Is Lack Of Sun On Skin Causing MERS In Saudi Arabia?


The invention of air conditioning has actually made health problems worse for the general population.  I grew up in the hottest of hot deserts and we had a ‘swamp box’ for cooling and when my parents got an air conditioner for the whole house, I noticed several things.  One was, the air was much drier and my nose felt it right away.  Also, once one was accustomed to it, going out into the heat was much harder on the body and lastly, air conditioners keep people indoors a great deal and fools the body into thinking it is almost winter so the urge to eat fatty, high calorie foods is overwhelming.


So we now have an obesity epidemic with the greater part of this epidemic coincides with the hotter regions of the US.  In olden times (when my grandfather lived in Arizona) people took siestas in the heat of the mid afternoon and worked in mornings and evenings and ate sparsely.  I lived with no air conditioning while at the university there and had no problem with not eating too much.  I could bike around town in 100+ degree weather just fine.


Above all, I always wear generous hats to shade my body from excessive sun.  Saudi Arabia is similar.  The culture there like all desert cultures have flowing robes so the body is sheltered from too much sun while the air flowing around the body cools it off.  But then the practice of forcing all women to cover everything while outside including the hands has caused huge problems for women.  They need sunlight.


In olden times, women got to go about unveiled when in various compounds and closed off by curtains areas.  But since the arrival of air conditioners, everyone, male and female, spends nearly all their time indoors or go to malls that are completely enclosed.  This is highly conductive for spreading diseases especially pneumonia types like Legionnaire’s disease.  The Saudi royals enforce this insane culture on everyone with draconian punishments especially aimed at trapping women indoors forever.


So it is no surprise to see MERS mutating rapidly in this bizarre place.  I had more lung problems living in Arizona than living in New York, for example.  And I only got pneumonia last winter due to being confined to a wheelchair for half a year and thus, not being outside nearly as much as normal.  Normally, in winter, I work outdoors a lot.


The MERS crisis in Saudi Arabia continues to worsen with some very dire connotations:  MERS Study Reveals Genetic Bouquet | Science/AAAS | News


The analysis, published online this week in The Lancet, revealed significant variety among the viral genomes drawn from the different patients. Based on the large amount of variation, the authors estimate that at least three distinct versions of the virus exist in the Saudi Arabian population. Even samples collected within a few days of each other during the Al-Hasa outbreak had very different genomes. Since the virus couldn’t have evolved these changes in such a short time, Kellam says, there are two possible explanations. One is that MERS could be infecting many more people than are actually getting sick, evolving all the time. But with no evidence of a large asymptomatic population so far, Kellam and his colleagues favor a second scenario: MERS evolved and diversified in animals and then infected humans on multiple occasions.


If a lot of people are infected with no signs of disease, this means it can explode into the general population with just a few more mutations!  Most viruses that cause mass mayhem are this type, lying quietly with periodic small eruptions that aren’t all that contagious until the right mutation finally evolves and runs rampant.  That is, the human population is the host population, not other animals infecting humans!


And as the oil pumping nations throw away their ancient lifestyles while clinging to the ‘veil the women/keep as many people indoors as possible’ model, we get a health crisis caused by the laws of these realms.  Laws that have a death penalty for small violations such as when a girl’s school caught on fire and the children tried to run outside before veiling themselves, the firemen and police shoved them back into the burning building to die.


Our allies at work!  Assad didn’t do this, the Saudi Royals did this.  And the outrage changed virtually nothing.  Now we have the potential for a planetary viral outbreak thanks to them.  I say, this is a crisis just like Japan’s Fukushima mess and our government won’t do a thing or say a peep.  Meanwhile, Congress, after the leaders told us we have plenty of money for more wars and spending $4 billion to remove our junk from Afghanistan, we have no money for Americans and the government is going to shut down while Obama and McCain focus only on Syria and Iran as if these guys are a problem.


Japan, Saudi Arabia and our own government is a huge problem.  And we get  nothing about fixing any of these problems, do we?

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15 responses to “Is Lack Of Sun On Skin Causing MERS In Saudi Arabia?

  1. melponeme_k

    Don’t they suffer from Vitamin D deficiency as well? The general poor health is allowing incubations for disease.


    My own Native Culture, broken and mired in the same problems as Black America. No one can state that their culture is broken and killing them without being labeled a racist.

    Have you followed this case?

    The comments are poisonous, claiming persecution and heaps of bad wishes on the adoptive parents. I have a feeling most of these people have never been to a reservation or seen the way the majority of tribal nations live. Its ghetto. I’ve seen it.

  2. Christian W

    There’s an obesity epidemic in SA as well, one in three is obese.

  3. Luc

    Indian reservations = alcoholism and TB? I knew a gal adopted off a reservation, she had TB as a child there.

  4. Luc

    According to news online, the child is>1% Cherokee!
    The ‘native dad’ is 1%.

    Adoption Battle

    The biological father of a 2-year-old Cherokee girl, who was adopted by non-Native parents in 2009, has regained custody.

    The 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), which protects American Indian families from being separated, trumped South Carolina law in a December 30 appellate court ruling. In accordance with South Carolina law, a father is stripped of his paternity rights when he has not provided pre-birth support or taken steps to be a father shortly after birth, the adoptive couple’s spokeswoman, Jessica Munday, told Reuters.

    On New Year’s Eve, the biological father Dusten Brown took his daughter, Veronica, from her home in Charleston, South Carolina to his residence in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, a neighboring city of the Tahlequah-based Cherokee Nation.


  5. vengeur

    “air conditioners keep people indoors a great deal and fools the body into thinking it is almost winter so the urge to eat fatty, high calorie foods is overwhelming.”
    That is a very interesting idea and I believe it is true. I lived in Alaska for many years , and the urge to eat high calorie foods IS sometimes overwhelming. I believe it is programmed into the human physiology ( from our long history) to do so. I never really thought about it, but it is clearly easier to lose weight in a warm climate. I have lived in Az. for a few years now, and have forced myself to adapt to the heat. I run the air at night, easier to sleep, and keep it off for the most part in the day. It cut my gas bill WAY down. I often work outside in 105 degree heat for hours without any problem, it just takes getting climatized . Of course you have to be careful to not get dehydrated.

  6. Luc

    Vengeur, yes fat tastes good [the difference between Ice Cream and Ice or
    low fat ice cream].

    Off topic… you too hate yahoo news?

  7. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    I lived in the deserts of California, Arizona & New Mexico in the mid-90s and never had the AC on. My nose also dry-froze and I had terrible migraines after several hours of AC. The fungus growing in the AC units was extremely toxic!

    Instead, all the windows were opened from sunset to sunrise and closed and shaded during the day. The house never got warmer than 85F and with a fan I really noticed nothing, especially stepping outside into 120F.

    Boy, I remember some days digging in 110F, but with lots of water it was no big deal, especially with that 1-3PM nap.

    Oddly, when I lived in Mediterainean Europe I found the folks had adopted the same strategies oh 5 or 6 centuries ago. But we americans are soooo exceptional!


  8. JT

    Fresh natural air is good.
    In the desert and in the arctic.
    dry or moist.

    Babies sleep better in subzero temps
    “Yesterday when it was -11 degrees Celsius, ten-month old twins Anni and Aatu slept 3.5 hours outside, but this morning they just took a one-hour nap inside,” says mom Outi Rajanen, echoing study findings.

    This custom started in the 1920’s to in order to fight tuberculosis.

  9. emsnews

    We are Ice Age Animals. Like the mammoths and polar bears. Chimpanzees are Warm Cycle animals. They hate the cold.

    What amuses me the most is how everyone moves to the hot south like crazy and then…dwell mainly in an Ice Age Autumn climate thanks to air conditioners!

    About the baby who was adopted: the issue isn’t is she an Indian child, her father is in the military and was overseas when the mother gave up the child. So I tend to feel sorry for him in this case.

    Fighting over children is really bad for them psychologically and the child will NEVER forgive her ‘adopted parents’ if she is kept from her father via force.

  10. melponeme_k

    I don’t agree with the father. One he was abusive to the birth mother by initially refusing to acknowledge or support the result of his sperm donation.

    Second, he is not even Native. What he had native relatives in ancient days when George Washington was still alive? If he can claim status and receive benefits than I as a full blood without affiliation just should not bother. Because there are more like him than me. Native American Indians, for all intents and purposes, are extinct.

    Third, I’ve seen the conditions most Natives live in on reservations with the sole big industry being casinos. I’ve seen a young Native girl, dressed questionably around the age of 12, being left on her own by her parents in a Casino. That is the norm not the exception. I’m glad I was adopted and taken out of that broken culture. I think the child in this case would do well to be taken out of a broken home and given a chance in a whole one.

  11. Luc

    ‘The fungus growing in the AC units is extremely toxic’. Yes, it is ‘airplane air’.

  12. Jim R

    Apparently it’s more a matter of fresh natural air vs stale machine air.
    Stress may be a factor too. When people live in stress all the time, in bad neighborhoods or prisons, they are sick more often.
    Living in fear of the stone-age culture police must be stressful.

  13. JT

    @Jim r

    Mothers have less stress when babies sleep outside for longer periods.
    Once they understand to clean less and a have dog a good 30% of allergies disappear too.
    Kick the toddlers outside to the sandbox, relax and read a book.

    Less is more….

  14. emsnews

    My children had the luxury of poverty so I had a used Victorian baby carriage 30+ years ago and they would nearly always, even in winter if it was above 20 degrees F, sleep outside in it.

    A very comfortable bed! Now, babies have strollers which are not as comfortable and one seldom sees them sleeping outdoors in these.

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