90% Of Americans Hate Each Other’s Political Parties And Think Congress Is Disaster

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans displeased with Washington, poll says.  It is very strange watching America today.  Just last month for the entire month our media owners and all of Congress, our Puppet President and all were jerking wildly about as Netanyahu and the Saudi royals yanks their strings, all shouting in near unison that we had to go to war with Syria and Iran plus Japan’s demand we go to war with China.  Now, chaos reigns as our government literally collapses.  AP: ‘Unmistakable Sense Of Unease In Capitals Around The World As U.S. Government Looks Increasingly Befuddled’…because it isn’t functioning right.


This means, we aren’t paying trillions to keep despots and ethnic cleansing operations safe and happy and aren’t paying for this by also running trade deficits with these monsters we are protecting. Here is some great news:   Impasse With Afghanistan Raises Prospect of Total U.S. Withdrawal in 2014.  What?  We can’t spend another trillion there?  Sad! Obama: Social Security Checks Will Stop When Debt Ceiling Is Reached is another warning what will come next.


All those Fox TV WWII southerner vets bussed into DC by the GOP to protest the closing of their monument will have no more money when this happens not to mention the Veteran’s hospitals will close.  Of course, the rich who own Congress won’t let this happen.


Of course, our puppet regime assures our bosses in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe and Japan that we will find some way to continue running up deficits to pay for protecting them.  For example, after telling our Israeli bosses they need not fear their funds cut,  Kerry insists U.S. is committed to Asia.  Of course, no one in DC is committed to the US.  Boehner Urges G.O.P. Unity in ‘Epic Battle’ as he fights off Obama.  This Syrian Civil War rages on in the US complete with terror and deaths like the recent mass murder shooting at a military installation.


Hill staff morale plummets and Man sets himself on fire on the Mall right on the heels of a woman going insane and trying to ram the White House only to be shot down like some Afghani peasant or Egyptian demonstrator, several of whom were butchered by the Egyptian military which tolerates no public demonstrations as it kills ‘democracy’ at the behest of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Oh, and the generals there said they will butcher Palestinians in Gaza, too, in order to please their bosses.  This costs us billions of dollars just like Israel costs us hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars which seemingly we don’t have thanks to rich people refusing to pay any taxes.


Did law enforcement follow use of force policies in Capitol incident? Experts question whether police should have shot at a moving vehicle with an unarmed driver and a toddler in the back seat. What a silly question!  The US is viewed by the entities who own our government as Afghani peasants to be killed if we are uppity.  Recently a black military man jumped out of his car at a common police stop and began firing at the police who then killed him.  This is no different than the daily chaos in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our military staff sent to work for alien governments are going insane.  They are turning into Afghanis or Egyptians.

He saved the government $1 billion. And then he was furloughed–Air Force energy expert Kevin Geiss just wants to get back to the office to save the government more money.  The #1 waster of our money is the military. It serves no purpose as far as we are concerned.  Patrolling the world would be OK by me if this is what we are doing but we are not doing this.  We pay in full for our mercenary military which has been privatized and handed over lock, stock and barrel to foreign rulers and international bankers.  So we die in wars we shouldn’t be fighting and our reward is to pay for all this, too while being told there is no money for Americans.
GOP Rep: ‘We’ve Lost’ The Shutdown Fight… but don’t know how to surrender.  Their paymasters like AIPAC are pissed at them.  The Jews who bought Congress need Congress to spend more money, not shut down right smack dab in the middle of a major AIPAC push for another war.   ‘At A Moment Of Truth, Boehner Attached Himself To The Suicide Caucus’…because he feels this strengthens the Taliban Christian base which is scared of deficits only when Democrats spend money.


As FEMA shuts down Thunderstorms Packing Tornadoes Hit Great Plains as a reminder that the nasty Big Government saves American lives.  When it is allowed to do this.


Boehner knows much of his party’s funds come from Zionist Jews and rich bankers as well as Pentagon Pigs.  He needs to keep them all happy and they want endless spending and no taxes.  Even the Oil Bosses who are now demanding their pipeline be tacked onto the spending bill want this to eventually end with their goodies attached, not the strife over the GOP-designed Obamacare business which they don’t care about.


Walmart’s billionaire family cares a great deal.  I was talking to a Home Depot clerk who was freaking out over the Obamacare business hysterical because his bosses are going to make HIM pay for his healthcare insurance.  I told him to organize and fight for a union to stop this and not vote GOP.  You see, the richest people on earth are desperately squeezing their own workers hard to force them into being wage slaves with no healthcare, no paid vacations, no overtime, nothing.  And our rich media owners tell them the road to riches lie in working with no overtime pay, no paid vacations and forget health insurance, why nothing will happen to you if you are young and strong!


Several things are at play here: our government is accustomed to running on debt and not taxing the rich.  Also, it is accustomed to spend money overseas with no consideration about US public needs.  And furthermore, it deliberately ignores our massive trade deficit which is far more dangerous than our government spending deficit.  And no one in Congress dares debate the trade debacle.


In Dubai, the rich are working Asian foreign labor to death.  In full slavery conditions, they die daily toiling with no vacations, no health insurance, living in dog kennels, no water at work in desperate heat, nothing.  And the World Cup is coming there and they are being mercilessly whipped to finish everything for this game.  Yoshinoya to grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima as the Japanese rulers pretend Fukushima is no problem and the peasants will prove this by eating this food.


As the Japanese government plans to hold Olympic events right next to this disaster area even as Water 6700 times more radioactive than legal limit spills from Fukushima.  Tepco Finds New Foe in Rainfall as Fukushima Tank Overflows because the radiation is locked into the weather and plant cycles and is being spread further and further while being more and more concentrated because the plants are not in ‘cold shut down’ but out of control hot.  True, parts have not exploded lately but may again at any moment.



Radiation in Pennsylvania Creek Seen as Legacy of Fracking reminds us that fracking on prime farmland has dangerous downsides as does coal mining and burning.  The US should be running a national ‘solar panel on every roof and everyone gets to control their own energy’ program and a ‘fix homes so they are energy efficient and tax mansions and gigantic ‘homes’ of the super rich.  Instead, we have the proposed sludge oil pipeline running from Canada to a major US port so it can then be shipped overseas!


Due to public pressure, the Democrats decided to oppose this pipeline and the GOP will, they said this on Wall Street yesterday, append this pipeline to the funding bill despite American opposition.  To hell with the voters!

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5 responses to “90% Of Americans Hate Each Other’s Political Parties And Think Congress Is Disaster

  1. Being There

    A sorry state of affairs. By the way while Obama is stuck in the Tar Baby here, Xi is making great headway in Asia and will be the force behind Asia instead of our transnationals.

    The TPP was about to kick off and O was supposed to be in Asia leading the way for the transnationals, but the right wing who is hell-bent to turn America into a low information backwater so the rich can clean-up is assuring our downfall as a world power.

    Given what we can surmise about 9/11 and the pitiful way t his country is being run…. I ask, “Will the real terrorists please stand up, please stand up….

  2. larry, dfh

    At least in Spain
    of the fraudsters have been convicted. It’s only a beginning. I suspect the statute of limitations has elapsed for most of these crimes in the U.S., so we really will be doomed to having to extract ourselves forcibly from the jaws of cannibalistic depredation. When the doors to legal recourse are slammed shut, or indeed, never opened, the available solutions become more extreme and more like retribution.

  3. emsnews

    Many Spaniards remember fascism because it ended not that long ago.

  4. Ed Hoarse

    DC Immolation saluted the Capitol before going full buddhist monk. Looks like another abandoned vet.

  5. Luc

    Solar Panels. Yes, they are useful but they do not power planes or cars, do they?
    Do you have a car? i do not. If you do, consider yr own involvment in the oil dilemma.
    Radiation in Pennsylvania Creek Seen as Legacy of Fracking reminds us that fracking on prime farmland has dangerous downsides as does coal mining and burning. The US should be running a national ‘solar panel on every roof and everyone gets to control their own energy’ program and a ‘fix homes so they are energy efficient and tax mansions and gigantic ‘homes’ of the super rich. Instead, we have the proposed sludge oil pipeline running from Canada to a major US port so it can then be shipped overseas!

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