Congress At War With Infinity Its Self And Entire World

wizards release the goddess of infinity

CAVE OF WEALTH AND DEATH —ALL ABOUT GNOMES | Culture of Life News (a must-read from my past articles)

Makinw And IMF Economist Want 6% Inflation | Culture of Life News

As our cartoon government limps towards bankruptcy, confusion about economic and political matters rise due  mainly to a refusal to understand how Empires implode when they go to perpetual wars.  The fantasy game in DC is running simultaneous with ever-expanding wars which rage onwards even as our own government collapses.  The fictional spreading of democracy excuse which was fake from day one back in 1800, is now exposed as a farce to the entire world.


The world cynically went along with our increasingly insane economic and warmongering position because THEY EXPLOITED THIS.  That is, our stupid mistakes make all the rest of the world’s elites much, much richer.  Our own rich people get richer the stupider our empire operates.


Having the US run immense insane trade deficits made the rich richer.  In all times of history, it is crystal clear that any empire running trade deficits, dies rapidly.  Our own collapse is the historic norm even as our insane leaders howled at Putin for suggesting we are not uniquely the best of all governments, the best of all nations.


Right on the heels of all of Congress denouncing Putin for telling the truth, they then committed mass ritual hari kari.  Japan has been defying China over island issues sneering that the US military would protect Japan…and then the US government collapses as if this were Fukushima after a tsunami.


Poor Japan, much deeper into debt than the US and now running a trade deficit, can’t call the President and order the US into another war.  Poor Israel, the leech that sucks us all dry, can’t order any wars, either though Congress is still has Democrats, Israel Lobby Threaten Iran Talks along with the GOP who they supposedly hate, all are still anxious to please their real President, Netanyahu.


The cesspool in DC is all about the Southern Strategy which is the White Base for the GOP and the Northern Strategy which is to let Blacks run rampant in crime and other issues while the elites exploit both black and white lower class males to do the dirty work for the elites.


Latest news about that matter:  Man-Cession? More Women Getting Degrees, Men Losing Jobs as men are reduced, in the former working stiff class who worked in factories, etc., are now reduced to being gangsters, drug dealers and homeless bums or in prison most of the time.  The War on Women waged by the mainly Southerners of the GOP plus the Catholic Church, was a game played on both white and black males who are being sidelined by free trade and the rich elites who need them mainly as cannon fodder for foreign wars.


White males who support the GOP want the Good Old Days back but the only way to get that in reality is to go after Mitt Romney and his gang of offshore bankers, not their wives and daughters.  The pathetic sight of all these white males howling about the budget deficit when this was caused 100% by tax cuts that made the very rich much more powerful is instructive.

Money Matters: The Magic Of Zero And Goddess Of Inflation

It is exactly how the Roman Empire fell apart.  The rich didn’t want to pay for the cost of empire and didn’t want to share the wealth so foreign invaders came in to loot the place.  The US isn’t well protected as we see over and over again.  We bombed our own cities many of which stand in WWII level of ruination.  Destroyed by free trade bombings.


These invisible bombs literally burned many of our major cities in the Midwest and now, the South.  Whole populations driven out, the new suburbs built during the housing bubble also blew up and burned down, looted and destroyed.


The War has come to my small town.  More and more houses are empty.  The ‘blow up and burn down’ process is just beginning with our own teens doing the dirty work for the elites who created this mess in the first place.  Fixing what is wrong with DC is all about stopping the rich from owning Congress via bribes and TV commercials that lie about nearly everything.


And our media which lies about nearly everything.  Anger and cynicism goes hand in glove with astounding naivety due to an inability to understand history and fundamental economics.  And all my many stories about infinity and zero are also not well understood by most people who think infinity is wonderful and don’t understand that nothing in nature, nor anything intellectual can ever go to infinity.


It is impossible.  Our national debt can’t go to infinity.  Our trade deficit can’t go to infinity.  The world population can’t go to infinity.  Starfish recently tried to go to infinity offshore of the West Coast due to lots of food for them to feed off of  and now their population is collapsing spectacularly.  A classic example of the Infinity/Zero principal.


Our empire is collapsing due mainly to free trade and the plunge in corporate and trade taxes that once were the main revenue sources for running our government.  Originally, the income tax was for only the rich, not the working class or poor.  After WWII, it was extended to everyone taking the pennies of the poor and the dollars of the rich.


Now, the rich pay  near zero taxes.  Google, which is very rich, is now moving their base of operations to one of Queen Elizabeth’s many privately owned islands, Bermuda, to evade paying taxes to the Irish and pay zero taxes to the US government.  Many corporations are doing this.


The rich do this.  The working stiff white males can’t do this.  They don’t even get simple jobs.  So they stand in front of the White House waving the Slave Flag of the Civil War which was all about white southern males having no useful jobs and the rich ones having many slaves and the poor ones living one small step above the slaves, in their tiny shacks and huts, sneering about being ‘free’ while being viewed as ‘human trash worth less than slaves who at least bring profits’.


Now, neither the black slaves nor the white trash males are of any use except as cannon fodder and instead of fighting off their oppressors, they fight each other in an Arena of Death while the rich laugh.  But threatening our empire with bankruptcy has the very rich who created this hellish situation very worried.


Their own wealth is now being threatened.  As the Taliban laugh their heads off… they bankrupted the USSR, after all, and this is their plan for victory against the US…the elites noticed that their own assets are now being threatened.  Will they stop the deranged mess in DC?


Naw.  It is too tempting to make more money and avoid taxes.  They can’t help themselves.  They are in the grip of one of the most dangerous creatures, the Goddess of Infinity.  Infinity=Death: Economics On The World Chess Board | Culture of Life News



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15 responses to “Congress At War With Infinity Its Self And Entire World

  1. melponeme_k

    I enjoy your posts on infinity = zero. It is so fascinating and mind boggling, like a living fairy tale. A part of me take perverse enjoyment in that simple, magical truth. Like the inside out dolls I loved as a child. One side of the doll was Little Red Riding Hood (Wealth) the other side was the Big Bad Wolf (Zero).

    The Rich the world over are so obsessed by hoarding now, they can’t stop themselves. It is like watching pigs fight for space over the trough. The trough is the USA.

  2. Luc

    When does the dollar die?

  3. Joseppi

    Here’s a hint…..

    London to become Chinese offshore banking centre

  4. Jim R

    This was what attracted my attention to your writings in the first place, Elaine!

    More bare-breasted goddess cartoons, please!! 🙂

    The reptilian bodies just make them more interesting.

    Quick, what’s the Tangent of 90 degrees?

  5. “The reptilian bodies just make them more interesting.”


  6. JT

    The only way to make things work in globalisation is to tax the rich, corporations and cheap chinese stuff (vat).
    And then just give the money to the poor.
    They will spend it all and demand will create new jobs.
    And minimum wages will go up because nobody will work for slave wages after that.

    In China you should support Chinese unions.

    Giving more money to the rich just makes the problems worse.

    You do know that The Sovjet Union feared socialists more than than they did capitalists and the US?
    Crony capitalism and Communism are the extremes that are both equally oppressive and evil.

    Socialism is the way forward.

  7. JT

    You have to all vote for that Bernie Sanders dude.
    Isn’t he the only one?

  8. Christian W

    Sanders is the only independent Senator afaik.

    OT Fukushima. The poor workers supposed to stop and clean up the mess are wilting under the pressure (not a big shock to anyone I wager). Note the picture where Abe is wearing a RED helmet, everybody else are wearing yellow helmets. I can’t help but picture those guys in samurai outfits and Abe calling the shots to his minions…

  9. Charles Stegiel
    Accompanied by Mephistopheles, Faust attends the court of a ruler whose empire is facing financial ruin because of profligate government spending. Rather than urging the emperor to be more fiscally responsible, Mephistopheles—disguised, revealingly, as a court jester—suggests a different approach, one with disturbing parallels to our own age.

    Noting that the empire’s currency is gold, Mephistopheles maintains there is surely plenty of undiscovered gold underneath the earth belonging to the emperor. Thus, he argues, the emperor can issue promissory notes for the value of this yet-to-be-found gold, thereby generating fresh monetary resources for the government and solving its debt problems.

    Not surprisingly, the emperor and his treasurer are delighted with this idea. It means the monarch can avoid making hard economic choices while simultaneously providing the empire with desperately needed currency. Mephistopheles subsequently deluges the court with paper money, and Faust is praised by emperor and commoner alike.

    The results, however, are not what are expected. First, the issuance of paper money does not solve the emperor’s spending problems. Instead the ruler and his court become even more extravagant, knowing they can always print more paper money to cover their ever-growing expenses. Second, the devil has subtly but fundamentally changed the basis of the empire’s currency. Instead of being rooted in the solidity offered by a tangible and valued asset, the currency is now based on flimsy paper promises. Thus long-term monetary stability and powerful restraints on extravagant government spending are sacrificed for short-term gain.


    ELAINE: Ah yes, Faust. Written by a conservative German who experienced the Napoleonic paper money flood in his youth.

  10. DM

    This is an excellent article. If America is ever to be rehabilitated, it needs to start paying attention to the insights presented here.

    The lack of interest In your writing is quite unfortunate.

    What’s with the faux advertising spam above? What motivation for the spoiler attempt?

  11. rexford

    the World’s fiat currencies are already dead. Howver,until BELIEF in our Easter Bunny money is as dead as the currency itself,the walking dead cash will continue to stumble thru the marketplace.
    Do you all remember the very day,in fact,the very second that you no longer believed in Santa or the Easter Bunny,or even god?
    It was a switch turned on,and nothing was the same afterwords.

  12. Jim R

    It might not be faux. It could be the actual stuff… with the Internet, you get spam.

    Although this is a sort of obscure journal to be spamming, so I dunno.

  13. Jim R

    On second thought I do know. It is the real stuff. Spambot doesn’t care, it has the brains of a sea squirt. And Elaine runs one of those rare sites which does not require users to obtain a user ID or authenticate in any way.

    The spambot may possibly know that there are hundreds, or thousands, of pageviews a day here, and it’s free, so it doesn’t need to be the “bigtime news” …. it posts its stupid little ads and moves on.

    By the way, if you click one of those links, it will assuredly cause more spam to be posted here.

  14. emsnews

    I try to eliminate spam as much as possible.

    Have been unable to write for two days due to making firewood for winter. Despite global warming winter is around the corner lurking and it gets mighty cold here.

    I cut up and stacked so far three cords of wood but need to do three more and that is a literal ton of work. Also am rushing to do roof work which I couldn’t do for over three years due to my Achilles tendon breaking.

    It is so wonderful to be able to work on a ladder again. My new kitty, Panda, has figured out how to climb an extension ladder and follows me around on the roof.

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