaeda “cause he is a war hero”, as the State Department responded to Putin, after he called him a liar at the G20…

  6. emsnews

    Somewhere, bin Laden’s skull is giving a wicked smile.

  7. Jim R

    Wasn’t it supposed to be in somebody’s basement near the Yale campus?

    ELAINE: Nope. They have a CRYPT. Yes, a CRYPT on campus. Nearly all Yale Presidents are Skull and Bones black magicians.

  8. El Kabong

    Kerry vows ‘unbelievably small’ strike on Syria–150302777.html

    Did The Onion write the script for Kerry?


    ELAINE: No, it is the Baloney writing this! 🙂

  9. emsnews

    I am not surprised. This has happened before again and again: dictators sending prisoners into war against neighbors, turning them loose to rape, loot and pillage.

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