Berlin High Students Join Other Party-time Teens In Upstate NY To Vandalize Football Player’s Mansion

Stephentown NY teens trash empty mansion


Sometimes my very rural community gets national news.  For example, in the early 1960’s a propane truck ran down Plank Road which is one of the steeper roads in America, and flipped into Berlin and blew up part of the village.  Otherwise, no one hears much about our woody acres.  It is actually rather quiet but not that quiet.  Namely, it still can make the news out here due to wild stuff going on just like any big city.  This year’s News is about a teen party held in our next door tiny town, Stephentown.  Seems 300 teens tore into a house that was going to be foreclosed and rioted there, causing a lot of destruction.  Then the parents got mad because their wayward waifs posted online many detailed photos WITH their names!…showing them drinking illegally and taking drugs while wrecking the place.


And what has angered my neighbors the most?  The fact that the world has learned about this!  Amazing.  The many rapes, riots and wild out of control illegal behavior of many teens no longer is covered up by community conspiracies due to the internet.  And the ones at fault are the teens themselves who often gleefully post videos and pictures of them breaking the law.  For some strange reason, while advertising their miscreant actions, they imagine the community blanket protection of the Code of Silence will operate as in the good old days.


There are very, very few blacks or half black families in the mountains here, it is mostly white families.  The house attacked by the teens this last month is owned by a former NFL football player who grew up here and whose family went to the same schools my son went to.  The football player, Mr. Holloway, has launched a web page complaining about the vandalism of his mansion here:  Help Me Save 300

Rensselaer County teen party trashes mansion


The many tweets with ‘selfie’ pictures taken by drugged/drunk teens decorates this site.  When he asked the families of these kids to help clean up his property, only one showed up.  The rest raised a ruckus because he violated the Code of Silence that lets kids run riot with no restraints.  And boy, are they mightily pissed off.  I didn’t know about this party since my son is long out of school, but it didn’t appear in our local papers at all.  Dogs running loose get more coverage here.


So I was astonished to learn the news from national and even international news sites.


Ex-NFL Player Brian Holloway Wants To Help Teens Who Caused $20,000 Worth Of Damage To His Home


No arrests have been reported.


Word of the party had spread via social media, and it attracted students at high schools from the Albany area and western Massachusetts, Holloway said. Holloway, who’s now a motivational speaker, said he gave anti-drug and alcohol talks at some of those same schools during his playing days, which included an appearance in Super Bowl XX, when the Patriots lost to the Chicago Bears.


Holloway said the partiers broke about 10 windows and glass doors, punched dozens of holes in the walls, dragged kegs of beer across oak floors and left behind an “enormous amount” of graffiti. His $20,000 damage estimate does not include personal items that were stolen.


Several teens who weren’t at the party but heard about it showed up this week and helped remove urine-soaked carpets and 10 large trash bags filled with liquor bottles, Holloway said, adding that drug paraphernalia also was found scattered about his property.


Holloway, a father of eight, said he used Twitter postings to compile 200 names of teens he said were at the party. He has been posting them on a website – helpmesave300 – in an effort to get them to come forward, take responsibility for their actions and change their behavior.


He just shattered the illusion of ‘law and order’ in them thar hills.  I had to deal with disorderly teens when I moved here.  They tried to vandalize my property and I went relentlessly after them including going to their school and the sheriff and other even more devious things.  Finally, after three years they all got the message.  ‘Outsiders’ are ‘fair game’ in much of rural America.  And it is a dangerous games for the people playing it.  One reason I didn’t fall for the Trayvon scam was, he was an out of control teen tossed out of school and was visiting his father’s girlfriend and was roaming about the community, acting oddly.


Kids in my community would probe the adults, too.  Hoping to get a ‘jump’ on things, of course.  Once they discover the persons they are hassling are dangerous, they melt away to find someone else to torment.  In the case of this story, knowing these teens rather well, I suspect the son of the property owner egged his buddies into trashing the mansion because a bank was foreclosing on it.


NFLer’s son stunned that pals trashed his house | New York Post


Some of those same kids are now blasting him after Brian’s dad posted their names and photos online as cops investigate the drug- and drink-fueled bash.
“People I know who were at the party contacted me, going on rants,” said Brian Jr., a student at the University of Southern Florida. “There were no apologies or explanations [for the vandalism].”
As The Post first reported yesterday, the parents of several of the revelers have threatened Brian Sr., a former New England Patriots offensive lineman, with lawsuits and physical harm for publicly outing their brats.


Here are some more stories:  Report: Brian Holloway Threatened by Parents of Kids Who Trashed House, Say He Will ‘Ruin’ Their College Plans | NFL |  and Ex-NFL star Brian Holloway may be sued by parents of teens who allegedly trashed his upstate NY home – NY Daily News.  The problem here is, if the teen son of someone tells his buddies to trash a house, it is still ILLEGAL.  If a kid tells his friends to beat up  his dad, this would also be ILLEGAL.  If he asked anyone to terrorize his family, it is ILLEGAL.


The teen asking for trouble should be punished but also his stupid friends who did what he asked.  It is all quite illegal.


Ex-Patriots Star Brian Holloway — Neighbors Call B.S. On House-Trashing |


TMZ has learned … Holloway owes a whopping $1,006,348.80 on the house … it appears he was delinquent on paying his mortgage and the bank then demanded payment of the entire balance.


Brian hasn’t lived in the home for a long time — he’s in Florida — and neighbors tell us they thought the house was abandoned. In fact, before the blow-out bash, neighbors say kids staged a number of parties in the house — which has no furniture.


Neighbors think the kids who Brian is now attacking are getting a bad rap. They say there was already plenty of damage to the home before the party in question — broken doors and damaged floors. And … there was plenty of preexisting graffiti covering the walls.


Detroit has many abandoned houses.  They are vandalized, invaded, abused, parties, drugs, drinking, howling, screaming, arson…you name it, the mobs there indulge in near continuous criminal trespass.  It is illegal to enter ‘abandoned’ properties.  If no one owns it, a bank owns it or the government owns it due to past taxes, etc.  Any community that allows trespass ends up like Detroit.  I lived in a neighborhood in NYC that was trashed, looted and burned because the lights went out one hot summer night.


It was rendered virtually uninhabitable.  The riots were illegal.  There was no excuse.  And the vandalization continued to rage for a YEAR after the riots as people simply trespassed, looted, maimed and destroyed not just the ruined properties by all properties.  This is true in my town, too.  We have empty houses here.  Some are owned by part time residents, for example, and some are in receivership.   The point is, no one is allowed to enter and wreck these properties.


One family of criminals here were invading homes of ‘outsiders’ until they tangled with me and I got their license number and ID and got the sheriff to go after them.  They didn’t like it and threatened me with violence so I simply had one more charge to put them out of their misery.  Back to this messy business that brought Berlin High and the other high schools in this ‘safe’ community is this:

Brian Holloway Jr (brianhollowayjr) on Twitter

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 6.17.14 PM


The teen son of Holloway visited his friends up here just before the several parties that led to the police showing up.  He wants to be famous!  Well, he may get his wish but I doubt he will like it when it happens.  The buddies of this kid are certainly no longer boasting in public about being vandals and drunks.  They want to go to college and…be wild party dudes and chicks!  Have fun!  And that will turn out really badly, too.  And mommy and daddy won’t be able to sue the schools after their kids fall off the wagon, either.

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23 responses to “Berlin High Students Join Other Party-time Teens In Upstate NY To Vandalize Football Player’s Mansion

  1. Luc

    I do not know how far ‘that house’ is from you. I was aware of this because of an article at

    ‘ And mommy and daddy won’t be able to sue the schools after their kids fall off the wagon, either.’…Ambrose says parents may sue Holloway..he
    made names and faces of vandals public.

  2. emsnews

    I very strongly suspect the kids and the family whose home was wrecked WANTED to be famous.

    This is the Reality TV reality: if you look at the tweets by the teens, they ape exactly the same gestures and faces that all the creepy wannabe gangsta kiddies do when they commit crimes and want to be seen by the public.

    This very stupid culture (sic) has spread via MTV and others who make it ‘cool’ to be a ratty gangsta who wrecks stuff.

  3. Christian W

    They have made it ‘cool’ to be stupid. I bet these were exactly the same kind of kids that went out partying and ‘boo-yah’-ing and chanting USA! USA! USA! after bin Laden was murdered.

  4. Jim R

    Nice to know that sort of thing is not limited to the inbred, racially muddled, Old South (TM).

    And, you can sue anyone for anything. Winning and collecting on that suit is another matter of course.

  5. Seraphim

    Sinking into imbecility. Christian W. is right. A recent poll showed that 72% of the respondents are against a military involvement in Syria, but 75% of the same sample of respondents are sure that Assad must be blamed for the chemical attack!

  6. You write, Once they discover the persons they are hassling are dangerous, they melt away to find someone else to torment.

    Well good for you that you had the courage and health mental, physical, and emotional) to respond.

    The last part of your statement reflects psych******; that is a life of busybodyness, rudeness and confrontation.

    I believe that a wilding took place, it’s part of what the Bible refers to as the mystery of iniquity.

    I live in the inner city, and use public facilities, like the local bus depot and the library, as well as reside in an apartment building owned by a non-profit charity which exposes me to many who live not only libertine but antisocial.

    Psychopathy can be inherited, and can does develop as young people cross the rubicon of sound ethical behavior, so that over time the boundary between ruling over others and being independent from others is erased; so I feel sorry, in a sense, for the 300, as everyone of them now has eroded the ethical standard of responsible living and they live exposed to living more in iniquity.

    There is a responsibility on the part of parents to educate their children in ethical living. I’m not particularly a fan of William J. Bennett, but he with the help of two individuals, wrote The Book of Virtues, and the Chapter on Responsibility presents CS Lewis Men Without Chests and develops the idea that parents and mentors have a responsibility to educate children in moments of learning to have the right response; specifically to train children to feel pleasure in doing and seeking after things which are noble and praiseworthy, and to feel disgust and contempt for things which are injurious, so that when the age of reason comes, virtue and ethics, will be received into his soul, and the individual nourished thereby, and in so doing become a person of gentle spirit and good way. I feel sorry for the parents, they are the largest losers of all, as they lost the reward that comes from raising children who go on to live noble lives. Thank God, I have never had any children and have never been a parent .

    Because of WordPress censorship, I had to revise my comment many times and had to finally write psycho*****

  7. emsnews

    Our culture is ruled by TV. TV is the vehicle for propaganda and this means wars. TV is also the cultural matrix that has to push boundaries in order to gain attention which is why it has devolved radically to become trashier and trashier.

    Shock and awe means crass, gross, amoral behaviors are rewarded which is why the disgusting, dysfunctional Kardishian Klan is all over TV and the media acting stupider and stupider.

    And are being copied by even the rural teens here! They are desperate to be on TV, too. And know in their sad hearts, the road to fame is the road to jail or the grave. And they want to drive that road all the way downhill.

  8. Luc

    Elaine, a game hit the stores last week. It did 800 000 000$ in a day.
    The new media is games and web. Old is film and TV.
    And who started MTV?
    Someone from the tribe.

  9. rps

    If the house is in foreclosure, won’t the bank (or whichever entity these days holds the mortgage/lien) press charges against the teen vandals??? If so, justice will be served through the banks and county (delinquent taxes) seeking damages and redress. The teens over 18 will be liable for damage and trespassing private property. If they are under 18, then the parents will be picking up the tab –and explains the parents outrage of paying lawyers and paying for the teens vandalism. However, there are two sides to this coin. Perhaps Holloway’s purpose in the creating his vandal website: he’s naively trying to pressure the families of the teens and community to do the right thing and take responsibility for their actions. On the other hand, Holloway is marketing himself in the public forum as the ‘caring’ motivational speaker. He too is taking advantage of this vandalism and pursuing free publicity to attract corporate clients.

    Also, let’s backtrack to the facts. Holloway has a mortgage over $1,000.000.00 on this house and owns another property in Florida. We are not talking about the average Joe six-pack family, but a player who’s done his fair share of bilking the system for those who have the means, connections and status to play the financial games. He’s not out on the street being foreclosed on, but living comfortably in Florida.

  10. melponeme_k

    The game that did 800,000,000 in a day is Grand Theft Auto, Part 5. Which is about the player taking on a role of an organized crime wannabe then go and rip people off. In any way possible. And that is how everyone is behaving.

    Recently in my neighborhood, we had squatters in a few houses with For Sale signs in their yard. Even though the police pushed them out a number of times, they kept coming back and using the houses as a platform whatever.

    Grand Theft Auto life.

  11. Luc

    Mel, what county are you in?
    If you look at Youtube, college students want GTA with a ‘rape option’.

  12. I’m not surprised by any of this. I lived in the country for 11 years, discovered first-hand that it was even less safe than the city, and moved back. I feel safer four miles away from Detroit than 70 miles away!

  13. melponeme_k


    Nowhere is safe in a culture that is rapidly declining.

    In my middle class NY neighborhood we are suddenly experiencing problems with squatters, transients and out of control teens. We never had the problems we are having now. Never. That is a sign that our society is doing something wrong.

  14. emsnews

    Free trade killed most middle class non-university level jobs. All these problems stem from that one fact. Now it is killing university level jobs, too.

  15. JT

    jobs are dead here too.
    but I don’t need to lock my doors at night.
    wallets returned 11/12

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  17. Luc

    Mel, what county are you in?
    ‘Free trade killed most middle class non-university level jobs. All these problems stem from that one fact. Now it is killing university level jobs’.

    Yes, w online aka distance Learning, the profs can be in mumbai. And we import countless India Doctors. I had 2 neighbors [not friends] who both worked for ECFMG. Doctor testing for countless indian MD imports.
    And as has been pointed out, Clinton is the champion of China and signed NAFTA. Clinton. Left Dem.

  18. Luc

    JT. ‘jobs are dead here too.but I don’t need to lock my doors at night.’

    Not yet..wait for the $ meltdown and 100 million ‘new undocumented democrats’.

  19. emsnews

    Luc, the Bush clan has been deeply involved with China businesses since Bush was VP under Reagan. Trust me on this.

  20. Pingback: Those Things Which Much Shortly Come to Pass Will Unleash A New Sovereignty And A New Seigniorage As A Sovereign Encounter With Jesus Christ Forces Stocks And Currencies To Trade Lower In Value | The Diktat Money System Journal

  21. Luc

    off topic, but I want to share. In the ‘have young people gone insane or been pushed there’? category.

    On Oct 15 I posted this link:

    It drew responses from Ozone and Janos, both of which baffle me. As though the outlandish consumer goods to which the black kids are attracted were the only story here.

    Doesn’t anyone notice that two black children were adopted by gay married white males and these children distance themselves from (literally, do not want to be associated with) these white “parents” when they are taken to the mostly black-patronized mall and that these children have announced to their “parents” that they “hate white people.”

    When these “parents” admitted their naivete about what they were encountering I take that to mean they believed they would be raising black children with a nice blend of black and white culture… But au contraire.

    This is what I mean by Liberal. There’s (the “parents”) is a liberal goody-two-shoes mindset that is backfiring and they are doing their best to pretend it isn’t. [from Zionist Jim Kunstlers site].

  22. luc

    ‘non-university level jobs’. Such as?

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