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Snowden Reveals More NSA Spying On Google Cloud And Yahoo

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NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say – The Washington Post: the revelations never end. Snowden’s ability to capture and reveal US and UK spying on everyone has been wildly successful.  The fact that all nations as well as the US people and even the people of the UK are upset about this spying shows clearly that the NSA, Congress and the President all overstepped their boundaries.  Israel, the chief instigator in all this spying, is silent.  Nor has our media overlords talked at all about the revelation that Israel gets all the raw data unimpeded by the US collectors and is chief in spying on EU leaders. Continue reading


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Clapper Claims Everyone Spies Like NSA So It Is OK To Spy On Allies

The NSA and Clapper love to say, ‘Everyone does this!’ as an excuse for illegal or illicit or hostile spying on friends and allies as well as entire populations.  If by ‘everyone’ Clapper means ‘Big Brother in 1984’ or the USSR, then he is correct.  Unfortunately, even if Stalin spied on everyone doesn’t mean Clapper can violate the Constitution.  Nor can Obama or Bush evade the fact that they were just fine with this spying on everyone.  Both GOP and DNC heads were fine with spying on everyone.

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Charity Frauds: Biggest Is Conference On Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Inside the hidden world of thefts, scams and phantom purchases at the nation’s nonprofits – The Washington Post:  I have recently in the past written about nonprofit scams.  So here is the WP list of organizations that admit to the government they have also been scammed for money via fraud or criminal actions.  The is long but the one most prone for fraud is the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany which paid out (accidentally, hahaha) over $60 million by Jewish Israeli/American fraudsters.

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Israel, Not US, Is Spying On All European Leaders Using NSA Backdoor

Snowden Documents Reveal NSA Gave Israeli Spies Raw Emails …Was ISRAEL behind the hacking of millions of French phones and NOT the U.S.? Extraordinary twist in spying saga revealed…The German Chancellor said President Obama’s reputation has been shattered on an international scale because of espionage scandal.  This story reveals the depths of Israeli Jewish control of our government.  The Jews knew perfectly well they are using our NSA system to spy on the leaders of our allies.  Snowden broke the story about Israel getting a backdoor entry to all raw data sucked up by the NSA and now this story hits right when EU leaders are mad at Obama.

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Possible Hurricane Force Storm May Hit Southern England

2013 Halloween storm might hit Britain

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Worst weather since the Great Storm of 1987: UK to be battered by hurricane-strength winds : We had near zero hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean this year but it is possible that this proto-hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic might turn into a full fledged storm when it hits England.  For nearly the entire hurricane season, the Atlantic Ocean has been very dry.  The dry air dominated the entire center of the sea.  This condition is now changing with the seasons as the days grow shorter, the moisture is growing which goes at odds with the dogma that the heat causes water vapor to increase. Continue reading


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METI Takes Over Fukushima Information To Public While Abe Goes To War With China

MITI and Abe take over Fukushima



METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is taking over control of public information from TEPCO and will be running things in the future if we need information which means the TEPCO lies will stop and the METI lies will take over instead.  The document telling us about this change from Professor Onish of Kansai University to a government drone working for the rich Japanese ruling elites means…we will get no more information about Fukushima that is remotely useful.  The entire thing is now run by METI and only METI. Continue reading


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Derivatives Contraction Is Leading Cause Of Bank Deflation And Credit Crunch: Economists Ignore This Fact

Derivatives monster ate capital not debt

Derivatives monster ate capital not debt

Here is a typical example of how the huge Derivatives Beast is ignored by economists pretending to understand what is going on in the world.  I have explained for years how the derivatives game suddenly appeared during the years banks were deregulated and offshored.  This game meant NO CAPITAL was needed for lending and bankers lent money they didn’t have to all and sundry with wild abandon.  Then, when debt deals went bankrupt, there was no capital base to cover losses and the entire system suddenly collapsed in 2008.

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