GOP Closes US Government While Joining Netanyahu Screaming For Iran War


This is hopefully the day the AIPAC control of our insane Congress comes to light for the average American watching propaganda news.  The Jews running Israel run the US.  They insist on full funding for their country while our Congress cuts funds at home ruthlessly.  On brink of shutdown, all quiet at Capitol and Federal workers turn to prayer and preparedness while the impending ‘visit’ of our real ruler, Netanyahu, is TOTALLY HIDDEN by the noxious swamp creatures running the Washington Post.


At the Zionist/Bilderberg nest of the New York Times, again, zero headlines about the real news:  Al Qaeda Plot Leak Has Hampered U.S. Intelligence and Wall Street Uneasy in Face of a Possible Federal Shutdown are both designed to cause fear while this headline, Israel Showcases Iranian Spy Case as Netanyahu Visits U.S. is a tiny headline in the far corner from the AP feed.  Both odious papers have full reporters in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  Both know exactly what is going on in Israel and DC.  Both have zero reports from Israel about this ‘visit’ of our nasty ruler, Netanyahu.


The dead silence, the blanket of obscurity the Israeli Jews need to operate the US power system is thanks to the WP and NYT refusing to report anything of importance when it comes to Jews blatantly manipulating our political system so it serves only their home state and grossly endangers our state, the USA.  Differences between Obama and Netanyahu diminished | JPost | Israel News:


After a six-month absence, stories about sharp differences between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama have resurfaced…


The narrative pushed in the Reuters piece, and in others like it, was that the two men have huge differences, with a subtext being that they don’t much get along. Many of the default phrases that were used during Obama’s and Netanyahu’s previous terms in office to paint a dysfunctional relationship were trotted out in this article.


“Behind closed doors, their differences over Iran may prove hard to bridge,” the Reuters story read.  (EMSNEWS: this is a blatant lie written by the Jewish Reuters reporter)


“Netanyahu will be in anything but a conciliatory mood;” “Obama and Netanyahu have a track record of difficult encounters;” Netanyahu “famously lectured the president on Jewish history;” Netanyahu “made no secret of his fondness for Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who lost to Obama in last year’s presidential election;” Netanyahu is a “sometimes abrasive Israeli premier.”


The mood created with these phrases and by such stories that have appeared over the last month is that the two leaders are once more on a collision course – if not over Egypt, then over Syria; if not over Syria, then over the Palestinians; if not over the Palestinians, then at least over Iran. It’s as if large parts of the media – both in Israel and abroad – cannot accept industrial quiet between the two leaders.


However, since Obama’s visit to Jerusalem in March, the relationship – which conventional wisdom predicted would be horrible this year as Obama would take revenge on Netanyahu for allegedly supporting Romney – has indeed been marked by industrial quiet.


Much of the media is looking for daylight between Obama and Netanyahu; that’s sexy news.


This ‘industrial quiet’ is the end result of desperate Jewish attempts at bribery.  They are paying Obama to do their bidding just like they corrupt Congress.


Just two weeks ago another story not visible at all with the NYT and WP appeared mysteriously in Israel, not the US:  Israel Pushes for Boost in U.S. Aid to More Than $3B a Year –


“Naturally we are talking about our needs, and as we get closer to 2017 we will discuss the details of what the next package will include and under what conditions,” an Israeli official briefed on the discussions said. Still, opposition to an increase exists, and it comes, in some cases, from some surprising places.


“There’s a diminished threat from the Syrian army and no increase in the power of the Egyptian army,” noted Elliott Abrams, deputy national security adviser in the Bush administration. Abrams, who is generally regarded as hawkish, said that, for now, Syria and Egypt are preoccupied with war on, or repression of, their own rebellious citizens and thus pose less risk to Israel, with consequent implications for Israel’s military aid requirements. He noted also that Egypt’s military is not expected to receive any boost in its current level of American aid.


As for the recent American arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE., Dov Zakheim, a former top Pentagon official who sat in on many discussions about military aid to Israel, said, “If you look at the issues, Israel and the Gulf states are on the same page.”


Meanwhile, the U.S. economy is still struggling to recover from its worst slump since the Great Depression, forcing the federal government to cut back on all government expenses, and raising new doubts about the affordability of a robust foreign aid program.


While other nations struggle to receive American taxpayer dollars, Israel rarely faces resistance. Strong support in the administration and Congress, coupled with favorable public opinion and a strong lobby advocating for the cause, has made sustaining and increasing military aid to Israel an easy sell. This time around should be no different, officials and experts knowledgeable about the process say, despite the changed environment.


This ‘favorable public opinion’ is totally manufactured by Jewish media owners who manipulate the public.  But it is collapsing.  Read the comments at the Forward!  Readers are furious about Israel getting total military, diplomatic and financial support while we get nothing from our own Congress.  The Jews are totally misreading the public mood due to a desire to keep in control all the time.  They don’t understand the tide is turning, support for Israel is falling rapidly, not sustained.


Despite censorship of the real news, it is leaking out via the internet.  This is why Congress is joining up with the Israeli Jewish fascists to control the news.  Pelosi and her DNC ilk join the GOP leaders is huffing and puffing about ending the First Amendment.  They want to define who is a reporter and you can bet, the definition’s secret code will be ‘Zionist’.  Greenwald is a Jewish man who is, like many brave Jews who fight the Zionists, a true reporter. NSA uses data to map Americans’ social connections, report says is his latest scoop.


This latest story hits Zionists very, very hard.  You see, they have full access to all NSA information since they run our spy system.  They are very interested in who is part of what and use this information to control Americans at home.  This has NOTHING to do with ‘terrorism’ and a lot to do with ‘Big Brother Netanyahu is watching you’.  They are very anxious about where we get our information online and who we talk to and this site is monitored by them as are any others that discuss how our diplomacy is run by traitors working for aliens.


Pakistani minister to visit Iran to discuss IP gas pipeline: news from the Teheran paper, news that really freaks out the Saudis as well as the Israeli Jews.  The news that Saudi Arabia is a close ally of Israel is also filtering across the planet and will be a total disaster despite attempts at ‘industrial quiet’ on behalf of the Saudis thanks to our media owners colluding with this.

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13 responses to “GOP Closes US Government While Joining Netanyahu Screaming For Iran War

  1. Israel was a bad idea,white settlers from Europe invading Palestine aka the whites in South Africa.Even so,Israel could have had peace (1967 borders),but they are greedy and want more,more,more land.
    Their greed will be their downfall.They will end up with lots of baked,empty, poisoned sand as their reward.

  2. Christian W

    Putin 2016… 8)

    At least he can say ‘Nyetanyahu’.

  3. Jim R

    Sounds like a recipe for failure … because war never costs anything, right?

    Stupid “conservative” Republicans …

    And NEITHER party has done anything to defund Wall St. I would think that between Wall St and the Pentagram, simply shutting them down would balance the budget.

  4. Jim R

    And after reading Elaine’s excellent article, and the linked one, I see that the WP is trying to blame all foreign policy failures on Snowden. Sounds about right, for the new improved WP.

    Israel and Fukushima — two things that the “MSM” must NEVER mention in more than a tiny footnote on the back page.

  5. larry, dfh

    Elliot Abrams and Dov Zakheim! The former was convicted of lying to congress, and was let out by presidential pardon. The latter stole $3T from the pentagon. What a pair!
    And don’t forget, Greenwald is an
    journalist, not some piece of network fluff.

  6. Christian W

    Yeah, and Elliot Abrams has been plotting and stirring up trouble in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Egypt etc for years on end, all through wagging the US dog of war.

  7. Luc

    DOV….Thats an Israeli name, yes.

  8. Charles Stegiel

    Truman recognized Isreal for a bribe according to Gore Vidal. However, the interesting observation was made by Lenni Breener that only flag aside from the Reich flag flown in Germany was the Zionist flag. Then we have to think over history from say the French Revolution breaking down the ghetto to this very day-the idea I have is that like a fontal, our history has layers and it is the deepest layer that is never discussed. The hidden hand of history. Is it entirely Masonic? Is it non-Masonic?

  9. Christian W

    @Peter C

    Their greed will be their downfall.They will end up with lots of baked,empty, poisoned sand as their reward.

    Going on past experience, they will end up somewhere else complaining how everybody is mean to them…

  10. Seraphim


    The goal of Masonry is to re-build the Temple of Solomon, i.e. the goal of Zionism. For that Israel must be the hegemonic power in the ME, the Oded Yinon plan. Nothing is hidden, it is clearly exposed in documents like PNAC (and the Oded Yinon plan).

  11. melponeme_k

    Kennedy will go to Japan. Because she is qualified by having a famous family name. My comment on Huffpost was erased due to mentioning Fukushima. But all the A** kissers still have their comments showing.

    You know, I wonder if she is getting paid for this gig even though are government is shut down? Most likely they pay themselves and their friends just not the people who bring in the money.

  12. asphalt layer by trade

    The problem with the Kennedys is that they don’t know when to quit. Not knowing when to stop Israel’s push for America’s involvement in Vietnam got JFK killed in ’63. Bobby Kennedy met a similar fate five years later when he continued to push for putting the (Jewish/Israeli/Italiano) mob, ie, Hoffa, et. al. behind bars. At the time, everbody was flabbergasted that both were killed within a five year period. Not me. I knew it right away. Then, some 20 years later, JFK, jr. decided to get all cocky and fly his plane (with his new bride and her sister) into the side of a mountain during a huge fog/rain storm. Again, didn’t surprise me a bit. I expect Caroline will meet the same fate as her dad, uncle, and brother. The Irish get a bit of money and power and think they can do anything/ go up against the big dogs (Israel/Saudi Arabia). It ain’t gonna work. They will slaughter her. And I shall not shed a single tear at her passing.

  13. Jim R

    There’s a mountain in Nantucket Sound? I had no idea!

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