Der Zimmerman News: Flash! Wife Lied About Gun And Other Things, Charges Dropped, Black Commentators Go Nuts Again

Back to Der Zimmerman: the media can’t let go.  He and his wife got in a spat and then she claimed he had a gun and was violent but then the police found no gun and she decided she had exaggerated things a tad and charges were then dropped but NOT THE STORY!


Nope!  It rolls onwards with black people who are in the media in particular, going nuts over this.  The black community in general has a severe problem with violence, murder and criminality that their leaders have chosen to ignore but every tiny event with Der Zimmerman gets them hot.  Recently, a racist black male attacked several people in Union Square Park after telling everyone he wanted to hurt white people badly.  One man he struck has died.


This is aside from the parade of small children, babies and elderly attacked by young black males who are responsible for 50% of murders in our country.  Aside from that, a three year old child was the latest toddler to use a gun and die, this in a national park.  And the Chicago black gang/robbery/drug murders roll onwards with no Zimmermans to interfere with the rising death toll.


George Zimmerman ‘gets away’ with gunplay is an editorial in the woeful Washington Post where the author, Capehart, ignored the information about ‘No one saw any gun’ (Der Zimmerman’s wife made up the gun stuff for emotional effect) and the confrontation was mutual, not Der Zimmerman out of control.  The family is violent but so is Trayvon’s family.  Violent, irritable people get in fights all the time over nearly everything and when I lived in the slums of NYC many years ago, my neighbors fought CONSTANTLY.


This was day and night.  Especially weekends.  Cops and hospitals know this is the peak time for irritable, violent people to be taken in.  One irritable family on my block many years ago were in a typical battle, as usual, in the middle of the street in front of my house.  I was getting irritated with them and pondered doing something violent to stop them when the man yelled, ‘I’ll kill you,’ and his girlfriend yelled at the top of her screeching lungs, ‘I’ll kill you DEADER!’ And my next door neighbor opened his window and yelled, ‘Kill him and shut the hell up!’ And at that moment…she plunged a big knife into his chest, killing him.


By then, I was opening the front door and calling 911 and I yelled, ‘You are under arrest’.


Now, the point of this irritation is, a lot of people live like wild animals in public.  They go about hitting, killing, running over or stealing anything and everything which is why slums look so beat up and horrible not to mention the arson, my greatest fear of my crazy, out of control, violent neighbors.  One charmer got mad at another drug dealer and got his hands on some bombs and blew up the corner building on my block, I fell out of bed and my friend living next door to the bomb site came running up the street screaming.


I then spent the rest of the night on the rooftop making certain it didn’t catch on fire.  My lovely neighbors just three years before that, when the lights went out in the mid-1970’s blackout, went on a rampage and burned down nearly half of our neighborhood.  I had a frightful night back then and the howls of the rioters were like a thousand devils being tortured.  The screaming went on and on and on…for HOURS.


Social order is difficult at best.  We have a culture that clings to violent behavior, witness the blood lust of our rulers this month, they can’t wait to kill many thousands of Syrians in order to ‘save’ them.  While these same elites whine about Der Zimmerman fighting it out in the wild, wild streets of the USA.  I have been in more fights than he, only I always took great care to insure everyone knew I was doing self defense or making a legitimate citizen’s arrest.


The whiners about Der Zimmerman offer zero solutions for the beastly, uncivilized, violent culture  that dominates many of our biggest cities from Chicago, to huge swaths of NYC, nearly all of Washington, DC, Cleveland, Houston, LA, Phoenix, New Orleans, Cleveland, Newark, Philadelphia, etc. etc. etc. the list is LOOOONG.  And the War on Drugs only made things much, much worse.  We don’t need a war on everyone in cities, we need to stop the gangsta culture, the gangsta entertainers, the lawless belief that no one has to care about one’s neighbors, the ‘stick in the eye’ attitude: this is a huge problem.


Virtually no society claims they want to be like us.  People come here for more money.  Or easier criminal pickings.  They don’t want to come here for civilization.  The violence here is engulfing Europe, too.  And is huge in African, Middle Easter and Asian nations.  As the US plays ‘world cop’ by being a completely out of control, unfair, racist (against Palestinians, for example) Mafioso operation that is all about looting, not protecting anyone.  Then there are our bankers….YIKES.


A complete disaster, totally antisocial and anti-friendly.  And nearly no one stops that Mafioso operation, nay, they run our government.

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13 responses to “Der Zimmerman News: Flash! Wife Lied About Gun And Other Things, Charges Dropped, Black Commentators Go Nuts Again

  1. Melponeme_k

    Huffpost is now running a story that the wife claims Zimmerman destroyed evidence of their “violent” altercation.

    I’m wondering, who paid her for this stunt?

  2. Wow, EMS has been on a tear lately. I guess our violent culture will culminate in a chaotic outbreak of violence and when everyone is worn out the survivors will find new outlets for their violent tendencies.

  3. emsnews

    The police went to great efforts to fix an iPad that was broken to see if there was any bad Zimmerman behavior. I say, this is a severe waste of police money and time. For what?

    The Machine is desperate to pin something on this guy. Forgetting that there are millions of Zimmermen out there most of whom are minority populations, roaming our streets and causing daily and particularly, nightly chaos and deaths.

    But then we have to save the people of Syria by arming al Qaeda! Sheesh.

  4. Christian W


    Spot a Mossad agent who conveniently came out of the woodwork just after 9/11. Obama’s speechwriter Rhodes:

    (his brother is president for CBS…)

  5. e sutton

    The big elephant in the room (as usual) is the one that NOBODY wants to talk about. The uncivilized, young, black ghetto thug who glorifies the prison culture and fantisizes about being a big man in the larger prison industrial complex. Blacks don’t want to discuss this because it interferes with their image of Claire and Bill Huxtible’s upper middle class image. But it is an illustion best, a misconception at worst. We’ve got a problem, both in an “entitlement” culture among young blacks who think they’re owed someting for nothing, and a thug class, who believe it’s their duty to crush white people for oportunities they did not get. All in all, a recipe for the one percent to put those of us in the lower 99 percent against each other. Game, match, score?

  6. lucky1

    Mel, ‘i’m wondering, who paid her for this stunt?’
    Perhaps so her Perjury charges will be dropped?
    Perhaps she hope to make him seem like a monster because its Divorce Court time.
    Or perhaps shes a pathological liar and needs no other reason!

  7. lucky1

    Yahoo News had the dishonesty to headline ‘Zim in Police custody’ with a story that said he was not in custody.

  8. Christian W

    Way back in the 80’s I was reading articles by Americans where they were discussing what guns to carry and which ammunition to use in case you needed to shoot someone… and make sure the courts don’t throw you in jail for murder but see it as self defense.

    This seems totally nuts to me, but for many Americans it is a vital part of ‘freedom’. Then again if I lived in certain parts of the US I would probably feel something similar.

  9. emsnews

    I studied the laws concerning self defense extremely closely. Since I lived in very, very dangerous neighborhoods where middle class white women feared to even enter much less, live, my own in laws NEVER visited us due to naked fear, I had to know the limits of my ability to fight off my darling neighbors.

    Knowing when to stop aggression is as important as knowing when to start it to stay legal. I was never arrested for my many fights with criminals due to hewing to the law even when I was very angry.

    Many ‘vigilantes’ don’t keep within the confines of these many laws and frankly, many cops don’t, either.

    And then there are the cops doing innocuous things like stopping a car due to the lights being off and then get killed by deranged lunatics.

    And the War on Drugs is insane, cruel, violent, useless and stupid. Since 1969, I have said, ‘Let the drug addicts have their fix just like cigarettes and booze.’ when I worked for the Free Clinic.

  10. lucky1

    Elaine. you were at [4th avenue and President street?].

  11. My guess is Der Zimmerman’s wife is getting “some” on the side and the poor sack finally found out. Sounds like she is trying to get bonus points for her side in divorce court. I understand that they have no children so Mr. Zimmerman is going learn just how much “I Do” really costs as his wife gets half or more of his net worth.

  12. mike

    better check out artery clearings as i think you have a screw loose……………..

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