Putin More Popular Than Obama And Cameron And Netanyahu Is Coming To WH To Yell At Obama

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Americans doubt Obama’s effectiveness on Syria: note how Putin scores high and Assad scores higher than the British PM, Cameron.  The French guy who inserted himself is lower than all players in this game.  The awareness that the US and NATO are arming al Qaeda has slowly grown despite US media owners trying desperately to drive us into another war.  The funniest of all is how the GOP is slamming on the brakes and will cease funding our government.  To cover their AIPAC assets, they still will fund wars, just nothing for US citizens at home.

Tehran Times – Iran’s Leading International Daily

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The US media freaked out when Rouhani pulled a Reykjavík Summit when the new leader of Iran pressed past the AIPAC handlers of the President and talked directly to him instead.  Progress was made!  This happened with the Reagan Iceland meeting.  In 1986, the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Talks Collapse as the Reagan handlers tried to keep the Star Wars thing going but the leaders, by avoiding their ‘aides’ (sic) were able to be quite reasonable with each other.


Rouhani Urges Israel to Join Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which AIPAC and the fascists running Israel refuse to even discuss.  Israel Was Informed of Obama-Rohani Call in Advance, Briefed After because Obama had to get permission to get a bit is slack on his leash.  Only if Netanyahu gives permission can our own ‘President’ (sic) do any foreign policy at all.  This iron harness on our entire diplomatic system is driving us to bankruptcy plus collecting many millions of dire enemies.


I just looked at the news feed to find this story popping up:  Netanyahu heads to America to challenge Iranian charm blitz and he will show zero charm.  He will storm into the White House, bellowing orders with the psychopathic US party leaders both GOP and DNC, snarling at Obama, too.  Of course, Obama will have to reconsider future plans if he wishes to avoid being killed by his buddies.


Peace with Iran is highly popular with the US public at this point so the game playing will be highly dangerous for the Zionists.  I see them all ignoring this and trying to secretly twist arms but they can’t help but be brutally loud about this.


It isn’t doing entirely well for Rouhani, either.  At home in Iran, demonstrators called him a traitor and threw shoes at him.  He thinks that if he cooperates with Netanyahu, he won’t see his country attacked and destroyed.  Yet all previous leaders who disarmed were immediately attacked by the US so disarming is probably suicidal.  Suicide attacks are surging across Muslim counties thanks to the US embracing assassination as a nifty fighting tool.


Pakistan Bazaar Blast Kills 40, Wounds 100Toll in Peshawar church bombings rises to 83 Nigeria attack: Students shot dead as they sleptJammu terror attacks kill 10; PM says talks with Sharif to go ahead is just a sampling about this.  Since 9/11, ‘terror’ has shot upwards greatly.  The more we overthrow governments and strew chaos, the more terror.  Duh.


Concerns raised by AIPAC-owned right wingers and fake liberal DNC heads about fewer US drone strikes amid continuing terror attacks is probably the saddest news on earth. Even as our government is shut down by radicals in the GOP, the focus is on expanding our stupid drone robot murder war.  Obviously, this doesn’t work.  It hasn’t worked from day one.  Sadly, and in light of how successful Putin has been, the only major media to question our stupid assassination program is Russia TV:  Effectiveness of Obama’s drone program questioned as terrorist attacks surge.


Cameron cooperates with US efforts to suppress anyone who is anti-drone: UK detention of Reprieve activist consistent with NSA’s view of drone opponents as ‘threats’ and ‘adversaries’.  Yes, peaceniks are ‘adversaries’ just like during the Vietnam War.


Japan ‘takes issue with Google maps’ over disputed islands and is censoring Google maps forbidding anyone in universities or government to use these maps.


Last news tidbit:  NSA employee spied on nine women and just like the Homeland security thugs who stole things at airports, this system is being abused all over the place, not just this one guy.

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  1. Luc

    off topic..but I want to share:

    However, the Winklevoss twins—the very same rowing stiffs from the Facebook movie—announced months ago that they had amassed a holding of 1% of Bitcoin’s total currency.

    Appearing uncannily like in the movie—great marketing, placing them in cultural lore—the Winklevoss twins this week confirmed their plan to float an exchange-traded fund to buy Bitcoins.

    from. takimag.com/article/letters_from_a_screenwriter_in_trouble_hargreaves_allen_september_28/print#ixzz2gJA7WqmX

  2. vengeur

    You know you’re getting old when something like Bitcoin surfaces and you don’t have the slightest inclination to find out ANYTHING about it other than that it is supposedly an alternative currency.

  3. emsnews

    It is totally stupid and anyone falling for bitcoins deserves what happens next.

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