Wall Street Bankers Want More US Debt and Dread Pirate Roberts Is Jailed

Wall Street CEOs meet with Obama, warn of harm from debt-limit battle as Goldman Sachs banking crook, Lloyd Blankfein met with Obama right on the heels of his close buddy, Netanyahu.  This is due to a possible Federal default looming in the near future.


The ruling elites white washed the huge credit collapse which engulfed our economy and cost us all trillions of dollars to rescue these scam artists.  In return, they want us to pay back all this debt or else:  Wall St. Fears Go Beyond Shutdown – NYTimes.com


Other potential October surprises range from the logistically forbidding, like prioritizing payments, issuing i.o.u.’s or selling off gold and other assets, to more fanciful ideas, like minting a trillion-dollar platinum coin.


So far, administration officials have continued to insist that there is no plausible alternative to Congressional action on the debt limit…


“At the end of the day if there is no action and the United States has a default looming, I think President Obama can issue an executive order authorizing the Treasury secretary to make payments,” said David Kotok, chief investment officer of Cumberland Advisors in Sarasota, Fla., which has just over $2 billion under management. “There’s always been more flexibility in the hands of Treasury than they’ve acknowledged.”


HAHAHA, selling off the gold which the bankers told us for the last half century, is a useless thing and we didn’t need the gold standard which was ditched due to the US running over budget during the Vietnam War…HAHAHA.


There are several levels to our disgusting position today.  One is, every time the GOP gets into the White House, they double and quadruple the national debt while cutting taxes.  No one on the right says so much as a peep about this and when a Democrat comes into power, suddenly they howl about being over budget.


Both parties refuse to cut the things causing our budget overruns which are mainly military in nature.  We have to patrol the planet on behalf of international bankers who use us as their muscle.  Since many of these guys are also members of AIPAC that bribes Congress into doing Netanyahu’s bidding, they are the direct cause of treasonous abuse of our military on behalf of foreign aggression and our State Department has endangered all Americans by working mainly for Israel, Saudi Arabia and Japan’s imperialist pretensions.


‘Iran would barely retaliate if its nuclear program were attacked’ | The Times of Israel: the Jews running the Holy Land are again threatening war and hinting they will start it and the US finish it at our own cost, of course since we taxpayers fund both the Pentagon and Israel’s military.


Blankfein and his fiendish buddies are very anxious to avoid taxes, bribe Congress into making it easier to avoid all taxes and what little remains, they want tax cuts for themselves and this crisis was caused by their bribes and their demands.  Seeing them whine about us paying off all this is beyond disgusting.


Furthermore, they own Congress and can cut out these antics quickly by stopping their bribes!  No way, of course.  So while they run our government blatantly for their own nefarious ends while refusing to pay for this, they want us to pay up or else.  Eventually the President will have the backing of the guys who own Congress to have emergency funding and the death knell of Congress continues.


That is, our Constitution was carefully written by guys who were busy also paying off the debt from the wars they fought.  They did not visualize a military dictatorship running the country and here we are, heading towards this very thing thanks to our Congress being totally bereft of true leadership and at war with the US public while being total toadies for foreigners who want more war spending and more US debt.


Remember: bin Laden’s entire plot to destroy the US was based on luring us into endless wars.  US-Iran Ties Improve, but Congress Likely to Impose New Sanctions because Blankfein and his AIPAC buddies want this and will get it, too.  The US public doesn’t want this but to hell with the voters. CIA in Syria: Train Moderate Rebels, but Not So Many That They Win shows that the budget shut down hasn’t stopped any of our foreign disaster ventures.


State Dept: Govt Shutdown Threatens Military Aid to Israel — News from Antiwar.co: Payments to terrorists are ongoing and not subject to any budget restrains nor are the billions wasted on Afghanistan slowing down nor money for Jews in Israel slowing down.  Congress is functioning just fine when it comes to our foreign adventures.  And Blankfein has no intention of paying one shekel for this.


Now on to the glories of bitcoin and the drug dealing, criminal operations of Silk Road which was shut down by the Feds yesterday: How the feds took down the Dread Pirate Roberts | Ars Technica


Roberts tried to convince Redandwhite to start doing business on Silk Road but then added on March 27, “In my eyes, Friendlychemist is a liability and I wouldn’t mind if he was executed.” Roberts then provided an address in White Rock, British Columbia, where Friendlychemist allegedly lived with his “wife + 3 kids.” When Friendlychemist threatened to release his information within 72 hours if he wasn’t paid, Roberts went back to Redandwhite, asking “I would like to put a bounty on his head if it’s not too much trouble for you. What would be an adequate amount to motivate you to find him?”


The story then went full-on Breaking Bad nuts, with Redandwhite demanding $150,000 for a “non-clean” kill and $300,000 for a “clean” version. Roberts said that he knew the value of such things; he claimed to have paid $80,000 for a previous “clean” hit, and he wanted a discount.


The guy using bitcoins to earn a living running a website for criminals is a criminal.  Not due to using bitcoins.  That is a scam which is enriching a twins who are frauds.  No, the website which caused this cyber libertarian to turn into a Mafia don ordering murders, shows clearly how if one turns criminal, it knows no end except murder.


That is, Roberts, aka, the Dread Pirate, first launched his business claiming that drug dealing leads to hit men murdering people.  So he was making us all safer by having this anonymous service whereby people can commit crimes while not fighting each other.  Of course, this led to people cheating each other which is one of the main reasons we have lots of murders, and he was enraged at being cheated so he wanted to punish the people doing this.


Alas, he ‘punishment’ involved murder.  So he proved that the libertarian ideal of everyone just getting along is a huge failure.  He hired  a friendly FBI agent to do one of the assassinations.  The other thing in this story is how bitcoins can’t translate easily into real money without leaving a trail behind.  It can be traded for real money but when this happens, the authorities can watch the transaction in various ways.


Dread Pirate thought since he was like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, that is, invisible, he could go around wearing Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility to commit murder secretly sort of like how our government is fighting ‘terror’ with robot drones.  So, he got caught and will be severely punished while Blankfein and his gang of goons gets to run our government deeper and deeper into debt while our wars proliferate until we finally end up bankrupt, anyways.


Then we really will have no government but by then these invisible men who run our government using secret organizations like AIPAC and AIPAC is very much wearing the Ring and using the Cloak of Invisibility thanks to our media totally hiding them from view…they will have sucked us dry and will leave us with a dictatorship which will force payments by selling off the last of our national assets and not deliver any services at all for Americans while we continue to fund international military adventures that benefit no one here.


So yes, they will applaud Obama taking dictatorial control if the House doesn’t pass the spending bills. And like in Egypt, the liberals will cheer.  Until they learn the results which is full repression of political action and a strengthening of the stranglehold the foreign elites have over our own country.

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Next, this also shows how the web isn’t anonymous anymore.  NSA Chief: Surveillance Foiled ‘1, Perhaps 2’ Plots shows us the NSA isn’t about ‘terror’ it is about spying on the communications for nefarious reasons.


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15 responses to “Wall Street Bankers Want More US Debt and Dread Pirate Roberts Is Jailed

  1. Luc

    Sorry, it reads like a bad TV drama. Illegal Drugs are a Trillion ? dollar industry. Listen to Catherine Fitts at her site or You Tube. The governments and banks are very much a part of the gravy train.

  2. DeVaul

    Speaking of suicide vests, Max Keiser claims American bankers are just “jihadist suicide bankers”. I wonder if he reads your blog?

    “Max Keiser: I think we should take the words of Warren Buffet to heart. He basically described the Federal Reserve Bank and the American economy as one giant hedge fund. And he is absolutely correct. The way that Wall Street, Washington, and these large funds approach America is as a trade that is backed by $120,000 or $130,000 of debt and that debt gets traded around every day. And the whole initiative here is to buy hedge funds and try to squeak out profits, and they don’t really care who they hurt in the process. Remember America is run by what I call financial jihadists who are basically suicide bankers. Warren Buffett, of course, is one of these suicide bankers and America, from the outside of course, looks like they’re trying to commit financial suicide. But that’s what a financial jihadist does, or a suicide banker. They blow themselves up for their cause and in this case it’s market fundamentalism, a belief in the profit – not the prophet.


  3. Petruchio

    I’m recalling the “60 Minutes” segmant with Lloyd Blankfein. Probably the most despicable comment from a bankster, and that’s saying something. According to Blankfein, Americans are living way too long; they have to stop thinking of Social Security as a lifetime benefit. I don’t know who is more slimy here. Blankfein for saying it, or the alleged interviewer for not tearing into Blankfein for saying it. I guess the reality is that sociopaths like Blankfein actually DO run the US economy. Where is the outrage?

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  5. Christian W

    In the UK the right wing Prime Minister has suggested that all key benefits for people under the age of 25 should be taken away.

    No social security for the elderly, no benefits for young people about to start their lives as adults. So sayeth the British Prime Minister, who is a trust fund baby put through Eton by his father’s wealth. So sayeth Lloyd Blankfein, Robber Baron and Fat Cat extraordinaire.

    If such statements were made by just some random sociopaths they would be understandable, but we see with the Tea Party/UK Independence Party and the nut case Republicans/Tories that they are tapping into a wider vein of emotional appeal here. It is hate politics wrapped in economics.

    The shutting down of the US government is very related to these statements. The creepiest thing about these right wingers is the obvious delight they take in their pathological policies – it gives them an enormous emotional kick to kick down hard on the ‘others’.

    In the light of this mentality you can see why someone stealing a bottle of water from a corner shop during the UK riots ends up in prison, while the bankers stealing billions from the tax payers get promoted, given enormous bonuses and academic and state honors by this profoundly sick system.

  6. Luc

    ‘ the UK riots’ . OK, what about these ‘Race Riots’? All Black and Muslim, I wager. Why are they rioting? They are destroying UK quickly enough w/o any looting in their ‘Black Riots’.

    If you go to ‘Goggle Images’ and enter then search:

    UK prime minister David Cameron. in yarmulke.

    You will see this ‘conservative’ is Jewish . His loyalty is to Zion, not the UK.

  7. The decline in the price of Gold, $GOLD, since late August 2013, is a buying opportunity, as the Gold ETF, GLD, is in an Elliott Wave 3 Up, from its early July 2013 bottom of 117.5, as is seen its Weekly Finviz Chart. The Elliott Wave 3 Ups, are the most dramatic of all economic waves, and create the bulk of wealth gains, of all of the ascending five waves

    On Thursday, October 3, 2013, Spot Gold, $GOLD, closed at $1,316, with support lower at $1,300 and a strong floor at $1,275.

    The chart of the Gold ETF, GLD, rose slightly, to the edge of a massive consolidation triangle, to close at 127, from which it will either break out, or break lower. Either way, it is wise to Dollar Cost Average, an investment in the purchase of gold bullion, as in the age of authoritarianism, the possession of gold and diktat, will be the two forms of sovereign and sustainable wealth.

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    Real Estate, IYR

    Leveraged Buyouts, PSP

  8. Luc

    Yen, how bad will inflation get in USA, world? Gold soars, Fiat dies. Yes?

  9. John

    There are several levels to our disgusting position today. One is, every time the GOP gets into the White House, they double and quadruple the national debt while cutting taxes. No one on the right says so much as a peep about this and when a Democrat comes into power, suddenly they howl about being over budget.

    Alas, he ‘punishment’ involved murder. So he proved that the libertarian ideal of everyone just getting along is a huge failure.

    How you can be so correct, and then so incorrect, in the same essay, is a mystery to me. Libertarians don’t think everyone is going to get along. We think that, except for a few essential services, the government has no business running folks’ lives. The ones who think that we need no government at all are called anarchists – and you know that.

    Dread Pirate thought since he was like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, that is, invisible, he could go around wearing Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility to commit murder secretly sort of like how our government is fighting ‘terror’ with robot drones. So, he got caught and will be severely punished while Blankfein and his gang of goons gets to run our government deeper and deeper into debt while our wars proliferate until we finally end up bankrupt, anyways.

    Yes; apparently Roberts is Gollum, and Blankfein(d) is Sauron. Well, actually, Blankfein is probably the Witch King of the Nazgûl. Lord Rothshild is Sauron…

  10. Christian W

    Which exactly are those ‘few essential services’? Libertarians, like American ‘Liberals’ are a bit of a mystery to me. I have a suspicion the ‘spectrum’ of people identifying with Libertarianism is so broad that one end of the Libertarian spectrum is very different to the other end. Which means suddenly those ‘few essential services’ aren’t so few anymore, because what is ‘essential’ is a matter of opinion.

  11. emsnews

    HAHAHA…Rothshild as Sauron indeed. And Netanyahu is Wormtongue. When people become ‘above the law’ or outside it, they end up the same: Murderers and thieves.

  12. Christian W

    Netanyahu’s latest lie is that Iran is aiming for intercontinental ballistic missiles so they can threaten the US…

    Meanwhile in Obama’s America an 83 yo woman faces 30 years in prison for protesting against nuclear weapons.


  13. Being There

    Yes, Laissez-faire and libertarianism work against a functioning civilization. It may be a reflection of human nature–but that, my friends is not a good thing. The balance of rule of law and a mixed economy is the best form of a ruling program and an economy—Oh we had it after FDR instituted Keynesian economics–we lost it when Nixon got Milton Friedman and neoliberalism and yes took us off the gold standard–Thanks for that Uncle Miltie.

  14. emsnews

    It was thanks to the Vietnam War! That is what killed the gold standard.

  15. Luc

    USA did kill the Gold Standard, but has yet to pay for that war.

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