British And US Somalis Are Kenya Mall Terrorists

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Kenya shopping mall attack: Up to 10 hostages still remain inside complex as terror siege enters THIRD day as the mall now is on fire.  The US pushed very hard for higher military activity especially the assassination drone warfare in Africa.  The attack on Libya was the opening shot.  The military suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood which won the election in Egypt is the other move.  This insane business is fueled by Saudi fundamentalists.  They want a very radical form of Islamism and the US has consistently protected these rich Saudis while they fund terrorism across the planet.


Worse, we do assassination drone attacks on Muslims to protect these rich Saudis!  Just as we protect Israeli fundamentalists while they poke us repeatedly in the eye.  This toxic mess is ramping up to higher and higher levels thanks to fundamentalist Christians and Jews joining with jihadist Muslims to fight over the Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem.  Meanwhile, the US and UK public is spied on by the government to a huge degree while this same system of spies can’t see obvious terrorists pouring out of our own cities!  The terrorists in Kenya are nearly all from the US and UK.


Just as the 9/11 terrorists lived overseas in Europe and the US for over a decade before attacking and trained in Sarasota, Florida which has more CIA retired and present agents per capita in the US except for the DC area.  While the state was run by Jeb Bush and the Bush summer home base, Jupiter Island just a stone’s throw away.


Here is the story from the UK of a British woman who is now in Kenya supervising terror attacks:  Kenya mall attack: anti-terror police believe British ‘White Widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite may be behind massacre | Mail Online


It is an extraordinary, macabre journey into darkness for the 29-year-old, who grew up as a normal teenager in Aylesbury before meeting Jermaine Lindsay, a British Muslim, in an online chat room when she was 17. The pair married three years later.


When her husband was named as one of four suicide bombers who blew up Tube trains and a bus in 2005, killing 52 people, Lewthwaite initially condemned her late husband’s attack and denied any knowledge of his plan.


I found this study done for Homeland Security of the Somali terror connections:  BuildingResiliencetoViolentExtremism_SomaliAmericans.pdf

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The authors of this report are Stevan Weine, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Osman Ahmed of Minneapolis‐St. Paul. Questions about this report should be directed to Stevan Weine at
This report is part of a series sponsored by the Human Factors/Behavioral Sciences Division, Science and Technology Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in support of the Prevent/Deter program. The goal of this program is to sponsor research that will aid the intelligence and law enforcement communities in identifying potential terrorist threats and support policymakers in developing prevention efforts.
This research was supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate’s Human Factors/Behavioral Sciences Division (HFD) through Grant Award Number 2009ST108LR0003 made to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START). The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as necessarily representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the United States Government or START.


The problem with this study is simple: instead of stopping terrorists, the CIA and others WANT terrorism to flourish, this is how the Pentagon, the Zionists, the right wing Christians gain power.  They NEED terrorists.  Homeland Security needs terrorist attacks.  Virtually no real effort is put into stopping these, this is because we are in a crisis.  The US and Saudi Arabia and Israel fear and hate the vast bulk of Muslims.  They hate, in particular, secular rulers like Assad!


They work in a troika of terror by undermining secular Muslim rule, encouraging wild attacks which then justifies Israel taking more Muslim lands and shoving the populace into ghettos.  This movement of radicalized Muslims into loss of home, loss of power fuels terrorism.  And it causes the public to support trillion dollar wars and trillion dollar ‘security’  systems the spy on everyone all the time…while doing virtually nothing to stop terrorists.


Thirty years of war in Somalia has led to an estimated 1 million Somalis being forcibly displaced, large numbers of whom were resettled in European Union countries, Australia, Canada, and the United States (Kusow & Bjork, 2007; Horst, 2006; Farah, Muchie, & Gundel, 2007). Prior research conducted in these resettlement countries has focused on understanding and addressing the psychosocial needs of Somalis in the diaspora.


Between late 2007 and Autumn 2008, at least 17 Somali‐American adolescent boys and young men living in the Minneapolis‐St. Paul area secretly left their homes and flew to Somalia to join training camps run by the Al Shabaab organization (Elliot, 2009, Weine, et al., 2010). These activities produced the first U.S. citizen suicide bomber, Shirwa Ahmed, who on October 29, 2008 killed at least 30 people, including U.N. aid workers, in Hargeisa‐Bosaso, Somalia (Elliot, 2009). These adolescent boys and young men left in two waves, with the second wave being a little younger and more academic than the first. This second wave included Burhan Hassan, a 17‐year‐old A‐student and senior at Roosevelt High School, as well as other high school and university students, thus once again dispelling the assumption that only unsuccessful or mentally ill persons become involved in terrorism.


Somali‐American youth in Minneapolis are often referred to as “Generation 1.5.” Most were born in a war‐torn country, raised in refugee camps in Kenya, and then settled in impoverished and ghettoized U.S. communities, where they watched the war in Somalia on YouTube. Though they were too young to directly experience the war, most have lost family members and heard talk about the war from others.


From St. Paul comes these stories from just this last summer:  FBI wants DNA proof of third Minnesota Somali suicide bomber and the Somali suicide bomber from Minneapolis: “Do Jihad in America”  while an Al-Shabaab recruitment video features men who traveled from Mpls to Somalia for jihad:


In the video, Troy Kastigar, a Native American who converted to Islam in 2004, tells viewers, “This is the real Disney Land.”

“You need to come over here, join us, and take pleasure in this fun,” Kastigar adds.

Al-Shabaab is a Somali-based al-Qaeda cell.


There are quite a few videos that were on You Tube of US Somali terrorists urging religious warfare.  These are taken down but there is this one: Somali Pirates attacking people in Saint Paul, Minnesota – YouTube which shows they all want to be on Reality TV like the delusional teens in my tiny rural town and its neighbors.  By hurting people, vandalizing property and raising hell, these teens want desperately to be famous like the Kardishians and other disgusting exhibitionists.


The Kenya horror is our future.  They will attack here in the US and this is due to our government’s assassination war system which legalized terrorism just like our totally illegal attack in the fairly secular Saddam was naked aggression and there were no WMD.  Instead, this unleashed more terror and religious warfare!  Duh.  As our constant assassinations in Pakistan where religious fundamentalists are in full rage mode, butchering each other, Sunni and Shi’a killing each other and both killing Christians caught in the religious war crossfire.


And the US arms more terrorists in Syria many of whom are invaders from outside, including AMERICAN terrorists.  All this will rebound to us here yet again and all the spies don’t help since they are helping the terrorists!  Getting them more arms, more power!  How insane.  And all with Congress’ approval and our media screaming for more wars based on lies.


Our amoral warfare is terrorism.  It isn’t honorable battles.  It is mass murder and those we fight are doing the mass murder thing quite well, too.  Time to stop and turn on the roots of all this, the justification for violent ethnic cleansing/religious warfare which our government embraced since WWII.

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14 responses to “British And US Somalis Are Kenya Mall Terrorists

  1. Christian W

    The Kenya horror is our future. They will attack here in the US and this is due to our government’s assassination war system which legalized terrorism just like our totally illegal attack in the fairly secular Saddam was naked aggression and there were no WMD. Instead, this unleashed more terror and religious warfare!

    This ‘unleashing’ in Iraq was helped on it’s way by Negroponte and Bandar Bush and gang. Those car bombs aimed at Shia mosques in Iraq that started, or refueled, the civil war were no fluke they had ‘made by CIA’ written all over them.

  2. Luc

    Somali’s are always a major pain in the @** for any western country that is stupid enough to take them in as refugees just look at Sweden or Minneapolis.


  3. Jim R

    The days of “honorable” warfare, where opposing armies face each other on a battlefield, were essentially over a hundred and fifty years ago. Since Sherman’s destructive terrorist march through Georgia.

    But the nuclear weapons developed in the 20th century put the final spike in the undead beating heart of “conventional warfare”. A “declaration of war” no longer makes any sense. At all.

    Now, we have terrorism, as various disenfranchised parties take their frustration to the alleyways. If you stand up in the town square and protest, you will simply be shot and forgotten. If you take your beef to the mosque, mall, school, etc. you will be remembered.

  4. JimmyJ

    Apparently Raptors are accompanying drones on missions since the drones are vulnerable to interception. It seems redundant to have the drone there when there are two Raptors. Money to burn I guess.

    This article is about one of those Raptors in stealthy close approach to an Iranian Phantom with no detection till the pilot decided to, a la Top Gun:

    U.S. F-22 stealth fighter pilot taunted Iranian F-4 Phantom combat planes over the Persian Gulf (Aviationist Sept 19)

  5. Jim R

    .. so WW3 starts when somebody shoots down an unmanned drone?

  6. Graywolf

    Ah, the religion of “peace.”

  7. Seraphim

    “They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind”. Centuries old wisdom (Biblical in fact). They worked hard to re-invent the Caliphate, with the intent to launch the “clash of civilizations” against Russia and China.

  8. DeVaul

    Is it not amazing how this mall fiasco showed up almost immediately after the attempt to start a full blown war in Syria was nixed by Russia?

    I could even see how the journalists were tiring of covering “peaceful solutions” and “diplomatic progress” in the Syrian nightmare, which I believe they hoped would become infinitely worse.

    Note how conveniently we had NYT’s war correspondents sitting right in Kenya ready to run to the mall to take pictures of the “ongoing crisis”.

    The predictability of this event convinced me not to watch it at all.

  9. tfoth

    There is no such thing as an “honorable battle”. Although sometimes there is justified self defense.

    Humans have the ability to reason and use language to communicate to work out problems. All sane people would prefer to solve problems using these tools in good faith.

    The purpose of war is so that the few may profit at the expense of the

  10. Seraphim

    To continue musing…

    I wonder whether anyone noticed that the agreement between USA and Russia (actually between Kerry and Lavrov) occured on the 14th of September, i.e. on the Yom Kippur day!. Very few people know what Kol Nidre is. Well, Kol Nidre is both the opening prayer and the name of the evening service that begins Yom Kippur. It means literally “All vows” . It asks God to annul vows that the Jews may make FOR THE COMING YEAR, either “innocently” or under duress. “In other words vows made unintentionally through the careless use of words or vows made because a person was forced to do so”. Can you see now why the Jewmericans of Skull and Bones and their Schwarza puppet in the White House renege on the promises they made? Kerry made the engagement with the firm intention to NOT respect it. What puzzles me is the openness of this stand! Normally one would try to deceive their opponents as to their real intentions. Now they say plainly: “Look, we make an agreement. I do deceive you but don’t you dare to oppose me”. That’s why I came to wonder whether it is not a sign of senile dementia, when the person affected (BTW “affect” is not the same thing with “effect”, even if the vast majority of people use these words invertedly) loses the sense of appropriate behavior. Where the real danger lays is in the loss of correct appreciation of the balance of forces in presence. In our case in the willful (or maybe not) blindness as to the real reaction capabilities of the Russkis (and to their determination not to put up any longer with the shit).

  11. emsnews

    EVERYONE who does diplomacy has the dark thought of lying and cheating! All cultures do this it is how power is used in general. This is why diplomacy is so important to observer: witnesses force honesty.

    When dishonest, the negotiator loses status. Israel has near zero status with the world due to double dealing but so did Hilter and the Japanese. They lied during negotiations and used these as cover for planned attacks.

  12. DeVaul


    I don’t usually read your comments because they delve too deeply into Jewish religion for my tastes, but I did read your last comment and must say two things:

    1) “(BTW “affect” is not the same thing with “effect”, even if the vast majority of people use these words invertedly)”

    Praise God — Hallaluya — Yom Kippur — Allah Akbar!

    Thank you for noticing this and using the words properly.

    2)”It asks God to annul vows that the Jews may make FOR THE COMING YEAR…”

    Why does this not surprise me? A more legalistic, totally abstract, deceptive religion as the one from the middle east would be almost impossible to find.

    If anyone knows of one, I would like to read about it. It must come from outside of the middle east and it must be a real religion.

  13. Petruchio

    “Kerry made the engagement with the firm intention to NOT respect it….” I think it is safe to assume that both Putin and Lavrov are NOT naive; they know that the US, and in this case John Kerry, are lying, double dealing mofos. I’m sure both Putin and Lavrov anticipated Kerry reneging on an agreement. Now if the US had a real media and not a corporate owned mouthpiece for the elites like we have, they wouldn’t get away with lying. Sadly, the warmongers can get away with it. It’s always been shocking to me how obvious that is. Example: John Edwards can be totally destroyed politically because he can’t keep it in his pants with women other than his wife. By contrast, others can commit war crimes on a huge scale (insert a multitude of names here)and nary a peep of scandal. WTF?

  14. Seraphim

    Well, sure that Putin and Lavrov are not naive. That’s driving the Kerrys, Samanthas and the rest mad.

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