NSA Spy Documents Totally Blacked Out ACLU FOIA Demands

ACLU request for FISA information from NSA re: text messages

Totally Redacted FOIA response showing clearly that we get as much information from our government as Soviet citizens in the past.  The ENTIRE document is blacked out.  Every single line.  FISA is totally out of control, the freedom of information act is now totally dead and the spies run our country and do this for Saudi Arabia and Israel and feeds all our information, everything, raw to Israel.  Now, the Zionist/AIPAC neocons are all over the place explaining this is a good thing and not outright treason.


The infuriating thing in today’s news is how the secret court judges and even Clapper are THANKING Snowden for forcing a conversation about this out of control, unconstitutional spying on all citizens all the time:  Fisa judge: Snowden’s NSA disclosures triggered important spying debate | World news | The Guardian


On Thursday, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, conceded that the NSA is likely to lose at least some of its broad powers to collect data on Americans.


He acknowledged that Snowden’s disclosures had prompted a necessary debate: “As loath as I am to give any credit to what’s happened here, I think it’s clear that some of the conversations this has generated, some of the debate, actually needed to happen.


“If there’s a good side to this, maybe that’s it.”


Only if this man is arrested and anyone else who enabled this spying.  Which means cleaning out the thieve’s den in DC.  All of it.  The Patriot Act was not due to 9/11.  It was written by Zionist neocons long before and was dropped on the desks of Congress and voted with virtually zero debate. Now, it should be removed, it was wrong from day one.  It has led to pure evil and they know this.  But AIPAC wants this and what AIPAC wants, it gets.


The comments at the Guardian are often quite good and the best one for this article, is from a person who calls himself ‘partofthepuzzle’:
14 September 2013 4:17am

One of the most sought after documents that has recently been released is the October 3, 2011 FISC Opinions re: the NSA phone surveillance and the NSA capturing of blanket Internet “Upstream” data. In an act of extreme self torture, I read all 85 pages. A few things stood out:
1.  The NSA had been routinely lying outright to the FISA court about the both scope of many of the surveillance programs for several years. The NSA would petition for legal clearance from the court to conduct surveillance AFTER they had actually been doing it. The FISA court sounds pissed in the rulings.
2.  Over and over, the NSA had compliance failures re:”minimization”, ie. adhering to the directives that were supposed prevent the NSA from domestic spying. The NSA sounds utterly disingenuous about fixing it. Gen Alexander’s claims that they *unintentionally* included thousands US citizens in various surveillance programs because of the “oh-so-confusing” database software, are almost comically byzantine.
3.  The court caves in to the NSA on almost every opinion, renewing the legal support for most of their activities. But at the very end of the 85 page document they drop the bomb concluding that the NSA capture of the “upstream” Internet traffic violates the 4th Amendment.
That’s the ruling some congressmen had been hinting at for months but weren’t allowed talk about. FISA ruling that one of the NSA’s most sweeping surveillance programs was unconstitutional should be a big deal, right? Except that this was 2 years ago and that program never missed a byte. The NSA just smiled and went back to work.
IMO, this is the ultimate evidence that the NSA has NO meaningful oversight. FISA rulings can’t control them. Congressional Intelligence committees are largely passive, the Executive Branch leaves it to FISA. And the result is that the NSA has been free to run amok and pursue their mission to insure that no communication is beyond their scope.


Now that the cat is out of the secret black bag, the Zionists have been running round the planet trying desperately to justify them spying for Israel:  What makes US-Israeli intelligence co-operation ‘exceptional’? | Matthew Brodsky | Comment is free | theguardian.com—Brodsky is a notorious war criminal in DC who has lobbied on behalf of Israel for endless wars and release of Pollard, the dual citizen spy who leaked US data about spies to the Russians in exchange for things Israel wanted.  All were killed, of course, by the KGB.


Israel and the US face shared threats in the Middle East. NSA intel-sharing is no less legitimate than with ‘Five Eyes’ partners


US condemnation of chemical weapons use not applied to Israel –And the reason we face the same threats is that Jews demand the US stand up for ethnic cleansing and religious warfare and take all the blows while protecting the Jews so they can loot, kills and steal with impunity and not sign any treaties concerning chemical weapons, nukes or anything.  This warmongering nation pushes us relentlessly into one war after another along with the oil lords, both ours and the Arab dictators who support Zionism especially the Saudis royals.


This is very explosive!  The Saudis are very hated already and now the mask is off, the entire world knows they are working with Israel to chain and destroy the ‘Arab street’, that is, ordinary Muslims who want democracy.  In Syria, the women have huge civil rights compared to Saudi Arabia where they have virtually  none.  Iranian women have ten times the civil rights Saudi women have.


PressTV – EU court verdict on Iran sanctions angers US: this isn’t even news in the US as the Zionists go apeshit in DC howling their heads off about this and the Saudis are freaking out, big time.  The US lets JAPAN buy Iranian oil!  But no one else!  Which leads us to the other leech who is using us as fools for their own ends.


Diplomacy in Asia is collapsing too as the US and Japan do unilateral seizures of land and ocean rights while Japan sneers at us about polluting the entire Pacific Ocean:  News Analysis: Japan sends conflicting messages to China on anniversary of “nationalizing” disputed islands – Xinhua | English.news.cn


On Wednesday, Japan’s Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said surveillance had been increased in the disputed islands’ area but opted not to provide further details at an impromptu press briefing in Tokyo.


But likely to incense Beijing, at a time when Tokyo is supposedly seeking increased dialogue and diplomacy with its neighbor, were his remarks made refuting that a dispute even exists between the two countries.


“China seems to be trying to give the impression that there is some kind of territorial issue, but our stance is that no issue of territorial sovereignty exists,” the defense minister said, referring to the disputed islands.


What the Japanese said basically was, unilateral seizures of land is beyond dispute, the Japanese simply are going to ignore diplomacy and use pure, unadulterated force.  The US force!  Yes, Japan is using us for imperialist gain just like Israel and bribe our ‘Congress’ and ‘Presidents’ to endanger US lives and business to support these two leeches both of whom run big trade surpluses with the US.

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7 responses to “NSA Spy Documents Totally Blacked Out ACLU FOIA Demands

  1. Jim R

    In the big picture, these little imperial outposts will cease to be such special places, and their current crop of ruling elites will be displaced as the empire declines.

    In the case of Japan, maybe half of the main island, or maybe all of it, is destined to be an exclusion zone like in Ukraine around Chernobyl.

    That’s the big picture. Maybe a decade or two from now. Exactly how we get from here to there, I have no idea.

  2. Luc

    Off topic, but I have to share:

    Check out this from NYT:



    There is no environmental reason for people to go hungry now or in the future.
    There is no need to use any more land to sustain humanity — increasing land productivity using existing technologies can boost global supplies and even leave more land for nature — a goal that is both more popular and more possible than ever.

    The only limits to creating a planet that future generations will be proud of are our imaginations and our social systems. In moving toward a better Anthropocene, the environment will be what we make it.

    Erle C. Ellis is an associate professor of geography and environmental systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and a visiting associate professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.


    ELAINE: That is pure insanity.

  3. tio

    “1992 – First countrywide monitoring solution implemented in North America with over 110 sites devoted to 8-150 channels each. “

  4. Jim R

    As for the document at the beginning of the article, it is obviously just NSA’s way of saying “fuck you” to the ACLU.

    I have some money saving suggestions when my congresscritter is trying to figure out a budget. If they ever get around to the “budget thingy”.

  5. ooch@ch.ie.com

    This is easy.
    Isreali companies spy, it’s not NSA,
    and US companies pay per view.
    By being outside duristriiction no law is broken.
    ACLU is asking the wrong questions.
    Do you imagine they are not infiltrated?
    Ha ha!

    Its called frameing the question.

    Yes, you’ve been framed!.

  6. ooch@ch.ie.com

    The Israeli government is involved.
    Don’t be silly.

  7. ooch@ch.ie.com

    In Europe it is assumed, has been for years, that AMDOCS are Israeli government. Verint yes, VISA also.
    In Europe governments have tight control and how much false information they leak is questionable.
    In such a world view Russia plays the game well and looks good today, God bless Snowden! and Putin is Christian?
    So if you do things, you do it in cash.
    Incidentially BDS is becoming most popular.

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